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Proto-Indo-European Syntax and its Development
(Reviewer: Geoffrey Sampson) - - Leonid Kulikov; Nikolaos Lavidas; (04-Feb-2016)

Input and Experience in Bilingual Development
(Reviewer: Kate Riestenberg) - - Theres Grüter; Johannes Paradis; (04-Feb-2016)

Aptitude for Interpreting
(Reviewer: Diana Gorman Jamrozik) - - Franz Pöchhacker; Minhua Liu; (14-Jan-2016)

Language Proficiency in Native and Non-native Speakers : Theory and research
(Reviewer: Steven M. Alcorn) - - Jan H. Hulstijn; (19-Oct-2015)

Participation in Public and Social Media Interactions
(Reviewer: Martine van Driel) - - Marta Dynel; Jan Chovanec; (18-Nov-2015)

Grammatical Change in English World-Wide
(Reviewer: Julie Bruch) - - Peter Collins; (20-Nov-2015)

The Semantics of German Verb Prefixes
(Reviewer: Laura Anna Ciaccio) - - Robert B. Dewell; (19-Nov-2015)

English in Nordic Universities : Ideologies and practices
(Reviewer: Josep Soler-Carbonell) - - Anna Kristina Hultgren; Frans Gregersen; Jacob Thøgersen; (05-Oct-2015)

Corpus-based Research in Applied Linguistics : Studies in Honor of Doug Biber
(Reviewer: Peter R Crosthwaite) - - Viviana Cortes; Eniko Csomay; (26-Aug-2015)

Stability and Divergence in Language Contact : Factors and Mechanisms
(Reviewer: Lelija Socanac) - - Kurt Braunmüller; Steffen Höder; Karoline Kühl; (27-Oct-2015)

Above and Beyond the Segments : Experimental linguistics and phonetics
(Reviewer: Charalambos (Haris) Themistocleous) - - Johanneke Caspers; Yiya Chen; Willemijn Heeren; Jos Pacilly; (16-Nov-2015)

Events, Arguments, and Aspects : Topics in the Semantics of Verbs
(Reviewer: Anna Alexandrova) - - Klaus Robering; (12-Oct-2015)

Perspectives on Arabic Linguistics XXVI : Papers from the annual symposium on Arabic Linguistics. New York, 2012
(Reviewer: Asmaa Shehata) - - Reem Khamis-Dakwar; Karen Froud; (05-Oct-2015)

Mots nous en català / New words in Catalan : Una panoràmica geolectal / A diatopic view
(Reviewer: Besharat Fathi) - - M. Teresa Cabré Castellví; Ona Domènech Bagaria; Rosa Estopà Bagot; (24-Aug-2015)

Word Classes : Nature, typology and representations
(Reviewer: Volker Struckmeier) - - Raffaele Simone; Francesca Masini; (01-Jul-2015)

Political Argumentation in the United States : Historical and contemporary studies. Selected essays by David Zarefsky
(Reviewer: Martine van Driel) - - David Zarefsky; (07-Jul-2015)

Multiple Determiners and the Structure of DPs
(Reviewer: Marios Mavrogiorgos) - - Artemis Alexiadou; (29-Jun-2015)

Old Northumbrian Verbal Morphosyntax and the (Northern) Subject Rule
(Reviewer: Mark Faulkner) - - Marcelle Cole; (24-Jun-2015)

SMS Communication : A linguistic approach
(Reviewer: Michelle Anne McSweeney) - - Louise-Amélie Cougnon; Cédrick Fairon; (02-Jul-2015)

Evidentiality in Interaction
(Reviewer: Roxana Magdalena Dinca) - - Janis Nuckolls; Lev Michael; (05-Oct-2015)

The Evolution of Englishes : The Dynamic Model and beyond
(Reviewer: Melanie Röthlisberger) - - Sarah Buschfeld; Thomas Hoffmann; Magnus Huber; Alexander Kautzsch; (18-May-2015)

Motivation and Foreign Language Learning : From theory to practice
(Reviewer: Asmaa Shehata) - - David Lasagabaster; Aintzane Doiz; Juan Manuel Sierra; (04-May-2015)

True Emotions
(Reviewer: Jose Ignacio Aguilar Río) - - Mikko Salmela; (26-Aug-2015)

Exploring Second Language Creative Writing : Beyond Babel
(Reviewer: ) - - Dan Disney; (13-May-2015)

A History of the English Language : Revised edition
(Reviewer: Jessie Sams) - - Elly van Gelderen; (18-May-2015)

Plurilingual Education : Policies – practices – language development
(Reviewer: Anna M Krulatz) - - Patrick Grommes; Adelheid Hu; (22-May-2015)

Multimodality, Interaction and Turn-taking in Mandarin Conversation
(Reviewer: Qiong Li) - - Xiaoting Li; (18-May-2015)

The Discourse Studies Reader : Main currents in theory and analysis
(Reviewer: Sibo Chen) - - Johannes Angermuller; Dominique Maingueneau; Ruth Wodak; (14-Apr-2015)

Pragmatic Competence and Relevance
(Reviewer: Adam Gargani) - - Elly Ifantidou; (20-May-2015)

Reading for Learning : Cognitive approaches to children's literature
(Reviewer: Konrad Szczesniak) - - Maria Nikolajeva; (06-Apr-2015)

The Expression of Inequality in Interaction : Power, dominance, and status
(Reviewer: Timothy Jewell) - - Hanna Pishwa; Rainer Schulze; (06-Apr-2015)

The Spatial Language of Time : Metaphor, metonymy, and frames of reference
(Reviewer: Kathryn Bailey Farmer) - - Kevin Ezra Moore; (09-Mar-2015)

Advances in Sociophonetics
(Reviewer: Christopher Strelluf) - - Chiara Celata; Silvia Calamai; (17-Mar-2015)

Literary Detective Work on the Computer
(Reviewer: Bev Thurber) - - Michael P. Oakes; (17-Mar-2015)

Cognitive Sociolinguistics : Social and cultural variation in cognition and language use
(Reviewer: Kim Ebensgaard Jensen) - - Martin Pütz; Justyna A. Robinson; Monika Reif; (02-Mar-2015)

Information Structure and Reference Tracking in Complex Sentences
(Reviewer: Amy Cruickshanks) - - Rik van Gijn; Jeremy Hammond; Dejan Matić; Saskia van Putten; (13-Mar-2015)

Auxiliary Selection in Spanish : Gradience, gradualness, and conservation
(Reviewer: Adina Dragomirescu) - - Malte Rosemeyer; (19-May-2015)

Cognitive Grammar in Literature
(Reviewer: Isabelle van der Bom) - - Chloe Harrison; Louise Nuttall; Peter Stockwell; Wenjuan Yuan; (02-Mar-2015)

Discourse, Politics and Media in Contemporary China
(Reviewer: Sibo Chen) - - Qing Cao; Hailong Tian; Paul Chilton; (21-Jan-2015)

Grammatical Variation and Change in Jersey English
(Reviewer: Jakob R. E. Leimgruber) - - Anna Rosen; (21-Jan-2015)

Educated Fiji English : Lexico-grammar and variety status
(Reviewer: Gabriela Anidora Brozba) - - Lena Zipp; (03-Jan-2015)

Contemporary Approaches to Second Language Acquisition
(Reviewer: Charles Nagle) - - María del Pilar García Mayo; María Junkal Gutierrez Mangado; María Martínez Adrián; (25-Sep-2014)

Pidgins and Creoles beyond Africa-Europe Encounters
(Reviewer: Bettina Book) - - Isabelle Buchstaller; Anders Holmberg; Mohammad Almoaily; (24-Feb-2015)

Language Typology and Historical Contingency : In honor of Johanna Nichols
(Reviewer: Dorothea Hoffmann) - - Balthasar Bickel; Lenore A. Grenoble; David A. Peterson; Alan Timberlake; (11-Dec-2014)

Exploring the Dynamics of Multilingualism : The DYLAN project
(Reviewer: ) - - Anne-Claude Berthoud; François Grin; Georges Lüdi; (14-Apr-2015)

The Development of the Grammatical System in Early Second Language Acquisition : The Multiple Constraints Hypothesis
(Reviewer: Christine Palumbo) - - Anke Lenzing; (26-Jan-2015)

A Syntax of the Nivkh Language : The Amur dialect
(Reviewer: Anna Alexandrova) - - Vladimir P. Nedjalkov; Galina A. Otaina; Emma Š. Geniušienė; Ekaterina Gruzdeva; (05-Jun-2015)

Historical Linguistics 2011 : Selected papers from the 20th International Conference on Historical Linguistics, Osaka, 25-30 July 2011
(Reviewer: Ryan Paul Sandell) - - Ritsuko Kikusawa; Lawrence A. Reid; (23-Feb-2015)

Metaphor and Metonymy revisited beyond the Contemporary Theory of Metaphor : Recent developments and applications
(Reviewer: Nina Julich) - - Francisco Gonzálvez-García; María Sandra Peña Cervel; Lorena Pérez Hernández; (30-Oct-2014)

Innovative Research and Practices in Second Language Acquisition and Bilingualism
(Reviewer: Jessica G. Cox) - - John W. Schwieter; (04-Dec-2014)

Current Studies in Slavic Linguistics
(Reviewer: Dario Lecic) - - Irina Kor Chahine; (05-Jun-2015)

On Language Diversity and Relationship from Bibliander to Adelung
(Reviewer: Monica Vasileanu) - - George J. Metcalf; Toon Van Hal; Raf Van Rooy; (29-May-2014)

Variation and Change in the Encoding of Motion Events
(Reviewer: Konrad Szczesniak) - - Juliana Goschler; Anatol Stefanowitsch; (24-Jul-2014)

Comparative Studies in Early Germanic Languages : With a focus on verbal categories
(Reviewer: Bev Thurber) - - Gabriele Diewald; Leena Kahlas-Tarkka; Ilse Wischer; (24-May-2014)

Cleft Structures
(Reviewer: ) - - Katharina Hartmann; Tonjes Veenstra; (24-Jul-2014)

Diachronic and Typological Perspectives on Verbs
(Reviewer: Anish Koshy) - - Folke Josephson; Ingmar Söhrman; (24-Jul-2014)

Approaches to Slavic Interaction
(Reviewer: Dorota Lockyer) - - Nadine Thielemann; Peter Kosta; (27-May-2014)

Translation in Anthologies and Collections (19th and 20th Centuries)
(Reviewer: Roxana Birsanu) - - Teresa Seruya; Lieven D’hulst; Alexandra Assis Rosa; Maria Lin Moniz; (11-Jun-2014)

New Perspectives on Irish English
(Reviewer: ) - - Bettina Migge; Máire Ní Chiosáin; (11-Jun-2014)

Nonmanuals in Sign Language
(Reviewer: Michael W Morgan) - - Annika Herrmann; Markus Steinbach; (26-May-2014)

Social and Cultural Aspects of Language Learning in Study Abroad
(Reviewer: Maria P Gomez Laich) - - Celeste Kinginger; (21-Mar-2014)

Ibero-Asian Creoles : Comparative Perspectives
(Reviewer: Marilola Perez) - - Hugo C. Cardoso; Alan N. Baxter; Mário Pinharanda Nunes; (26-May-2015)

Analyzing Genres in Political Communication : Theory and practice
(Reviewer: Sibo Chen) - - Piotr Cap; Urszula Okulska; (26-May-2014)

Understanding Interfaces : Second language acquisition and first language attrition of Spanish subject realization and word order variation
(Reviewer: Solveiga Armoskaite) - - Laura Domínguez; (30-Jul-2014)

The Second Language Acquisition of French Tense, Aspect, Mood and Modality
(Reviewer: Melissa Whatley) - - Dalila Ayoun; (07-Feb-2014)

Synchrony and Diachrony : A dynamic interface
(Reviewer: Anna Alexandrova) - - Anna Giacalone Ramat; Caterina Mauri; Piera Molinelli; (29-May-2014)

Challenging Clitics
(Reviewer: Hannah B. Washington) - - Christine Meklenborg Salvesen; Hans Petter Helland; (10-Feb-2014)

From the Classroom to the Courtroom : A guide to interpreting in the U.S. justice system
(Reviewer: ) - - Elena M. de Jongh; (07-Feb-2014)

Language Variation - European Perspectives IV : Selected papers from the Sixth International Conference on Language Variation in Europe (ICLaVE 6), Freiburg, June 2011
(Reviewer: ) - - Peter Auer; Javier Caro Reina; Göz Kaufmann; (21-Jan-2014)

Sensitive periods, language aptitude, and ultimate L2 attainment
(Reviewer: Jessica G. Cox) - - Gisela Granena; Mike Long; (14-Jan-2014)

Investigation of the Origin of the Old Norse or Icelandic Language : New edition of the 1993 English translation by Niels Ege
(Reviewer: Angela Andreani) - - Rasmus Rask; Niels Ege; Frans Gregersen; (01-Feb-2014)

Language Policy and Identity Construction : The dynamics of Cameroon's multilingualism
(Reviewer: Anastasia J Khawaja) - - Eric A. Anchimbe; (11-Apr-2014)

Thanking Formulae in English : Explorations across varieties and genres
(Reviewer: Wei Ren) - - Sabine Jautz; (11-Jan-2014)

Relative Clauses in Time and Space : A case study in the methods of diachronic typology
(Reviewer: Pratik H Chikhaliya) - - Rachel Hendery; (25-Mar-2014)

Patterns and Meanings in Discourse : Theory and practice in corpus-assisted discourse studies (CADS)
(Reviewer: ) - - Alan Partington; Alison Duguid; Charlotte Taylor; (07-Jan-2014)

Handbook of Translation Studies : Volume 3
(Reviewer: Marcin Walczynski) - - Yves Gambier; Luc van Doorslaer; (22-Mar-2014)

