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Educating Second Language Teachers
(Reviewer: Laura Dubcovsky) - - Donald Freeman; ()

Beyond Functional Sequence : The Cartography of Syntactic Structures, Volume 10
(Reviewer: Ferid Chekili) - - Ur Shlonsky; (17-Oct-2016)

Speaking of Language and Law : Conversations on the Work of Peter Tiersma
(Reviewer: Piotr Węgorowski) - - Lawrence Solan; Janet Ainsworth; Roger W. Shuy; (08-Aug-2016)

Evolutionary Syntax
(Reviewer: Hannah Little) - - Ljiljana Progovac; (17-Aug-2016)

Methodologies in Semantic Fieldwork
(Reviewer: Jesus Villalpando-Quiñonez) - - M. Ryan Bochnak; Lisa Matthewson; (08-Nov-2016)

Law at Work : Studies in Legal Ethnomethods
(Reviewer: Lelija Socanac) - - Baudouin Dupret; Michael Lynch; Tim Berard; (17-Aug-2016)

Understanding and Measuring Morphological Complexity
(Reviewer: Anish Koshy) - - Matthew Baerman; Dunstan Brown; Greville G. Corbett; (27-Jun-2016)

The Architecture of Determiners
(Reviewer: Daiho Kitaoka) - - Thomas Leu; (03-Jun-2016)

Speaking American : A History of English in the United States
(Reviewer: Jessie Sams) - - Richard W. Bailey; (06-May-2016)

Borrowed Words : A History of Loanwords in English
(Reviewer: Jessie Sams) - - Philip Durkin; (09-May-2016)

Gendered Words : Sentiments and Expression in Changing Rural China
(Reviewer: Marina Ivanovic) - - Fei-wen Liu; (08-Jun-2016)

What Is Good Writing?
(Reviewer: Donna Patricia Bain Butler) - - Geoffrey Huck; (06-May-2016)

The Mental Corpus : How Language is Represented in the Mind
(Reviewer: Ross Deans McLachlan) - - John R. Taylor; (29-Mar-2016)

Understanding Second Language Acquisition
(Reviewer: Marga Stander) - - Rod Ellis; (08-Mar-2016)

A History of the Irish Language : From the Norman Invasion to Independence
(Reviewer: Andrew Carnie) - - Aidan Doyle; (19-Jan-2016)

Academic Publishing: Issues and Challenges in the Construction of Knowledge
(Reviewer: Pejman Habibie) - - Ken Hyland; (12-Feb-2016)

A User's Guide to Thought and Meaning
(Reviewer: Stephen Stanley Lucek) - - Ray Jackendoff; (01-Mar-2016)

The Oxford Handbook of Linguistic Analysis : Second Edition
(Reviewer: Geoffrey Sampson) - - Bernd Heine; Heiko Narrog; (20-Nov-2015)

The Oxford Handbook of Derivational Morphology
(Reviewer: Alexandra Galani) - - Rochelle Lieber; Pavol Štekauer; (11-Dec-2015)

The Oxford Handbook of Chinese Linguistics
(Reviewer: Geoffrey Sampson) - - William Shi-Yuan Wang; Chaofen Sun; (12-Oct-2015)

Theoretical Approaches to Disharmonic Word Order
(Reviewer: Alexandru Cosmin Nicolae) - - Theresa Biberauer; Michelle Louise Sheehan; (06-Aug-2015)

The Development of Old English
(Reviewer: Robert McColl Millar) - - Donald A. Ringe; Ann Taylor; (25-Jun-2015)

The Social Origins of Language
(Reviewer: Anish Koshy) - - Daniel Dor; Christopher Knight; Jerome Lewis; (29-Jun-2015)

Discourse and Pragmatic Markers from Latin to the Romance Languages
(Reviewer: ) - - Chiara Ghezzi; Piera Molinelli; (26-Jun-2015)

Measuring Grammatical Complexity
(Reviewer: Geoffrey Sampson) - - Frederick J. Newmeyer; Laurel B Preston; (16-Apr-2015)

