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On the Offensive

By Karen Stollznow

On the Offensive " This book sheds light on the derogatory phrases, insults, slurs, stereotypes, tropes and more that make up linguistic discrimination. Each chapter addresses a different area of prejudice: race and ethnicity; gender identity; sexuality; religion; health and disability; physical appearance; and age."

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The Oxford Handbook of Languages of the Caucasus

By Maria Polinsky

The Oxford Handbook of Languages of the Caucasus "an introduction to and overview of the linguistically diverse languages of southern Russia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Armenia. Though the languages of the Caucasus have often been mischaracterized or exoticized, many of them have cross-linguistically rare features found in few or no other languages."

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Journal Information

Title: Linguistics and the Human Sciences
Publisher: Equinox Publishing Ltd
LL Supporting Publishers
Description: Editor: Dr Jonathan J. Webster [email protected] Associate Editor: Dr Carmel Cloran [email protected] Review Editor: Dr Geoff Williams [email protected]

This journal is devoted to exploring the relationships between linguistics and such areas of scholarly concern as history, sociology, politics, archaeology, religious studies, translation and the study of art in various semiotic modalities, in so much as these enterprises draw upon or contribute to a catholic understanding and development of linguistics. The journal also publishes reviews.

Published: April, August and December ISSN: 1742-2906 (print) ISSN: 1743-1662 (online)

Editorial address: Department of Chinese, Translation and Linguistics, City University of Hong Kong, Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Send articles of between 6000 and 8000 words by email to [email protected]

Review Copies: send books for review to the Review Editor (Geoff Williams) at Department of English (A20)University of Sydney, Sydney 2006, Australia

Editorial Committee: David G. Butt (Macquarie University, Australia), Carmel Cloran (University of Wollongong, Australia), M.A.K. Halliday (University of Sydney (emeritus), Australia), Ruqaiya Hasan (Macquarie University, Australia), Christian Matthiessen (Macquarie University, Australia), Geoff Williams (University of Sydney, Australia)

Editorial Board: Beth Armstrong (Macquarie University, Australia), Malcolm Coulthard (University of Birmingham, UK), Jenny Clarence Fincham (University of Natal, South Africa), Huang Guowen (Sun Yat-sen (Zhongshan) University, China), Sydney Lamb (Rice University, USA), Michelle Lazar (National University of Singapore), Jay Lemke (University of Michigan, USA), K.K. Luke (University of Hong Kong, China), Braj Kachru (University of Illinois, USA), Jim Martin (University of Sydney, Australia), Jose Luis Meurer (Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brazil), Clare Painter (University of New South Wales, Australia), Erich Steiner (University of Saarland, Germany), Elke Teich (University of Saarland, Germany), Paul Thibault (University of Venice, Italy), Edwin Thumboo (National University of Singapore), Amy Tsui (University of Hong Kong, China), Prakasam Vennelakanti (CIEFL, India), Geoff Williams (University of Sydney, Australia), Zhu YongSheng (Fudan University, China), Lynne Young (Carleton University, Canada)

ISSN: 1742-2906
Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics
Language Specialty: English

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