Non-Canonical Passives
(Reviewer: ) - - Artemis Alexiadou; Florian Schäfer; (11-Nov-2013)

Bidirectional Optimality Theory
(Reviewer: Diane Frances Lesley-Neuman) - - Anton Benz; Jason Mattausch; (19-Jul-2013)

Telecinematic Discourse : Approaches to the language of films and television series
(Reviewer: ) - - Roberta Piazza; Monika Bednarek; Fabio Rossi; (19-Jul-2013)

Contemporary Approaches to Second Language Acquisition
(Reviewer: Achilleas I. Kostoulas) - - María del Pilar García Mayo; María Junkal Gutierrez Mangado; María Martínez Adrián; (19-Oct-2013)

Second Language Interaction in Diverse Educational Contexts
(Reviewer: ) - - Kim McDonough; Alison Mackey; (29-Jul-2013)

The Syntactic Licensing of Ellipsis
(Reviewer: ) - - Lobke Aelbrecht; (01-Jul-2013)

Shared Grammaticalization : With special focus on the Transeurasian languages
(Reviewer: ) - - Martine Irma Robbeets; Hubert Cuyckens; (13-Aug-2013)

Multilingual Corpora and Multilingual Corpus Analysis
(Reviewer: Ali Karakas) - - Thomas Schmidt; Kai Wörner; (26-Jun-2013)

Morphosyntactic Categories and the Expression of Possession
(Reviewer: ) - - Kersti Börjars; David Denison; Alan K. Scott; (19-Sep-2013)

Corpus Studies in Contrastive Linguistics
(Reviewer: Jesús Fernández-Domínguez) - - Stefania Marzo; Kris Heylen; Gert De Sutter; (28-Aug-2013)

Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory 2010 : Selected papers from 'Going Romance' Leiden 2010
(Reviewer: Anna Alexandrova) - - Irene Franco; Sara Lusini; Andrés Saab; (12-Jul-2013)

(In)Appropriate Online Behavior : A pragmatic analysis of message board relations
(Reviewer: Laura L. Paterson) - - Jenny Arendholz; (19-Jul-2013)

Rethinking Narrative Identity : Persona and Perspective
(Reviewer: Damian J. Rivers) - - Claudia Holler; Martin Klepper; (07-Jul-2013)

Relative Clauses in Languages of the Americas : A typological overview
(Reviewer: Mahamane Laoualy Abdoulaye) - - Bernard Comrie; Zarina Estrada-Fernández; (19-Aug-2013)

Understanding Historical (Im)Politeness : Relational linguistic practice over time and across cultures
(Reviewer: Emilia Kirilova Slavova) - - Marcel Bax; Dániel Zoltan Kádár; (19-Aug-2013)

Frames and Constructions in Metaphoric Language
(Reviewer: ) - - Karen Sullivan; (08-Jul-2013)

Third Language Acquisition in Adulthood
(Reviewer: Anna M Krulatz) - - Jennifer L. Cabrelli Amaro; Suzanne Flynn; Jason Rothman; (17-Jul-2013)

Coordinating Participation in Dialogue Interpreting
(Reviewer: ) - - Claudio Baraldi; Laura Gavioli; (08-Jul-2013)

Phonological Variation in French : Illustrations from three continents
(Reviewer: Lionel Mathieu) - - Randall S. Gess; Chantal Lyche; Trudel Meisenburg; (19-Jun-2013)

Events of Putting and Taking : A crosslinguistic perspective
(Reviewer: ) - - Anetta Kopecka; Bhuvana Narasimhan; (18-May-2013)

Descriptive Translation Studies – and beyond : Revised edition
(Reviewer: Jonathan Downie) - - Gideon Toury; (01-Jul-2013)

Dialogue in Politics
(Reviewer: James Murphy) - - Lawrence N. Berlin; Anita Fetzer; (07-Jul-2013)

Methodological and Analytic Frontiers in Lexical Research
(Reviewer: Jon Clenton) - - Gary Libben; Gonia Jarema; Chris Westbury; (27-Jun-2013)

The Transmission of Anglo-Norman : Language history and language acquisition
(Reviewer: Devan B. Steiner) - - Richard P. Ingham; (19-Jul-2013)

An Introduction to Linguistic Typology
(Reviewer: Daniel William Hieber) - - Viveka Velupillai; (24-Jun-2013)

Dimensions of L2 Performance and Proficiency : Complexity, Accuracy and Fluency in SLA
(Reviewer: ) - - Alex Housen; Folkert Kuiken; Ineke Vedder; (11-Apr-2013)

Professional Communication across Languages and Cultures
(Reviewer: Zsuzsanna Zsubrinszky) - - Stanca Măda; Răzvan Săftoiu; (30-Apr-2013)

Multilingual Corpora and Multilingual Corpus Analysis
(Reviewer: Ali Karakas) - - Thomas Schmidt; Kai Wörner; (26-Jun-2013)

Syntax, Semantics and Acquisition of Multiple Interrogatives : Who wants what?
(Reviewer: ) - - Lydia Grebenyova; (05-Jun-2013)

The Initiation of Sound Change : Perception, production, and social factors
(Reviewer: Matthew J. Gordon) - - Maria-Josep Solé; Daniel Recasens; (01-Apr-2013)

Task-Based Language Teaching in Foreign Language Contexts : Research and implementation
(Reviewer: Achilleas I. Kostoulas) - - Ali Shehadeh; Christine A. Coombe; (17-Apr-2013)

Loanwords in Japanese
(Reviewer: ) - - Mark Irwin; (18-Apr-2013)

Towards a Biolinguistic Understanding of Grammar : Essays on interfaces
(Reviewer: Kent A. Lee) - - Anna Maria Di Sciullo; (26-Feb-2013)

Quotatives : Cross-linguistic and cross-disciplinary perspectives
(Reviewer: ) - - Isabelle Buchstaller; Ingrid van Alphen; (20-Mar-2013)

Space and Time in Languages and Cultures : Language, culture, and cognition
(Reviewer: Stephen Stanley Lucek) - - Luna Filipović; Kasia M. Jaszczolt; (29-Jun-2013)

Argument Structure and Grammatical Relations : A crosslinguistic typology
(Reviewer: Roxana Iuliana Popescu) - - Pirkko Suihkonen; Bernard Comrie; Valery Solovyev; (15-Feb-2013)

Experiments in Cultural Language Evolution
(Reviewer: ) - - Luc Steels; (09-Jan-2013)

Reflexive Marking in the History of French
(Reviewer: Paul Isambert) - - Richard Waltereit; (06-Feb-2013)

Main Clause Phenomena : New Horizons
(Reviewer: Francesc González i Planas) - - Lobke Aelbrecht; Liliane Haegeman; Rachel Nye; (27-Feb-2013)

Clefts and their Relatives
(Reviewer: ) - - Matthew Reeve; (16-Dec-2012)

Historical Linguistics 2009 : Selected papers from the 19th International Conference on Historical Linguistics, Nijmegen, 10-14 August 2009
(Reviewer: Theodore W Stern) - - Ans van Kemenade; Nynke de Haas; (14-Dec-2012)

(Reviewer: ) - - Larissa Aronin; David M. Singleton; (11-Dec-2012)

Endangered Metaphors
(Reviewer: Megan Schildmier Stone) - - Anna Idström; Elisabeth Piirainen; Tiber F.M. Falzett; (11-Dec-2012)

Edges, Heads, and Projections : Interface properties
(Reviewer: Lengji Nudiya Danjuma) - - Anna Maria Di Sciullo; Virginia Motapanyane-Hill; (06-Dec-2012)

Motivation in Grammar and the Lexicon
(Reviewer: Daogen Cao) - - Klaus-Uwe Panther; Günter Radden; (22-Jan-2013)

Scientific Methods for the Humanities
(Reviewer: ) - - Willie van Peer; Frank Hakemulder; Sonia Zyngier; (04-Dec-2012)

Affectivity in Interaction : Sound objects in English
(Reviewer: ) - - Elisabeth Reber; (13-Nov-2012)

Dialogue, Science and Academic Writing
(Reviewer: Ksenia Mikhailovna Shilikhina) - - (11-Nov-2012)

Constraints on Displacement : A phase-based approach
(Reviewer: ) - - Gereon Müller; (03-Nov-2012)

Second Language Acquisition Abroad : The LDS Missionary Experience
(Reviewer: Robert Arthur Cote) - - Lynne Hansen; (01-Nov-2012)

Latin Embedded Clauses : The left periphery
(Reviewer: ) - - Lieven Danckaert; (18-Oct-2012)

A Cognitive Linguistic Analysis of the English Imperative : With special reference to Japanese imperatives
(Reviewer: William W. Kruger) - - Hidemitsu Takahashi; (13-Oct-2012)

Consonant Structure and Prevocalization
(Reviewer: Thomas C. Purnell) - - Natalie Operstein; (10-Oct-2012)

Interlanguage Request Modification
(Reviewer: Wei Ren) - - Maria Economidou-Kogetsidis; Helen Woodfield; (28-Sep-2012)

Mood in the Languages of Europe
(Reviewer: ) - - Björn Rothstein; Rolf Thieroff; (25-Sep-2012)

English in Southeast Asia : Features, policy and language in use
(Reviewer: Yosuke Sato) - - Ee-Ling Low; Azirah Hashim; (20-Sep-2012)

Cambodian : Khmer
(Reviewer: James Kirby) - - John Haiman; (11-Sep-2012)

Corpus-based Analysis and Diachronic Linguistics
(Reviewer: Anna Ewa Majek) - - Yuji Kawaguchi; Makoto Minegishi; Wolfgang Viereck; (06-Sep-2012)

Perspectives on Arabic Linguistics : Papers from the annual symposia on Arabic Linguistics. Volume XXII-XXIII: College Park, Maryland, 2008 and Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 2009
(Reviewer: Inas Youssef Mahfouz) - - Ellen I. Broselow; Hamid Ouali; (03-Sep-2012)

The Interactional Organization of Academic Talk : Office hour consultations
(Reviewer: ) - - Holger Limberg; (31-Aug-2012)

Bilingualism in the USA : The case of the Chicano-Latino community
(Reviewer: Diego Pascual y Cabo) - - Fredric W Field; (23-Aug-2012)

Task-Based Language Teaching from the Teachers' Perspective : Insights from New Zealand
(Reviewer: Elis Kakoulli Constantinou) - - Martin East; (22-Aug-2012)

Languages in Contact : French, German and Romansh in twentieth-century Switzerland
(Reviewer: Ilaria Fiorentini) - - Uriel Weinreich; (14-Aug-2012)

The Expression of Information Structure : A documentation of its diversity across Africa
(Reviewer: ) - - Ines Fiedler; Anne Schwarz; (08-Aug-2012)

Spanish Word Formation and Lexical Creation
(Reviewer: Bruno O. Maroneze) - - José Luis Cifuentes Honrubia; Susana Rodríguez Rosique; (03-Jul-2012)

Reciprocals and Semantic Typology
(Reviewer: ) - - Nicholas Evans; Alice Gaby; Stephen Curtis Levinson; Asifa Maji; (26-Jun-2012)

A Taste for Corpora : In honour of Sylviane Granger
(Reviewer: Marlies Gabriele Prinzl) - - Fanny Meunier; Sylvie De Cock; Gaëtanelle Gilquin; Magali Paquot; (19-Jun-2012)

Corpus and Sociolinguistics : Investigating age and gender in female talk
(Reviewer: Lamont D. Antieau) - - Bróna Murphy; (16-May-2012)

Kwéyòl in Postcolonial Saint Lucia : Globalization, language planning, and national development
(Reviewer: ) - - Aonghas St-Hilaire; (11-May-2012)

Cognitive Linguistics : Convergence and Expansion
(Reviewer: Zhen-Qiang Fan) - - Mario Brdar; Stefan Th. Gries; Milena Žic Fuchs; (10-May-2012)

Argument Structure and Syntactic Relations : A cross-linguistic perspective
(Reviewer: Michael T. Putnam) - - Maia Duguine; Susana Huidobro; Nerea Madariaga; (08-May-2012)

Romance Linguistics 2010 : Selected papers from the 40th Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages (LSRL), Seattle, Washington, March 2010
(Reviewer: ) - - Julia Rogers Herschensohn; (01-May-2012)

Transcribing Talk and Interaction : Issues in the representation of communication data
(Reviewer: Anna Veronika Drake) - - Christopher Joseph Jenks; (17-Apr-2012)

Minimalist Interfaces : Evidence from Indonesian and Javanese
(Reviewer: Eugenia Romanova) - - Yosuke Sato; (15-Apr-2012)

Impersonal Constructions : A cross-linguistic perspective
(Reviewer: Peter M. Arkadiev) - - Andrej L. Malchukov; Anna Siewierska; (09-Apr-2012)

Prosody in Interaction
(Reviewer: Rebecca Rubin Damari) - - Dagmar Barth-Weingarten; Elisabeth Reber; Margret Selting; (03-Apr-2012)

Studies in Political Humour : In between political critique and public entertainment
(Reviewer: James Murphy) - - Villy Tsakona; Diana Elena Popa; (21-Mar-2012)

Researching Specialized Languages
(Reviewer: Laura Dubcovsky) - - Vijay K. Bhatia; Purificación Sánchez Hernández; Pascual Pérez-Paredes; (19-Mar-2012)

The Typology of Asian Englishes
(Reviewer: ) - - Lisa Lim; Nikolas Gisborne; (16-Mar-2012)

Morphology and its Interfaces
(Reviewer: ) - - Alexandra Galani; Mike Hicks; George Tsoulas; (07-Mar-2012)