Words and Meanings : Lexical Semantics Across Domains, Languages, and Cultures
(Reviewer: Penelope Scott) - - Cliff Goddard; Anna Wierzbicka; (21-Apr-2015)

How Children Learn to Write Words
(Reviewer: Geoffrey Sampson) - - Rebecca Treiman; Brett Kessler; (24-Feb-2015)

In Search of Jane Austen : The Language of the Letters
(Reviewer: Dorota Lockyer) - - Ingrid Tieken-Boon van Ostade; (17-Mar-2015)

Linguistic Variation in the Minimalist Framework
(Reviewer: Kariema El Touny) - - M. Carme Picallo; (26-May-2015)

The Theta System : Argument Structure at the Interface
(Reviewer: Tomislav Socanac) - - Martin Everaert; Marijana Marelj; Tal Siloni; (01-Dec-2014)

The Grammar of Names in Anglo-Saxon England : The Linguistics and Culture of the Old English Onomasticon
(Reviewer: Geoffrey Sampson) - - Fran Colman; (03-Jan-2015)

Intercultural Pragmatics
(Reviewer: ) - - Istvan Kecskes; (26-Jan-2015)

(Reviewer: ) - - Enoch Oladé Aboh; Maria Teresa Guasti; Ian Gareth Roberts; (21-Jan-2015)

The Language of Murder Cases : Intentionality, Predisposition, and Voluntariness
(Reviewer: Kerry Linfoot) - - Roger W. Shuy; (16-Apr-2015)

The Nature and Origin of Language : First Edition
(Reviewer: Hannah Little) - - Denis Bouchard; (07-Nov-2014)

The Language Hoax : Why the World Looks the Same in Any Language
(Reviewer: Peter Backhaus) - - John H McWhorter; (08-Dec-2014)

Nonverbal Predication : Copular Sentences at the Syntax-Semantics Interface
(Reviewer: Lorie Heggie) - - Isabelle Roy; (15-Dec-2014)

Explaining Syntax : Representations, Structures, and Computation
(Reviewer: Geoffrey Sampson) - - Peter W. Culicover; (01-Dec-2014)

The Phonology of Welsh
(Reviewer: Jean-François R. Mondon) - - S. J. Hannahs; (18-Nov-2014)

The Oxford Reference Guide to English Morphology
(Reviewer: ) - - Laurie Bauer; Rochelle Lieber; Ingo Plag; (25-Jun-2015)

Possession and Ownership
(Reviewer: David Douglas Robertson) - - Alexandra Y Aikhenvald; R. M. W. Dixon; (20-May-2015)

Grammar & Complexity : Language at the Interface of Competence and Performance
(Reviewer: Luis Vicente) - - Peter W. Culicover; (11-Dec-2014)

External Influences on English : From its Beginnings to the Renaissance
(Reviewer: ) - - Gary D. Miller; (24-Jul-2014)

Logic in Grammar : Polarity, Free Choice, and Intervention
(Reviewer: ) - - Gennaro Chierchia; (20-May-2014)

The Atlas and Survey of Pidgin and Creole Languages : Super Set: Four-volume Pack
(Reviewer: ) - - Susanne Michaelis; Philippe Maurer; Martin Haspelmath; Magnus Huber; (18-May-2014)

The Oxford Handbook of Linguistic Typology
(Reviewer: Dorothea Hoffmann) - - Jae Jung Song; (20-Feb-2014)

The Oxford Handbook of the History of English
(Reviewer: Corey J. Zwikstra) - - Terttu Nevalainen; Elizabeth Closs Traugott; (26-Feb-2014)

The Oxford Handbook of the History of Linguistics
(Reviewer: Joachim Mugdan) - - Keith Allan; (25-Feb-2014)

Semitic Languages : Features, Structures, Relations, Processes
(Reviewer: Adam C McCollum) - - Gideon Goldenberg; (09-Feb-2014)

Canonical Morphology and Syntax
(Reviewer: Daniel William Hieber) - - Dunstan Brown; Marina Chumakina; Greville G. Corbett; (05-Dec-2013)

