June 2012 Publisher Bulletin

Dear LINGUIST publishers,

    We're already halfway through 2012 - are you taking advantage of all the benefits of being a LINGUIST Supporting Publisher? As a Supporting Publisher you have access to a wide variety of exclusive benefits and we want to make sure you know what services are offered in order to make the most of your subscription. Your Supporting Publisher fees allow us to keep serving the linguistics community and we want to provide you with valuable and helpful services in return, so please read on to find out about some of the benefits and services you may be missing out on!

    For questions about your Supporting Publisher benefits or to find out more information about our services, just contact the Publications Team (pubs@linguistlist.org) and we'll be happy to help set up a feed, schedule advertising, or just answer any questions you may have.

Best regards,

The Publications Team

The LINGUIST List Amazon Store

    As you may remember, LINGUIST List has established an Amazon Store, which will feature the publications announced on LINGUIST, as well as electronics like audio recorders and hard drives. To encourage our readers to purchase your titles, each LL book announcement now contains both a link to your website and a link to the LINGUIST List Amazon Store. The link allows LINGUIST subscribers to use their existing Amazon login information to quickly and easily purchase your publication. In fact, we have established Amazon stores in France, Germany, Japan, and England, as well as the USA, in order to make purchases convenient for our international readers. We think linking your book announcement directly to the Amazon Store will increase the number of books purchased through our listings. However, if you wish to opt out of this service, just contact Publications Manager Danniella Hornby (danniella@linguistlist.org).

Announcements and Reviews

    As a Supporting Publisher you are entitled to submit an unlimited number of both Book and Journal Table of Content announcements, and we also encourage announcements of new Journals and Journal Calls for Papers.

    You probably already know that each of your Book announcements is automatically added to our monthly "Available for Review" list, but you may not know that reviewers are hand selected by our Reviews team! Potential reviewers are required to have sufficient academic experience before being selected, and LINGUIST never accepts any unsolicited reviews. Reviewers are provided with guidelines for reviewing titles and all reviews are edited and sent back to reviewers for any necessary revisions before we announce them to our subscribers, ensuring a thorough and complete review.


    You may have noticed that we include a list of Supporting Publishers on every one of our Book announcements - but did you know that we also recognize your support on our website? Our Supporting Publishers are listed on our website in several locations along with a publisher description, a link to your site, and a link to all previous Book submissions. We also extend special recognition to our Supporting Publishers during our annual Fund Drive by including a list at the end of every announcement during the drive and by displaying a logo of your choice to those who donate books or other materials.


    Supporting Publishers are welcome to sign up for advertising packages at any time. We offer a variety of customizable packages that let you display logos, text, or book images on a variety of LINGUIST pages, and are happy to accommodate special requests. Interested in advertising but waiting until next year? Great! If you are waiting on the release of a new project, journal, or book series, just let us know and we can reserve the advertising space and send your invoice the month before. No advertising space currently available on LINGUIST? No problem! You can reserve space for a future date or we can alter your package cost and display your advertisement on our internal pages only. Contact the Publications Team for a copy of our 2012 Advertising Prospectus that tells you everything you need to know about advertising with LINGUIST.


    Still submitting your announcements by hand? By becoming a Supporting Publisher you are able to submit a large number of book titles. This process may be time-consuming which is why we offer a variety of Book feed or TOC feed packages to our Supporting Publishers for an additional cost. Read below for some information on why you should sign up for a feed.

Why is there an additional cost?

    Our feeds are exclusive to our Supporting Publishers, but we do charge an additional fee for several reasons. First, the feeds usually require a considerable amount of programming work to make sure the format is correct. This is essential in preventing crucial information in your submissions from being deleted or incorrectly entered. Secondly, at LINGUIST List each submission - including those received in feeds - is reviewed by an editor. Feeds are offered to cut down on the amount of work you need to do to submit, but we will still review each submission as thoroughly as always. Please contact the Publications Team (pubs@linguistlist.org) for more information on packages and pricing.

How many books can I submit?

    As many as you want! If you choose to use this method of submission you can include as many or as few books as you want and send us feeds as frequently as you need. This means that your latest titles are sent to us in the most efficient and timely manner.

How do I set up a feed?

    It's simple - just contact the Publications Team (pubs@linguistlist.org), let us know you would like to sign up for a feed, and provide us with a sample. We will work with LINGUIST programmers to ensure that the feed works and we'll gladly answer your questions along the way.

If my feed contains a large number of submissions, when will they be announced on the list?

    You will see most submissions on the list within 48 hours, however, it may take a little longer if you have a large feed as we limit the number of posts in a single day to avoid saturating our audience. We encourage publishers to submit as many titles as they like, but we also want to make sure that our readers aren't overwhelmed and are able to take the time to view each announcement thoroughly.

What other benefits are there to using a book feed?

    Besides saving time, each Book submission we receive through our feed will also be displayed on our website with an image of the book's cover, information on the chapters, and a link to the shopping cart on your site. These benefits are ONLY offered to Supporting Publishers who opt for a feed.