History of Linguistics 2008 : Selected papers from the eleventh International Conference on the History of the Language Sciences (ICHoLS XI), 28 August - 2 September 2008, Potsdam
(Reviewer: Seetha Jayaraman) - - Gerda Hassler; Gesina Volkmann; (20-Feb-2012)

Context and Contexts : Parts meet whole?
(Reviewer: Inas Youssef Mahfouz) - - Anita Fetzer; Etsuko Oishi; (20-Feb-2012)

Adjective Complementation : An empirical analysis of adjectives followed by 'that'-clauses
(Reviewer: Ernest Alan Hogue) - - Ilka Mindt; (20-Feb-2012)

Learning and Teaching Narrative Inquiry : Travelling in the Borderlands
(Reviewer: ) - - Sheila Trahar; (10-Feb-2012)

EUROSLA Yearbook : Volume 11 (2011)
(Reviewer: Libby M Gertken) - - Leah Roberts; Gabriele Pallotti; Camilla Bettoni; (05-Feb-2012)

Complex Predicates : The syntax-morphology interface
(Reviewer: Aroldo Leal de Andrade) - - Leila Lomashvili; (03-Feb-2012)

The Pragmatics of Humour across Discourse Domains
(Reviewer: Ksenia Mikhailovna Shilikhina) - - Marta Dynel; (02-Feb-2012)

Where Do Phonological Features Come From? : Cognitive, physical and developmental bases of distinctive speech categories
(Reviewer: ) - - G. Nick Clements; Rachid Ridouane; (28-Jan-2012)

Integrating Gestures : The interdisciplinary nature of gesture
(Reviewer: ) - - Gale Stam; Mika Ishino; (24-Jan-2012)

Clause Linking and Clause Hierarchy : Syntax and pragmatics
(Reviewer: Paul Isambert) - - Isabelle Bril; (11-Jan-2012)

Cyberpragmatics : Internet-mediated communication in context
(Reviewer: Daria Dayter) - - Francisco Yus; (06-Jan-2012)

New Perspectives on Endangered Languages : Bridging gaps between sociolinguistics, documentation and language revitalization
(Reviewer: Benjamin E. Frey) - - José Antonio Flores Farfán; Fernando F. Ramallo; (04-Jan-2012)

Korean Honorifics and Politeness in Second Language Learning
(Reviewer: ) - - Lucien Brown; (21-Dec-2011)

Historical Sociopragmatics
(Reviewer: Lelija Socanac) - - Jonathan Culpeper; (09-Dec-2011)

Subordination in Conversation : A cross-linguistic perspective
(Reviewer: ) - - Ritva Laury; Ryoko Suzuki; (05-Dec-2011)

English in Europe Today : Sociocultural and educational perspectives
(Reviewer: Marc Deneire) - - Annick De Houwer; Antje Wilton; (03-Dec-2011)

Words in Dictionaries and History : Essays in honour of R.W. McConchie
(Reviewer: Lyda Fens-de Zeeuw) - - Olga Timofeeva; Tanja Säily; (15-Nov-2011)

The Noun Phrase in Romance and Germanic : Structure, variation, and change
(Reviewer: ) - - Petra Sleeman; Harry Perridon; (01-Nov-2011)

A Dynamic Approach to Second Language Development : Methods and techniques
(Reviewer: Julie Bruch) - - Marjolijn H. Verspoor; Kees de Bot; Wander Lowie; (14-Oct-2011)

Experimental Pragmatics/Semantics
(Reviewer: Mary B. Shapiro) - - Jörg Meibauer; Markus Steinbach; (10-Oct-2011)

English Historical Linguistics 2008 : Selected papers from the fifteenth International Conference on English Historical Linguistics (ICEHL 15), Munich, 24-30 August 2008.. Volume I: The history of English verbal and nominal constructions
(Reviewer: ) - - Ursula Lenker; Judith Huber; Robert Mailhammer; (15-Sep-2011)

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Constituent Order in Classical Latin Prose
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The Translator as Mediator of Cultures
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Perspectives in Politics and Discourse
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Structure Preserved : Studies in syntax for Jan Koster
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Impoliteness in Interaction
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A Theory of Syntax for Systemic Functional Linguistics
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Lexical Meaning in Dialogic Language Use
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New Approaches to Slavic Verbs of Motion
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Narrative Progression in the Short Story : A corpus stylistic approach
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South Slavic Discourse Particles
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The Discourse of Court Interpreting : Discourse practices of the law, the witness and the interpreter
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Controversies and the Metaphysics of Mind
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Ergativity in Amazonia
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Humor in Interaction
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The Role of Semantic, Pragmatic, and Discourse Factors in the Development of Case
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A Typology of Purpose Clauses
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New Directions in Cognitive Linguistics
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Testing and Assessment in Translation and Interpreting Studies : A call for dialogue between research and practice
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Loan Phonology
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Determiners : Universals and variation
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The Exploration of Multilingualism : Development of research on L3, multilingualism and multiple language acquisition
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Second Language Acquisition of Articles : Empirical findings and theoretical implications
(Reviewer: Donielle L. Sharma) - - María del Pilar García Mayo; Roger Hawkins; (12-Jun-2010)

Culture and Language Use
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Bilingualism and Identity : Spanish at the crossroads with other languages
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Negation Patterns in West African Languages and Beyond
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Why Writing Matters : Issues of access and identity in writing research and pedagogy
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The Language of Daily Life in England (1400-1800)
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Self-Preservation in Simultaneous Interpreting : Surviving the role
(Reviewer: ) - - Claudia Monacelli; (08-Apr-2010)

Incomplete Acquisition in Bilingualism : Re-examining the Age Factor
(Reviewer: Kara Tiffany McAlister) - - Silvina A Montrul; (01-Apr-2010)

Discourse, of Course : An overview of research in discourse studies
(Reviewer: Mariza Georgalou) - - Jan Renkema; (29-Mar-2010)

Taboo in Advertising
(Reviewer: Jill M. Hallett) - - Elsa Simões Lucas Freitas; (08-Mar-2010)

Finding Metaphor in Grammar and Usage : A methodological analysis of theory and research
(Reviewer: Stephen Pihlaja) - - Gerard J. Steen; (04-Feb-2010)

Television Dialogue : The sitcom Friends vs. natural conversation
(Reviewer: Jessie Sams) - - Paulo Quaglio; (14-Jan-2010)

The Dynamics of Linguistic Variation : Corpus Evidence on English Past and Present
(Reviewer: ) - - Terttu Nevalainen; Irma Taavitsainen; Päivi Pahta; Minna Korhonen; (04-Jan-2010)

Email Hoaxes : Form, function, genre ecology
(Reviewer: Marina Santini) - - Theresa Heyd; (07-Jan-2010)

Principles of Syntactic Reconstruction
(Reviewer: ) - - Gisella Farraresi; Maria Goldbach; (17-Dec-2009)

What We Remember : The Construction of Memory in Military Discourse
(Reviewer: ) - - Mariana Achugar; (25-Nov-2009)

The Syntactic Nature of Inner Aspect : A minimalist perspective
(Reviewer: Eugenia Romanova) - - Jonathan E. MacDonald; (15-Nov-2009)

Second Language Acquisition and the Younger Learner : Child's Play?
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Studies in French Applied Linguistics
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Case and Grammatical Relations : Studies in honor of Bernard Comrie
(Reviewer: Peter M. Arkadiev) - - Greville G. Corbett; Michael Noonan; (03-Aug-2009)

The Left Periphery : The interaction of syntax, pragmatics and prosody in Czech
(Reviewer: ) - - Anne Sturgeon; (22-Jul-2009)

Style Shifting in Japanese
(Reviewer: Julie Bruch) - - Kimberly A. Jones; Tsuyoshi Ono; (22-Jul-2009)

St Helenian English : Origins, evolution and variation
(Reviewer: ) - - Daniel Schreier; (20-Jul-2009)

Deconstructing Creole
(Reviewer: ) - - Umberto Ansaldo; Stephen Matthews; Lisa Lim; (03-Jul-2009)

Verbal Prepositions and Argument Structure : Path, place and possession in Norwegian
(Reviewer: Michael T. Putnam) - - Mai Ellin Tungseth; (30-Jun-2009)

Social Lives in Language - Sociolinguistics and multilingual speech communities : Celebrating the work of Gillian Sankoff
(Reviewer: Ronald I. Kim) - - Miriam Meyerhoff; Naomi G. Nagy; (30-Jun-2009)

Creativity and Convention : The pragmatics of everyday figurative speech
(Reviewer: ) - - Rosa E. Vega Moreno; (30-Jun-2009)

Rethinking Grammaticalization. New perspectives & Theoretical and Empirical Issues in Grammaticalization
(Reviewer: ) - - María José López-Couso; Elena Seoane; (24-Jun-2009)

Lessons from Documented Endangered Languages
(Reviewer: Laura C Robinson) - - K. David Harrison; David S. Rood; Arienne M. Dwyer; (19-Jun-2009)

Grammatical Change and Linguistic Theory : The Rosendal papers
(Reviewer: Aroldo Leal de Andrade) - - Thórhallur Eythórsson; (19-Jun-2009)

The Shared Mind : Perspectives on intersubjectivity
(Reviewer: ) - - Jordan Zlatev; Timothy P. Racine; Chris Sinha; Esa Itkonen; (19-Jun-2009)

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(Reviewer: Elizabeth Bell Canon) - - Marina Dossena; Richard Dury; Maurizio Gotti; (15-Jun-2009)

Metaphor and Gesture
(Reviewer: Mohammad Rasekh Mahand) - - Alan Cienki; Cornelia Müller; (15-Jun-2009)

Language Contact and Contact Languages
(Reviewer: Alessio Salvatore Frenda) - - Peter Siemund; Noemi Kintana; (02-Jun-2009)

Modality, Aspect and Negation in Persian
(Reviewer: ) - - Azita H. Taleghani; (20-May-2009)

Discourse in Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) Classrooms
(Reviewer: ) - - Christiane Dalton-Puffer; (20-May-2009)

The Layered DP : Form and meaning of French indefinites
(Reviewer: ) - - Tabea Ihsane; (13-May-2009)

Limiting the Iconic : From the metatheoretical foundations to the creative possibilities of iconicity in language
(Reviewer: ) - - Ludovic De Cuypere; (09-Apr-2009)

Construction Grammar in a Cross-Language Perspective
(Reviewer: ) - - Mirjam Fried; Jan-Ola Östman; (06-Apr-2009)

Corpora and Discourse : The challenges of different settings
(Reviewer: Michael Thomas Pace-Sigge) - - Annelie Ädel; Randi Reppen; (06-Apr-2009)

Request Strategies : A comparative study in Mandarin Chinese and Korean
(Reviewer: ) - - Yong-Ju Rue; Grace Qiao Zhang; (04-Apr-2009)

'Subordination' versus 'Coordination' in Sentence and Text : A cross-linguistic perspective
(Reviewer: Rui Pedro Chaves) - - Cathrine Fabricius-Hansen; Wiebke Ramm; (04-Apr-2009)

Language Complexity : Typology, contact, change
(Reviewer: Peter M. Arkadiev) - - Matti Miestamo; Kaius Sinnemäki; Fred Karlsson; (16-Feb-2009)

Confronting Metaphor in Use : An applied linguistic approach
(Reviewer: ) - - Mara Sophia Zanotto; Lynne Cameron; Marilda C. Cavalcanti; (16-Dec-2008)

From Linguistic Areas to Areal Linguistics
(Reviewer: Ronald I. Kim) - - Pieter C. Muysken; (16-Dec-2008)

Mediating Discourse Online
(Reviewer: Mariza Georgalou) - - Sally Sieloff Magnan; (16-Dec-2008)

Corpus and Context : Investigating pragmatic functions in spoken discourse
(Reviewer: Michael Thomas Pace-Sigge) - - Svenja Adolphs; (15-Dec-2008)

Analysing Identities in Discourse
(Reviewer: ) - - Rosana Dolón; Júlia Todolí; (15-Dec-2008)

Metaphors for Learning : Cross-cultural Perspectives
(Reviewer: ) - - Erich A. Berendt; (15-Dec-2008)

Language Change and Variation in Gibraltar
(Reviewer: Tyler Kimball Anderson) - - David Levey; (15-Dec-2008)

Speech Acts in the History of English
(Reviewer: Julie Marie Winter) - - Andreas H. Jucker; Irma Taavitsainen; (15-Dec-2008)

Lexical Creativity, Texts and Contexts
(Reviewer: Karen Steffen Chung) - - Judith Elaine Munat; (01-Dec-2008)

The Importance of Not Being Earnest : The feeling behind laughter and humor
(Reviewer: Andreea Simona Calude) - - Wallace Chafe; (01-Dec-2008)

Argument Structure
(Reviewer: ) - - Eric J. Reuland; Tanmoy Bhattacharya; Giorgos Spathas; (28-Nov-2008)

New-Dialect Formation in Canada : Evidence from the English modal auxiliaries
(Reviewer: ) - - Stefan Dollinger; (28-Nov-2008)

The Paradox of Grammatical Change : Perspectives from Romance
(Reviewer: Paul Isambert) - - Ulrich Detges; Richard Waltereit; (07-Nov-2008)

Segmental and Prosodic Issues in Romance Phonology
(Reviewer: ) - - Pilar Prieto; Joan Mascaró; Maria-Josep Solé; (03-Nov-2008)

Perspectives on Arabic Linguistics XIX : Papers from the nineteenth annual symposium on Arabic Linguistics, Urbana, Illinois, April 2005
(Reviewer: ) - - Abbas Benmamoun; (10-Oct-2008)

The Language of Memory in a Crosslinguistic Perspective
(Reviewer: Ludwig Fesenmeier) - - Mengistu Amberber; (26-Sep-2008)