Languages : A Very Short Introduction
(Reviewer: Dibella Wdzenczny Caminsky) - - Stephen R. Anderson; (07-Aug-2013)

The Oxford Handbook of Construction Grammar
(Reviewer: ) - - Thomas Hoffmann; Graeme Trousdale; (25-Sep-2013)

Political Languages in the Age of Extremes
(Reviewer: ) - - Willebald Steinmetz; (15-Jul-2013)

Thinking about Language Teaching : Selected articles 1982-2011
(Reviewer: Kerry J Mullan) - - Michael Swan; (09-Jul-2013)

After Herder : Philosophy of Language in the German Tradition
(Reviewer: Pierre-Yves Modicom) - - Michael N. Forster; (29-Jul-2013)

Modality, Subjectivity, and Semantic Change : A Cross-Linguistic Perspective
(Reviewer: ) - - Heiko Narrog; (19-Jul-2013)

The Oxford Dictionary of Pragmatics
(Reviewer: ) - - Yan Huang; (18-Sep-2013)

Adverbial Clauses, Main Clause Phenomena, and Composition of the Left Periphery : The Cartography of Syntactic Structures, Volume 8
(Reviewer: ) - - Liliane Haegeman; (02-Jul-2013)

The Oxford Handbook of Linguistic Analysis
(Reviewer: Seetha Jayaraman) - - Bernd Heine; Heiko Narrog; (05-Aug-2013)

Origins of Sound Change : Approaches to Phonologization
(Reviewer: Evan D Bradley) - - Alan C.L Yu; (16-Aug-2013)

Stance : Sociolinguistic Perspectives
(Reviewer: Simone C. Bacchini) - - Alexandra Jaffe; (17-Mar-2014)

Music, Language, and Human Evolution
(Reviewer: J. L Barnes) - - Nicholas Bannan; (26-Jun-2013)

Motion Encoding in Language and Space
(Reviewer: Agnieszka Lyons) - - Mila Dimitrova-Vulchanova; Emile van der Zee; (14-May-2013)

Essentials of Cognitive Grammar
(Reviewer: Kim Ebensgaard Jensen) - - Ronald W. Langacker; (21-Jun-2013)

The Oxford History of English : Revised Edition
(Reviewer: Jessie Sams) - - Lynda Mugglestone; (01-Jun-2013)

A History of Psycholinguistics : The Pre-Chomskyan Era
(Reviewer: Phaedra Royle) - - Willem J.M. Levelt; (20-Jun-2013)

Rich Languages From Poor Inputs
(Reviewer: Melissa Whatley) - - Massimo Piattelli-Palmarini; Robert C. Berwick; (05-May-2013)

Emotion in Interaction
(Reviewer: Jose Aguilar) - - Anssi Peräkylä; Marja-Leena Sorjonen; (18-May-2013)

A Better Pencil : Readers, Writers, and the Digital Revolution
(Reviewer: ) - - Dennis Baron; (05-May-2013)

Information Structure and Syntactic Change in the History of English
(Reviewer: Aroldo Leal de Andrade) - - Anneli Meurman-Solin; María José López-Couso; Bettelou Los; (30-Mar-2013)

Ways of Structure Building
(Reviewer: Yosuke Sato) - - Myriam Uribe-Etxebarria; Vidal Valmala; (30-Mar-2013)

The Mental Corpus : How Language is Represented in the Mind
(Reviewer: Stefan Hartmann) - - John R. Taylor; (08-Jan-2013)

Input, Interaction, and Corrective Feedback in L2 Learning
(Reviewer: Ferit Kilickaya) - - Alison Mackey; (24-Feb-2013)

The Oxford Handbook of Compositionality
(Reviewer: Michael T. Putnam) - - Markus Werning; Wolfram Hinzen; Edouard Machery; (18-Dec-2012)

The Phonology of Japanese
(Reviewer: ) - - Laurence Labrune; (13-Dec-2012)

