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Beliefs, Agency and Identity in Foreign Language Learning and Teaching
(Reviewer: Andrea Eniko Lypka) - - Paula Kalaja; Ana-Maria Ferreira Barcelos; Mari Aro; Maria Ruohotie-Lyhty; (17-Aug-2016)

International Perspectives on English Language Teacher Education : Innovations from the Field
(Reviewer: Ana Lucia Simoes Borges Fonseca) - - Thomas S. C. Farrell; (04-May-2016)

Unequal Englishes : The Politics of Englishes Today
(Reviewer: Paula Prescod) - - T. Ruanni F. Tupas; (01-Jun-2016)

Digital Business Discourse
(Reviewer: Agnieszka Lyons) - - Erika Darics; (03-Jun-2016)

Metaphor and Discourse
(Reviewer: Nina Julich) - - Andreas Musolff; Jörg Zinken; (15-Jul-2016)

First-Year University Writing : A Corpus-Based Study with Implications for Pedagogy
(Reviewer: Tina Beynen) - - Laura Aull; (28-Jun-2016)

Corpora and Discourse Studies : Integrating Discourse and Corpora
(Reviewer: Sibo Chen) - - Paul Baker; Tony McEnery; (31-Mar-2016)

Corpus Linguistics in Chinese Contexts
(Reviewer: Chunsheng Yang) - - Bin Zou; Simon Smith; Michael Hoey; (31-Mar-2016)

Language Learning and Study Abroad : A Critical Reading of Research
(Reviewer: Aurora Salvador Sanchis) - - Celeste Kinginger; (29-Mar-2016)

Language and Conflict : Selected Issues
(Reviewer: Lorena Hernandez Ramirez) - - Karol Janicki; (18-Apr-2016)

City Branding and New Media : Linguistic Perspectives, Discursive Strategies and Multimodality
(Reviewer: Tim Jewell) - - Maria Cristina Paganoni; (19-Jan-2016)

Writing about Quantitative Research in Applied Linguistics
(Reviewer: Han Luo) - - Lindy Woodrow; (16-Oct-2015)

Silence in the Second Language Classroom
(Reviewer: Tanya Roy) - - Jim King; (03-Nov-2015)

Translation : A Multidisciplinary Approach
(Reviewer: Mario Bisiada) - - Juliane House; (24-Aug-2015)

Reading Bridal Magazines from a Critical Discursive Perspective
(Reviewer: Weimin Toh) - - Ewa Glapka; (25-Jun-2015)

Teenage Talk : From General Characteristics to the Use of Pragmatic Markers in a Contrastive Perspective
(Reviewer: Carmen Ebner) - - Anna-Brita Stenström; (15-Apr-2015)

Language Myths, Mysteries and Magic
(Reviewer: Hanno T Beck) - - Karen Stollznow; (06-Apr-2015)

(Reviewer: Ian D Clayton) - - Philip Carr; Jean-Pierre Y. Montreuil; (19-Dec-2014)

Women, Men and Everyday Talk
(Reviewer: ) - - Jennifer Coates; (24-Feb-2015)

Statistical Analyses for Language Testers
(Reviewer: ) - - Rita Green; (01-Dec-2014)

Translation and Fantasy Literature in Taiwan
(Reviewer: Kunkun Zhang) - - Yu-Ling Chung; (20-Oct-2014)

Second Language Identity in Narratives of Study Abroad
(Reviewer: Mercia Santana Flannery) - - Philip Benson; Gary Barkhuizen; Dr Peter Bodycott; Dr Jill Brown; (25-Sep-2014)

Social Networking for Language Education
(Reviewer: Ferit Kilickaya) - - Marie-Noëlle Lamy; Katerina Zourou; (04-Dec-2014)

Dyke/Girl: Language and Identities in a Lesbian Group
(Reviewer: Heather Froehlich) - - Lucy Jones; (30-May-2014)

Theories of Syntax : Concepts and Case Studies
(Reviewer: Kariema El Touny) - - Koenraad Kuiper; Jacqui Noakes; (05-Jun-2014)

Phonology, 2nd edition
(Reviewer: ) - - Philip Carr; Jean-Pierre Y. Montreuil; (01-Mar-2014)

Relational Rituals and Communication : Ritual Interaction in Groups
(Reviewer: ) - - Dániel Zoltan Kádár; (05-Jun-2014)

International Perspectives on Motivation : Language Learning and Professional Challenges
(Reviewer: Andrea Eniko Lypka) - - Ema Ushioda; (27-May-2015)

Business Discourse
(Reviewer: Brad B Miller) - - Dr Francesca Bargiela-Chiappini; Catherine Nickerson; Brigitte Planken; (24-Jul-2014)