Developmental Psycholinguistics : On-line methods in childrens language processing
(Reviewer: ) - - Irina A. Sekerina; Eva M. Fernández; Harald Clahsen; (15-Sep-2008)

Phraseology in Foreign Language Learning and Teaching
(Reviewer: Rita Finkbeiner) - - Fanny Meunier; Sylviane Granger; (15-Sep-2008)

Anthropology of Color : Interdisciplinary multilevel modeling
(Reviewer: ) - - Robert E. MacLaury; Galina V. Paramei; Don Dedrick; (29-Aug-2008)

Contrastive Rhetoric : Reaching to intercultural rhetoric
(Reviewer: Elizabeth Claiborne Craig) - - Ulla Connor; Ed Nagelhout; William Rozycki; (29-Aug-2008)

Nominal Phrases from a Scandinavian Perspective
(Reviewer: Michael T. Putnam) - - Marit Julien; (20-Aug-2008)

Selves and Identities in Narrative and Discourse
(Reviewer: Davi Schirmer Reis) - - Michael Bamberg; Anna De Fina; Deborah Schiffrin; (31-Jul-2008)

Expressing the Same by the Different : The subjunctive vs the indicative in French
(Reviewer: Joseph Reisdoerfer) - - Igor Dreer; (26-Jul-2008)

La négation dans les langues romanes
(Reviewer: ) - - Franck Floricic; (24-Jul-2008)

Gestural Communication in Nonhuman and Human Primates
(Reviewer: ) - - Katja Liebal; Cornelia Müller; Simone Pika; (09-Jul-2008)

Stancetaking in Discourse : Subjectivity, evaluation, interaction
(Reviewer: Marian Sloboda) - - Robert Englebretson; (09-Jul-2008)

Finding Metaphor in Grammar and Usage : A methodological analysis of theory and research
(Reviewer: ) - - Gerard J. Steen; (08-Jul-2008)

Play Frames and Social Identities : Contact encounters in a Greek primary school
(Reviewer: Irene Theodoropoulou) - - Vally Lytra; (01-Jul-2008)

Nominal Determination : Typology, context constraints, and historical emergence
(Reviewer: ) - - Elisabeth Stark; Elisabeth Leiss; Werner Abraham; (16-Jun-2008)

Discourse, War and Terrorism
(Reviewer: Simone C. Bacchini) - - Adam Hodges; Chad Nilep; (11-Jun-2008)

Language Attrition : Theoretical perspectives
(Reviewer: Julia Deák Sandler) - - Barbara Köpke; Monika S Schmid; Merel Keijzer; Susan Claire Dostert; (11-Jun-2008)

Doubts and Directions in Translation Studies : Selected contributions from the EST Congress, Lisbon 2004
(Reviewer: ) - - Yves Gambier; Miriam N. Shlesinger; Radegundis Stolze; (02-Jun-2008)

(Reviewer: Lewis Chadwick Howe) - - Nicole Dehé; Yordanka Kavalova; (02-Jun-2008)

The Grammar-Pragmatics Interface : Essays in honor of Jeanette K. Gundel
(Reviewer: Ahmad R. Lotfi) - - Nancy Hedberg; Ron Zacharski; (06-May-2008)

Cognitive English Grammar
(Reviewer: ) - - Günter Radden; René Dirven; (06-May-2008)

Gesture and the Dynamic Dimension of Language : Essays in honor of David McNeill
(Reviewer: Pentti O Haddington) - - Susan D. Duncan; Justine Cassell; Elena T. Levy; (06-May-2008)

Selves in Two Languages : Bilinguals' verbal enactments of identity in French and Portuguese
(Reviewer: ) - - Michèle Koven; (28-Apr-2008)

Selected Lexical and Grammatical Issues in the Meaning - Text Theory : In honour of Igor Mel'čuk
(Reviewer: ) - - Leo Wanner; (28-Apr-2008)

Small Stories, Interaction and Identities
(Reviewer: Gabriela Iuliana Colipca) - - Alexandra Georgakopoulou; (22-Apr-2008)

Memory, Psychology and Second Language Learning
(Reviewer: Maria Mastropavlou) - - Mick Randall; (15-Apr-2008)

Anaphors in Text : Cognitive, formal and applied approaches to anaphoric reference
(Reviewer: Alessio Salvatore Frenda) - - Monika Schwarz-Friesel; Manfred Consten; Mareile Hillevi Knees; (03-Apr-2008)

The Language of Business Studies Lectures : A corpus-assisted analysis
(Reviewer: Brandon C Loudermilk) - - Belinda Crawford Camiciottoli; (01-Apr-2008)

Indeterminacy in Terminology and LSP : Studies in honour of Heribert Picht
(Reviewer: Pius Ten Hacken) - - Bassey Edem Antia; (01-Apr-2008)

Prototypical Transitivity
(Reviewer: Peter M. Arkadiev) - - Åshild Næss; (01-Apr-2008)

English with a Latin Beat : Studies in Portuguese/Spanish – English Interphonology
(Reviewer: ) - - Barbara O. Baptista; Michael Watkins; (21-Mar-2008)

Narrow Syntax and Phonological Form : Scrambling in the Germanic languages
(Reviewer: Michael T. Putnam) - - Gema Chocano; (14-Mar-2008)

Connectives in the History of English
(Reviewer: ) - - Ursula Lenker; Anneli Meurman-Solin; (14-Mar-2008)

Linguistic Theory and South Asian Languages : Essays in honour of K. A. Jayaseelan
(Reviewer: Michael W Morgan) - - Josef Bayer; Tanmoy Bhattacharya; M.T. Hany Babu; (06-Mar-2008)

Methods in Cognitive Linguistics
(Reviewer: ) - - Monica Gonzalez-Marquez; Irene Mittelberg; Seana Coulson; Michael J. Spivey; (06-Mar-2008)

Receptive Multilingualism : Linguistic analyses, language policies and didactic concepts
(Reviewer: ) - - Jan D. ten Thije; Ludger Zeevaert; (23-Feb-2008)

Demoting the Agent : Passive, middle and other voice phenomena
(Reviewer: Amaya María Mendikoetxea) - - Benjamin Lyngfelt; Torgrim Solstad; (01-Feb-2008)

Connectivity in Grammar and Discourse
(Reviewer: ) - - Jochen Rehbein; Christiane Hohenstein; Lukas Pietsch; (01-Feb-2008)

Dialects Across Borders : Selected papers from the 11th International Conference on Methods in Dialectology (Methods XI), Joensuu, August 2002
(Reviewer: ) - - Markku Filppula; Juhani Klemola; Marjatta Palander; Esa Penttilä; (31-Jan-2008)

The Chinese Rime Tables : Linguistic philosophy and historical-comparative phonology
(Reviewer: Jan-Olof Svantesson) - - David Prager Branner; (29-Jan-2008)

Healthcare Interpreting : Discourse and Interaction
(Reviewer: Laura Michele Callahan) - - Franz Pöchhacker; Miriam N. Shlesinger; (10-Jan-2008)

The Categorization of Spatial Entities in Language and Cognition
(Reviewer: Mohammad Rasekh Mahand) - - Michel Aurnague; Maya Hickmann; Laure Vieu; (09-Jan-2008)

Talk and Practical Epistemology : The social life of knowledge in a Caribbean community
(Reviewer: Don Edward Walicek) - - Jack Sidnell; (02-Nov-2007)

Deriving Coordinate Symmetries : A phase-based approach integrating Select, Merge, Copy and Match
(Reviewer: Michael T. Putnam) - - John R te Velde; (09-Oct-2007)

Deixis and Alignment : Inverse systems in indigenous languages of the Americas
(Reviewer: ) - - Fernando Zúñiga; (04-Oct-2007)

Drawing the Boundaries of Meaning : Neo-Gricean studies in pragmatics and semantics in honor of Laurence R. Horn
(Reviewer: ) - - Betty J. Birner; Gregory Ward; (31-Jul-2007)

Historical Romance Linguistics : Retrospective and Perspectives
(Reviewer: Isabelle R. Ra) - - Randall S. Gess; Deborah L. Arteaga; (26-Apr-2007)

Codeswitching on the Web : English and Jamaican Creole in e-mail communication
(Reviewer: ) - - Lars Hinrichs; (21-Mar-2007)

A History of the English Language
(Reviewer: ) - - Elly van Gelderen; (21-Mar-2007)

Collaborating towards Coherence : Lexical cohesion in English discourse
(Reviewer: ) - - Sanna-Kaisa Tanskanen; (01-Mar-2007)

Perspectives on Arabic Linguistics XVI : Papers from the Sixteenth Annual Symposium on Arabic Linguistics, Cambridge, March 2002
(Reviewer: ) - - Sami Boudelaa; (20-Feb-2007)

The Syntax of Nonsententials : Multidisciplinary perspectives
(Reviewer: ) - - Ljiljana Progovac; Kate Paesani; Eugenia Casielles; Ellen Barton; (20-Feb-2007)

Agency and Impersonality : Their Linguistic and Cultural Manifestations
(Reviewer: ) - - Mutsumi Yamamoto; (06-Feb-2007)

Metadiscourse in L1 and L2 English
(Reviewer: ) - - Annelie Ädel; (02-Feb-2007)

Grammatical Constructions : Back to the roots
(Reviewer: ) - - Mirjam Fried; Hans C Boas; (31-Jan-2007)

Origins of Language : Constraints on hypotheses
(Reviewer: ) - - Sverker Johansson; (26-Jan-2007)

Suppletion in Verb Paradigms : Bits and pieces of the puzzle
(Reviewer: Andrew D. Carstairs-McCarthy) - - Ljuba N. Veselinova; (20-Jan-2007)

Synthesizing Research on Language Learning and Teaching
(Reviewer: ) - - John M. Norris; Lourdes Ortega; (04-Dec-2006)

Paths of Development in L1 and L2 Acquisition : In Honor of Bonnie D. Schwartz
(Reviewer: Andrea Gail Osburne) - - Sharon Unsworth; Teresa Parodi; Antonella Sorace; Martha Young-Scholten; (20-Nov-2006)

Calling for Help : Language and social interaction in telephone helplines
(Reviewer: Shiv R Upadhyay) - - Carolyn Baker; Michael Emmison; Alan Firth; (10-Nov-2006)

Language and Meaning : The structural creation of reality
(Reviewer: ) - - Christopher Beedham; (30-Oct-2006)

Deriving Coordinate Symmetries : A phase-based approach integrating Select, Merge, Copy and Match
(Reviewer: ) - - John R te Velde; (12-Oct-2006)

Exploring Corpora for ESP Learning
(Reviewer: ) - - Laura Gavioli; (16-Oct-2006)

Variation and Reconstruction
(Reviewer: ) - - Thomas D. Cravens; (24-Aug-2006)

Grammar and Inference in Conversation : Identifying clause structure in spoken Javanese
(Reviewer: ) - - Michael Carter Ewing; (24-Aug-2006)

Analysing Citizenship Talk : Social Positioning in Political and Legal Decision-Making Processes
(Reviewer: Lelija Socanac) - - Heiko Hausendorf; Alfons Bora; (24-Aug-2006)

Language Variation and Change in the American Midland : A New Look at 'Heartland' English
(Reviewer: Lamont D. Antieau) - - Thomas E. Murray; Beth Lee Simon; (14-Aug-2006)

Politeness and Face in Caribbean Creoles
(Reviewer: ) - - Susanne Mühleisen; Bettina Migge; (15-Aug-2006)

Dialects Across Borders : Selected papers from the 11th International Conference on Methods in Dialectology (Methods XI), Joensuu, August 2002
(Reviewer: ) - - Markku Filppula; Juhani Klemola; Marjatta Palander; Esa Penttilä; (04-Aug-2006)

Manipulation and Ideologies in the Twentieth Century : Discourse, language, mind
(Reviewer: ) - - Louis A. de Saussure; Peter J. Schulz; (10-Aug-2006)

Cross-Linguistic Aspects of Processability Theory
(Reviewer: Robert Albert Felty) - - Manfred Pienemann; (10-Aug-2006)

Analogy as Structure and Process : Approaches in linguistics, cognitive psychology and philosophy of science
(Reviewer: ) - - Esa Itkonen; (28-Jul-2006)

Progressives, Patterns, Pedagogy : A corpus-driven approach to English progressive forms, functions, contexts and didactics
(Reviewer: ) - - Ute Römer; (26-Jul-2006)

Quantifier Scope in German
(Reviewer: Michael T. Putnam) - - Jürgen Pafel; (20-Jul-2006)

Discourse Markers in Native and Non-native English Discourse
(Reviewer: Janet M. Fuller) - - Simone Müller; (17-Jul-2006)

Clausal Architecture and Subject Positions : Impersonal constructions in the Germanic languages
(Reviewer: Andrew Carnie) - - Sabine Mohr; (07-Jul-2006)

Epistemic Modality : Functional properties and the Italian system
(Reviewer: ) - - Paola Pietrandrea; (18-May-2006)

Written Communication Across Cultures : A Sociocognitive Perspective on Business Genres
(Reviewer: Dániel Zoltan Kádár) - - Yunxia Zhu; (16-May-2006)

Broadening the Horizon of Linguistic Politeness
(Reviewer: Susan Meredith Burt) - - Robin Tolmach Lakoff; Sachiko Ide; (24-Apr-2006)

Linguistic Dimensions of Crisis Talk : Formalising structures in a controlled language
(Reviewer: Sally Wellenbrock Hinrich) - - Claudia Sassen; (08-Apr-2006)

Controversies and Subjectivity
(Reviewer: ) - - Pierluigi Barrotta; Marcelo Dascal; (01-Apr-2006)