Modals and Conditionals : New and Revised Perspectives
(Reviewer: Eugenia Romanova) - - Angelika Kratzer; (02-Dec-2012)

The Oxford handbook of Tense and Aspect
(Reviewer: Maria Stambolieva) - - Robert I Binnick; (17-Nov-2012)

Rhetorical Style : The Uses of Language in Persuasion
(Reviewer: Jan Henning Schulze) - - Jeanne Fahnestock; (30-Oct-2012)

Verbs : Aspect and Causal Structure
(Reviewer: Peter M. Arkadiev) - - William Croft; (28-Sep-2012)

Of Minds and Language : A Dialogue with Noam Chomsky in the Basque Country
(Reviewer: Vanja Kljajevic) - - Massimo Piattelli-Palmarini; Juan Uriagereka; Pello Salaburu; (04-Sep-2012)

The Oxford Handbook of Laboratory Phonology
(Reviewer: Phoebe M. S. Lin) - - Abigail C. Cohn; Cécile Fougeron; Marie K. Huffman; (29-Aug-2012)

Interpreting Motion : Grounded Representations for Spatial Language
(Reviewer: Dorothea Hoffmann) - - Inderjeet Mani; James Pustejovsky; (27-Aug-2012)

Green's Dictionary of Slang : Three-volume set
(Reviewer: ) - - Jonathon Green; (21-Aug-2012)

The History of Languages : An Introduction
(Reviewer: Jason Doroga) - - Tore Janson; (09-Aug-2012)

The Oxford Handbook of Grammaticalization
(Reviewer: Paul Isambert) - - Heiko Narrog; Bernd Heine; (10-Jul-2012)

Accented America : The Cultural Politics of Multilingual Modernism
(Reviewer: Ghislain Potriquet) - - Joshua L. Miller; (25-Jun-2012)

Techniques and Principles in Language Teaching, Third Edition
(Reviewer: Elizabeth Maria Kissling) - - Diane Larsen-Freeman; Marti Anderson; (15-Jun-2012)

Reference in Discourse
(Reviewer: Olga Charlotte Lovick) - - Andrej A. Kibrik; (30-May-2012)

The Oxford Handbook of Linguistic Minimalism
(Reviewer: Alexandru Cosmin Nicolae) - - Cedric Boeckx; (30-May-2012)

Begat : The King James Bible and the English Language
(Reviewer: Clay Hunter Williams) - - David Crystal; (17-May-2012)

The Oxford Handbook of Language Evolution
(Reviewer: ) - - Maggie Tallerman; Kathleen R. Gibson; (06-May-2012)

Meaning : A Slim Guide to Semantics
(Reviewer: ) - - Paul D. Elbourne; (04-May-2012)

The English Language : A Linguistic History, 2nd Edition
(Reviewer: ) - - Laurel J. Brinton; Leslie K Arnovick; (30-Apr-2012)

The Oxford Handbook of Linguistic Fieldwork
(Reviewer: Carmen Jany) - - Nicholas Thieberger; (20-Apr-2012)

Grammatical Change : Origins, Nature, Outcomes
(Reviewer: ) - - Dianne Jonas; John B Whitman; Andrew Garrett; (09-Apr-2012)

Dissolving Binding Theory
(Reviewer: ) - - Johan E.C.V. Rooryck; Guido J. vanden Wyngaerd; (07-Apr-2012)

Understanding Syntax : Third Edition
(Reviewer: ) - - Maggie Tallerman; (06-Apr-2012)

Language Myths and the History of English
(Reviewer: Larry L. LaFond) - - Richard J. Watts; (06-Apr-2012)

Handbook of Language and Ethnic Identity : Disciplinary and Regional Perspectives, Volume I: Second Edition
(Reviewer: Jessica Marie Boynton) - - Joshua A Fishman; Ofelia Garcia; (05-Mar-2012)

The Philosophy of Generative Linguistics
(Reviewer: Dennis Ott) - - Peter Ludlow; (30-Jan-2012)