Speech Rate, Pause and Sociolinguistic Variation : Studies in Corpus Sociophonetics
(Reviewer: ) - - Tyler Kendall; (23-Jul-2013)

(Reviewer: ) - - Mark Jary; (28-May-2012)

Critical Discourse Analysis and Cognitive Science : New Perspectives on Immigration Discourse
(Reviewer: Philip T. Duncan) - - Christopher Hart; (29-Feb-2012)

(Reviewer: Meghan Kerry Moran) - - Siobhan Chapman; (16-Jul-2012)

Key Concepts in Second Language Acquisition
(Reviewer: ) - - Shawn Loewen; Hayo Reinders; (03-Dec-2011)

Emotion Talk Across Corpora
(Reviewer: Gloria Cappelli) - - Monika Bednarek; (06-Jan-2011)

Language Acquisition
(Reviewer: ) - - Susan H. Foster-Cohen; (11-Jun-2010)

Multimodality and Genre : A Foundation for the Systematic Analysis of Multimodal Documents
(Reviewer: Marina Santini) - - John Bateman; (02-Apr-2010)

Diachronic Change in the English Passive
(Reviewer: ) - - Junichi Toyota; (25-Jan-2010)

Discourse and Power
(Reviewer: Elena Tarasheva) - - Teun A van Dijk; (05-Jan-2010)

English Syntax and Argumentation, 3rd Edition
(Reviewer: Yosuke Sato) - - Bas Aarts; (17-Apr-2009)

Language and Education in Japan : Unequal Access to Bilingualism
(Reviewer: Chad Nilep) - - Yasuko Kanno; (12-Dec-2008)

Spoken English, TESOL and Applied Linguistics : Challenges for Theory and Practice
(Reviewer: Phoebe M. S. Lin) - - Rebecca Hughes; (15-Dec-2008)

Language, Power and Identity Politics
(Reviewer: Paola Attolino) - - Máiréad Nic Craith; (19-Sep-2008)

Talk in Two Languages
(Reviewer: ) - - Joseph Gafaranga; (19-Sep-2008)

Language of Evaluation : Appraisal in English
(Reviewer: Sayaka Abe) - - James R. Martin; Peter R. R. White; (15-Sep-2008)

ICT and Language Learning : From Print to the Mobile Phone
(Reviewer: Mathias Schulze) - - Marie-Madeleine Kenning; (24-Jul-2008)

The Language of Sexual Crime
(Reviewer: Kerry Linfoot) - - Janet Cotterill; (01-Jul-2008)

The Frameworks of English 2nd Edition : Introducing Language Structures
(Reviewer: ) - - Kim Ballard; (17-Apr-2008)

(Reviewer: ) - - Noel Burton-Roberts; (20-Mar-2008)

The Art of English : Everyday Creativity
(Reviewer: ) - - Janet Maybin; Joan Swann; (14-Mar-2008)

Working in Language and Law : A German Perspective
(Reviewer: Blake Stephen Howald) - - Hannes Kniffka; (06-Mar-2008)

Linguistic Policies and the Survival of Regional Languages in France and Britain
(Reviewer: Dave Sayers) - - Anne Judge; (21-Feb-2008)

Language, Citizenship and Identity in Quebec
(Reviewer: ) - - Leigh Oakes; Jane Warren; (16-Jan-2008)

From Old English to Standard English, Third Edition : A Course Book in Language Variations Across Time
(Reviewer: Zeinab M.A. Ibrahim) - - Dennis Freeborn; (09-Oct-2007)

Genre, Relevance and Global Coherence : The Pragmatics of Discourse Type
(Reviewer: ) - - Christoph Unger; (29-Sep-2007)

English - One Tongue, Many Voices
(Reviewer: ) - - Jan Svartvik; Geoffrey N. Leech; (29-May-2007)

Language, Citizenship and Identity in Quebec
(Reviewer: ) - - Leigh Oakes; Jane Warren; (03-Apr-2007)

The Language of Belonging
(Reviewer: ) - - Ulrike Hanna Hanna; Dariusz Galasiński; (06-Mar-2007)

Understanding the Language Classroom
(Reviewer: ) - - Simon Gieve; Inés K Miller; (26-Feb-2007)

Unaccusative Verbs in Romance Languages
(Reviewer: Ludwig Fesenmeier) - - Ian E. Mackenzie; (26-Feb-2007)

English Pronunciation in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries
(Reviewer: Stefan Dollinger) - - Charles Jones; (24-Jan-2007)

Language Matters
(Reviewer: ) - - Laurie Bauer; Janet Holmes; Paul Warren; (21-Jan-2007)

Expertise in Second Language Learning and Teaching
(Reviewer: Larry L. LaFond) - - Keith Johnson; (13-Sep-2006)

Speaking Out : The Female Voice in Public Context
(Reviewer: Kerry Linfoot) - - Judith Baxter; (13-Sep-2006)