The Function of Function Words and Functional Categories
(Reviewer: Phoevos E. Panagiotidis) - - Marcel den Dikken; Christina M. Tortora; (15-Mar-2006)

Speech and Thought Presentation in French : Concepts and strategies
(Reviewer: ) - - Sophie Marnette; (08-Mar-2006)

Dramatized Discourse : The Mandarin Chinese ba-construction
(Reviewer: Picus Sizhi Ding) - - Zhuo Jing-Schmidt; (01-Mar-2006)

Context as Other Minds : The Pragmatics of Sociality, Cognition and Communication
(Reviewer: ) - - T. Givón; (21-Feb-2006)

The Order of Prepositional Phrases in the Structure of the Clause
(Reviewer: Ahmad R. Lotfi) - - Walter Schweikert; (01-Mar-2006)

Syntax and Lexis in Conversation : Studies on the use of linguistic resources in talk-in-interaction
(Reviewer: ) - - Auli Auli; Margret Selting; (15-Feb-2006)

The Sociolinguistics of Narrative
(Reviewer: Don Edward Walicek) - - Joanna Thornborrow; Jennifer Coates; (06-Feb-2006)

Questions and Answers in the English Courtroom (1640–1760) : A sociopragmatic analysis
(Reviewer: M. Catherine Gruber) - - Dawn Archer; (06-Feb-2006)

Challenging the Traditional Axioms : Translation into a non-mother tongue
(Reviewer: ) - - Nike K. Pokorn; (20-Jan-2006)

Infinitival Syntax : Infinitivus Pro Participio as a repair strategy
(Reviewer: ) - - Tanja Schmid; (18-Dec-2005)

The Evolution of Human Language : Scenarios, principles, and cultural dynamics
(Reviewer: ) - - Wolfgang Wildgen; (20-Dec-2005)

Compliments and Compliment Responses : Grammatical structure and sequential organization
(Reviewer: ) - - Andrea Golato; (18-Dec-2005)

Grammar and Philosophy in Late Antiquity : A study of Priscian's sources
(Reviewer: ) - - Anneli Luhtala; (14-Dec-2005)

UG and External Systems : Language, brain and computation
(Reviewer: Luis Vicente) - - Anna Maria Di Sciullo; (08-Dec-2005)

Morphology and its Demarcations : Selected Papers from the 11th Morphology Meeting, Vienna, February 2004
(Reviewer: Peter M. Arkadiev) - - Wolfgang U. Dressler; Dieter Kastovsky; Oskar E. Pfeiffer; Franz Rainer; (03-Dec-2005)

Meaning Predictability in Word Formation : Novel, context-free naming units
(Reviewer: Niladri Sekhar Dash) - - Pavol Štekauer; (28-Nov-2005)

Linguistic Diversity and Language Theories
(Reviewer: Solveiga Armoskaite) - - Zygmunt Frajzyngier; Adam Hodges; David S. Rood; (16-Nov-2005)

Linguistic Informatics - State of the Art and the Future : The first international conference on Linguistic Informatics
(Reviewer: ) - - Yuji Kawaguchi; Susumu Zaima; Toshihiro Takagaki; Kohji Shibano; Mayumi Usami; (12-Nov-2005)

Clitic and Affix Combinations : Theoretical perspectives
(Reviewer: ) - - Lorie Heggie; Francisco Ordóñez; (29-Oct-2005)

Hungarian Language Contact Outside Hungary : Studies on Hungarian as a minority language
(Reviewer: ) - - Anna Fenyvesi; (28-Oct-2005)

Opening Windows on Texts and Discourses of the Past
(Reviewer: ) - - Janne Skaffari; Matti Peikola; Ruth Carroll; Risto Hiltunen; Brita Wårvik; (28-Oct-2005)

Cognitive Semantics and Scientific Knowledge : Case studies in the cognitive science of science
(Reviewer: Vanja Kljajevic) - - András Kertész; (25-Oct-2005)

Narrative Interaction
(Reviewer: ) - - Uta M Quasthoff; Tabea Becker; (21-Oct-2005)

Language Development across Childhood and Adolescence
(Reviewer: Carol Ida Goldfus) - - Ruth A. Berman; (16-Oct-2005)

Power Without Domination : Dialogism and the empowering property of communication
(Reviewer: Lelija Socanac) - - Eric Grillo; (12-Oct-2005)

Collocations in a Learner Corpus
(Reviewer: ) - - Nadja Nesselhauf; (07-Oct-2005)

Case, Referentiality and Phrase Structure
(Reviewer: ) - - Balkız Öztürk; (07-Oct-2005)

Translation in Undergraduate Degree Programmes
(Reviewer: ) - - Kirsten Malmkjaer; (02-Oct-2005)

Comparative Historical Dialectology : Italo-Romance clues to Ibero-Romance sound change
(Reviewer: Herbert John Izzo) - - Thomas D. Cravens; (24-Sep-2005)

Verb Clusters : A study of Hungarian, German and Dutch
(Reviewer: ) - - Katalin É. Kiss; Henk van Riemsdijk; (24-Sep-2005)

Persuasion Across Genres : A linguistic approach
(Reviewer: Élisabeth M. Le) - - Helena Halmari; Tuija Virtanen; (16-Sep-2005)

Verb First : On the syntax of verb-initial languages
(Reviewer: ) - - Andrew Carnie; Heidi Harley; Sheila Ann Dooley; (29-Aug-2005)

Aspect in Mandarin Chinese : A corpus-based study
(Reviewer: ) - - Richard Xiao; Anthony Mark McEnery; (17-Aug-2005)

De-/Re-Contextualizing Conference Interpreting : Interpreters in the Ivory Tower?
(Reviewer: John M. Matthews) - - Ebru Diriker; (31-Jul-2005)

Construction Grammar in a Cross-Language Perspective
(Reviewer: ) - - Mirjam Fried; Jan-Ola Östman; (28-Jul-2005)

Japanese Discourse Markers : Synchronic and diachronic discourse analysis
(Reviewer: ) - - Noriko O. Onodera; (27-Jul-2005)

Diachronic Clues to Synchronic Grammar
(Reviewer: Brady Z Clark) - - Eric Fuß; Carola Trips; (25-Jul-2005)

Inference and Anticipation in Simultaneous Interpreting : A probability-prediction model
(Reviewer: Ihab Ahmad Shabana) - - Ghelly V. Chernov; Robin Setton; Adelina Hild; (24-Jul-2005)

Williams Syndrome across Languages
(Reviewer: ) - - Susanne Bartke; Julia Siegmüller; (17-Jul-2005)

Considering Counter-Narratives : Narrating, resisting, making sense
(Reviewer: ) - - Michael Bamberg; Molly Andrews; (17-Jul-2005)

The Acquisition of Spanish : Morphosyntactic development in monolingual and bilingual L1 acquisition and adult L2 acquisition
(Reviewer: ) - - Silvina A Montrul; (17-Jul-2005)

Pragmatic Markers in Oral Narrative : The Case of English and Catalan
(Reviewer: ) - - Montserrat González; (13-Jul-2005)

Construction Grammar in a Cross-Language Perspective
(Reviewer: ) - - Mirjam Fried; Jan-Ola Östman; (22-Jun-2005)

The Dynamic Consultation : A discourse analytical study of doctor–patient communication
(Reviewer: Helen de Silva Joyce) - - Marisa Cordella; (20-Jun-2005)

Australian Languages : Classification and the comparative method
(Reviewer: Stephen R. Anderson) - - Claire Bowern; Harold Koch; (19-Jun-2005)

Urban Bahamian Creole : System and variation
(Reviewer: ) - - Stephanie Hackert; (19-Jun-2005)

Corpora and Language Learners
(Reviewer: ) - - Guy Aston; Silvia Bernardini; Dominic Stewart; (19-Jun-2005)

(Reviewer: ) - - F. K. Erhard Voeltz; Christa Kilian-Hatz; (04-May-2002)

Sound Patterns in Interaction : Cross-linguistic studies from conversation
(Reviewer: ) - - Elizabeth Couper-Kuhlen; Cecilia E. Ford; (11-Jun-2005)

Discourse Across Languages and Cultures
(Reviewer: Manuela Maria Wagner) - - Carol Lynn Moder; Aida Martinovic-Zic; (06-Jun-2005)

Stance in Talk : A conversation analysis of Mandarin final particles
(Reviewer: ) - - Ruey-Jiuan Regina Wu; (06-Jun-2005)

First Language Attrition : Interdisciplinary perspectives on methodological issues
(Reviewer: ) - - Monika S Schmid; Barbara Köpke; Merel Keijzer; Lina Weilemar; (06-Jun-2005)

The Development of Prosodic Structure in Early Words : Continuity, divergence and change
(Reviewer: Geoffrey S. Nathan) - - Mitsuhiko Ota; (06-Jun-2005)

Linguistics Today - Facing a Greater Challenge
(Reviewer: ) - - Piet van Sterkenburg; (04-Jun-2005)

Spatial Demonstratives in English and Chinese : Text and Cognition
(Reviewer: ) - - Yi’an Wu; (03-Jun-2005)

Headhood, Elements, Specification and Contrastivity : Phonological papers in honour of John Anderson
(Reviewer: ) - - Jacques Durand; Colin Ewen; Philip Carr; (01-Jun-2005)

Frequency and the Emergence of Linguistic Structure
(Reviewer: Ahmad R. Lotfi) - - Joan L. Bybee; Paul J. Hopper; (16-Aug-2002)

The Verb in Turkish
(Reviewer: Lisa A. Shannon) - - Eser E. Taylan; (01-May-2002)

Building Coherence and Cohesion : Task-oriented dialogue in English and Spanish
(Reviewer: ) - - María Teresa Taboada; (27-May-2005)

Multilingual Communication
(Reviewer: ) - - Juliane House; Jochen Rehbein; (26-May-2005)

Contemporary Approaches to Romance Linguistics : Selected Papers from the 33rd Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages (LSRL), Bloomington, Indiana, April 2003
(Reviewer: Isabelle R. Ra) - - Julie Auger; J. Clancy Clements; Barbara S Vance; (25-May-2005)

Web Advertising : New forms of communication on the Internet
(Reviewer: Marina Santini) - - Anja Janoschka; (23-May-2005)

Perspectives on Multimodality
(Reviewer: Judith Leah Cross) - - Eija Ventola; Cassily Charles; Martin Kaltenbacher; (19-May-2005)

Cognitive and Communicative Approaches to Linguistic Analysis
(Reviewer: ) - - Ellen Contini-Morava; Robert S. Kirsner; Betsy Rodríguez-Bachiller; (18-May-2005)

EUROSLA Yearbook : Volume 4 (2004)
(Reviewer: Ernani Machado Garrão Neto) - - Susan H. Foster-Cohen; Michael B. Smith; Antonella Sorace; Mitsuhiko Ota; (12-May-2005)

Lexique, Syntaxe et Lexique-Grammaire / Syntax, Lexis & Lexicon-Grammar : Papers in honour of Maurice Gross
(Reviewer: ) - - Christian Leclère; Éric Laporte; Mireille Piot; Max Silberztein; (14-May-2005)

The Composition of Meaning : From lexeme to discourse
(Reviewer: Catherine Rose Fortin) - - Alice G. Ter Meulen; Werner Abraham; (11-May-2005)

Spanish Phonology and Morphology : Experimental and quantitative perspectives
(Reviewer: Matthew T. Carlson) - - David Eddington; (09-May-2005)

The Discourse of Court Interpreting : Discourse practices of the law, the witness and the interpreter
(Reviewer: Philipp Sebastian Angermeyer) - - Sandra Beatriz Hale; (30-Apr-2005)

Memory-Based Parsing
(Reviewer: ) - - Sandra Kübler; (27-Apr-2005)

Principles of Generative Phonology : An introduction
(Reviewer: Michael C. Cahill) - - John T. Jensen; (20-Apr-2005)

Grammaticalization as Economy
(Reviewer: ) - - Elly van Gelderen; (18-Apr-2005)

Revisiting the Interpreter’s Role : A study of conference, court, and medical interpreters in Canada, Mexico, and the United States
(Reviewer: Ihab Ahmad Shabana) - - Claudia V. Angelelli; (19-Apr-2005)

Introduction to Discourse Studies
(Reviewer: ) - - Jan Renkema; (18-Apr-2005)

The Growth and Maintenance of Linguistic Complexity
(Reviewer: ) - - Östen Dahl; (05-Apr-2005)

Conversation Analysis : Studies from the first generation
(Reviewer: Galina B. Bolden) - - Gene H. Lerner; (02-Apr-2005)

Up and down the Cline - The Nature of Grammaticalization
(Reviewer: Claus D. Pusch) - - Olga Fischer; Muriel Norde; Harry Perridon; (26-Mar-2005)

Emotion in Dialogic Interaction : Advances in the complex
(Reviewer: ) - - Edda Weigand; (26-Mar-2005)

From NP to DP : Volume 1: The syntax and semantics of noun phrases
(Reviewer: Miguel Rodríguez-Mondoñedo) - - Martine Coene; Yves D'hulst; (19-Mar-2005)

The Phonological Spectrum : Volume II: Suprasegmental structure
(Reviewer: ) - - Jeroen van de Weijer; Vincent J. van Heuven; Harry van der Hulst; (19-Mar-2005)

Creoles, Contact, and Language Change : Linguistic and social implications
(Reviewer: Thomas B. Klein) - - Geneviève Escure; Armin Schwegler; (19-Mar-2005)

Latinas' Narratives of Domestic Abuse : Discrepant versions of violence
(Reviewer: ) - - Shonna L. Trinch; (16-Mar-2005)

Aspects of Multilingualism in European Language History
(Reviewer: ) - - Kurt Braunmüller; Gisella Farraresi; (14-Mar-2005)