Prescribing under Pressure : Parent-Physician Conversations and Antibiotics
(Reviewer: M. Catherine Gruber) - - Tanya Stivers; (11-Oct-2011)

Interfaces in Linguistics : New Research Perspectives
(Reviewer: Iwo Rumenov Iwanov) - - Raffaella Folli; Christiane Ulbrich; (23-Sep-2011)

Construction Morphology
(Reviewer: ) - - Geert Booij; (22-Jul-2011)

The Bishop's Grammar : Robert Lowth and the Rise of Prescriptivism
(Reviewer: Laura L. Paterson) - - Ingrid Tieken-Boon van Ostade; (18-Jul-2011)

Introducing Phonetics and Phonology : Third Edition
(Reviewer: ) - - Mike Davenport; S. J. Hannahs; (17-Jul-2011)

Defective Paradigms : Missing Forms and What They Tell Us
(Reviewer: ) - - Matthew Baerman; Greville G. Corbett; Dunstan Brown; (14-Jul-2011)

The Phonological Enterprise
(Reviewer: Michael C. Cahill) - - Mark Robert Hale; Charles Reiss; (14-Jul-2011)

Paths to Post-Nationalism : A Critical Ethnography of Language and Identity
(Reviewer: Ghislain Potriquet) - - Monica Heller; (10-Jul-2011)

Constituent Structure
(Reviewer: ) - - Andrew Carnie; (11-Jun-2011)

Language Without Rights
(Reviewer: Dave Sayers) - - Lionel Wee; (01-Jun-2011)

The Complementizer Phase : Subjects and Operators
(Reviewer: ) - - Phoevos E. Panagiotidis; (17-May-2011)

Imperatives and Commands
(Reviewer: José Hugo García-Macías) - - Chia-jung Pan; (11-Apr-2011)

Greek Prepositions : From Antiquity to the Present
(Reviewer: Coulter Harris George) - - Pietro Bortone; (12-Feb-2011)

Meaning and the Lexicon : The Parallel Architecture 1975-2010
(Reviewer: Fredrik Heinat) - - Ray Jackendoff; (05-Feb-2011)

(Reviewer: ) - - Roger Blench; (16-Jan-2011)

An Introduction to Applied Linguistics, Second Edition
(Reviewer: Melanie Rockenhaus) - - Norbert Schmitt; (15-Jan-2011)

Processing Syntax and Morphology
(Reviewer: Phaedra Royle) - - Ina Bornkessel-Schlesewsky; Matthias Schlesewsky; (04-Jan-2011)

Television Dramatic Dialogue : A Sociolinguistic Study
(Reviewer: Jessie Sams) - - Kay Richardson; (13-Dec-2010)

The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Language
(Reviewer: ) - - Ernest Lepore; Barry C. Smith; (02-Aug-2010)

The Oxford Guide to Etymology
(Reviewer: ) - - Philip Durkin; (31-Jul-2010)

Theories of Lexical Semantics
(Reviewer: ) - - Dirk Geeraerts; (22-Jul-2010)

Chinese Lexicography : A History from 1046 BC to AD 1911
(Reviewer: Ksenia Antonyan) - - Heming Yong; Jing Peng; (22-Jul-2010)

Metaphor : A Practical Introduction, Second Edition
(Reviewer: ) - - Zoltan Kovecses; (22-Jul-2010)

Analogy in Grammar : Form and Acquisition
(Reviewer: Michael B. Maxwell) - - James P. Blevins; Juliette Blevins; (04-Jul-2010)

(Reviewer: Peter M. Arkadiev) - - Muriel Norde; (25-Jun-2010)

French Dislocation : Interpretation, Syntax, Acquisition
(Reviewer: Robert V Reichle) - - Cécile de Cat; (22-Jun-2010)

How Words Mean : Lexical Concepts, Cognitive Models, and Meaning Construction
(Reviewer: ) - - Vyvyan Evans; (18-Jun-2010)

Working the Past : Narrative and Institutional Memory
(Reviewer: ) - - Charlotte Linde; (10-Jun-2010)

