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Words in Time and Place: Exploring Language Through the Historical Thesaurus of the Oxford English Dictionary

By David Crystal

Offers a unique view of the English language and its development, and includes witty commentary and anecdotes along the way.

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Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases

By Peter Mark Roget

This book "supplies a vocabulary of English words and idiomatic phrases 'arranged … according to the ideas which they express'. The thesaurus, continually expanded and updated, has always remained in print, but this reissued first edition shows the impressive breadth of Roget's own knowledge and interests."

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The Brill Dictionary of Ancient Greek

By Franco Montanari

Coming soon: The Brill Dictionary of Ancient Greek by Franco Montanari is the most comprehensive dictionary for Ancient Greek to English for the 21st Century. Order your copy now!

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Ampersand: An International Journal of General and Applied Linguistics

Edited By R. Cann, H. Pichler, K. Van De Poel, D. van Olmen, and K. Watson

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Optimising Second Language Vocabulary Learning from Flashcards Tatsuya Nakata 27-Sep-2013
On Black Magic - How Epistemic Modifiers Emerge Jakob Maché 01-Jul-2013
Object Shift in the Scandinavian Languages: Syntax, information structure, and intonation Mayumi Hosono 04-Jun-2013
OntoTag - A Linguistic and Ontological Annotation Model Suitable for the Semantic Web Antonio Pareja-Lora 18-Dec-2012
Optional Agreement and Grammatical Functions: A corpus study of dative clitic doubling in Spanish Roberto Aranovich 02-Feb-2012
Over-Informativeness in Referential Communication Catherine Evans Davies 15-Dec-2011
Old English se from Demonstrative to Article. A usage-based study of nominal determination and category emergence Lotte Sommerer 06-Jun-2011
On the Form and Meaning of Chinese Bare Conditionals: Not just 'whatever' Yahui Anita Huang 17-Mar-2011
Ontologia e ontologias: Contributos teóricos para uma perspectiva transdisciplinar Patrícia Cunha França 11-Mar-2011
Opacity and Transparency in Phonological Change Jonathan Gress-Wright 24-Jan-2011
On the Verb Phrase in Qinzhou Zhuang: An LFG analysis of serial verb constructions Yanhong Pan 21-Dec-2010
One /a/ or two?: The phonetics, phonology and sociolinguistics of change in the TRAP and BATH vowels in the southwest of England. Caroline T Piercy 02-Nov-2010
Outsourcing In-Service Education: The effects of a Canadian pedagogical programme on Japanese teachers' of English teaching practices Melodie Lorie Cook 12-Oct-2010
On the Compositional Nature of Stativity E. Matthew Husband 26-Aug-2010
On the Acquisition of Hebrew Compositional Telicity Aviya Hacohen 24-Aug-2010
On-line Processing of Multi-word Sequences in a First and Second Language: Evidence from Eye-tracking and ERP Anna Siyanova 09-Aug-2010
One? ¿Dos? Drei!: A study of code switching in child trilingualism Elena Davidiak 17-Jul-2010
On Possessives in Portuguese Ana Castro 26-May-2010
Oral corrective feedback and L2 vocabulary development: Prompts and recasts in the adult ESL classroom Gatis Dilāns 05-Apr-2010
Omitted Arguments and Complexity of Predication Martin A. Port 02-Mar-2010
On-Stage Calls: An ethnolinguistic analysis of spoken language in professional flamenco performance Mariana Maduell 26-Feb-2010
On Meaning: The phenomenon of individuation and the definition of a world view Isabel Aldinhas Ferreira 05-Mar-2009
On the Syntax and Interpretation of Apposition to Nominal Antecedents Kathleen M. O'Connor 08-Jan-2009
Oachkatzlschwoaf: A Study of Language Choice in Ried im Innkreis, Austria David Kleinberg 13-Aug-2007
Object Clitics and Null Objects in the Acquisition of French Theres Grueter 12-Jan-2007
On the Processing of Thematic Features in Deverbal Nominals Christina Manouilidou 23-May-2006
On Non-Simultaneous Phases Franc Lanko Marušič 12-May-2006
Old Portuguese in Hebrew Script: Convention, contact, and convivência Devon L Strolovitch 11-Oct-2005
On the Semantics of Free Relatives with -Ever Victoria Tredinnick 15-Sep-2005
Object Shift and Scrambling in North and West Germanic: A Case Study in Symmetrical Syntax Marc Richards 06-May-2005
Original Reproductions: An investigation of the source use of postgraduate second-language writers Diane Pecorari 18-Apr-2005
On the Structure of DPs M Emma Ticio 27-Feb-2005
Oblique Subjects and Stylistic Fronting in the History of Scandinavian and English: The role of IP-Spec Gunnar Hrafn Hrafnbjargarson 25-Oct-2004
Object Clitics in Bulgarian Valja Werkmann 07-Nov-2003
Observational Learning in Argumentative Writing Martine A.H. Braaksma 26-May-2003
On Subjects and Predicates in Russian Alona Soschen 25-Jan-2003
Overcoming Plateaus in Second Language Acquisition Argenis A. Zapata 24-Apr-2002
On the Syntactic Incorporation of Linguistic Units Anthony Aristar 01-Apr-2002
On the Nature of Intra-Clausal Relations: A study of copular sentences in Russian and Italian Asya Pereltsvaig 01-Apr-2002
Opening of the Voiced Stops /b d g/ in Greek Andrew Katona 28-Sep-2001
On High Vowel Devoicing in Standard Modern Japanese: Implications for modern phonological theory J. Kevin Varden 20-Sep-2001
On the Status of Creole in Guadeloupe: A study of present-day language attitudes Gregory P. Meyjes 19-Sep-2001
On the Theory of Language Information Processing and Key Technology in Automatic Abstracting Guo Xianghao 18-Sep-2001
On the Typology of Wh-Questions Lisa Lai-Shen Cheng 17-Sep-2001
On the Same Floor: A sociolinguistic study of a two-way bilingual program Joyce Blanchette 14-Sep-2001
Order and Structure Colin Phillips 07-Sep-2001
On the Temporal Interpretation of Noun Phrases Renate Musan 07-Sep-2001
Out of Africa Mikael Parkvall 07-Sep-2001
On the Cognitive Role of Genre: A relevance-theoretic perspective Christoph Unger 06-Sep-2001
On-line Sentence Comprehension in Alzheimer's Disease Jeff A. Small 06-Sep-2001
On the Wordhood of Complex Predicates in Japanese Yo Matsumoto 06-Sep-2001
On the Nature of Mandarin Tone and Tone Sandhi Hua Lin 06-Sep-2001
Orthographic Codes And Code-Switching. A study in 16th century Swedish orthography Alexander Y. Zheltukhin 04-Sep-2001
Orality, Literacy, Cyberdiscursivity : Transformations of literacy in computer-mediated communication Martin M Jacobsen 28-Aug-2001
On In and On: An investigation into the linguistic encoding of spatial scenes Michele I Feist 01-Aug-2001
On Certain Null Operator Constructions in English and Spanish M. Pilar García - Mayo 01-Aug-2001
On Brand Name Change: A theory of genericization Shawn M Clankie 31-Jul-2001