Recontextualizing Context : Grammaticality meets appropriateness
(Reviewer: ) - - Anita Fetzer; (12-Mar-2005)

Spanish/English Codeswitching in a Written Corpus
(Reviewer: ) - - Laura Michele Callahan; (10-Mar-2005)

Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory 2002 : Selected papers from 'Going Romance', Groningen, 28-30 November 2002
(Reviewer: ) - - Reineke Bok-Bennema; Bart Hollerbrandse; Brigitte Kampers-Manhe; Petra Sleeman; (05-Mar-2005)

Functional Constraints in Grammar : On the unergative–unaccusative distinction
(Reviewer: ) - - Susumu Kuno; Ken-Ichi Takami; (02-Mar-2005)

The Phonological Spectrum : Volume I: Segmental structure
(Reviewer: Michael B. Maxwell) - - Jeroen van de Weijer; Vincent J. van Heuven; Harry van der Hulst; (26-Feb-2005)

Focus Structure in Generative Grammar : An integrated syntactic, semantic and intonational approach
(Reviewer: ) - - Carsten Breul; (26-Feb-2005)

Non-Nominative Subjects : Volume 1
(Reviewer: ) - - Peri Bhaskararao; Karumuri Venkata Subbarao; (24-Jan-2005)

Implicatures in Discourse : The case of Spanish NP anaphora
(Reviewer: ) - - Sarah E. Blackwell; (16-Jan-2005)

The Acquisition of the DP in Modern Greek
(Reviewer: ) - - Theodoros Marinis; (16-Dec-2004)

Essays in the History of Linguistics
(Reviewer: ) - - E.F.K. Koerner; (04-Dec-2004)

Twentieth-Century Chinese Translation Theory : Modes, issues and debates
(Reviewer: ) - - Leo Tak-hung Chan; (23-Nov-2004)

Discourse Patterns in Spoken and Written Corpora
(Reviewer: ) - - Karin Aijmer; Anna-Brita Stenström; (02-Oct-2004)

Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Parliamentary Discourse
(Reviewer: ) - - Paul Bayley; (27-Sep-2004)

Discourse Perspectives on English : Medieval to modern
(Reviewer: Margaret J-M Sonmez) - - Risto Hiltunen; Janne Skaffari; (10-Sep-2004)

An Introduction to African Languages
(Reviewer: Pius Ngwa Tamanji) - - G. Tucker Childs; (10-Sep-2004)

Annual Review of Language Acquisition : Volume 3 (2003)
(Reviewer: ) - - Lynn M. Santelmann; Maaike Verrips; Frank Wijnen; Clara C. Levelt; (02-Sep-2004)

Formulaic Sequences : Acquisition, processing and use
(Reviewer: Cornelia I. Tschichold) - - Norbert Schmitt; (01-Sep-2004)

The Structure of Time : Language, meaning and temporal cognition
(Reviewer: ) - - Vyvyan Evans; (01-Sep-2004)

The Moving Text : Localization, translation, and distribution
(Reviewer: ) - - Anthony Pym; (01-Sep-2004)

Gender, Language and Culture : A study of Japanese television interview discourse
(Reviewer: Patrick Heinrich) - - Lidia Tanaka; (01-Sep-2004)

Germanic Standardizations : Past to Present
(Reviewer: ) - - Ana Deumert; Wim Vandenbussche; (26-Aug-2004)

A Romance Perspective on Language Knowledge and Use : Selected papers from the 31st Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages (LSRL), Chicago, 1922 April 2001
(Reviewer: Hayim Y. Sheynin) - - Rafael Núñez-Cedeño; Luis López; Richard Cameron; (21-Aug-2004)

Translation Universals : Do they exist?
(Reviewer: ) - - Anna Mauranen; Pekka Kujamäki; (07-Aug-2004)

Annual Review of Cognitive Linguistics : Volume 1
(Reviewer: ) - - Francisco José Ruiz de Mendoza Ibáñez; (06-Aug-2004)

Explaining Language Structure through Systems Interaction
(Reviewer: ) - - Zygmunt Frajzyngier; Erin Shay; (22-Jul-2004)

A Practical Guide to Lexicography
(Reviewer: ) - - Piet van Sterkenburg; (21-Jul-2004)

Linguistic Variation Yearbook : Volume 2 (2002)
(Reviewer: Kleanthes K. Grohmann) - - Pierre Pica; (21-Jul-2004)

Social Dialectology : In honour of Peter Trudgill
(Reviewer: Don Edward Walicek) - - David Britain; Jenny Cheshire; (13-Jul-2004)

Intercultural Conversation
(Reviewer: ) - - Winnie Cheng; (12-Jul-2004)

On the Meaning of Prepositions and Cases : The expression of semantic roles in Ancient Greek
(Reviewer: ) - - Silvia Luragi; (10-Jul-2004)

The Making of a Mixed Language : The case of Ma’a/Mbugu
(Reviewer: Michael W Morgan) - - Maarten Mous; (05-Jul-2004)

(Mis)Representing Islam : The racism and rhetoric of British broadsheet newspapers
(Reviewer: ) - - John E. Richardson; (02-Jul-2004)

English Language Learning and Technology : Lectures on applied linguistics in the age of information and communication technology
(Reviewer: ) - - Carol A. Chapelle; (01-Jul-2004)

Quechua-Spanish Bilingualism : Interference and convergence in functional categories
(Reviewer: ) - - Liliana E. Sánchez; (01-Jul-2004)

Preferred Argument Structure : Grammar as architecture for function
(Reviewer: ) - - John W. Du Bois; Lorraine E. Kumpf; William J. Ashby; (01-Jul-2004)

Current Trends in Caucasian, East European and Inner Asian Linguistics : Papers in honor of Howard I. Aronson
(Reviewer: Elena Bashir) - - Dee Ann Holisky; Kevin J. Tuite; (29-Jun-2004)

EUROSLA Yearbook 2003
(Reviewer: ) - - Susan H. Foster-Cohen; Simona Pekarek Doehler; (20-Jun-2004)

Theory Construction in Second Language Acquisition
(Reviewer: ) - - Geoff Jordan; (20-Jun-2004)

From NP to DP : Volume 2: The expression of possession in noun phrases
(Reviewer: Miguel Rodríguez-Mondoñedo) - - Martine Coene; Yves D'hulst; (08-Jun-2004)

The Critical Link 3: Interpreters in the Community : Selected papers from the Third International Conference on Interpreting in Legal, Health and Social Service Settings, Montréal, Quebec, Canada 22–26 May 2001
(Reviewer: ) - - Louise Brunette; Georges Bastin; Isabelle Hemlin; Heather Clarke; (07-Jun-2004)

Language in the Twenty-First Century : Selected papers of the millennial conferences of the Center for Research and Documentation on World Language Problems, held at the University of Hartford and Yale University
(Reviewer: ) - - Humphrey Tonkin; Timothy G. Reagan; (26-May-2004)

Filipino English and Taglish : Language switching from multiple perspectives
(Reviewer: Emanuel A. da Silva) - - Roger M. Thompson; (21-May-2004)

Semitic and Indo-European : Volume II: Comparative morphology, syntax and phonetics
(Reviewer: ) - - Saul Levin; (15-May-2004)

Small Phrase Layers : A study of Finnish Manner Adverbials
(Reviewer: Eugenia Romanova) - - Satu Manninen; (11-May-2004)

Triangulating Translation : Perspectives in process oriented research
(Reviewer: ) - - Fabio Alves; (11-May-2004)

Motion, Direction and Location in Languages : In honor of Zygmunt Frajzyngier
(Reviewer: ) - - Erin Shay; Uwe Seibert; (07-May-2004)

Tok Pisin Texts : From the beginning to the present
(Reviewer: ) - - Peter Mühlhäusler; Tom E. Dutton; Suzanne Romaine; (29-Apr-2004)

On the Discourse of Satire : Towards a stylistic model of satirical humour
(Reviewer: Simo K. Määttä) - - Paul Simpson; (29-Apr-2004)

Prolific Domains : On the Anti-Locality of movement dependencies
(Reviewer: ) - - Kleanthes K. Grohmann; (23-Apr-2004)

Dependent-Head Synthesis in Nivkh : A contribution to a typology of polysynthesis
(Reviewer: ) - - Johanna Mattissen; (19-Apr-2004)

Identity in Narrative : A study of immigrant discourse
(Reviewer: ) - - Anna De Fina; (18-Apr-2004)

Contact Englishes of the Eastern Caribbean
(Reviewer: Kendall (Ken) Don Decker) - - Michael Aceto; Jeffrey P. Williams; (17-Apr-2004)

The Art of Commemoration : Fifty years after the Warsaw Uprising
(Reviewer: ) - - Titus Ensink; Christoph Sauer; (11-Apr-2004)

Ellipsis and Reference Tracking in Japanese
(Reviewer: Eric McCready) - - Shigeko Nariyama; (31-Mar-2004)

Discourse Constructions of Youth Identities
(Reviewer: Janet M. Fuller) - - Jannis K. Androutsopoulos; Alexandra Georgakopoulou; (11-Mar-2004)

Information Structure and the Dynamics of Language Acquisition
(Reviewer: Rolf Michael Kreyer) - - Christine Dimroth; Marianne Starren; (07-Mar-2004)

Creole Discourse : Exploring prestige formation and change across Caribbean English-lexicon Creoles
(Reviewer: Elizabeth Grace Winkler) - - Susanne Mühleisen; (01-Mar-2004)

Perspectives on Dialogue in the New Millennium
(Reviewer: ) - - Peter Kühnlein; Hannes Rieser; Henk Zeevat; (01-Mar-2004)

Multiple Analogies in Science and Philosophy
(Reviewer: ) - - Cameron Shelley; (26-Feb-2004)

Corpus Presenter: Software for language analysis : With a manual and A Corpus of Irish English as sample data
(Reviewer: Stefan Th. Gries) - - Raymond Hickey; (24-Feb-2004)

Multiple Wh-Fronting
(Reviewer: Olga L Zavitnevich-Beaulac) - - Cedric Boeckx; Kleanthes K. Grohmann; (21-Feb-2004)

Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory 2001 : Selected papers from 'Going Romance', Amsterdam, 6–8 December 2001
(Reviewer: Kleanthes K. Grohmann) - - Josep F. Quer; Jan Schroten; Mauro Scorretti; Petra Sleeman; Els Verheugd; (21-Feb-2004)

Dictionary of the Prague School of Linguistics
(Reviewer: ) - - Libuše Dušková; (21-Feb-2004)

The Lexicon–Syntax Interface in Second Language Acquisition
(Reviewer: Ahmad R. Lotfi) - - Roeland van Hout; Aafke Hulk; Folkert Kuiken; Richard J. Towell; (20-Feb-2004)

Interpretation and Understanding
(Reviewer: ) - - Marcelo Dascal; (19-Feb-2004)

Fascinated by Languages
(Reviewer: ) - - Eugene A. Nida; (06-Feb-2004)

Beyond the Ivory Tower : Rethinking translation pedagogy
(Reviewer: Abdelgawad T. Mahmoud) - - Brian James Baer; Geoffrey S. Koby; (06-Feb-2004)

Democracy in Contemporary Egyptian Political Discourse
(Reviewer: Ihab Ahmad Shabana) - - Michele Durocher Dunne; (01-Feb-2004)

Sounds, Words, Texts and Change : Selected papers from 11 ICEHL, Santiago de Compostela, 7-11 September 2000
(Reviewer: Anthony P. Grant) - - Teresa Fanego; Belén Méndez-Naya; Elena Seoane; (28-Jan-2004)

Historical Linguistics 2001 : Selected papers from the 15th International Conference on Historical Linguistics, Melbourne, 13–17 August 2001
(Reviewer: ) - - Barry J. Blake; Kate Burridge; (28-Jan-2004)

Romance Linguistics: Theory and acquisition : Selected papers from the 32nd Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages (LSRL), Toronto, April 2002
(Reviewer: Isabelle R. Ra) - - Ana Teresa Pérez-Leroux; Yves Roberge; (27-Jan-2004)

Appraising Research in Second Language Learning : A practical approach to critical analysis of quantitative research
(Reviewer: ) - - Graeme Keith Porte; (26-Jan-2004)

English Words Abroad
(Reviewer: Lelija Socanac) - - Manfred Görlach; (26-Jan-2004)

Exploring Natural Language : Working with the British Component of the International Corpus of English
(Reviewer: ) - - Bas Aarts; Gerald Nelson; Sean Wallis; (25-Jan-2004)

Discourse and Silencing : Representation and the language of displacement
(Reviewer: ) - - Lynn Thiesmeyer; (04-Jan-2004)

Handbook of Pragmatics : 2001 Installment
(Reviewer: ) - - Jef Verschueren; Jan-Ola Östman; Jan Blommaert; Chris Bulcaen; (03-Nov-2003)

Diachronic Perspectives on Address Term Systems
(Reviewer: Margaret J-M Sonmez) - - Irma Taavitsainen; Andreas H. Jucker; (11-Sep-2003)

Structure and Function – A Guide to Three Major Structural-Functional Theories : Part 2: From clause to discourse and beyond
(Reviewer: ) - - Christopher S. Butler; (11-Oct-2003)

Bio-Linguistics : The Santa Barbara lectures
(Reviewer: ) - - T. Givón; (03-Nov-2003)

Metonymy and Pragmatic Inferencing
(Reviewer: ) - - Klaus-Uwe Panther; Linda L. Thornburg; (03-Nov-2003)

Language and Function : To the memory of Jan Firbas
(Reviewer: Pablo Isaac Kirtchuk) - - Josef Hladký; (03-Oct-2003)

(Reviewer: ) - - Shoichi Iwasaki; (03-Oct-2003)

