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Projects in Linguistics and Language Studies, Third Edition
(Reviewer: ) - - Alison Wray; Aileen Bloomer; (05-Apr-2013)

Gender and Language : Theory and Practice
(Reviewer: ) - - Lia Litosseliti; (13-Apr-2007)

English Accents and Dialects, Fourth Edition : An Introduction to Social and Regional Varieties of English in the British Isles
(Reviewer: ) - - Arthur John Hughes; Peter Trudgill; Dominic Watt; (25-Feb-2007)

The History of English : A Student's Guide
(Reviewer: Stefan Dollinger) - - Ishtla Singh; (27-Jan-2006)

Understanding Phonology, Second edition
(Reviewer: Katalin Balogné Bérces) - - Carlos Gussenhoven; Haike Jacobs; (29-Aug-2005)

The Functional Analysis of English, Second edition
(Reviewer: Ali Reza Khormaee) - - Thomas Bloor; Meriel Bloor; (17-Jul-2005)

English in Modern Times
(Reviewer: Meagan P. Storey) - - Joan C. Beal; (23-Jun-2005)

Exploring the Spanish Language
(Reviewer: ) - - Christopher J. Pountain; (22-Mar-2005)

Applying English Grammar : Functional and Corpus Approaches
(Reviewer: ) - - Caroline Coffin; Ann Hewings; Kieran O'Halloran; (24-Jan-2005)

Introducing Functional Grammar, 2nd Edition
(Reviewer: Mohammad Rasekh Mahand) - - Geoff Thompson; (18-Nov-2004)

An Introduction to Functional Grammar, Third Edition
(Reviewer: ) - - Michael A. K. Halliday; Christian M. I. M. Matthiessen; (07-Nov-2004)

Understanding Morphology
(Reviewer: Alexandra Galani) - - Martin Haspelmath; (22-Jul-2004)

International English : A Guide to the Varieties of Standard English 4th Edition
(Reviewer: ) - - Jean Hannah; Peter Trudgill; (22-Jul-2004)

World Englishes
(Reviewer: Cornelia I. Tschichold) - - Gunnel Melchers; Philip A Shaw; (24-Feb-2004)

Pidgins and Creoles: An Introduction
(Reviewer: Kerry James Varcoe) - - Ishtla Singh; (10-Feb-2003)

Understanding Semantics
(Reviewer: ) - - Sebastian Loebner; (03-May-2003)

Pidgins and Creoles: An Introduction
(Reviewer: ) - - Ishtla Singh; (27-Jun-2001)

Introducing Phonetics and Phonology
(Reviewer: ) - - Mike Davenport; S. J. Hannahs; (25-Jun-1999)