The Interactional Instinct : The Evolution and Acquisition of Language
(Reviewer: ) - - Namhee Lee; Lisa Mikesell; Anna Dina L. Joaquin; Andrea W. Mates; John H. Schumann; (07-Jun-2010)

InterPhases : Phase-Theoretic Investigations of Linguistic Interfaces
(Reviewer: ) - - Kleanthes K. Grohmann; (06-Jun-2010)

Complementation : A Cross-Linguistic Typology
(Reviewer: ) - - R. M. W. Dixon; Chia-jung Pan; (01-Apr-2010)

(Reviewer: ) - - Paul H Portner; (29-Mar-2010)

The Oxford Handbook of Compounding
(Reviewer: Fredrik Heinat) - - Rochelle Lieber; Pavol Štekauer; (21-Jan-2010)

Language Complexity as an Evolving Variable
(Reviewer: Grover M. Hudson) - - Geoffrey Sampson; David Gil; Peter Trudgill; (15-Jan-2010)

Language Complexity as an Evolving Variable
(Reviewer: ) - - Geoffrey Sampson; David Gil; Peter Trudgill; (12-Dec-2009)

Grammars in Contact : A Cross-Linguistic Typology
(Reviewer: ) - - Chia-jung Pan; R. M. W. Dixon; (17-Nov-2009)

The Oxford Handbook of Case
(Reviewer: ) - - Andrej L. Malchukov; Andrew Spencer; (20-Jul-2009)

From Proto-Indo-European to Proto-Germanic
(Reviewer: Elizabeth Bell Canon) - - Donald A. Ringe; (20-Jul-2009)

Genitives in Early English : Typology and Evidence
(Reviewer: ) - - Cynthia L. Allen; (20-Jul-2009)

New Comparative Grammar of Greek and Latin
(Reviewer: ) - - Andrew L. Sihler; (03-Jul-2009)

The Oxford Guide to Practical Lexicography
(Reviewer: ) - - B. T. Sue Atkins; Michael Rundell; (30-Jun-2009)

Meaning Change in Grammaticalization : An Enquiry into Semantic Reanalysis
(Reviewer: Paul Isambert) - - Regine Eckardt; (30-Jun-2009)

Systematic Lexicography
(Reviewer: ) - - Juri Derenick Apresjan; Kevin Windle; (30-Jun-2009)

The Origin of Speech
(Reviewer: James J. Jenkins) - - Peter F MacNeilage; (30-Jun-2009)

Language and National Identity in Africa
(Reviewer: Tracy G. Beckett) - - Andrew Alexander Simpson; (12-Dec-2008)

Language and National Identity in Africa
(Reviewer: Tracy G. Beckett) - - Andrew Alexander Simpson; (12-Dec-2008)

Discourse and Practice : New Tools for Critical Discourse Analysis
(Reviewer: Judith Leah Cross) - - Theo van Leeuwen; (01-Dec-2008)

The Representation and Processing of Compound Words
(Reviewer: ) - - Gary Libben; Gonia Jarema; (01-Dec-2008)

Language Interrupted : Signs of Non-Native Acquistion in Standard Grammars
(Reviewer: ) - - John H McWhorter; (24-Oct-2008)

The Oxford Introduction to Proto-Indo-European and The Proto-Indo-European World
(Reviewer: David Stifter) - - J. P. Mallory; Douglas Q. Adams; (06-Oct-2008)

Music, Language, and the Brain
(Reviewer: Gail Mingalone Vorsas) - - Aniruddh D Patel; (29-Sep-2008)

Always On : Language in an Online and Mobile World
(Reviewer: ) - - Naomi S Baron; (29-Aug-2008)

Deponency and Morphological Mismatches
(Reviewer: Michael B. Maxwell) - - Matthew Baerman; Greville G. Corbett; Dunstan Brown; Andrew Hippisley; (20-Aug-2008)

French Dislocation : Interpretation, Syntax, Acquisition
(Reviewer: Thierry Ponchon) - - Cécile de Cat; (20-Jun-2008)