Boys and Foreign Language Learning : Real Boys Don't Do Languages
(Reviewer: ) - - Jo Carr; Anne Pauwels; (28-Jul-2006)

Experimental Pragmatics
(Reviewer: ) - - Ira A Noveck; Dan Sperber; (26-Jul-2006)

Language Ideologies, Policies and Practices : Language and the Future of Europe
(Reviewer: ) - - Clare Mar-Molinero; Patrick Stevenson; (26-Jul-2006)

Spoken English, Applied Linguistics and TESOL : Challenges for Theory and Practice
(Reviewer: ) - - Rebecca Hughes; (24-May-2006)

Game Theory and Pragmatics
(Reviewer: Eric McCready) - - Anton Benz; Gerhard Jäger; Robert Van Rooij; (24-Apr-2006)

Program Evaluation in Language Education
(Reviewer: ) - - Richard Kiely; Pauline Rea-Dickins; (21-Jan-2006)

Gender and the Language Religion
(Reviewer: Joseph Benjamin Archibald Afful) - - Allyson Jule; (20-Jan-2006)

Spanish Pragmatics
(Reviewer: J. Cesar Felix-Brasdefer) - - Rosina Márquez Reiter; María Elena Placencia; (14-Jan-2006)

Kanzi's Primal Language : The Cultural Initiation of Primates into Language
(Reviewer: ) - - Pär Segerdahl; William Fields; Sue Savage-Rumbaugh; (11-Jan-2006)

Argument Encoding in Japanese Conversation
(Reviewer: ) - - Mitsuaki Shimojo; (11-Jan-2006)

Literature in Language Education
(Reviewer: Ingrid Mosquera Gende) - - Geoff Hall; (11-Jan-2006)

Teachers Exploring Tasks in English Language Teaching
(Reviewer: Kevin Laurence Landry) - - Corony Edwards; Jane R. Willis; (29-Aug-2005)

Orality : The Power of the Spoken Word
(Reviewer: ) - - Graham Furniss; (17-Jul-2005)

Gendered Discourses
(Reviewer: Stacia Ann Levy) - - Jane Sunderland; (04-Jun-2005)

The Language of Police Interviewing : A Critical Analysis
(Reviewer: Kerry Linfoot) - - Georgina Heydon; (14-May-2005)

Language Testing and Validation : An Evidence-Based Approach
(Reviewer: ) - - Cyril J Weir; (12-May-2005)

Experimental Pragmatics
(Reviewer: ) - - Ira A Noveck; Dan Sperber; (12-May-2005)

Language Contact and Lexical Enrichment in Israeli Hebrew
(Reviewer: Joseph T. Farquharson) - - Ghil'ad Zuckermann; (02-May-2005)

Language and Identity : National, Ethnic, Religious
(Reviewer: Simo K. Määttä) - - John E. Joseph; (18-Apr-2005)

Linguistic Theory and Complex Words : Nuuchahnulth Word Formation
(Reviewer: Edward J. Vajda) - - John Stonham; (07-Apr-2005)

Lexical Diversity and Language Development : Quantification and Assessment
(Reviewer: ) - - David D Malvern; Ngoni Chipere; Brian J. Richards; Pilar Durán; (12-Jan-2005)

Metaphor and Gender in Business Media Discourse : A Critical Cognitive Study
(Reviewer: Heli Tissari) - - Veronika Koller; (18-Nov-2004)

Intonation and Stress : Evidence from Hungarian
(Reviewer: ) - - László Varga; (12-Sep-2004)

How to Study Linguistics : A Guide to Understanding Language
(Reviewer: Lynn A Burley) - - Geoffrey Finch; John Peck; Martin Coyle; (21-Jul-2004)

Hawai`i Creole English : A Typological Analysis of the Tense-Mood-Aspect System
(Reviewer: ) - - Viveka Velupillai; (20-Jun-2004)

Discourse, the Body, and Identity
(Reviewer: ) - - Justine Coupland; Richard Gwyn; (10-Nov-2003)

Critical Discourse Analysis : Theory and Interdisciplinarity
(Reviewer: Mekki B. Elbadri) - - Gilbert Weiss; Ruth Wodak; (03-Aug-2003)

Paradigms of Reading : Relevance Theory and Deconstruction
(Reviewer: ) - - Ian L. MacKenzie; (03-Aug-2003)

Paradigms of Reading : Relevance Theory and Deconstruction
(Reviewer: ) - - Ian L. MacKenzie; (08-Aug-2003)

Language in the Legal Process
(Reviewer: ) - - Janet Cotterill; (18-Jul-2003)

Chicano English in Context
(Reviewer: Naomi G. Nagy) - - Carmen Fought; (03-Jul-2003)