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Style, Mediation, and Change

Edited by Janus Mortensen, Nikolas Coupland, and Jacob Thogersen

Style, Mediation, and Change "Offers a coherent view of style as a unifying concept for the sociolinguistics of talking media."

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Intonation and Prosodic Structure

By Caroline Féry

Intonation and Prosodic Structure "provides a state-of-the-art survey of intonation and prosodic structure."

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Palatalization in Polish: An interaction of articulatory and perceptual factors Malgorzata E Cavar 08-Jan-2006
Paradigm Shifts and Semantic Prosody: Analysis of a diachronic corpus of geological English Carmela Chateau 21-Feb-2013
Parametrization of Features in Syntax Sze-Wing Tang 25-Mar-2002
Paronomasic Puns: Target recoverability towards automatic generation Christian F. Hempelmann 27-Apr-2004
Particle Patterns in English: A Comprehensive Coverage Bert Cappelle 24-Aug-2005
Particles and Particle-verb Constructions in English and Other Germanic Languages Darrell Larsen 22-Aug-2014
Particle Verbs, Local Domains and a Theory of Lexical Licensing Jochen K Zeller 24-Oct-2001
Parts of a Whole: Distributivity as a bridge between aspect and measurement Lucas Champollion 07-Dec-2010
Passive and Perspective Louise H Cornelis 19-Sep-2001
Passive Prototypes, Topicality and Conceptual Space Patrick M Murphy 15-Apr-2004
Past and Present Be in Southern Ethnolinguistic Boundaries Kirk Hazen 18-Sep-2001
Past Tense Forms and their Functions in South Conchucos Quechua: Time, evidentiality, discourse structure, and affect Diane M. Hintz 15-Apr-2008
Paths and Pathfinders: Exploring the syntax and semantics of complex verbal predicates in Dagaare and other languages Adams Bodomo 17-Sep-2001
Patternings of Vocalic Sequences in the World's Languages Kathy Lorraine Sands 28-Dec-2004
Patterns in Karitiana: Articulation, perception, and grammar Caleb Everett 11-Sep-2007
Patterns in Sound, Patterns in Mind: Phonological regularities in speech production Matthew Goldrick 30-Oct-2002
Patterns of Object-Participle Agreement in Easter Ibero-Romance Stanford A Carmack 17-Sep-2001
Patterns of Social, Age and Gender Issues of Conversational H-dropping in a North-east Borderland: a pilot study (M.Sc Dissertation) John Atkinson 17-Mar-2003
Patterns of Stance in English Kristen Precht 19-Oct-2001
Patterns of Use of Referring Expressions in English and Japanese Dialogues Etsuko Yoshida 14-Sep-2009
Peaks and Plateaux: The production and perception of intonational high targets in English Rachael-Anne Knight 28-Feb-2004
Perception and Acquisition of Second Language Phonology Julia Yarmolinskaya 14-Jan-2010
Perception of foreign accent in Spanish by native and nonnative listeners: Investigating the role of VOT and speech rate Elena Schoonmaker-Gates 01-Oct-2012
Perceptual Learning in Second Language Learners Katharina Sophie Schuhmann 16-Apr-2015
Perceptual Processing of Variable Input in Spanish: An exemplar based approach to speech perception Amanda Reiter Boomershine 19-Jul-2005
Perfect evolution and change: A sociolinguistic study of preterit and present perfect usage in contemporary and earlier Argentina Celeste Rodriguez Louro 06-Jul-2009
Perfect in Dialogue: Form and functional potential of the vera búinn að + inf. construction in contemporary Icelandic Camilla Wide 09-Jan-2003
Perfect Timing: Acquisition of the Spanish Present Perfect in a Francophone Context Joanne Markle LaMontagne 14-Sep-2016
Performing Bilingualism: An ethnographic analysis of discursive practices at a day labor center in the Southwest Elise M. DuBord 28-Oct-2008