Auxiliary Verb Constructions
(Reviewer: Sanford B Steever) - - Gregory D.S. Anderson; (20-Jun-2008)

Constituent Structure
(Reviewer: Fredrik Heinat) - - Andrew Carnie; (11-Jun-2008)

The Origins of Meaning : Language in the Light of Evolution
(Reviewer: Grover M. Hudson) - - James R. Hurford; (03-Apr-2008)

A History of English: From Proto-Indo-European to Proto-Germanic : Volume I
(Reviewer: David Stifter) - - Donald A. Ringe; (20-Mar-2008)

The Multilingual Internet : Language, Culture, and Communication Online
(Reviewer: ) - - Brenda Danet; Susan C. Herring; (14-Mar-2008)

Consequences of Contact : Language Ideologies and Sociocultural Transformations in Pacific Societies
(Reviewer: ) - - Miki Makihara; Bambi B. Schieffelin; (07-Feb-2008)

Computational Approaches to Morphology and Syntax
(Reviewer: ) - - Brian Roark; Richard W Sproat; (06-Feb-2008)

Child Language : The Parametric Approach
(Reviewer: ) - - William Snyder; (09-Jan-2008)

Syntactic Gradience : The Nature of Grammatical Indeterminacy
(Reviewer: ) - - Bas Aarts; (08-Jan-2008)

The Phonology of Danish
(Reviewer: ) - - Hans Basbøll; (19-Nov-2007)

When Languages Die : The extinction of the world's languages and the erosion of human knowledge
(Reviewer: ) - - K. David Harrison; (12-Sep-2007)

Writings in General Linguistics
(Reviewer: ) - - Ferdinand de Saussure; Carol Sanders; Matthew Pires; (29-Aug-2007)

(Reviewer: Stacia Ann Levy) - - Yan Huang; (13-Jul-2007)

Linguistics In The Courtroom
(Reviewer: ) - - Roger W. Shuy; (29-May-2007)

Possible and Probable Languages : A Generative Perspective on Linguistic Typology
(Reviewer: ) - - Frederick J. Newmeyer; (15-Mar-2007)

Constructions at Work : The nature of generalization in language
(Reviewer: Peter Petré) - - Adele E. Goldberg; (31-Jan-2007)

Default Semantics : Foundations of a Compositional Theory of Acts of Communication
(Reviewer: ) - - Kasia M. Jaszczolt; (31-Jan-2007)

The Phonology of Mongolian
(Reviewer: ) - - Jan-Olof Svantesson; Anna Tsendina; Anastasia Karlsson; Vivan Franzin; (10-Aug-2006)

The Syntax of Aspect : Deriving Thematic and Aspectual Interpretation
(Reviewer: Brenda Laca) - - Nomi Erteschik-Shir; Tova Rapoport; (04-Aug-2006)

Aspects of the Theory of Clitics
(Reviewer: Peter M. Arkadiev) - - Stephen R. Anderson; (31-Jul-2006)

Bad Language : Are Some Words Better than Others?
(Reviewer: Simo K. Määttä) - - Edwin L. Battistella; (31-Jul-2006)

Diggerspeak : The Language of Australians at War
(Reviewer: ) - - Amanda A. Laugesen; (21-Apr-2006)

Movement & Silence
(Reviewer: ) - - Richard S. Kayne; (08-Apr-2006)

The World Atlas of Language Structures
(Reviewer: ) - - Martin Haspelmath; Matthew S. Dryer; David Gil; Bernard Comrie; (07-Apr-2006)

Co-Compounds and Natural Coordination
(Reviewer: ) - - Bernhard Wälchli; (15-Mar-2006)

Simpler Syntax
(Reviewer: ) - - Peter W. Culicover; Ray Jackendoff; (08-Mar-2006)

Conversational Style : Analyzing Talk among Friends, New Edition
(Reviewer: Francesca M. Vigo) - - Deborah Tannen; (15-Feb-2006)

