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Working Memory and Second Language Learning : Towards an Integrated Approach
(Reviewer: Akiko Kashiwagi-Wood) - - Zhisheng (Edward) Wen; (30-Jan-2017)

English for Diplomatic Purposes
(Reviewer: Zsuzsanna Zsubrinszky) - - Patricia Friedrich; (24-Jan-2017)

Positive Psychology in SLA
(Reviewer: Jose Aguilar) - - Peter MacIntyre; Tammy Gregersen; Sarah Mercer; (18-Jan-2017)

The Linguistic Landscape of Chinatown : A Sociolinguistic Ethnography
(Reviewer: Laura Michele Callahan) - - Jackie Jia Lou; (05-Jan-2017)

Intercultural Learning in Modern Language Education : Expanding Meaning-Making Potentials
(Reviewer: Stephanie J. Lerat) - - Erin Kearney; (17-Oct-2016)

Written Corrective Feedback for L2 Development
(Reviewer: Jungmin Lim) - - John Bitchener; Neomy Storch; (09-Dec-2016)

Names and Naming : People, Places, Perceptions and Power
(Reviewer: Paula Prescod) - - Guy Puzey; Laura Kostanski; (09-Dec-2016)

Literacy Theories for the Digital Age : Social, Critical, Multimodal, Spatial, Material and Sensory Lenses
(Reviewer: Jose Aguilar) - - Kathy A. Mills; (30-Aug-2016)

Learning Chinese as a Heritage Language : An Australian Perspective
(Reviewer: Nicholas James Figueroa) - - Guanglun Michael Mu; (06-Jul-2016)

Adult Learning in the Language Classroom
(Reviewer: Hongying Xu) - - Stacey Margarita Johnson; (27-Jul-2016)

Working Memory in Second Language Acquisition and Processing
(Reviewer: Asmaa Shehata) - - Zhisheng Edward Wen; Mailce Borges Mota; Arthur McNeill; (31-Mar-2016)

Developing Interactional Competence in a Japanese Study Abroad Context
(Reviewer: Lisda Nurjaleka) - - Naoko Taguchi; (30-Aug-2016)

Salsa, Language and Transnationalism
(Reviewer: In Chull Jang) - - Britta Schneider; (01-Mar-2016)

Academic Literacy and Student Diversity : The Case for Inclusive Practice
(Reviewer: Laura Dubcovsky) - - Ursula Wingate; (04-Jan-2016)

Latino Immigrant Youth and Interrupted Schooling : Dropouts, Dreamers and Alternative Pathways to College
(Reviewer: Laura Dubcovsky) - - Marguerite Lukes; (12-Aug-2015)

Consciousness and Second Language Learning
(Reviewer: Mohamed A. T. A. Yacoub) - - John Truscott; (02-Dec-2015)

The Bilingual Advantage : Language, Literacy and the US Labor Market
(Reviewer: Laura Dubcovsky) - - Rebecca M. Callahan; Patricia C. Gándara; (17-Jun-2015)

Challenging the Monolingual Mindset
(Reviewer: Heather Smyser) - - John Hajek; Yvette Slaughter; (13-May-2015)

Motor Speech Disorders : A Cross-Language Perspective
(Reviewer: Chris Plant) - - Nick Miller; Anja Lowit; (23-Jun-2015)

Advances in the Study of Bilingualism
(Reviewer: Tyler Kimball Anderson) - - Enlli Môn Thomas; Ineke Mennen; (26-May-2015)

Language, Globalization and the Making of a Tanzanian Beauty Queen
(Reviewer: Joseph V Comer) - - Sabrina Billings; (25-Feb-2015)

Flexible Multilingual Education : Putting Children's Needs First
(Reviewer: Jason Steve Sarkozi) - - Jean-Jacques Weber; (17-Mar-2015)

The Language of Adult Immigrants : Agency in the Making
(Reviewer: Andrea Eniko Lypka) - - Elizabeth R Miller; (02-Mar-2015)

Understanding Language Use in the Classroom : A Linguistic Guide for College Educators
(Reviewer: Martin R. Gitterman) - - Susan J. Behrens; (04-Feb-2015)

The Acquisition of Sociolinguistic Competence in a Lingua Franca Context
(Reviewer: Andrew Jordan Lavender) - - Mercedes Durham; (12-Dec-2014)

Language Strategies for Trilingual Families : Parents' Perspectives
(Reviewer: Liubov Baladzhaeva) - - Andreas Braun; Tony Cline; (03-Jan-2015)

Key Topics in Second Language Acquisition
(Reviewer: Robert Arthur Cote) - - Vivian James Cook; David Singleton; (15-Dec-2014)

Language Policies and (Dis)Citizenship : Rights, Access, Pedagogies
(Reviewer: Ghislain Potriquet) - - Vaidehi Ramanathan; (28-Aug-2014)

Language, Migration and Social Inequalities : A Critical Sociolinguistic Perspective on Institutions and Work
(Reviewer: In Chull Jang) - - Alexandre Duchêne; Melissa Moyer; Celia J. Roberts; (30-Oct-2014)

Identity and Language Learning (2nd Edition) : Extending the Conversation
(Reviewer: Andrea Eniko Lypka) - - Bonny Norton; (02-Oct-2014)

A Scholar's Guide to Getting Published in English : Critical Choices and Practical Strategies
(Reviewer: Pejman Habibie) - - Mary Jane Curry; Theresa Lillis; (02-Feb-2015)

Developing Critical Languaculture Pedagogies in Higher Education : Theory and Practice
(Reviewer: Ali Karakas) - - Adriana Raquel Díaz; (07-Nov-2014)

Reviving Catalan at School : Challenges and Instructional Approaches
(Reviewer: Andrew Jordan Lavender) - - Joaquim Arnau; (27-May-2014)

Issues in the Assessment of Bilinguals
(Reviewer: Liubov Baladzhaeva) - - Virginia C. Mueller Gathercole; (02-Jun-2014)

Bilingual and Multilingual Education in the 21st Century : Building on Experience
(Reviewer: Olivia L Amzallag) - - Christián Abello-Contesse; Paul M Chandler; María Dolores López-Jiménez; Rubrén Chacón-Beltrán; (21-May-2014)

English and Development : Policy, Pedagogy and Globalization
(Reviewer: Josep Soler-Carbonell) - - Elizabeth J. Erling; Philip Seargeant; (25-May-2014)

International Perspectives on Voice Disorders
(Reviewer: ) - - Edwin M-Y. Yiu; (07-Apr-2014)

Language Planning and Student Experiences : Intention, Rhetoric and Implementation
(Reviewer: Alicia Pousada) - - Joseph Lo Bianco; Renata Aliani; (13-Feb-2014)

Inclusive Language Education and Digital Technology
(Reviewer: Elis Kakoulli Constantinou) - - Elina Vilar Beltrán; Chris Abbott; Jane Jones; (13-Jun-2014)

English in Medical Education : An Intercultural Approach to Teaching Language and Values
(Reviewer: ) - - Peih-Ying Lu; John Corbett; (26-Feb-2014)

The Affective Dimension in Second Language Acquisition
(Reviewer: Ivan Lombardi) - - Danuta Gabryś-Barker; Joanna Bielska; (08-Feb-2014)

Social Media and Minority Languages : Convergence and the Creative Industries
(Reviewer: ) - - Elin Haf Gruffydd Jones; Enrique Uribe-Jongbloed; (06-Jan-2014)

Language Curriculum Design and Socialisation
(Reviewer: ) - - Peter Mickan; (11-Jul-2013)

Assessing Grammar : The Languages of LARSP
(Reviewer: Leah R. Paltiel-Gedalyovich) - - Martin J. Ball; David Crystal; Paul Fletcher; (15-May-2013)

Spanish Speakers in the USA
(Reviewer: Irene Checa-Garcia) - - Janet M. Fuller; (10-May-2013)

Language and Mobility : Unexpected Places
(Reviewer: Irene Theodoropoulou) - - Alastair Pennycook; (25-Jun-2013)

European Multilingualism : Current Perspectives and Challenges
(Reviewer: Lelija Socanac) - - Rosita Rindler Schjerve; Eva Vetter; (25-Feb-2013)

The Social Construction of Age : Adult Foreign Language Learners
(Reviewer: Trini G. Stickle) - - Patricia Andrew; (04-Apr-2013)

The Making of Monolingual Japan : Language Ideology and Japanese Modernity
(Reviewer: Ken Knight) - - Patrick Heinrich; (26-Feb-2013)

Intensive Exposure Experiences in Second Language Learning
(Reviewer: Jon Clenton) - - Carmen Munoz; (31-Jan-2013)

Implementing Educational Language Policy in Arizona : Legal, Historical and Current Practices in SEI
(Reviewer: Keira Gebbie Ballantyne) - - M. Beatriz Arias; Christian Faltis; (24-Jan-2013)

Lexical Errors and Accuracy in Foreign Language Writing
(Reviewer: ) - - María del Pilar Agustín Llach; (21-Jan-2013)

English-Medium Instruction at Universities : Global Challenges
(Reviewer: Damian J. Rivers) - - Aintzane Doiz; David Lasagabaster; Juan Manuel Sierra; (15-Feb-2013)

Second Language Socialization and Learner Agency : Adoptive Family Talk
(Reviewer: Amanda Lanier Temples) - - Lyn Fogle; (23-Feb-2013)

English - A Changing Medium for Education
(Reviewer: Kun Zhang) - - Constant Leung; Brian V. Street; (03-Feb-2013)

Language and Learning in Multilingual Classrooms : A Practical Approach
(Reviewer: Kirstie Marie Lock) - - Elizabeth Coelho; (11-Dec-2012)

Exploring Japanese University English Teachers’ Professional Identity
(Reviewer: Jennifer Poh Sim Tan) - - Diane Hawley Nagatomo; (04-Dec-2012)

Multilingualism and Creativity
(Reviewer: Ali Karakas) - - Anatoliy Vladimirovich Kharkhurin; (14-Jan-2013)

Speaking and Instructed Foreign Language Acquisition
(Reviewer: ) - - Mirosław Pawlak; Ewa Waniek-Klimczak; Jan Majer; (17-Sep-2012)

Teaching Languages to Students with Specific Learning Differences
(Reviewer: ) - - Judith Kormos; Anne Margaret Smith; (04-Sep-2012)

Theory and Practice in EFL Teacher Education : Bridging the Gap
(Reviewer: ) - - Julia Hüttner; Barbara Mehlmauer-Larcher; Susanne Reichl; Barbara Schiftner; (02-Sep-2012)

Uniformity and Diversity in Language Policy : Global Perspectives
(Reviewer: Marian Sloboda) - - Catrin Norrby; John Hajek; (20-Aug-2012)

Style, Identity and Literacy : English in Singapore
(Reviewer: Carolina I Viera) - - Christopher Stroud; Lionel Wee; (09-Aug-2012)

Context, Individual Differences and Pragmatic Competence
(Reviewer: Wei Ren) - - Naoko Taguchi; (16-May-2012)

Rethinking Bilingual Education in Postcolonial Contexts
(Reviewer: ) - - Feliciano Chimbutane; (05-Apr-2012)

New Trends in Crosslinguistic Influence and Multilingualism Research
(Reviewer: Alicia Pousada) - - Gessica De Angelis; Jean-Marc Adrien Dewaele; (26-Mar-2012)

Immersion Education : Practices, Policies, Possibilities
(Reviewer: ) - - Diane J Tedick; Donna M Christian; Tara Williams Fortune; (05-Mar-2012)

Individual Learner Differences in SLA
(Reviewer: ) - - Janusz Arabski; Adam Wojtaszek; (04-Feb-2012)

The Struggle for Legitimacy : Indigenized Englishes in Settler Schools
(Reviewer: Dave Sayers) - - Andrea Sterzuk; (26-Jan-2012)

Code Choice in the Language Classroom
(Reviewer: Jose Aguilar) - - Glenn S. Levine; (19-Jul-2011)

The Intercultural Dynamics of Multicultural Working
(Reviewer: Anna Marie Trester) - - Manuela Guilherme; Evelyne Glaser; María del Carmen Méndez-García; (06-May-2011)

Ethnographic Fieldwork : A Beginner's Guide
(Reviewer: ) - - Jan Blommaert; Jie Dong; (21-Mar-2011)

Linguistic Relativity in SLA
(Reviewer: Anne Marie Devlin) - - ZhaoHong Han; Teresa Cadierno; (08-Feb-2011)

Implicit and Explicit Knowledge in Second Language Learning, Testing and Teaching
(Reviewer: Darcy Sperlich) - - Rod Ellis; Shawn Loewen; Catherine Elder; Rosemary Erlam; (03-Feb-2011)

Sociolinguistics and Language Education
(Reviewer: ) - - Nancy H. Hornberger; Sandra Lee McKay; (04-Jan-2011)

Teaching Languages Online
(Reviewer: Zoe Louise Handley) - - Carla Meskill; Natasha Anthony; (06-Dec-2010)

Sociolinguistics and the Legal Process
(Reviewer: Donna Patricia Bain Butler) - - Diana Eades; (09-Aug-2010)

The Acquisition of Sociolinguistic Competence in a Study Abroad Context
(Reviewer: Rémi A van Compernolle) - - Vera Regan; Martin Howard; Isabelle R. Ra; (10-Apr-2010)

The Politics of Language Education : Individuals and Institutions
(Reviewer: ) - - J. Charles Alderson; (15-Feb-2010)

Bilingual First Language Acquisition
(Reviewer: ) - - Annick De Houwer; (14-Jan-2010)

The Languages of Africa and the Diaspora : Educating for Language Awareness
(Reviewer: ) - - Jo Anne Kleifgen; George C. Bond; (20-Dec-2009)

The Bilingual Mental Lexicon : Interdisciplinary Approaches
(Reviewer: Matthew T. Carlson) - - Aneta Pavlenko; (15-Dec-2009)

Input Matters in SLA
(Reviewer: ) - - Thorsten Piske; Martha Young-Scholten; (28-Nov-2009)

Language Planning and Policy in Asia, Vol 1 : Japan, Nepal and Taiwan and Chinese Characters
(Reviewer: ) - - Robert B. Kaplan; Richard B. Baldauf Jr.; (02-Jun-2009)

Investigating Pragmatics in Foreign Language Learning, Teaching and Testing
(Reviewer: Iris F. Levitis) - - Eva Alcón Soler; Alicia Martínez-Flor; (21-May-2009)

From Foreign Language Education to Education for Intercultural Citizenship : Essays and Reflections
(Reviewer: Tünde Bajzát) - - Michael Byram; (13-May-2009)

Translation, Globalisation and Localisation : A Chinese Perspective
(Reviewer: ) - - Wang Ning; Sun Yifeng; (12-Dec-2008)

Teacher Collaboration and Talk in Multilingual Classrooms
(Reviewer: Kara Tiffany McAlister) - - Angela Creese; (05-Nov-2008)

Translating Law
(Reviewer: Leonhard A. Voltmer) - - Deborah Cao; (03-Nov-2008)

Language Planning and Policy : Issues in Language Planning and Literacy
(Reviewer: ) - - Anthony J. Liddicoat; (19-Sep-2008)

Vocabulary Learning Strategies and Foreign Language Acquisition
(Reviewer: ) - - Višnja Pavičić Takač; (29-Aug-2008)

Linguistic Landscapes : A comparative study of urban multilingualism in Tokyo
(Reviewer: ) - - Peter Backhaus; (02-Jun-2008)

Regional Nationalism in Spain : Language Use and Ethnic Identity in Galicia
(Reviewer: ) - - Jaine E. Beswick; (06-May-2008)

Minority Languages and Cultural Diversity in Europe : Gaelic and Sorbian Perspectives
(Reviewer: ) - - Konstanze Glaser; (21-Feb-2008)

Linguistic Landscape : A New Approach to Multilingualism
(Reviewer: ) - - Durk Gorter; (10-Apr-2007)

Raising Bilingual-Biliterate Children in Monolingual Cultures
(Reviewer: Kara Tiffany McAlister) - - Stephen J. Caldas; (06-Apr-2007)

Language Loyalty, Language Planning and Language Revitalization : Recent Writings and Reflections from Joshua A. Fishman
(Reviewer: Iris F. Levitis) - - Nancy H. Hornberger; Martin Puetz; (07-Mar-2007)

Foreign Language Teachers and Intercultural Communication
(Reviewer: Leonhard A. Voltmer) - - Lies Sercu; (13-Feb-2007)

In and Out of English : For Better, for Worse?
(Reviewer: Richard W Hallett) - - Gunilla Anderman; Margaret Rogers; (29-Jan-2007)

Language, Space and Power : A Critical Look at Bilingual Education
(Reviewer: ) - - Samina Hadi-Tabassum; (25-Jan-2007)

Phonological Development and Disorders in Children : A Multilingual Perspective
(Reviewer: Leah R. Paltiel-Gedalyovich) - - Zhu Hua; Barbara Dodd; (04-Dec-2006)

Three is a Crowd? : Acquiring Portuguese in a Trilingual Environment
(Reviewer: Emanuel A. da Silva) - - Madalena Cruz-Ferreira; (30-Oct-2006)

Foundations of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism : 4th edition
(Reviewer: ) - - Colin F. Baker; (08-Sep-2006)

Language Diversity in the Pacific : Endangerment and Survival
(Reviewer: Picus Sizhi Ding) - - Denis Cunningham; David E. Ingram; Kenneth Sumbuk; (10-Aug-2006)

Childhood Bilingualism : Research on Infancy through School Age
(Reviewer: Magdalena Anna Fialkowska) - - Peggy McCardle; Erika Hoff; (10-Aug-2006)

Language Learners in Study Abroad Contexts
(Reviewer: Lisa Kristine DeWaard) - - Margaret A. DuFon; Eton Churchill; (31-Jul-2006)

Cross-Linguistic Influences in the Second Language Lexicon
(Reviewer: Julie Bruch) - - Janusz Arabski; (07-Jul-2006)

Directions in Applied Linguistics
(Reviewer: ) - - Paul Bruthiaux; Dwight Atkinson; William G. Eggington; William Grabe; Vaidehi Ramanathan; (21-Apr-2006)

Theatrical Translation and Film Adaptation : A Practitioner's View
(Reviewer: ) - - Phyllis Zatlin; (08-Mar-2006)

Language and Aging in Multilingual Contexts
(Reviewer: ) - - Kees de Bot; Sinfree Makoni; (04-Feb-2006)

Language Decline and Death in Africa : Causes, Consequences and Challenges
(Reviewer: Michael C. Cahill) - - Herman Batibo; (14-Dec-2005)

Decolonisation, Globalisation : Language-in-Education Policy and Practice
(Reviewer: Nkonko M. Kamwangamalu) - - Angel M.Y. Lin; Peter W. Martin; (08-Nov-2005)

Politeness in Europe
(Reviewer: Susan Meredith Burt) - - Leo Hickey; Miranda Stewart; (17-Oct-2005)

Second Language Writing Systems
(Reviewer: ) - - Vivian James Cook; Benedetta Bassetti; (16-Sep-2005)

Translation and Religion : Holy Untranslatable?
(Reviewer: Charles G. Häberl) - - Lynne Long; (21-Sep-2005)

Third Language Learners : Pragmatic Production and Awareness
(Reviewer: Qichang Ye) - - Maria Pilar Safont Jordà; (29-Aug-2005)

Ebonics : The Urban education Debate
(Reviewer: Nkonko M. Kamwangamalu) - - David Ramirez; Terrence G. Wiley; Gerda de Klerk; Enid Lee; Wayne E. Wright; (22-Jun-2005)

Distance Education and Languages : Evolution and Change
(Reviewer: ) - - Borje Holmberg; Monica Shelley; Cynthia White; (13-Jun-2005)

Managing Multilingualism in a European Nation-State : Challenges for Sweden
(Reviewer: Suzanne K Hilgendorf) - - Sally Boyd; Leena Huss; (15-Jun-2002)

The Role of Discourse Analysis for Translation and Translator Training
(Reviewer: ) - - Christina Schäffner; (24-Aug-2002)

Interpretation : Techniques and Exercises
(Reviewer: Ingrid Mosquera Gende) - - James Nolan; (09-Jun-2005)

Focus on French as a Foreign Language : Multidisciplinary Approaches
(Reviewer: Bonnibeth Beale Fonseca-Greber) - - Jean-Marc Adrien Dewaele; (09-Jun-2005)

Spelling Trouble? : Language, Ideology and the Reform of German Orthography
(Reviewer: Geoffrey Sampson) - - Sally Johnson; (03-Jun-2005)

Medium or Message? : Langauge and Faith in Ethnic Churches
(Reviewer: ) - - Anya Woods; (04-Jun-2005)

The English-Vernacular Divide : Post colonial Language Politics and Practice
(Reviewer: Joseph Benjamin Archibald Afful) - - Vaidehi Ramanathan; (28-May-2005)

Urban Multilingualism in Europe : Immigrant Minority Languages at Home and School
(Reviewer: Sebastian M. Rasinger) - - Guus Extra; Kutlay Yagmur; (18-May-2005)

The Interpreter's Guide to the Vehicular Accident Lawsuit
(Reviewer: José L. Varela-Ibarra) - - Josef F Buenker; (18-May-2005)

Bilingual Education in South America
(Reviewer: ) - - Anne-Marie de Mejía; (11-May-2005)

Frae Ither Tongues : Essays on Modern Translation into Scots
(Reviewer: Dave W. H. Cochran) - - Bill Findlay; (26-Apr-2005)

Translation Research and Interpreting Research : Traditions, Gaps and Synergies
(Reviewer: ) - - Christina Schäffner; (21-Apr-2005)

Developing in Two Languages : Korean Children in America
(Reviewer: ) - - Sarah J. Shin; (02-Apr-2005)

An Intercultural Approach to English Language Teaching
(Reviewer: Karma C. Dolma) - - John Corbett; (26-Mar-2005)

Age, Accent and Experience in Second Language Acquisition : An Integrated Approach to Critical Period Inquiry
(Reviewer: Jenifer Larson-Hall) - - Alene Moyer; (10-Mar-2005)

Language Acquisition : The Age Factor
(Reviewer: ) - - David M. Singleton; Lisa Ryan; (15-Feb-2005)

Language Discourse and Borders in the Yugoslav Successor States
(Reviewer: ) - - Helen Kelly-Holmes; Brigitta Busch; (24-Jan-2005)

Maintaining a Minority Language : A Case Study of Hispanic Teenagers
(Reviewer: ) - - John Gibbons; Elizabeth Ramirez; (19-Jan-2005)

Language Planning and Policy in Africa Vol 1 : Botswana, Malawi, Mozambique and South Africa
(Reviewer: ) - - Richard B. Baldauf Jr.; Robert B. Kaplan; (07-Dec-2004)

Beyond the Beginnings : Literacy Interventions for Upper Elementary English Language Learners
(Reviewer: Stacia Ann Levy) - - Angela Carrasquillo; Stephen B. Kucer; Ruth Abrams; (20-Nov-2004)

Language Strategies for Bilingual Families : The One-Parent One-Language Approach
(Reviewer: ) - - Suzanne Barron-Hauwaert; (28-Oct-2004)

Studying Speaking to Inform Second Language Learning
(Reviewer: John M. Levis) - - Diana Boxer; Andrew D Cohen; (27-Aug-2004)

A Practical Guide for Translators : Fourth Edition
(Reviewer: Irmeli Hannele Helin) - - Geoffrey Samuelsson-Brown; (18-Aug-2004)

Fossilization in Adult Second Language Acquisition
(Reviewer: ) - - ZhaoHong Han; (03-Aug-2004)

New Language Bearings in Africa : A Fresh Quest
(Reviewer: ) - - Margaret Jepkirui Muthwii; Angelina Nduku Kioko; (03-Aug-2004)

English in Africa : After the Cold War
(Reviewer: Brent Mykel Henderson) - - Alamin M. Mazrui; (20-Jun-2004)

Negotiation of Identitites in Multilingual Contexts
(Reviewer: Marian Sloboda) - - Aneta Pavlenko; Adrian Blackledge; (07-Jun-2004)

Languages in America : A Pluralistic View
(Reviewer: Brianna G Grohman) - - Susan J. Dicker; (05-Jun-2004)

Critical Pedagogy : Political Approaches to Language and Intercultural Communication
(Reviewer: Laura Michele Callahan) - - Alison Phipps; Manuela Guilherme; (05-Jun-2004)

Bilingualism and Social Relations : Turkish Speakers in North Western Europe
(Reviewer: Janet M. Fuller) - - J. Normann Jørgensen; (20-May-2004)

A Dynamic Model of Multilingualism: Perspectives of Change in Psycholinguistics
(Reviewer: ) - - Philip Herdina; Ulrike Jessner; (03-Oct-2003)

Understanding Deaf Culture : In Search of Deafhood
(Reviewer: Michael W Morgan) - - Paddy Ladd; (10-Dec-2003)

Age and the Acquisition of English as a Foreign Language
(Reviewer: Laura Loder Büchel) - - M. Pilar García - Mayo; Maria Luisa Garcia Lecumberri; (10-Sep-2003)

Learning to Request in a Second Language : Child Interlanguage Pragmatics
(Reviewer: ) - - Machiko Achiba; (10-Aug-2003)

Making Sense in Sign : A Lifeline for a Deaf Child
(Reviewer: Christen M Pearson) - - Jenny Froude; (05-Aug-2003)

Translation Today : Trends and Perspectives
(Reviewer: ) - - Gunilla Anderman; Margaret Rogers; (06-Nov-2003)

The Effects of the Second Language on the First
(Reviewer: ) - - Vivian James Cook; (06-Jun-2003)

Portraits of the L2 User
(Reviewer: Jette G. Hansen) - - Vivian James Cook; (05-Nov-2003)

Crossing Barriers and Bridging Cultures
(Reviewer: Mekki B. Elbadri) - - Arturo Tosi; (03-Apr-2003)

Language & Literacy Teaching for Indigenous Education : A Bilingual Approach
(Reviewer: ) - - Norbert Francis; Jon Reyhner; (04-Jan-2003)

Guia para padres y maestron de ninos bilingues
(Reviewer: Shaw Nicholas Gynan) - - Alma Flor Ada; Colin F. Baker; (03-Feb-2003)

Power, Prestige and Bilingualism : International Perspectives on Elite Bilingualism
(Reviewer: Joseph Sung-Yul Park) - - Anne-Marie de Mejía; (02-Jun-2003)

Beyond Boundaries : Language & Identity in Contemporary Europe
(Reviewer: Guido Josef Oebel) - - Paul Gubbins; Mike Holt; (01-Jul-2003)

Identity and the Young English Language Learner
(Reviewer: ) - - Elaine Mellen Day; (02-Dec-2002)

Language and Literacy In Bilingual Children
(Reviewer: ) - - Rebecca E. Eilers; D. Kimbrough Oller; (02-Sep-2002)

World English : A Study of Its Development
(Reviewer: Elizabeth M. Erling) - - Janina Brutt-Griffler; (02-Aug-2002)

Language Minority Students in the Mainstream Classroom
(Reviewer: ) - - Angela Carrasquillo; Vivian Rodriguez; (08-Dec-2002)

Literary Translation : A Practical Guide
(Reviewer: ) - - Clifford E. Landers; (02-Jun-2002)

Literary Translation : 'A Practical Guide'
(Reviewer: ) - - (01-Apr-2002)

Cross-linguistic Influence in Third Language Acquisition
(Reviewer: ) - - Jasone Cenoz; Britta Hufeisen; Ulrike Jessner; (24-Mar-2002)

How to Teach Modern Languages -- And Survive!
(Reviewer: ) - - Jan Pleuger; (16-Mar-2002)

Mentor Development in the Education of Modern Language Teachers
(Reviewer: Nadia P. Economou) - - (25-Feb-2002)

The Interpreter's Resource
(Reviewer: David Wilmsen) - - Mary Phelan; (29-Jan-2002)

Foundations of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism
(Reviewer: ) - - Colin F. Baker; (05-Nov-2001)

Learning English at School
(Reviewer: ) - - Kelleen Toohey; (30-Oct-2001)

Language, Power and Pedagogy: Bilingual Children in the Crossfire
(Reviewer: Marc Deneire) - - Jim Cummins; (12-Oct-2001)

Foundations of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism
(Reviewer: ) - - Colin F. Baker; (09-Sep-2001)

Language Revitalization Processes and Prospects: Quichua in the Ecuadorian Andes
(Reviewer: ) - - Kendall A. King; (14-Aug-2001)

