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Mediatization and Sociolinguistic Change
(Reviewer: Dave Sayers) - - Jannis K. Androutsopoulos; (17-Aug-2016)

Identitätspositionierungen der DAX-30-Unternehmen [Identity Positioning in the DAX 30 Corporations] : Die sprachliche Konstruktion von Selbstbildern [The Linguistic Construction of Self-Images]
(Reviewer: Rahel Cramer) - - Simone Burel; (03-Jun-2016)

Changes Between the Lines : Diachronic contact phenomena in written Pennsylvania German
(Reviewer: Katrin Fuchs) - - Doris Stolberg; (02-May-2016)

Third Person Reference in Late Latin : Demonstratives, Definite Articles and Personal Pronouns in the Itinerarium Egeriae
(Reviewer: Eleonora Sausa) - - Mari Johanne Bordal Hertzenberg; (25-May-2016)

Converging Grammars : Constructions in Singapore English
(Reviewer: Suzanne Pauline Aalberse) - - Debra Ziegeler; (23-May-2016)

The Pragmatics of Quoting Now and Then
(Reviewer: Nahed Mourad) - - Jenny Arendholz; Wolfram Bublitz; Monika Kirner-Ludwig; (15-Jun-2016)

Features in Phonology and Phonetics : Posthumous Writings by Nick Clements and Coauthors
(Reviewer: Janet Leonard) - - Annie Rialland; Rachid Ridouane; Harry van der Hulst; (15-Jul-2016)

Culture and Identity through English as a Lingua Franca : Rethinking Concepts and Goals in Intercultural Communication
(Reviewer: Sofia Rüdiger) - - Will Baker; (31-Mar-2016)

Handbook of Cognitive Linguistics
(Reviewer: Heli Tissari) - - Ewa Dabrowska; Dagmar Divjak; (31-Mar-2016)

Desarrollo sociolingüístico del voseo en la región andina de Colombia (1555–1976) [Sociolinguistic Development of Voseo in the Andean Region of Colombia]
(Reviewer: Charles A Mortensen) - - Ana María Díaz Collazos; (21-Mar-2016)

Multilingualism and Very Young Learners : An Analysis of Pragmatic Awareness and Language Attitudes
(Reviewer: Anna M Krulatz) - - Laura Portolés Falomir; (23-May-2016)

Hermann Paul's 'Principles of Language History' Revisited : Translations and Reflections
(Reviewer: David Elton Gay) - - Peter Auer; Robert W. Murray; (07-Mar-2016)

Sequences in Language and Text
(Reviewer: Marina Santini) - - George K. Mikros; Ján Macutek; (31-Mar-2016)

Current Perspectives on Pedagogy for English as a Lingua Franca
(Reviewer: James Corcoran) - - Yasemin Bayyurt; Sumru Akcan; (18-Feb-2016)

Deutsche Grammatik in Kontakt [German Grammar in Contact] : Deutsch als Zweitsprache in Schule und Unterricht [German as a Second Language in Schools and Instruction]
(Reviewer: Daniel Walter) - - Klaus-Michael Köpcke; Arne Ziegler; (03-Mar-2016)

Code-switching Between Structural and Sociolinguistic Perspectives
(Reviewer: Liubov Baladzhaeva) - - Gerald Stell; Kofi Yakpo; (22-Feb-2016)

Enhancing Autonomy in Language Education : A Case-Based Approach to Teacher and Learner Development
(Reviewer: Jose Ignacio Aguilar Río) - - Manuel Jiménez Raya; Flávia Vieira; (07-Apr-2016)

Natural Language Processing and Cognitive Science : Proceedings 2014
(Reviewer: Laurel A. Schenkoske) - - Bernadette Sharp; Rodolfo Delmonte; (14-Mar-2016)

Word-Formation Volume 1 : An International Handbook of the Languages of Europe
(Reviewer: Rita Finkbeiner) - - Peter O. Müller; Ingeborg Ohnheiser; Susan Olsen; Franz Rainer; (19-Jan-2016)

Language and Identity across Modes of Communication
(Reviewer: Andrea Eniko Lypka) - - Dwi Noverini Djenar; Ahmar Mahboob; Ken Cruickshank; (28-Jan-2016)

Language Change at the Syntax-Semantics Interface
(Reviewer: Gerhard Schaden) - - Chiara Gianollo; Agnes Jäger; Doris Penka; (09-Dec-2015)

A Grammar of Tundra Nenets
(Reviewer: Ivan Stenin) - - Irina Nikolaeva; (13-Nov-2015)

Cluster Analysis for Corpus Linguistics
(Reviewer: Paul Isambert) - - Hermann L. Moisl; (31-Aug-2015)

The Use of Signing Space in a Shared Sign Language of Australia
(Reviewer: Rachael Tatman) - - Anastasia Bauer; (24-Jun-2015)

Indexing Authenticity : Sociolinguistic Perspectives
(Reviewer: Laura Michele Callahan) - - Véronique Lacoste; Jakob R. E. Leimgruber; Thiemo Breyer; (23-Jun-2015)

Visual Communication
(Reviewer: Andrea Eniko Lypka) - - David Machin; (15-Dec-2014)

Social Dynamics in Second Language Accent
(Reviewer: ) - - John M. Levis; Alene Moyer; (23-Jan-2015)

Italoamericano [Italian-American: Italian and English in Contact in the United States. A Migrational and Diachronic Analysis of Variation] : Italiano e inglese in contatto negli USA. Analisi diacronica variazionale e migrazionale
(Reviewer: Mauro Giuffre) - - Elton Prifti; (15-Sep-2014)

The Semantics-Pragmatics Controversy
(Reviewer: Zhen-Qiang Fan) - - Kristin Börjesson; (08-Dec-2014)

Two-dimensional Semantics : Clausal Adjuncts and Complements
(Reviewer: Tim Hirschberg) - - Tatjana Scheffler; (05-Dec-2014)

Languages Across Boundaries : Studies in Memory of Anna Siewierska
(Reviewer: Daniel William Hieber) - - Dik Bakker; Martin Haspelmath; (26-Jan-2015)

Space in Language and Linguistics : Geographical, Interactional, and Cognitive Perspectives
(Reviewer: ) - - Peter Auer; Martin Hilpert; Anja Stukenbrock; Benedikt Szmrecsanyi; (21-Oct-2014)

Grammar Without Grammaticality : Growth and Limits of Grammatical Precision
(Reviewer: ) - - Geoffrey Sampson; Anna Babarczy; (03-Nov-2014)

Lengua, espacio y sociedad [Language, Space, and Society] : Investigaciones sobre normalización toponímica en España
(Reviewer: Víctor Valdivia) - - María Dolores Gordón Peral; (30-May-2014)

Numeral Classifiers in Chinese : The Syntax-Semantics Interface
(Reviewer: Éva Katalin Dékány) - - XuPing Li; (20-Jun-2014)

Dummy Auxiliaries in First and Second Language Acquisition
(Reviewer: Eugenio Goria) - - Elma Blom; Josje Verhagen; Ineke van de Craats; (24-May-2014)

Constructing the Heritage Language Learner : Knowledge, Power and New Subjectivities
(Reviewer: Hsiang-Hua Chang) - - Neriko Musha Doerr; Kiri Lee; (24-Mar-2014)

Salience in Sociolinguistics : A Quantitative Approach
(Reviewer: Victor Fernandez-Mallat) - - Péter Rácz; (05-Jun-2014)

Research Trends in Intercultural Pragmatics
(Reviewer: Leila Khabbazi-Oskouei) - - Istvan Kecskes; Jesús Romero-Trillo; (21-May-2014)

A Cognitive Linguistics View of Terminology and Specialized Language
(Reviewer: Esther Nunez) - - Pamela Faber; (22-May-2015)

Europäische Charta der Regional- oder Minderheitensprachen [European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages] : Ein Handbuch zur Sprachpolitik des Europarats
(Reviewer: Rolf Kemmler) - - Franz Lebsanft; Monika Wingender; (31-Aug-2015)

Classifier Structures in Mandarin Chinese
(Reviewer: ) - - Niina Ning Zhang; (22-Mar-2014)

Infinitivo y sujeto en portugués y español [Infinitive and Subject in Portuguese and Spanish] : Un estudio empírico de los infinitivos adverbiales con sujeto explícito
(Reviewer: ) - - Clara Vanderschueren; (11-Feb-2014)

Research Design and Methodology in Studies on L2 Tense and Aspect
(Reviewer: Natalia Dolgova Jacobsen) - - Rafael Salaberry; Llorenc Comajoan; (16-Mar-2014)

Beyond 'Any' and 'Ever' : New Explorations in Negative Polarity Sensitivity
(Reviewer: ) - - Eva Csipak; Regine Eckardt; Mingya Liu; Manfred Sailer; (02-Mar-2014)

Scribes as Agents of Language Change
(Reviewer: ) - - Esther-Miriam Wagner; Ben Outhwaite; Bettina Beinhoff; (26-May-2014)

Wortbildung der deutschen Gegenwartssprache [Word Formation in Contemporary German]
(Reviewer: Karen Steffen Chung) - - Wolfgang Fleischer; Irmhild Barz; (26-Nov-2013)

Text, Autor und Wissen in der 'historiografía indiana' der Frühen Neuzeit [Text, Author, and Knowledge in the "Historiografía Indiana" of the Early Modern Era] : Die Décadas von Antonio de Herrera y Tordesillas
(Reviewer: Mariana España-Rivera) - - Sebastian Greußlich; (07-Mar-2014)

Research in Chinese as a Second Language
(Reviewer: Han Luo) - - Istvan Kecskes; (19-Nov-2013)

Current Multilingualism : A New Linguistic Dispensation
(Reviewer: Anna Ewa Majek) - - David M. Singleton; Joshua A Fishman; Larissa Aronin; Muiris Ó Laoire; (18-Feb-2014)

A Grammar of Saramaccan Creole
(Reviewer: ) - - John H McWhorter; Jeff Good; (16-Aug-2013)

Reperti di plurilinguismo nell’Italia spagnola (sec. XVI-XVII) [Plurilingualism in Spanish Italy, 1500-1700]
(Reviewer: Mauro Giuffre) - - Thomas Krefeld; Wulf Oesterreicher; Verena Schwägerl-Melchior; (08-Jan-2014)

The Native Speaker Concept : Ethnographic Investigations of Native Speaker Effects
(Reviewer: ) - - Neriko Musha Doerr; (13-Jul-2013)

English as an Academic Lingua Franca : An Investigation of Form and Communicative Effectiveness
(Reviewer: Josep Soler-Carbonell) - - Beyza Björkman; (12-Aug-2013)

Areal Features of the Anglophone World
(Reviewer: ) - - Raymond Hickey; (02-Aug-2013)

Learning Chinese : Linguistic, Sociocultural, and Narrative Perspectives
(Reviewer: J. Thomas McAlister) - - Patricia A. Duff; Tim Anderson; Roma Ilnyckyj; Ella VanGaya; Rachel Tianxuan Wang; Wang Yates; (16-Sep-2013)

Consonant Clusters and Structural Complexity
(Reviewer: J Joseph Perry) - - Philip Hoole; Lasse Bombien; Marianne Pouplier; Christine Mooshammer; Barbara Kühnert; (10-Feb-2014)

The Syntax of Topic, Focus, and Contrast : An Interface-based Approach
(Reviewer: ) - - Ad Neeleman; Reiko Vermeulen; (26-Jun-2013)

Pragmatics of Computer-Mediated Communication
(Reviewer: Daria Dayter) - - Susan C. Herring; Dieter Stein; Tuija Virtanen; (22-Jul-2013)

The Emergence of the English Native Speaker : A Chapter in Nineteenth-Century Linguistic Thought
(Reviewer: Kimberly Renée Chopin) - - Stephanie Hackert; (06-Jul-2013)

Linguistic Simplicity and Complexity : Why Do Languages Undress?
(Reviewer: Mauro Giuffre) - - John H McWhorter; (31-Mar-2013)

Orthographies in Early Modern Europe
(Reviewer: ) - - Susan Baddeley; Anja Voeste; (10-Apr-2013)

Empirical Approaches to Linguistic Theory : Studies in Meaning and Structure
(Reviewer: Darcy Sperlich) - - Britta Stolterfoht; Sam Featherston; (19-May-2013)

Epistemic Meaning : A Crosslinguistic and Functional-Cognitive Study
(Reviewer: Robert Earl LaBarge) - - Kasper Boye; (25-Apr-2013)

The English it-Cleft : A Constructional Account and a Diachronic Investigation
(Reviewer: Eugenio Goria) - - Amanda Patten; (21-May-2013)

The Expression of Information Structure
(Reviewer: ) - - Manfred Krifka; Renate Musan; (22-Apr-2013)

English Historical Linguistics : Volume 1
(Reviewer: Igor Igor Yanovich) - - Alexander Th. Bergs; Laurel J. Brinton; (11-Apr-2013)

Die Sprachpolitik des Europarats [The Language Policy of the Council of Europe] : Die
(Reviewer: Joseph Reisdoerfer) - - Franz Lebsanft; Monika Wingender; (26-Jun-2013)

Sign Language : An International Handbook
(Reviewer: ) - - Roland Pfau; Markus Steinbach; Bencie Woll; (03-Mar-2013)

Pragmatics across Languages and Cultures
(Reviewer: ) - - Anna Trosborg; (08-Feb-2013)

Kindlicher Spracherwerb im Deutschen [German Language Acquisition in Children] : Verläufe, Forschungsmethoden, Erklärungsansätze
(Reviewer: Eva M Knopp) - - Christina Kauschke; (20-May-2013)

Ergativity, Valency and Voice
(Reviewer: Adina Dragomirescu) - - Gilles Authier; Katharina Haude; (01-Feb-2013)

A Grammar of Domari
(Reviewer: ) - - Yaron Matras; (07-Mar-2013)

Dynamics of Contact-Induced Language Change
(Reviewer: ) - - Claudine Chamoreau; Isabelle Léglise; (29-Jan-2013)

Methods in Contemporary Linguistics
(Reviewer: ) - - Andrea Ender; Adrian Leemann; Bernhard Wälchli; (28-Jan-2013)

Language Contact in a Postcolonial Setting : The Linguistic and Social Context of English and Pidgin in Cameroon
(Reviewer: Marcin Walczynski) - - Eric A. Anchimbe; (25-Feb-2013)

Die doppelten Perfektbildungen im Deutschen : Eine diachrone Untersuchung [Double Forms of the Perfect Tense]
(Reviewer: ) - - Isabel Buchwald-Wargenau; (03-Feb-2013)

The Semitic Languages : An International Handbook
(Reviewer: Adam C McCollum) - - Stefan Weninger; (08-Jan-2013)

A Guide to Morphosyntax-Phonology Interface Theories : How Extra-Phonological Information is Treated in Phonology since Trubetzkoy’s Grenzsignale
(Reviewer: Janet Leonard) - - Tobias Scheer; (08-Jan-2013)

Newest Trends in the Study of Grammaticalization and Lexicalization in Chinese
(Reviewer: Ksenia Antonyan) - - Janet Zhiqun Xing; (17-Dec-2012)

Modal Adjectives : English Deontic and Evaluative Constructions in Diachrony and Synchrony
(Reviewer: James A. Berry) - - An Van linden; (10-Dec-2012)

Paradigm Shift in Language Planning and Policy : Game-Theoretic Solutions
(Reviewer: Dave Sayers) - - Ettien Koffi; (09-Dec-2012)

Das System der Partikelverben mit "an" [The System of Particle Verbs with "an" in German] : Eine konstruktionsgrammatische Untersuchung
(Reviewer: ) - - Marc Felfe; (27-Jan-2013)

Deutscher Familiennamenatlas : Band 3: Morphologie der Familiennamen
(Reviewer: ) - - Fabian Fahlbusch; Rita Heuser; Mirjam Schmuck; (09-Feb-2013)

Linguistic Complexity : Second Language Acquisition, Indigenization, Contact
(Reviewer: Natalie Operstein) - - Bernd Kortmann; Benedikt Szmrecsanyi; (02-Dec-2012)

Processes and Process-Orientation in Foreign Language Teaching and Learning
(Reviewer: ) - - Wai Meng Chan; Kwee Nyet Chin; Nagami Masanori; Titima Suthiwan; (31-Oct-2012)

Narrativität als Begriff [Narrativity as a Concept] : Analysen und Anwendungsbeispiele zwischen philologischer und anthropologischer Orientierung
(Reviewer: Pierre-Yves Modicom) - - Matthias Aumüller; (02-Oct-2012)

Handbook of Communication in Organisations and Professions
(Reviewer: ) - - Christopher N. Candlin; Srikant Sarangi; (19-Sep-2012)

Historische Sprachwissenschaft [Historical Linguistics] : Erkenntnisinteressen, Grundlagenprobleme, Desiderate
(Reviewer: Stefan Hartmann) - - Péter Maitz; (23-Aug-2012)

Deutsche Grammatik [Lexicon of German Grammar]
(Reviewer: Mathias Schulze) - - Elke Hentschel; (21-Aug-2012)

Varieties of English : Volumes 1-4. Set + CD-ROM
(Reviewer: Richard W Hallett) - - Bernd Kortmann; Edgar W. W. Schneider; (01-Aug-2012)

Languages from the World of the Bible
(Reviewer: Tyler A. Barrett) - - Holger Gzella; (27-Jul-2012)

Identity Formation in Globalizing Contexts : Language Learning in the New Millennium
(Reviewer: Damian J. Rivers) - - Christina Higgins; (25-Jul-2012)

Studies in the History of the English Language V : Variation and Change in English Grammar and Lexicon: Contemporary Approaches
(Reviewer: Christopher Blake Shedd) - - Robert Allen Cloutier; Anne Marie Hamilton-Brehm; William A. Kretzschmar; (04-Jul-2012)

Production-Comprehension Asymmetries in Child Language
(Reviewer: ) - - Angela Grimm; Anja Müller; Cornelia Hamann; Esther Ruigendijk; (21-Jun-2012)

Language, Body, and Health
(Reviewer: Simone C. Bacchini) - - Paul McPherron; Vaidehi Ramanathan; (16-Jun-2012)

Perspectives on Translation Quality
(Reviewer: ) - - Ilse Depraetere; (31-May-2012)

Documenting Endangered Languages : Achievements and Perspectives
(Reviewer: Daniel William Hieber) - - Geoffrey Haig; Nicole Nau; Stefan Schnell; Claudia Wegener; (19-May-2012)

Languages of Science in the Eighteenth Century
(Reviewer: Rolf Kemmler) - - Britt-Louise Gunnarsson; (17-May-2012)

Tense across Languages
(Reviewer: ) - - Renate Musan; Monika Rathert; (17-May-2012)

Tones and Features : Phonetic and Phonological Perspectives
(Reviewer: Seetha Jayaraman) - - John A. Goldsmith; Elizabeth V. Hume; Leo Wetzels; (17-May-2012)

Meaning in Mind and Society : A Functional Contribution to the Social Turn in Cognitive Linguistics
(Reviewer: ) - - Peter Harder; (16-May-2012)

Semantics : An International Handbook of Natural Language Meaning Volume 1
(Reviewer: Sylvia L.R. Schreiner) - - Claudia Maienborn; Klaus von Heusinger; Paul H Portner; (13-May-2012)

Topics in Oceanic Morphosyntax
(Reviewer: ) - - Claire Moyse-Faurie; Joachim Sabel; (12-May-2012)

Spatial Dimensions of Social Thought
(Reviewer: Stephen Stanley Lucek) - - Thomas W. Schubert; Anne Maass; (11-May-2012)

The Phraseological View of Language : A Tribute to John Sinclair
(Reviewer: Phoebe M. S. Lin) - - Thomas Herbst; Susen Faulhaber; Peter Uhrig; (10-May-2012)

Laboratory Phonology 10
(Reviewer: J. Kevin Varden) - - Cécile Fougeron; Barbara Kühnert; Mariapaola D'Imperio; Nathalie Vallée; (30-Apr-2012)

The Acquisition of German : Introducing Organic Grammar
(Reviewer: Susan C. Bobb) - - Anne Vainikka; Martha Young-Scholten; (10-Apr-2012)

Linguistic Universals and Language Variation
(Reviewer: Anish Koshy) - - Peter Siemund; (05-Apr-2012)

Constructions: Emerging and Emergent
(Reviewer: ) - - Peter Auer; Stefan Pfänder; (29-Mar-2012)

Cover Foreign Language Teaching in Asia and Beyond : Current Perspectives and Future Directions
(Reviewer: Shih-Ju Jackie Young) - - Wai Meng Chan; Kwee Nyet Chin; Titima Suthiwan; (29-Mar-2012)

A Survey of Word Accentual Patterns in the Languages of the World
(Reviewer: Karen Steffen Chung) - - Harry van der Hulst; Rob Goedemans; Ellen van Zanten; (28-Mar-2012)

Handbook of Interpersonal Communication
(Reviewer: ) - - Gerd Antos; Eija Ventola; Tilo Weber; (26-Mar-2012)

The Dialects of Irish : Study of a Changing Landscape
(Reviewer: Andrew Carnie) - - Raymond Hickey; (22-Mar-2012)

Null Pronouns
(Reviewer: ) - - Melanie Wratil; Peter Gallmann; (08-Mar-2012)

The Languages and Linguistics of Europe : A Comprehensive Guide
(Reviewer: ) - - Bernd Kortmann; Johan van der Auwera; (07-Mar-2012)

Semiotics Continues to Astonish : Thomas A. Sebeok and the Doctrine of Signs
(Reviewer: ) - - Paul Cobley; John Deely; Kalevi Kull; Susan Petrilli; (13-Feb-2012)

Identity in (Inter)action : Introducing Multimodal (Inter)action Analysis
(Reviewer: ) - - Sigrid Norris; (17-Jan-2012)

A Grammar of Teiwa
(Reviewer: ) - - Marian Klamer; (12-Oct-2011)

Altsächsisches Handwörterbuch / A Concise Old Saxon Dictionary
(Reviewer: Tonya Kim Dewey) - - Heinrich Tiefenbach; (28-Aug-2011)

Tonal Accents in Norwegian : Phonology, morphology and lexical specification
(Reviewer: Stanimir V. Rakic) - - Allison Wetterlin; (18-Aug-2011)

Windows to the Mind : Metaphor, Metonymy and Conceptual Blending
(Reviewer: Chris Blankenship) - - Sandra Handl; Hans-Jörg Schmid; (15-Aug-2011)

Linguistic Analysis : From Data to Theory
(Reviewer: ) - - Annarita Puglielli; Mara Frascarelli; (03-Aug-2011)

Linguistic Realization of Evidentiality in European Languages
(Reviewer: ) - - Gabriele Diewald; Elena Smirnova; (29-Jul-2011)

Syntactic Variation and Genre
(Reviewer: Sixta D. Quaßdorf) - - Heidrun Dorgeloh; Anja Wanner; (27-Jul-2011)

Quantitative Methods in Cognitive Semantics: Corpus-Driven Approaches
(Reviewer: ) - - Dylan Glynn; Kerstin Fischer; (26-Jul-2011)

Language and Space - An International Handbook of Linguistic Variation : Volume 1: Theories and Methods
(Reviewer: Matthew J. Gordon) - - Peter Auer; Jürgen Erich Schmidt; (13-Jul-2011)

Deutsch als Fremd- und Zweitsprache [German as a Foreign and Second Language] : Ein internationales Handbuch (2 Halbbände/Volumes)
(Reviewer: Rita Finkbeiner) - - Hans-Jürgen Krumm; Christian Fandrych; Britta Hufeisen; Claudia Riemer; (13-Jul-2011)

Entangling Forms : Within Semiosic Processes
(Reviewer: ) - - Floyd Merrell; (22-Jun-2011)

Historical Pragmatics
(Reviewer: Joanna Kopaczyk) - - Andreas H. Jucker; Irma Taavitsainen; (21-Jun-2011)

Re-Viewing Space : Figurative Language in Architects' Assessment of Built Space
(Reviewer: ) - - Rosario Caballero; (14-Jun-2011)

The Syntax of Nominalizations across Languages and Frameworks
(Reviewer: Alexandru Cosmin Nicolae) - - Artemis Alexiadou; Monika Rathert; (13-Jun-2011)

Case and Agreement from Fringe to Core : A Minimalist Approach
(Reviewer: Peter M. Arkadiev) - - Stefan Keine; (20-May-2011)

Context-Dependence, Perspective and Relativity
(Reviewer: ) - - François Recanati; Isidora Stojanovic; Neftalí Villanueva; (06-May-2011)

The Semantics of Nominalizations across Languages and Frameworks
(Reviewer: ) - - Monika Rathert; Artemis Alexiadou; (17-Apr-2011)

A Grammar of Eton
(Reviewer: Picus Sizhi Ding) - - Mark L. O. van de Velde; (07-Apr-2011)

Sprachwissenschaft [Linguistics - A Reader] : Ein Reader
(Reviewer: ) - - Ludger Hoffmann; (25-Jan-2011)

Statistics for Linguistics with R : A Practical Introduction
(Reviewer: ) - - Stefan Th. Gries; (24-Jan-2011)

Turbulent Sounds : An Interdisciplinary Guide
(Reviewer: Daniel Currie Hall) - - Susanne Fuchs; Martine Toda; Marzena Żygis; (15-Jan-2011)

Modals in the Languages of Europe : A Reference Work
(Reviewer: ) - - Björn Hansen; Ferdinand de Haan; (11-Jan-2011)

Cardinal Numerals : Old English from a Cross-Linguistic Perspective
(Reviewer: ) - - Ferdinand von Mengden; (22-Dec-2010)

The Expression of Negation
(Reviewer: ) - - Laurence R Horn; (11-Dec-2010)

Advances in Cognitive Sociolinguistics
(Reviewer: Bryan James Gordon) - - Dirk Geeraerts; Gitte Kristiansen; Yves Peirsman; (23-Nov-2010)

Handbook of Foreign Language Communication and Learning
(Reviewer: Kirsten Colquhoun) - - Karlfried Knapp; Barbara Seidlhofer; (27-Sep-2010)

Phonology in Perception
(Reviewer: Andrew R Blyth) - - Paul Boersma; Silke Hamann; (30-Aug-2010)

Deutsche Grammatik - Regeln, Normen, Sprachgebrauch
(Reviewer: Vitek Dovalil) - - Marek Konopka; Bruno Strecker; (22-Aug-2010)

Ideologies across Nations : The Construction of Linguistic Minorities at the United Nations
(Reviewer: Aria Razfar) - - Alexandre Duchêne; (14-Jun-2010)

Balto-Slavic Accentual Mobility
(Reviewer: Ronald I. Kim) - - Thomas Olander; (21-Apr-2010)

Explorations of Phase Theory : Interpretation at the Interfaces
(Reviewer: Yosuke Sato) - - Kleanthes K. Grohmann; (08-Apr-2010)

Introduction to English Linguistics
(Reviewer: Dinha Tobiya Gorgis) - - Ingo Plag; Maria Braun; Sabine Lappe; Mareile Schramm; (09-Feb-2010)

The Primer of Humor Research
(Reviewer: Ksenia Mikhailovna Shilikhina) - - Victor Raskin; (28-Jan-2010)

A Grammar of Mongsen Ao
(Reviewer: ) - - Alexander R Coupe; (15-Jan-2010)

Cognitive Sociolinguistics : Language Variation, Cultural Models, Social Systems
(Reviewer: ) - - Gitte Kristiansen; René Dirven; (21-Dec-2009)

Meaning in the Second Language
(Reviewer: Kevin McManus) - - Roumyana Slabakova; (03-Jul-2009)

Impoliteness in Language : Studies on its Interplay with Power in Theory and Practice
(Reviewer: Kerry Linfoot) - - Derek Bousfield; Miriam A. Locher; (30-Jun-2009)

Varieties of English : Volume 4: Africa, South and Southaéast Asia
(Reviewer: Jakob R. E. Leimgruber) - - Rajend Mesthrie; (24-Jun-2009)

On Pied-Piping : Wh-Movement and Beyond
(Reviewer: ) - - Fabian Heck; (24-Jun-2009)

Courtroom Talk and Neocolonial Control
(Reviewer: M. Catherine Gruber) - - Diana Eades; (24-Jun-2009)

Mapping Linguistic Diversity in Multicultural Contexts
(Reviewer: ) - - Monica Barni; Guus Extra; (20-May-2009)

Linguistics of the Himalayas and Beyond
(Reviewer: Anish Koshy) - - Roland Bielmeier; Felix Haller; (17-Apr-2009)

Focus Strategies in African Languages : The Interaction of Focus and Grammar in Niger-Congo and Afro-Asiatic
(Reviewer: Michael W Morgan) - - Enoch Oladé Aboh; Katharina Hartmann; Malte Zimmermann; (12-Nov-2008)

The Yearbook of South Asian Languages and Linguistics 2006
(Reviewer: Christina M. Willis) - - Rajendra Singh; (10-Oct-2008)

Variation im Deutschen (Variation in German) : Soziolinguistische Perspektiven
(Reviewer: ) - - Stephen Barbour; Patrick Stevenson; Konstanze Gebel; (15-Sep-2008)

Developing Contrastive Pragmatics : Interlanguage and Cross-Cultural Perspectives
(Reviewer: Laura Michele Callahan) - - Martin Pütz; JoAnne Neff-van Aertselaer; (11-Sep-2008)

Germanic Language Histories 'from Below' (1700-2000)
(Reviewer: ) - - Stephan Elspaß; Nils Langer; Joachim Scharloth; Wim Vandenbussche; (08-Jul-2008)

Altnordische Philologie (Old Norse Philology) : Norwegen und Island
(Reviewer: Brendan N. Wolfe) - - Odd Einar Haugen; Astrid van Nahl; (01-Jul-2008)

Moutons Interaktive Einführung in die Historische Linguistik des Deutschen/The Mouton Interactive Introduction to Historical Linguistics of German
(Reviewer: ) - - Karin Donhauser; Annette Fischer; Lars Mecklenburg; (01-Jul-2008)

A Grammar of Urarina
(Reviewer: ) - - Knut J. Olawsky; (17-Jun-2008)

Rethinking the Coordinate-Subordinate Dichotomy : Interpersonal Grammar and the Analysis of Adverbial Clauses in English
(Reviewer: Dinha Tobiya Gorgis) - - Jean-Christophe Verstraete; (17-May-2008)

Zum Germanischen aus laryngaltheoretischer Sicht (Germanic Languages from the Perspective of Laryngeal Theory. With an Introduction to the Foundations of Laryngeal Theory) : Mit einer Einführung in die Grundlagen der Laryngaltheorie
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Phraseology and Culture in English
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Methods in Historical Pragmatics
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The Syntax of Tenselessness : Tense/Mood/Aspect-agreeing infinitivals
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Einführung in die Satzanalyse (Constituent Analysis in German) : Die Bestimmung der Satzglieder im Deutschen
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Australian Languages
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Non-Native Prosody : Phonetic Description and Teaching Practice
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Impersonal "Si" Constructions : Agreement and Interpretation
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Morphosyntactic Expression in Functional Grammar
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A Feature-Based Syntax of Functional Categories : The Structure, Acquisition and Specific Impairment of Functional Systems
(Reviewer: Christiane M. Bongartz) - - Michael Hegarty; (01-Dec-2005)

Explorations in Nominal Inflection
(Reviewer: ) - - Gereon Müller; Lutz Gunkel; Gisela Zifonun; (12-Nov-2005)

Modularity in Language : Constructional and Categorial Mismatch in Syntax and Semantics
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Perspectives on Variation : Sociolinguistic, Historical, Comparative
(Reviewer: ) - - Nicole Delbecque; Johan van der Auwera; Dirk Geeraerts; (28-Oct-2005)

Deutsche Wortbildung in Grundzügen
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The Mathematics of Language
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What makes Grammaticalization? : A Look from its Fringes and its Components
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Approaches to Cognition through Text and Discourse
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Cognitive Modeling and Verbal Semantics : A Representational Framework Based on UML
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Metaphor, Metonymy, and Experientialist Philosophy : Challenging Cognitive Semantics
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Minimality Effects in Syntax
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Information Structure : Theoretical and Empirical Aspects
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Crucial Readings in Functional Grammar
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Emotions in Crosslinguistic Perspective
(Reviewer: ) - - Jean Harkins; Anna Wierzbicka; (04-Oct-2002)

Current Issues in Spanish Syntax and Semantics
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A Lateral Theory of Phonology : What is CVCV, and why should it be?
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Multidisciplinary Approaches to Language Production
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Visualizing Document Processing : Innovations in Communication Patterns and Textual Forms
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A Grammar of Mosetén
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Australia's Many Voices : Ethnic Englishes, Indigenous and Migrant Languages. Policy and Education
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The Syntax of Ditransitives : Evidence from Clitics
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Ellipsis in Comparatives
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Relative Tense and Aspectual Values in Tibetan Languages : A Comparative Study
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Pacific Pidgins and Creoles : Origins, Growth and development
(Reviewer: Hans Ulrich Schmid) - - Darrell T Tryon; Jean-Michel Charpenter; (12-Feb-2005)

Narrative as Social Practice : Anglo-Western and Australian Aboriginal Oral Traditions
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Allusions in the Press : An Applied Linguistic Study
(Reviewer: ) - - Paul Lennon; (14-Jan-2005)

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Living on the Edge : 28 Papers in Honour of Jonathan Kaye
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Australia's Many Voices : Australian English - The National Language
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Complex Predicates in Oceanic Languages : Studies in the Dynamics of Binding and Boundness
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Syntax and Semantics of the Left Periphery
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Text Types and the History of English
(Reviewer: Marina Santini) - - Manfred Görlach; (08-Nov-2004)

Words in Time : Diachronic Semantics from Different Points of View
(Reviewer: Niladri Sekhar Dash) - - Regine Eckardt; Klaus von Heusinger; Christoph Schwarze; (04-Oct-2004)

Globalization and the Future of German
(Reviewer: ) - - Andreas Gardt; Bernd Hüppauf; (04-Oct-2004)

The Mixed Language Debate : Theoretical and Empirical Advances
(Reviewer: ) - - Yaron Matras; Peter Bakker; (02-Oct-2004)

Globalisation and African Languages : Risks and Benefits
(Reviewer: ) - - Katrin Bromber; Birgit Smieja; (18-Aug-2004)

Romanische Sprachgeschichte / Histoire linguistique de la Romania : Ein internationales Handbuch zur Geschichte der romanischen Sprachen / Manuel international d´histoire linguistique de la Romania
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Auch and noch in Child and Adult German
(Reviewer: Stefan Sudhoff) - - Ulrike Nederstigt; (24-Jun-2004)

Europa Vasconica - Europa Semitica
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Cognitive Linguistics, Second Language Acquisition, and Foreign Language Teaching
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Syntactic Structures and Morphological Information
(Reviewer: ) - - Uwe Junghanns; Luka Szucsich; (12-Jun-2004)

Phonetics and Phonology in Language Comprehension and Production : Differences and Similarities
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Vowel Harmony and Correspondence Theory
(Reviewer: Eric J. Baković) - - Martin Krämer; (21-Apr-2004)

Verb-Particle Explorations
(Reviewer: Annie Zaenen) - - Nicole Dehé; Ray Jackendoff; Andrew McIntyre; Silke Urban; (17-Apr-2004)

Quantity and Prososdic Asymmetries in Alemannic : Synchronic and Diachronic Perspectives
(Reviewer: ) - - Astrid Kraehenmann; (25-Mar-2004)

Koineization in Medieval Spanish
(Reviewer: ) - - Donald N. Tuten; (02-Mar-2004)

At War With Words
(Reviewer: Laura Michele Callahan) - - Mirjana N. Dedaić; Daniel N. Nelson; (21-Feb-2004)

Cross-Linguistic Variation in System and Text : A Methodology for the Investigation of Translations and Comparable Texts
(Reviewer: ) - - Elke Teich; (03-Feb-2004)

Word Power: Phrasal Verbs and Compounds : A Cognitive Approach
(Reviewer: ) - - Brygida Rudzka-Ostyn; Paul Ostyn; (03-Feb-2004)

At War With Words
(Reviewer: Élisabeth M. Le) - - Mirjana N. Dedaić; Daniel N. Nelson; (27-Jan-2004)

A Grammar of Basque
(Reviewer: ) - - Jon Ortiz De Urbina; (16-Dec-2003)

Modifying Adjuncts
(Reviewer: ) - - Ewald Lang; Claudia Maienborn; Cathrine Fabricius-Hansen; (12-Aug-2003)

A Grammar of Ma'di
(Reviewer: ) - - Mairi Blackings; Nigel Fabb; (03-Nov-2003)

Cognitive Linguistics and Non-Indo-European Languages
(Reviewer: ) - - Eugene H. Casad; Gary B. Palmer; (03-Nov-2003)

COGNITIVE MODELS IN LANGUAGE AND THOUGHT : Ideology, Metaphors, and Meanings
(Reviewer: ) - - René Dirven; Roslyn M. Frank; Martin Pütz; (11-Sep-2003)

Determinants of Grammatical Variation in English
(Reviewer: ) - - Günter Rohdenburg; Britta Mondorf; (03-Nov-2003)

Typology and Second Language Acquisition
(Reviewer: Malcolm Awadajin Finney) - - Anna Giacalone Ramat; (03-Nov-2003)

English Inversion : A Ground-before-Figure Construction
(Reviewer: Mohammad Rasekh Mahand) - - Rong Chen; (03-Oct-2003)

Two-Tiered Relexification in Yiddish : Jews, Sorbs, Khazars, and the Kiev-Polessian Dialect
(Reviewer: ) - - Paul Wexler; (03-Sep-2003)

Noun Phrase Structure in the Languages of Europe
(Reviewer: Yury A. Lander) - - Frans Plank; (03-Sep-2003)

A Grammar of Kolyma Yukaghir
(Reviewer: Edward J. Vajda) - - Elena Maslova; (09-Dec-2003)

Genitive Variation In English : Conceptual Factors in Synchronic and Diachronic Studies
(Reviewer: ) - - Anette Rosenbach; (03-Aug-2003)

Generative Approaches to the Acquisition of English by Native Speakers of Japanese
(Reviewer: Jenifer Larson-Hall) - - Shigenori Wakabayashi; (30-Jul-2003)

(Reviewer: ) - - Marina Vigário; (18-Jul-2003)

Race and the Rise of Standard American
(Reviewer: Don Edward Walicek) - - Thomas Paul Bonfiglio; (06-Dec-2003)

Situation-Bound Utterances in L1 and L2
(Reviewer: ) - - Istvan Kecskes; (03-May-2003)

Opportunities and Challenges of Bilingualism
(Reviewer: Guido Josef Oebel) - - Jean-Marc Adrien Dewaele; Alex Housen; Li Wei; (05-Jul-2003)

Language Change : The Interplay of Imternal, ExternalL and Extra-Linguistic Factors
(Reviewer: ) - - Mari C. Jones; Edith Esch; (04-Apr-2003)

Laboratory Phonology 7
(Reviewer: Gunnar Ólafur Hansson) - - Natasha L. Warner; Carlos Gussenhoven; (03-Mar-2003)

The Metre of Beowulf
(Reviewer: ) - - Michael G Getty; (03-Nov-2003)

Learning the Meaning of Change-of-State Verbs : A Case Study of German Child Language
(Reviewer: ) - - Angelika Wittek; (01-Jan-2003)

Verb Classification in Australian Languages
(Reviewer: ) - - William B McGregor; (02-Dec-2002)

Distinctive Feature Theory
(Reviewer: Michael C. Cahill) - - Tracy Alan Hall; (06-Dec-2002)

Applied Cognitive Linguistics
(Reviewer: ) - - René Dirven; Susanne Niemeier; Martin Pütz; (02-Apr-2002)

Where Lexicon and Syntax Meet
(Reviewer: David J. Parkinson) - - Doris Schönefeld; (16-Mar-2002)

English in Cameroon
(Reviewer: ) - - Hans-Georg Wolf; (18-Sep-2001)

The Phonology and Morphology of Reduplication
(Reviewer: Jason D. Haugen) - - Eric Raimy; (20-Apr-2001)

History of the Language Sciences
(Reviewer: ) - - Sylvain Auroux; Hans-Josef E Niederehe; Kees Versteegh; E.F.K. Koerner; (01-Mar-1997)

A Grammar of Tukang Besi
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