Secondary Predication and Adverbial Modification : The Typology of Depictives
(Reviewer: ) - - Nikolaus P. Himmelmann; Eva Schultze-Berndt; (14-Jan-2006)

Indo-European Perspectives : Studies In Honour of Anna Morpurgo Davies
(Reviewer: Fiona Carolyn Marshall) - - John H. W. Penney; (22-Dec-2005)

The Syntax of Old Norse
(Reviewer: Michael T. Putnam) - - Jan Terje Faarlund; (16-Dec-2005)

The Language of Time : A Reader
(Reviewer: Anil Kumar Singh) - - Inderjeet Mani; James Pustejovsky; Robert Gaizauskas; (06-Dec-2005)

Creating Language Crimes : How Law Enforcement Uses (and Misuses) Language
(Reviewer: Kerry Linfoot) - - Roger W. Shuy; (03-Dec-2005)

Analysing Learner Language
(Reviewer: ) - - Rod Ellis; Gary Barkhuizen; (25-Oct-2005)

(Reviewer: Kamil Ud Deen) - - (02-Sep-2005)

A Theory of Ellipsis
(Reviewer: Ruixi Ressy Ai) - - Marjorie Joan McShane; (25-Aug-2005)

Paradigms in Phonological Theory
(Reviewer: Elizabeth J. Pyatt) - - Laura J. Downing; Tracy Alan Hall; Renate Raffelsiefen; (17-Aug-2005)

The Grammar of Words : An Introduction to Linguistic Morphology
(Reviewer: Alexandra Galani) - - Geert Booij; (06-Aug-2005)

Structuring Sense, Volume 1 : In Name Only
(Reviewer: ) - - Hagit Borer; (28-Jul-2005)

Beyond Morphology : Interface Conditions on Word Formation
(Reviewer: ) - - Peter Ackema; Ad Neeleman; (22-Jul-2005)

Functional Features in Language and Space
(Reviewer: ) - - Laura Carlson; Emile van der Zee; (18-Jul-2005)

Sociolinguistic Variation : Critical Reflections
(Reviewer: Susan L Tamasi) - - Carmen Fought; (17-Jul-2005)

Structuring Sense, Volume 2 : The Normal Course of Events
(Reviewer: Eugenia Romanova) - - Hagit Borer; (17-Jul-2005)

The Jarawara Language of Southern Amazonia
(Reviewer: Michael W Morgan) - - R. M. W. Dixon; (23-Jun-2005)

The Oxford Handbook of Comparative Syntax
(Reviewer: Ferid Chekili) - - Guglielmo Cinque; Richard S. Kayne; (22-Jun-2005)

Chomsky's Minimalism
(Reviewer: Kleanthes K. Grohmann) - - Pieter A. M. Seuren; (19-Jun-2005)

Dictionary of European Anglicisms : A Usage Dictionary of Anglicisms in Sixteen European Languages
(Reviewer: Lelija Socanac) - - Manfred Görlach; (06-Sep-2002)

Essays on Actions and Events : Philosophical Essays Volume 1
(Reviewer: ) - - Donald Davidson; (15-Jun-2002)

Real Conditionals
(Reviewer: ) - - William G. Lycan; (06-Sep-2002)

The Syntax of Silence : Sluicing, Islands, and the Theory of Ellipsis
(Reviewer: Jeffrey T Runner) - - Jason Merchant; (05-Jan-2002)

The Silent Child : Exploring the World of Children Who Do Not Speak
(Reviewer: Guido Josef Oebel) - - Laurent Danon-Boileau; (28-Apr-2002)

Inquiries Into Truth and Interpretation
(Reviewer: ) - - Donald Davidson; (04-Jun-2001)

Defining Creole
(Reviewer: Elizabeth Grace Winkler) - - John H McWhorter; (12-Jun-2005)

The Politics of Indians' English : Linguistic Colonialism and the Expanding English Empire
(Reviewer: ) - - N. Krishnaswamy; Archana S. Burde; (06-Jun-2005)

Speak : A Short History of Languages
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