Persian Orthography: Modification or changeover? (1850-2000) Forogh Hashabeiky 27-May-2010
Perspectives in Reported Discourse David Yoshikazu Oshima 31-Mar-2007
Perspectives on Quality in Minority Education in China: The case of Sunan Yughur Autonomous County, Gansu Stephen A. Bahry 07-Nov-2010
Persuasiveness in the Discourse of Wine: The rhetoric of Robert Parker Charlotte Hommerberg 05-Jan-2012
Phases and Cartography in Linguistic Computation: Toward a cognitively motivated computational model of linguistic competence Cristiano Chesi 08-Feb-2005
Phase Structure, Phrase Structure, and Quantification Jonny Butler 05-Nov-2004
Phase Theory and Parametric Variation Ángel J. Gallego 21-Jan-2008
Philological Studies on Iranian and Semitic Loanwords in Classical Georgian Farshid Delshad 22-Apr-2010
Philologie vs. Sprachwissenschaft Hiroyuki Eto 18-Sep-2001
Phonation Types in Marathi: An Acoustic Investigation Kelly H. Berkson 05-Oct-2013
Phonemic Awareness Development in 9-10-Year-Old Children Who Study English in the Primary Tsvetelina Harakchiyska 13-Feb-2009
Phonemic Identifications in English: A case of interlingual transfer by adult speakers of Turkish, Japanese, and Arabic Erdoğan Bada 13-Sep-2001
Phonetic and Phonological Aspects of the Civili Vowel Duration: An experimental approach Hugues Steve Ndinga-Koumba-Binza 22-Mar-2009
Phonetic and Phonological Development of Stress in German Britta Lintfert 03-Aug-2010
Phonetic and Phonological Influences of Javanese on Indonesian Niken Adisasmito-Smith 24-Aug-2004
Phonetic and Psychosocial Aspects of Cleft Lip and Palate Patients: Studies concerning nasal resonance, speed of articulation, voice, and quality of life Tim Bressmann 31-Jul-2001
Phonetic Distinctiveness as a Sociolinguistic Variable Kevin M Heffernan 19-Jun-2007
Phonetic Effects on the Timing of Gestural Coordination in Modern Greek Consonant Clusters Jonathan C. Yip 11-Sep-2013
Phonetic Grounding and Phonology: Vowel backness harmony and vowel height harmony Gary Linebaugh 10-Jul-2007
Phonetic Implementation of Phonological Categories in Sign Language of the Netherlands Onno Crasborn 26-Sep-2005
Phonetic Reflexes of Orthographic Characteristics in Lexical Representation Jordan Brewer 12-Sep-2008
Phonetics and Phonology of the Tense and Lax Obstruents in German Michael Jessen 30-Aug-2001
Phonetics Information Base and Lexicon Steven Moran 15-Sep-2014
Phonetics-Phonology Interactions in Pre-sonorant Voicing Patrycja Strycharczuk 06-Nov-2012
Phonological Adoption through Bilingual Borrowing: Comparing Elite Bilinguals and Heritage Bilinguals Memet Aktürk-Drake 27-Mar-2015
Phonological and Phonetic Biases in Speech Perception Michael Key 01-Oct-2012
Phonological Awareness in Greek Deaf Children Evi Kyritsi 06-Aug-2007
Phonological Constraints and Free Variation in Compounding: A corpus study of English and Estonian noun compounds Mary Sepp 03-May-2006
Phonological Features of Hong Kong English: Patterns of variation and effects on local acceptability Andrew Sewell 17-Jun-2011
Phonological Grammar and Frequency: An integrated approach: Evidence from German, Indonesian and Japanese Marjoleine Sloos 25-Feb-2013
Phonological Issues in the Production of Prosody by Francophone and Sinophone Learners of English as a Second Language Marie Ploquin 07-Jul-2009
Phonological outcomes of language contact in the Palestinian Arabic dialect of Jaffa Uri Horesh 06-Apr-2014
Phonological Patterns and Phonetic Manifestations of Consonant Weakening Lisa M Lavoie 05-Sep-2001
Phonological Quantity in Swedish Dialects: Typological aspects, phonetic variation and diachronic change Felix Schaeffler 27-Jan-2006
Phonological Reconstruction of South Dravidian Languages Gopinathan Nair Balakrishnan 03-Aug-2010
Phonological Theory and the Acquisition of Prosodic Structure: Evidence from child Japanese Mitsuhiko Ota 07-Sep-2001
Phonological Variation at the Intersection of Ethnoracial Identity, Place and Style in Washington, D.C. Anastasia Nylund 08-Aug-2013
Phonological Variation in Contemporary Standard French: A tale of two cities Zoë Boughton 14-Apr-2005
Phonological Working Memory : A developmental study of Quebec Fancophone children learning English Leif M. French 12-Dec-2004
Phonologie et Morphologie du Japhug (rGyalrong) Guillaume Jacques 08-Sep-2006
Phonology Shaped by Phonetics: The case of intervocalic lenition Abby Kaplan 09-Jun-2010
Phrasal Subconstructions: A constructionalist grammar design, exemplified with Norwegian and English Petter Haugereid 08-Dec-2009
PhraseNET Automated Detection and Extraction of Phraseological Units J. L. De Lucca 28-Sep-2015
Phraseologismen in deutschen Wörterbüchern. Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der lexikographischen Behandlung von Phraseologismen im allgemeinen einsprachigen Wörterbuch von Adelung bis zur Gegenwart Diana Stantcheva 06-Jun-2003
Phrase Structure and Functional Categories in the Kirundi Sentence Denis Bukuru 06-Aug-2007
Phrase Structure in Minimalist Syntax Masatoshi Koizumi 07-Sep-2001
Phrase Structures in Competition: Variation and change in Old English word order Susan Pintzuk 07-Sep-2001
Pitch Accent Distribution in Egyptian Arabic Sam Hellmuth 24-Nov-2008
Place Assimilation in Arabic: Contrasts, features, and constraints Islam Youssef 28-Aug-2013
Plasticity of Phonological Categories Mark VanDam 13-May-2008
Pluractionality and Aspectual Structure in the Galician Spanish Tener-Perfect Pilar Chamorro Fernandez 29-Jan-2013
Plural Processing in Native Speakers and Learners of English: Challenging the notion of strictly grammatical plural processing Marie-Louise Poschen 24-Oct-2010
Plural Pronominal Anaphora in Context: Dynamic Aspects of Quantification Rick Nouwen 04-Dec-2003
Poetic Comparisons: How Similes are Understood Adam Gargani 09-Sep-2014
Poetry Translation through Reception and Cognition; The proof of translation is in the reading; (a model of poetic translation criticism) Andrea Kenesei 10-Oct-2005
Politeness and Social Interaction in Study Abroad: Service encounters in L2 Spanish Rachel L. Shively 26-Sep-2008
Politeness Devices in the Tuvan Language Vitaly Voinov 05-Oct-2013
Politeness Implicature in Japanese: A metalinguistic approach Michael Haugh 05-Oct-2003
Politeness, impoliteness and speaker's face Eleni Karafoti 04-Jun-2015
Politeness in Cypriot Greek: A frame-based approach Marina Terkourafi 18-Mar-2002
Politeness Strategies in English and Persian in Contrast Niloufar Yarmohammadi 19-Aug-2003
Politeness Theory and the Directive Speech-act in Arabic-English Bilinguals: An empirical study Ahmad M Atawneh 13-Sep-2001
Polyfunctionality and the Ongoing History of English Modals Dagmar Machová 28-Feb-2016
Polysynthetic Sociolinguistics: The Language and Culture of Murrinh Patha Youth John Basil Mansfield 11-Dec-2014
Pontuação e Sintaxe em Impressos Portugueses Renascentistas Maria Carlota Amaral Paixão Rosa 05-Sep-2001
Portuguese Clitic Climbing: A study on the European variety from the 16th to the 20th Century Aroldo Leal de Andrade 02-Jun-2011
Possession and Spatial Motion in the Acquisition of Ditransitives Joshua Viau 25-Sep-2007
Postlexical Prosodic Structure and Vowel Devoicing in Japanese Manami Hirayama 05-Jul-2009
Postvelar Harmony: An examination of its bases and crosslinguistic variation Kimary N. Shahin 07-Sep-2001
Postvocalic /r/ in New Orleans: Language, place and commodification Christina Schoux Casey 15-Nov-2013
Power and Identity in a Community of Academic Literacy Practice: An ethnographic study of undergraduates in Singapore Jessie Teng 28-Feb-2011