Translation and Nation: A Cultural Politics of Englishness
(Reviewer: ) - - Roger Ellis; Liz Oakley-Brown; (08-Aug-2001)

Reflections on Multiliterate Lives
(Reviewer: ) - - Diane Belcher; Ulla Connor; (01-Aug-2001)

The Other Languages of Europe
(Reviewer: ) - - Guus Extra; Durk Gorter; (22-Jul-2001)

Motivation in Language Planning and Language Policy
(Reviewer: ) - - Dennis Ernest Ager; (06-Jul-2001)

Language Revitalization Processes and Prospects: Quichua in the Ecuadorian Andes
(Reviewer: John Charles Smith) - - Kendall A. King; (02-Jul-2001)

Multilingualism in Spain
(Reviewer: ) - - M. Teresa Turell; (13-Jun-2001)

Language Planning in Nepal, Taiwan and Sweden
(Reviewer: ) - - Richard B. Baldauf Jr.; Robert B. Kaplan; (12-Jun-2001)

Language and Society in a Changing Italy
(Reviewer: ) - - Arturo Tosi; (30-Apr-2001)

Can Threatened Languages Be Saved?
(Reviewer: ) - - Joshua A Fishman; (24-Apr-2001)

Language and Society in a Changing Italy
(Reviewer: ) - - Arturo Tosi; (20-Apr-2001)

French - An Accommodating Language? / Le français: langue d'accueil?
(Reviewer: ) - - Sue-Ellen Wright; (17-Apr-2001)

Multilingualism in Spain
(Reviewer: ) - - M. Teresa Turell; (16-Apr-2001)

Can Threatened Languages Be Saved?
(Reviewer: Kendall (Ken) Don Decker) - - Joshua A Fishman; (03-Apr-2001)

French - An Accommodating Language? / Le français: langue d'accueil?
(Reviewer: ) - - Sue-Ellen Wright; (28-Mar-2001)

French Words: Past, Present and Future
(Reviewer: ) - - Malcolm Offord; (27-Mar-2001)

Language, Power and Pedagogy: Bilingual Children in the Crossfire
(Reviewer: Glenn A. Martinez) - - Jim Cummins; (22-Feb-2001)

At War with Diversity: U.S. Language Policy in an Age of Anxiety
(Reviewer: ) - - James Crawford; (21-Feb-2001)

English in Europe- The Acquisition of a Third Language
(Reviewer: Matthew H. Ciscel) - - Jasone Cenoz; Ulrike Jessner; (21-Feb-2001)

Learning English at School
(Reviewer: Matthew H. Ciscel) - - Kelleen Toohey; (27-Jan-2001)

English in Europe- The Acquisition of a Third Language
(Reviewer: Malcolm Awadajin Finney) - - Jasone Cenoz; Ulrike Jessner; (23-Jan-2001)

The Care and Education of Young Bilinguals: An Introduction for Professionals
(Reviewer: Alexander Raymond Makasa Kasonde) - - Colin F. Baker; (31-Jan-2001)

A Parents' and Teachers' Guide to Bilingualism (2nd Edition)
(Reviewer: ) - - Colin F. Baker; (23-Jan-2001)

At War with Diversity: U.S. Language Policy in an Age of Anxiety
(Reviewer: Laura Michele Callahan) - - James Crawford; (14-Dec-2000)

The Sociopolitics of English Language Teaching
(Reviewer: Dipika M. Mukherjee) - - William G. Eggington; Joan Kelly Hall; (25-Nov-2000)

Translation in the Global Village
(Reviewer: Jacobus A. Naude) - - Christina Schäffner; (27-Oct-2000)

Community and Communication
(Reviewer: ) - - Sue Wright; (23-Oct-2000)

The Care and Education of Young Bilinguals: An Introduction for Professionals
(Reviewer: ) - - Colin F. Baker; (04-Oct-2000)

New Perspectives On Teaching And Learning Modern Languages
(Reviewer: ) - - Simon Green; (20-Sep-2000)

A Parents' and Teachers' Guide to Bilingualism (2nd Edition)
(Reviewer: ) - - Colin F. Baker; (14-Sep-2000)