Searching for Structure : The problem of complementation in colloquial Indonesian conversation
(Reviewer: Catherine Rose Fortin) - - Robert Englebretson; (03-Oct-2003)

Framing and Perspectivising in Discourse
(Reviewer: Élisabeth M. Le) - - Titus Ensink; Christoph Sauer; (10-Nov-2003)

Gender Across Languages : The linguistic representation of women and men: Volume 3
(Reviewer: ) - - Marlis Hellinger; Hadumod Bußmann; (10-Sep-2003)

Clitics between Syntax and Lexicon
(Reviewer: ) - - Birgit Gerlach; (10-Jul-2003)

Point of View and Grammar : Structural patterns of subjectivity in American English conversation
(Reviewer: ) - - Joanne Scheibman; (10-Feb-2003)

Asymmetry in Grammar : Volume 1: Syntax and semantics
(Reviewer: Ahmad R. Lotfi) - - Anna Maria Di Sciullo; (03-Sep-2003)

Asymmetry in Grammar : Volume 2: Morphology, phonology, acquisition
(Reviewer: ) - - Anna Maria Di Sciullo; (03-Sep-2003)

Gender, Politeness and Pragmatic Particles in French
(Reviewer: ) - - Kate Beeching; (03-Sep-2003)

Linguistic Emotivity : Centrality of place, the topic-comment dynamic, and an ideology of pathos in Japanese discourse
(Reviewer: ) - - Senko K. Maynard; (03-Sep-2003)

First Language Attrition, Use and Maintenance : The case of German Jews in anglophone countries
(Reviewer: ) - - Monika S Schmid; (09-Dec-2003)

History of Linguistics 1999 : Selected papers from the Eighth International Conference on the History of the Language Sciences, 14–19 September 1999, Fontenay-St.Cloud
(Reviewer: ) - - Sylvain Auroux; (09-Jan-2003)

Deictic Conceptualisation of Space, Time and Person
(Reviewer: ) - - Friedrich Lenz; (03-Aug-2003)

Discussing Conversation Analysis : The work of Emanuel A. Schegloff
(Reviewer: ) - - Carlo L. Prevignano; Paul J. Thibault; (18-Aug-2003)

Thematics : Interdisciplinary studies
(Reviewer: ) - - Max Louwerse; Willie van Peer; (17-Aug-2003)

Language Contacts in Prehistory : Studies in Stratigraphy: Papers from the Workshop on Linguistic Stratigraphy and Prehistory at the Fifteenth International Conference on Historical Linguistics, Melbourne, 17 August 2001
(Reviewer: Marc L. Greenberg) - - Henning Andersen; (18-Aug-2003)

Exploring Time, Tense and Aspect in Natural Language Database Interfaces
(Reviewer: Pablo Ariel Duboue) - - Ion Androutsopoulos; (12-Aug-2003)

Acquisition in Interlanguage Pragmatics : Learning how to do things with words in a study abroad context
(Reviewer: Susan Meredith Burt) - - Anne Barron; (23-Jul-2003)

Meaning Through Language Contrast : Volume 2
(Reviewer: ) - - Kasia M. Jaszczolt; Ken Turner; (22-Jul-2003)

The Interfaces : Deriving and interpreting omitted structures
(Reviewer: ) - - Kerstin Schwabe; Susanne Winkler; (08-Jul-2003)

Language Death and Language Maintenance : Theoretical, practical and descriptive approaches
(Reviewer: Michael C. Cahill) - - Mark Janse; Sijmen Tol; (07-Aug-2003)

Postvelar Harmony
(Reviewer: ) - - Kimary N. Shahin; (07-Jul-2003)

Standardization : Studies from the Germanic languages
(Reviewer: ) - - Nicola McLelland; (03-Jun-2003)

The Evolution of Language out of Pre-language
(Reviewer: ) - - T. Givón; Bertram F. Malle; (03-Jun-2003)

From Sign to Signing : Iconicity in language and literature. Volume 3.
(Reviewer: Margarita V. Balamakova) - - Wolfgang G. Müller; Olga Fischer; (03-Jun-2003)

Trends in Teenage Talk : Corpus compilation, analysis and findings
(Reviewer: Niladri Sekhar Dash) - - Gisle Andersen; Anna-Brita Stenström; Kristine Hasund; (03-Jun-2003)

Theoretical Approaches to Universals
(Reviewer: ) - - Artemis Alexiadou; (03-Jun-2003)

Studies in Evidentiality
(Reviewer: Elena Bashir) - - Chia-jung Pan; R. M. W. Dixon; (06-Dec-2003)

Telephone Calls : Unity and diversity in conversational structure across languages and cultures
(Reviewer: ) - - Kang Kwong Luke; Theodossia-Soula Pavlidou; (06-Dec-2003)

Language and Interaction : Discussions with John J. Gumperz
(Reviewer: ) - - Susan L. Eerdmans; Carlo L. Prevignano; Paul J. Thibault; (06-Oct-2003)

Perspective and Perspectivation in Discourse
(Reviewer: ) - - Carl Friedrich Graumann; Werner Kallmeyer; (06-Jun-2003)

Theoretical Approaches to Universals
(Reviewer: ) - - Artemis Alexiadou; (05-Dec-2003)

The Syntax of Cape Verdean Creole : The Sotavento varieties
(Reviewer: ) - - Marlyse Baptista; (03-May-2003)

From OV to VO in Early Middle English
(Reviewer: Brady Z Clark) - - Carola Trips; (03-May-2003)

From Whitney to Chomsky : Essays in the history of American linguistics
(Reviewer: Pius Ten Hacken) - - John E. Joseph; (03-Apr-2003)

Handbook of Pragmatics : 2000 Installment
(Reviewer: ) - - Jan Blommaert; Jef Verschueren; Jan-Ola Östman; Chris Bulcaen; (03-Apr-2003)

Politics as Text and Talk : Analytic approaches to political discourse
(Reviewer: Élisabeth M. Le) - - Paul Chilton; Christina Schäffner; (03-Apr-2003)

Computer Learner Corpora, Second Language Acquisition and Foreign Language Teaching
(Reviewer: ) - - Sylviane Granger; Joseph Hung; Stephanie Petch-Tyson; (03-Apr-2003)

Particle Verbs in English : Syntax, information structure and intonation
(Reviewer: Tully J. Thibeau) - - Nicole Dehé; (04-Nov-2003)

Speaking Back : The free speech versus hate speech debate
(Reviewer: ) - - Katharine Gelber; (04-Jun-2003)

Nonverbal Communication Across Disciplines : Volume 1: Culture, sensory interaction, speech, conversation
(Reviewer: ) - - Fernando Poyatos; (04-Jun-2003)

Contexts in Translating
(Reviewer: ) - - Eugene A. Nida; (04-Mar-2003)

Linguistic Variation in the Shakespeare Corpus : Morpho-syntactic variability of second person pronouns
(Reviewer: K Aaron Smith) - - Ulrich Busse; (03-Mar-2003)

Cognitive Stylistics : Language and cognition in text analysis
(Reviewer: ) - - Jonathan Culpeper; Elena Semino; (03-Mar-2003)

Current Issues in Romance Languages : Selected papers from the 29th Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages (LSRL), Ann Arbor, 8-11 April 1999
(Reviewer: Eric Russell Webb) - - Diana Cresti; Teresa Satterfield; Christina M. Tortora; (03-Mar-2003)

Language in Language Teacher Education
(Reviewer: Nadia P. Economou) - - Hugh Trappes-lomax; Gibson Ferguson; (03-Mar-2003)

The Linguistics of Sitting, Standing and Lying
(Reviewer: Yury A. Lander) - - John Newman; (03-Feb-2003)

The Establishment of Modern Chinese Grammar : The formation of the resultative construction and its effects
(Reviewer: Karen Steffen Chung) - - Yuzhi Shi; (03-Feb-2003)

Language in South Africa : The role of language in national transformation, reconstruction and development
(Reviewer: ) - - Victor Webb; (03-Feb-2003)

An Introduction to the Grammar of English : Syntactic arguments and socio-historical background
(Reviewer: ) - - Elly van Gelderen; (03-Feb-2003)

Prepositions in their Syntactic, Semantic and Pragmatic Context
(Reviewer: ) - - Susanne Feigenbaum; Dennis Kurzon; (02-Dec-2003)

The L2 Acquisition of Tense–Aspect Morphology
(Reviewer: ) - - Maximo Rafael Salaberry; Yasuhiro Shirai; (02-Sep-2003)

English Historical Syntax and Morphology : Selected papers from 11 ICEHL, Santiago de Compostela, 7-11 September 2000
(Reviewer: ) - - Teresa Fanego; Javier Pérez-Guerra; María José López-Couso; (02-Jun-2003)

Reported Discourse : A meeting ground for different linguistic domains
(Reviewer: ) - - Tom Güldemann; Manfred von Roncador; (01-Jan-2003)

Rethinking Sequentiality : Linguistics meets conversational interaction
(Reviewer: ) - - Anita Fetzer; Christiane Meierkord; (01-Jan-2003)

The Dynamics of Terminology : A descriptive theory of term formation and terminological growth
(Reviewer: ) - - Kyo Kageura; (01-Jan-2003)

Romance Phonology and Variation : Selected papers from the 30th Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages, Gainesville, Florida, February 2000
(Reviewer: ) - - Joaquim Camps; Caroline R. Wiltshire; (01-Jan-2003)

The Syntax, Semantics and Pragmatics of Spanish Mood
(Reviewer: Jorge E. Porras) - - † Henk Haverkate; (01-Jan-2003)

Signal, Meaning, and Message : Perspectives on sign-based linguistics
(Reviewer: ) - - Ricardo Otheguy; Wallis Reid; Nancy Stern; (01-Jan-2003)

Natural Language Processing for Online Applications : Text retrieval, extraction and categorization
(Reviewer: ) - - Peter Jackson; (22-Jan-2003)

Individual Differences and Instructed Language Learning
(Reviewer: ) - - Peter Robinson; (20-Jan-2003)

Middle Voice : A comparative study in the syntax-semantics interface of German
(Reviewer: ) - - Markus Steinbach; (01-Jan-2003)

Defining Language : A local grammar of definition sentences
(Reviewer: ) - - Geoff Barnbrook; (01-Jan-2003)

Children's Literature as Communication : The ChiLPA project
(Reviewer: Laura Loder Büchel) - - Roger D. Sell; (01-Jan-2003)

Dimensions of Possession
(Reviewer: Judith P. Dick) - - Irene Baron; Michael Herslund; Finn Sørensen; (01-Jan-2003)

Bilingual Couples Talk : The discursive construction of hybridity
(Reviewer: Holly R. Cashman) - - Ingrid Piller; (01-Jan-2003)

Gender Identity and Discourse Analysis
(Reviewer: Niladri Sekhar Dash) - - Lia Litosseliti; Jane Sunderland; (01-Oct-2003)

English Discourse Particles : Evidence from a corpus
(Reviewer: ) - - Karin Aijmer; (01-Oct-2003)

Perspectives on Arabic Linguistics XIII-XIV : Papers from the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Annual Symposia on Arabic Linguistics
(Reviewer: Hayim Y. Sheynin) - - Abbas Benmamoun; Dilworth B. Parkinson; (01-Oct-2003)

Clinical Linguistics : Theory and applications in speech pathology and therapy
(Reviewer: ) - - Elisabetta Fava; (01-Sep-2003)

Pedagogical Norms for Second and Foreign Language Learning and Teaching : Studies in honour of Albert Valdman
(Reviewer: ) - - Kathleen Bardovi-Harlig; Susan M. Gass; Sally Sieloff Magnan; Joel Walz; (01-Sep-2003)

Talking Gender and Sexuality
(Reviewer: Roxana Delbene) - - Paul McIlvenny; (15-Jan-2003)

The Lexical Basis of Sentence Processing : Formal, computational and experimental issues
(Reviewer: Carrie A. Ankerstein) - - Paola Merlo; Suzanne Stevenson; (02-Dec-2002)

A Source Book for Irish English
(Reviewer: Elizabeth J. Pyatt) - - Raymond Hickey; (02-Dec-2002)

Doric : The dialect of North-East Scotland
(Reviewer: Charley Rowe) - - J. Derrick McClure; (02-Dec-2002)

Still More Englishes
(Reviewer: Elizabeth Grace Winkler) - - Manfred Görlach; (12-Nov-2002)

Morphology 2000 : Selected papers from the 9th Morphology Meeting, Vienna, 24-28 February 2000
(Reviewer: Michael B. Maxwell) - - Sabrina Bendjaballah; Wolfgang U. Dressler; Oskar E. Pfeiffer; Maria D. Voeikova; (12-Mar-2002)

Prague Linguistic Circle Papers. Volume 4 : Travaux du cercle linguistique de Prague nouvelle série
(Reviewer: Eric Russell Webb) - - Eva Hajičová; Peter Sgall; Jiri Hana; Tomáš Hoskovec; (02-Nov-2002)

Applying Sociolinguistics : Domains and face-to-face interaction
(Reviewer: Pentti O Haddington) - - Diana Boxer; (02-Nov-2002)

Modality and its Interaction with the Verbal System
(Reviewer: ) - - Sjef Barbiers; Frits Beukema; Wim van der Wurff; (02-Nov-2002)

Lexis in Contrast : Corpus-based approaches
(Reviewer: ) - - Bengt Altenberg; Sylviane Granger; (11-Jul-2002)

Gender in Interaction : Perspectives on femininity and masculinity in ethnography and discourse
(Reviewer: ) - - Bettina Baron; Helga Kotthoff; (11-Apr-2002)

Approaches to Bootstrapping: Phonological, lexical, syntactic and neurophysiological aspects of early language acquisition
(Reviewer: ) - - Juergen Weissenborn; (02-Sep-2002)

Gender Across Languages : The linguistic representation of women and men, Volume 2
(Reviewer: ) - - Bhadumod Bussmann; Marlis Hellinger; (09-Jul-2002)

New Reflections on Grammaticalization
(Reviewer: Yury A. Lander) - - Gabriele Diewald; Ilse Wischer; (09-Jul-2002)

Perspectives on Negation and Polarity Items
(Reviewer: ) - - Jack Hoeksema; Ton van der Wouden; Victor Sanchez-Valencia; Hotze Rullmann; (09-Feb-2002)

Syntax in the Making The emergence of syntactic units in Finnish conversation
(Reviewer: ) - - Marja-Liisa Helasvuo; (09-Mar-2002)

Language Centres. Their roles, functions and management
(Reviewer: Robert J. Fouser) - - David E. Ingram; (02-Aug-2002)

Discourse Intonation in L2 : From theory and research to practice
(Reviewer: Lisa Kristine DeWaard) - - Dorothy M. Chun; (02-Aug-2002)

Issues in Formal German(ic) Typology
(Reviewer: ) - - Werner Abraham; C. Jan-Wouter Zwart; (02-Aug-2002)

Invisible Work : Bilingualism, language choice and childrearing in intermarried families
(Reviewer: Marian Sloboda) - - Toshie Okita; (02-Aug-2002)

Lexical Template Morphology : Change of state and the verbal prefixes in German
(Reviewer: Pius Ten Hacken) - - B. Roger Maylor; (08-Dec-2002)

Clitics in Phonology, Morphology and Syntax
(Reviewer: ) - - Birgit Gerlach; Janet Grijzenhout; (08-Jul-2002)

Handbook of Pragmatics
(Reviewer: ) - - Jan Blommaert; Jan-Ola Östman; Chris Bulcaen; Jef Verschueren; (08-Nov-2002)

Circum-Baltic Languages : Volume 2: Grammar and Typology
(Reviewer: ) - - Östen Dahl; Maria Koptjevskaja Tamm; (02-Jul-2002)

Evidentials and Relevance
(Reviewer: Stanka A. Fitneva) - - Elly Ifantidou; (02-Jul-2002)

Circum-Baltic Languages : Volume 1: Past and Present
(Reviewer: ) - - Östen Dahl; Maria Koptjevskaja Tamm; (02-Jul-2002)

Towards a History of Linguistics in Poland. From the early beginnings to the end of the 20th century.
(Reviewer: ) - - E.F.K. Koerner; (02-Jul-2002)

Essays in Speech Act Theory
(Reviewer: ) - - Susumu Kubo; Daniel Vanderveken; (02-Jul-2002)

Trends in Bilingual Acquisition
(Reviewer: ) - - Jasone Cenoz; Fred Genesee; (02-Jul-2002)

Communicative Organization in Natural Language: The semantic-communicative structure of sentences
(Reviewer: ) - - Igor Mel'čuk; (07-Apr-2002)

Evidentiality and Epistemological Stance: Narrative Retelling
(Reviewer: Grace E. Fielder) - - Ilana Mushin; (02-Jun-2002)

When Listeners Talk : Response tokens and listener stance
(Reviewer: ) - - Rod Gardner; (02-Jun-2002)

Patterns of Text
(Reviewer: ) - - Michael R. Scott; Geoffrey Thompson; (02-Jun-2002)

Studies in Interactional Linguistics
(Reviewer: Niladri Sekhar Dash) - - Elizabeth Couper-Kuhlen; Margret Selting; (06-Nov-2002)

Corpus Linguistics at Work
(Reviewer: ) - - Elena Tognini-Bonelli; (02-Jun-2002)

Culture in Communication. Analyses of intercultural situations.
(Reviewer: ) - - Aldo Di Luzio; Susanne Günthner; Franca Orletti; (02-May-2002)

Language and National Identity. Comparing France and Sweden.
(Reviewer: Cecelia Anne Cutler) - - Leigh Oakes; (02-May-2002)

Romance Languages and Linguistic Theory 1999. Selected papers from 'Going Romance' 1999, Leiden, 9-11 December 1999.
(Reviewer: ) - - Yves D'hulst; Johan E.C.V. Rooryck; (02-May-2002)

Web Site Design is Communication Design
(Reviewer: ) - - Thea M van der Geest; (02-Apr-2003)

Actualization. Linguistic Change in Progress.
(Reviewer: ) - - Henning Andersen; (02-Apr-2002)

Functional Structure in Nominals: Nominalization and ergativity
(Reviewer: ) - - Artemis Alexiadou; (02-Apr-2002)

Text Representation. Linguistic and psycholinguistic aspects
(Reviewer: ) - - Ted Sanders; Joost Schilperoord; Wilbert Spooren; (04-Apr-2002)

Essays in Speech Act Theory
(Reviewer: ) - - Susumu Kubo; Daniel Vanderveken; (02-Apr-2002)

Sociocultural and Historical Contexts of African American English
(Reviewer: Fernanda L Ferreira) - - Sonja L. Lanehart; (01-Apr-2002)

Small Corpus Studies and ELT. Theory and practice
(Reviewer: ) - - Mohsen Ghadessy; Alex Henry; Robert L Roseberry; (30-Mar-2002)

Social and Stylistic Variation in Spoken French. A Comparative Approach.
(Reviewer: ) - - Nigel Armstrong; (28-Mar-2002)

Particle Verbs and Local Domains
(Reviewer: ) - - Jochen K Zeller; (20-Mar-2002)

(Reviewer: ) - - Philip J. Jaggar; (11-Mar-2002)

Gender Across Languages. The linguistic representation of women and men.
(Reviewer: ) - - Bhadumod Bussmann; Marlis Hellinger; (19-Feb-2002)

Linguistic Politeness Across Boundaries: The case of Greek and Turkish
(Reviewer: ) - - Arin Bayraktaroğlu; Maria Sifianou; (03-Feb-2002)

200 Years of Syntax: A critical survey : Studies in the History of the Language Sciences 98
(Reviewer: Sheila Ann Dooley) - - Giorgio Graffi; (03-Feb-2002)

Patterns of Text
(Reviewer: ) - - Michael R. Scott; Geoffrey Thompson; (28-Jan-2002)

Automatic Summarization
(Reviewer: ) - - Inderjeet Mani; (23-Jan-2002)

The Minimalist Parameter. Selected papers from the Open Linguistics Forum, Ottawa, 21-23 March 1997
(Reviewer: ) - - Galina M. Alexandrova; Olga P. Arnaudova; (18-Jan-2002)

Negotiation and Power in Dialogic Interaction
(Reviewer: Niladri Sekhar Dash) - - Marcelo Dascal; Edda Weigand; (09-Jan-2002)

The Theme-Topic Interface: Evidence from English
(Reviewer: ) - - Marma Angeles Gómez-González; (08-Jan-2002)

Perspectives on Semantics, Pragmatics, and Discourse: A Festschrift for Ferenc Kiefer
(Reviewer: ) - - Robert M Harnish; István Kenesei; (06-Jan-2002)

Historical Linguistics 1999: Selected papers from the 14th International Conference on Historical Linguistics, Vancouver, 9-13 August 1999
(Reviewer: Margaret J-M Sonmez) - - Laurel J. Brinton; (05-Feb-2002)

Conversational Dominance and Gender. A study of Japanese speakers in first and second language contexts
(Reviewer: Guido Josef Oebel) - - Hiroko Itakura; (04-Jan-2002)

Reanimated Voices
(Reviewer: ) - - Daniel Collins; (04-Jan-2002)

History of Linguistics in Spain/Historia de la Lingüística en España. Volume II
(Reviewer: Hayim Y. Sheynin) - - E.F.K. Koerner; Hans-Josef E Niederehe; (24-Dec-2001)

Cross-Linguistic Structures in Simultaneous Bilingualism
(Reviewer: ) - - Susanne Dopke; (21-Dec-2001)

Recent Advances in Computational Terminology
(Reviewer: ) - - Didier Bourigault; Marie-Claude L'Homme; Christian Jacquemin; (16-Dec-2001)

Grammatical Relations in Change
(Reviewer: ) - - Jan Terje Faarlund; (06-Dec-2001)

Degrees of Restructuring in Creole Languages
(Reviewer: Elizabeth Grace Winkler) - - Ingrid Neumann-Holzschuh; (30-Nov-2001)

The Structure of Modern English
(Reviewer: ) - - Laurel J. Brinton; (10-Nov-2001)

Telicity in the Second Language
(Reviewer: ) - - Roumyana Slabakova; (08-Nov-2001)

The Development of Past Tense Morphology in L2 Spanish
(Reviewer: ) - - Maximo Rafael Salaberry; (10-Nov-2001)

Polysemy in Cognitive Linguistics: Selected papers from the International Cognitive Linguistics Conference, Amsterdam, 1997.
(Reviewer: Niladri Sekhar Dash) - - Hubert Cuyckens; (02-Nov-2001)

Pragmatic Markers and Sociolinguistic Variation
(Reviewer: Janet M. Fuller) - - Gisle Andersen; (31-Oct-2001)

English in Australia
(Reviewer: Anne H Fabricius) - - David Blair; Peter Collins; (30-Oct-2001)

Iconicity in Language and Literature 2
(Reviewer: ) - - Olga Fischer; Max Nänny; (14-Nov-2001)

Non-canonical Marking of Subjects and Objects
(Reviewer: ) - - Chia-jung Pan; (24-Oct-2001)

Epistemic Modality, Language, and Conceptualization : A cognitive-pragmatic perspective
(Reviewer: ) - - Jan Nuyts; (21-Oct-2001)

Linguistic Politeness in Britain and Uruguay: A Contrastive Study of Requests and Apologies
(Reviewer: ) - - Rosina Márquez Reiter; (18-Sep-2001)

Linguistic Politeness in Britain and Uruguay: A Contrastive Study of Requests and Apologies
(Reviewer: ) - - Rosina Márquez Reiter; (06-Sep-2001)

Cognitive Semantics
(Reviewer: Kathleen Therese O'Connor-Bater) - - Jens Allwood; Peter Gardenfors; (10-Aug-2001)

Wh-Movement and the Theory of Feature-Checking
(Reviewer: Edward John Garrett) - - Andrew Alexander Simpson; (01-Aug-2001)

A History of English Reflexive Pronouns
(Reviewer: ) - - Elly van Gelderen; (16-May-2001)

Sound Mutations
(Reviewer: ) - - Degif Petros Banksira; (16-May-2001)

The Syntax of Relative Clauses
(Reviewer: ) - - Artemis Alexiadou; André Meinunger; Paul Law; Chris Wilder; (14-May-2001)

Evidence for Linguistic Relativity
(Reviewer: Søren K. Wichmann) - - René Dirven; Susanne Niemeier; (24-Apr-2001)

Word Order in Hungarian
(Reviewer: Phoevos E. Panagiotidis) - - Genoveva Puskás; (06-Apr-2001)

The Grammar of Focus
(Reviewer: ) - - Georges Rebuschi; Laurice Tuller; (26-Mar-2001)

Clitic Phenomena in European Languages
(Reviewer: ) - - Frits Beukema; Marcel den Dikken; (23-Oct-2000)

Collocational and Idiomatic Aspects of Composite Predicates in the History of English
(Reviewer: ) - - Minoji Akimoto; Laurel J. Brinton; (25-Jun-2000)

Contrastive Lexical Semantics
(Reviewer: ) - - Edda Weigand; (30-May-2000)

Government and Codeswitching
(Reviewer: ) - - Helena Halmari; (11-Feb-2000)

Functionalism and Formalism in Linguistics
(Reviewer: Ahmad R. Lotfi) - - Michael Darnell; Edith A. Moravcsik; Michael Noonan; Frederick J. Newmeyer; (10-Jan-2000)

Morphology-Driven Syntax
(Reviewer: Michael D Moss) - - Bernhard Wolfgang Rohrbacher; (14-Dec-1999)

Simultaneous Interpretation
(Reviewer: ) - - Robin Setton; (17-Dec-1999)

Polarity Sensitivity as (Non)Veridical Dependency
(Reviewer: ) - - Anastasia Giannakidou; (31-Jul-1999)

Contrastive Lexical Semantics
(Reviewer: ) - - Edda Weigand; (16-Jun-1999)

Lexical Perspectives on Transitivity and Ergativity, Causative constructions in English
(Reviewer: ) - - Maarten Lemmens; (11-Jun-1999)

Possessors, Predicates and Movement in the Determiner Phrase
(Reviewer: Michael D Moss) - - Artemis Alexiadou; Chris Wilder; (07-May-1999)

Information Status and Noncanonical Word Order In English
(Reviewer: ) - - Betty J. Birner; Gregory Ward; (30-Mar-1999)

Translation and Interpreting Schools
(Reviewer: ) - - Brian Harris; (20-Feb-1999)

Negation and Polarity
(Reviewer: ) - - Danielle Forget; Paul Hirschbühler; France Martineau; María Luisa Rivero; (24-Dec-1998)

Rightward Movement
(Reviewer: Steven W. Schaufele) - - Dorothee Beermann; David Leblanc; Henk van Riemsdijk; (12-Sep-1998)

Rightward Movement
(Reviewer: Steven W. Schaufele) - - Dorothee Beermann; David Leblanc; Henk van Riemsdijk; (12-Sep-1998)

From Grammar to Science. New Foundations for General Linguistics
(Reviewer: Pius Ten Hacken) - - Victor H. Yngve; (08-Sep-1997)

Discourse Studies. An Introductory Textbook
(Reviewer: ) - - Jan Renkema; (06-Apr-1994)