Präfix- und Partikelverben im deutsch-finnischen Kontrast Leena Kolehmainen 22-Feb-2006
Pragmalinguistic Aspects of International Words (based on the modern English language) Anna Rytsareva 13-Nov-2003
Pragmatic and Cultural Aspects of an Emergent Language Variety: The construction of Catalan Spanish deictic expressions Robert E. Vann 05-Sep-2001
Pragmatics and Translation: With reference to English-Chinese and Chinese-English examples Ka-wai Yeung 11-May-2008
Pragmatics in Persuasive Discourse of Spanish Television Advertising Karol J. Hardin 18-Sep-2001
Pragmatic Skills as Reflected in Phone Conversations: A socio-cognitive inquiry into native non-native speaker interactions Saihua Xia 19-Jun-2006
Predicate in Polish and French. Identification of Semantically Equivalent Expressions of Predicate Agnieszka Kornelia Kaliska 01-Nov-2009
Predicate Marking in the Bahamian Basilect: An integrated approach Helean Arlesa McPhee 09-Aug-2004
Predication in Turkish Ozgun Kosaner 25-Jul-2008
Prefixation and Reduplication in Malay: An optimality theoretical account Sharifah Raihan Syed Jaafar 26-Jul-2011
Preparing A Bi-lingual Electronic Verb Paradigm Dictionary (Telugu-Hindi) Sirisha Dabiru 17-Mar-2005
Preposition Pied Piping and Stranding in British and Kenyan English: An experimental- and corpus-based construction grammar analysis Thomas Hoffmann 08-Sep-2008
Preposition Stranding and Prescriptivism in English from 1500 to 1900: A corpus-based approach Nuria Yáñez-Bouza 08-Jan-2008
Preposition Stranding in Welsh Ryuichiro Hirata 06-Aug-2013
Présence ou absence de l'objet: limites du possible en français contemporain Meri Larjavaara 05-Sep-2001
Presentative Constructions in English and Norwegian Jarle Ebeling 01-Aug-2001
Préstamo y derivación: neología y tipología textual en el castellano del siglo XV de la Corona de Aragón Matthias Raab 10-Feb-2015
Priming Asymmetries in Chinese-English Bilinguals: A series of single-subject studies Adam Dudsic 01-Aug-2001
Prinzipien kohaerenter Kommunikation Patrick Grommes 12-Jun-2007
Problems in Information and Linguistic Modeling of Scientific Discourse Viatcheslav Yatsko 12-Feb-2008
Problems of Information and Linguistic Modeling of Scientific Discourse Viatcheslav Iatsko (also spellt Yatsko) 17-Sep-2001
Problems of Semantic Reconstruction (Etymological and Semantic Typological Investigation in the Bulgarian Body-part Terminology) Jivka St. Koleva-Zlateva 04-Sep-2001
Procesamiento de frases e información léxica (Sentence Processing and Lexical Information) Josep Demestre 02-Dec-2004
Processing Advantages of Lexical Bundles: Evidence from self-paced reading, word ad sentence recall, and free recall with event-related brain potential recordings Antoine Tremblay 30-Oct-2009
Processing and Acquisition of Two English Contours Erin Ament 04-Sep-2008
Processing Compound Verbs in Persian Pouneh Shabani-Jadidi 21-Sep-2006
Processing Information Structure: Evidence from comprehension and production Heidi Wind Cowles 14-Oct-2003
Processing Noun Phrases in Natural Discourse Kari Fraurud 01-Aug-2001
Processing of Speech Variability: Vowel reduction in Japanese Naomi Ogasawara 08-May-2007
Processing Unfamiliar Words - a Study in the Perception and Production of Native and Foreign Placenames Susan E Fitt 01-Aug-2001
Proclisis and Enclisis in Greek Marios Mavrogiorgos 29-Nov-2009
Producción de la Concordancia en Español por hablantes de Náhuatl Alma P. Ramírez-Trujillo 04-Feb-2014
Producing Verbal Play in English: A contrastive study of advanced German learners of English and English native speakers Chris Marino Baudy 20-Jun-2008
Production and Perception of Stop Consonants in Spanish, Quichua, and Media Lengua Jesse Stewart 30-Aug-2015
