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Revista de Crioulos de Base Lexical Portuguesa e Espanhola // Journal of Portuguese and Spanish Lexically Based Creoles

Call Deadline: 30-Sep-2013

Call Information:
Special issue of Revista de Crioulos de Base Lexical Portuguesa e Espanhola: Sociolinguistic studies on Ibero-Asian creoles

This special issue of RCBLPE, guest edited by Eeva Sippola and Marivic Lesho, will focus on the sociolinguistics of Ibero-Asian creole-speaking communities. Recent comparative research has focused on the structural properties and historical relationships between these creoles (Cardoso et al 2012), and this issue builds upon this promising line of research by offering more insight into their current status from a sociolinguistic perspective.

Ibero-Asian creoles are situated in multilingual and multiethnic areas, and most of them are facing language endangerment. It is crucial to document the current state of these creoles for language planning and preservation purposes, including the attitudes and ideologies that creole speakers have about their language(s) and others in the local, national, or global context.

The volume will also explore language variation, change, and identity in the Ibero-Asian creoles more generally. Sociolinguistic research along the lines of existing studies on Caribbean creoles, and research applying methodology from the broader field of sociolinguistics, has been in comparatively short supply when it comes to the Ibero-Asian creoles. However, research on variation, attitudes, and identity can help to address questions on how the Ibero-Asian creoles have changed and developed over time, either internally or in response to superstrate and adstrate influence.

The volume will offer an overview of the current sociolinguistic situations of these creoles and welcomes a variety of approaches and methodologies from sociolinguistics that have so far been underutilized in creole linguistics (e.g. perceptual dialectology, sociophonetics). Research on Ibero-Asian creoles also has the potential to strengthen sociolinguistics by contributing new perspectives from this area of the world. The volume also aims to be a useful tool for speakers and researchers by creating more awareness of the status of Ibero-Asian creoles, and sharing experiences and success stories.

We welcome papers in English, Spanish, or Portuguese on any of the following kinds of topics:
- Current sociolinguistic situation and linguistic practices
- Language-internal or contact-induced variation and change
- Current state of the relationship to Portuguese, Spanish, or adstrate languages
- Language attitudes, ideologies, and folk perception
- Language documentation and conservation
- Language, identity, and community
- Methodological innovations and solutions
- Language planning and policy
- Use in new domains (media, internet, etc.)
- Literacy and education
- Globalization and Ibero-Asian creoles in the diaspora

We expect papers to be between 8000-14000 words (or 20-35 pages). The papers will be peer-reviewed by two external reviewers and by one editor.

1. September 30, 2013: Expression of interest and a title and brief abstract.
2. March 2014: First versions of full papers.
3. June 2014: Comments on papers from peer-reviewing process.
4. August 2014: Revised papers are due.

Expressions of interest, titles, and abstracts should be sent in electronic format to the following address by September 30: Eeva Sippola,

Cardoso, Hugo, Alan N. Baxter, & Mário Pinharanda Nunes. 2012. Ibero-Asian creoles: Comparative perspectives. Amsterdam: John Benjamins Publishing Company.

Editor's note: For a link to the website for Revista de Crioulos de Base Lexical Portuguesa e Espanhola, please see: