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Voice Quality

By John H. Esling, Scott R. Moisik, Allison Benner, Lise Crevier-Buchman

Voice Quality "The first description of voice quality production in forty years, this book provides a new framework for its study: The Laryngeal Articulator Model. Informed by instrumental examinations of the laryngeal articulatory mechanism, it revises our understanding of articulatory postures to explain the actions, vibrations and resonances generated in the epilarynx and pharynx."

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Let's Talk

By David Crystal

Let's Talk "Explores the factors that motivate so many different kinds of talk and reveals the rules we use unconsciously, even in the most routine exchanges of everyday conversation."

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Academic Paper

Title: Chinese Etymology, a new way of learning Chinese written language
Paper URL:
Author: Jeh-Tween T Gong
Email: click here TO access email
Institution: PreBabel Institute
Linguistic Field: Language Acquisition
Subject Language: Chinese, Mandarin
Abstract: Before the discovery of the PreBabel (Chinese), the Chinese written character system was viewed as the most difficult language to learn in the world. At the beginning of the twentieth century, many Chinese scholars began to accuse that the Chinese written language was the culprit for China's misfortune and turmoil at those days. As each Chinese word is an ad hoc character without a clear logic framework as its soul, the Chinese written language was accused as the reason that China did not develop science. Furthermore, memorizing six to ten thousand ad hoc characters is not only a gigantic work but a huge waste of young person's youth. Thus, the slogan at the time was "without abandoning the Chinese characters, the China as a nation will surely vanish." /L//L/Yet, in the Spring (from April 3, 2008 to June 17, 2008) of 2008, A young man showed the world openly (under public eyes, 5 Chinese newspapers and 6 Chinese TV stations) that Chinese written language can be mastered in 89 days from an initial state of knowing not a single Chinese character to a state of being able to read Chinese newspaper and passed the examinations from a dozen Chinese news reporters. /L//L/In this session, participants can examine this case study and learn that the Chinese word system is an 100 percent word root system with only 220 word roots. And, it could be simpler than the high school geometry. The original meaning of every word can be read out loud from its face, and any educated foreigner who did not know a single Chinese character could master the Chinese word system within six months. At the end of this session, participants will know why a given word is written as it is.
Type: Individual Paper
Status: In Progress
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