Production, Perception, and Emergent Phonotactic Patterns: A case of contrastive palatalization Alexei Kochetov 20-Dec-2002
Productivity in Argument Selection: A usage-based approach to lexical choice in syntactic slots Amir Z Zeldes 11-Sep-2013
Projecting Subjects in Spanish and English Iván Ortega-Santos 14-Dec-2009
Projecting the Adjective: The syntax and semantics of gradability and comparison Christopher Kennedy 04-Sep-2001
Projection and Inflection: A study of Persian phrase structure Jila Ghomeshi 09-Jul-2003
Projection in Discourse: A data-driven formal semantic analysis Noortje Venhuizen 03-Nov-2015
Prolific Peripheries: A radical view from the left Kleanthes K. Grohmann 18-Sep-2001
Prominence: From sensation to language Tracy C. Mansfield 18-Sep-2001
Pronominals and Empty Noun Heads: 'Pronominality' and licensing in syntax Phoevos E. Panagiotidis 07-Sep-2001
Pronouns as Elsewhere Elements: Implications for language acquisition Elaine Grolla 20-Jun-2007
Pronouns in Catalan: Information, discourse and strategy Laia Mayol 01-Sep-2009
Pronunciation Modeling in Speech Synthesis Corey A. Miller 07-Sep-2001
Proselyting in First-Contact Situations Tamah Sherman 29-Sep-2008
Prosodic Detail and Topic Structure in Discourse Margaret Zellers 25-Jul-2011
Prosodic Features In Spontaneous Narratives Miguel M Oliveira 23-Mar-2002
Prosodic Marker of Kutai Malay Declarative and Interrogative Contrast Sugiyono Shinutama 19-Feb-2007
Prosodic Morphology in Spanish: Constraint interaction in word-formation Carlos-Eduardo Piñeros 07-Sep-2001
Prosodic Phonology in Bamana (Bambara): Syllable complexity, metrical structure, and tone Christoper R. Green 24-Oct-2010
Prosodic Phrasing in Seoul Korean: The role of pitch and timing cues Hae-Sung Jeon 15-Jan-2012
Prosodic Processes in Language and Music Maartje Schreuder 05-Jul-2006
Prosodic Profiles: Suspects' speech during police interviews Lorna Fadden 14-Apr-2008
Prosodic Strengthening of Consonants in Iron Range English Matthew J. Bauer 30-Oct-2005
Prosodic Transfer: The tonal constraints on Vietnamese acquisition of English stress and rhythm Thu Thi Anh Nguyen 23-Nov-2004
Prosodie en vreemdetaalverwerving: Accentdistributie in het Frans en Nederlands als vreemde taal Laurent Rasier 09-May-2007
Prosodische Aspekte in der Entwicklung der spanischen und französischen Klitika Imme Kuchenbrandt 24-Apr-2009
Prosody and Focus in European Portuguese Sónia Frota 25-Sep-2001
Prosody and LF Interpretation: Processing Japanese wh-questions Masako Hirotani 22-Mar-2008
Prosody, Animacy and Syntax in the Perception of Speech: Immediate and subsequent analyses of main verb/reduced relative constructions Christine Kenneally 17-Sep-2001
Prosody, Syntax, and the Lexicon in Parsing Ambiguous Sentences Nivedita Mani 04-Jan-2005
Proto-Bungku-Tolaki: Reconstruction of its phonology and aspects of its morphosyntax David E. Mead 24-Mar-2008
Proverbs and Patriarchy: Analysis of Linguistic Sexism and Gender Relations among the Pashtuns of Pakistan Noor Sanauddin 01-Sep-2016
Pseudopartitives in Norwegian Torodd Kinn 16-Apr-2002
Pseudorelative, gerundi e infiniti nelle varietà romanze: affinità (solo) superficiali e corrispondenze strutturali Jan Casalicchio 10-Jun-2013
Psychoacoustic Analysis of Intonation as a Carrier of Emotion in Arabic and English Abdullah M Al-Watban 07-Sep-2001
Psycholinguistic Typology of Literary Texts Valery Belyanin 22-Dec-2004
Psycholinguistic Typology of Literary Texts Based on Emotional and Semantic Dominant Valeri P. Belianine 25-Sep-2001
Public Construction of Knowledge: Language and interaction in social cognition Jan Edson Rodrigues 05-Aug-2008
Publishing in Refereed Journals: Perceptions, challenges, and strategies Yin Ling Cheung 14-Aug-2009