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Directions for Old Frisian Philology
(Reviewer: Benjamin G Jones) - - Rolf H. Bremmer Jr.; Stephen Laker; Oebele Vries; (02-Jul-2015)

English Corpus Linguistics : Variation in Time, Space and Genre: Selected papers from ICAME 32
(Reviewer: Kim Ebensgaard Jensen) - - Gisle Andersen; Kristin Bech; (21-Jan-2014)

Pragmática y comunicación intercultural en el mundo hispanohablante.
(Reviewer: Mary Hudgens Henderson) - - María Elena Placencia; Carmen García; (24-Jul-2013)

Discourse and language learning across L2 instructional settings
(Reviewer: Erhan Aslan) - - Eva Alcón Soler; Maria Safont-Jordà; (27-May-2013)

A resource-light approach to morpho-syntactic tagging
(Reviewer: Michael B. Maxwell) - - Anna Feldman; Jirka Hana; (17-Dec-2010)

Corpus-linguistic applications. : Current studies, new directions.
(Reviewer: ) - - Stefan Th. Gries; Stefanie Wulff; Mark Davies; (17-Aug-2010)

Corpora: Pragmatics and Discourse : Papers from the 29th International Conference on English Language Research on Computerized Corpora (ICAME 29). Ascona, Switzerland, 14-18 May 2008.
(Reviewer: Lamont D. Antieau) - - Andreas H. Jucker; Daniel Schreier; Marianne Hundt; (23-Jun-2010)

Bells Chiming from the Past : Cultural and Linguistic Studies on Early English
(Reviewer: Jonathan A. Glenn) - - Isabel Moskowich-Spiegel; Begoña Crespo; (12-Dec-2008)

Tense, Mood and Aspect : Theoretical and Descriptive Issues
(Reviewer: ) - - Louis A. de Saussure; Jacques Moeschler; Genoveva Puskás; (20-Aug-2008)

Corpus Linguistics 25 Years On
(Reviewer: ) - - Roberta Facchinetti; (22-Apr-2008)

Corpus Linguistics Around the World
(Reviewer: ) - - Andrew Wilson; Dawn Archer; Paul Rayson; (24-Feb-2007)

The Changing Face of Corpus Linguistics
(Reviewer: ) - - Antoinette Renouf; Andrew Kehoe; (04-Dec-2006)

Temporalité et attitude : Structuration du discours et expression de la modalité
(Reviewer: ) - - Arie Molendijk; Co Vet; (25-Sep-2005)

English Ditransitive Verbs. : Aspects of Theory, Description and a Usage-based Model.
(Reviewer: ) - - Joybrato Mukherjee; (02-Jul-2005)

The progressive in 19th-century English : A process of integration.
(Reviewer: ) - - Erik Smitterberg; (08-Jun-2005)

Crosslinguistic Views on Tense, Aspect and Modality
(Reviewer: Raquel Meister Ko Freitag) - - Bart Hollerbrandse; Angeliek Van Hout; Co Vet; (14-May-2005)

Use and effect of declarative information in user instructions.
(Reviewer: Umarani Pappuswamy) - - Joyce Karreman; (19-Mar-2005)

Translation-based corpus studies. : Contrasting English and Portuguese tense and aspect systems.
(Reviewer: ) - - Diana M. S. M. P. Santos; (07-Mar-2005)

Advances in Corpus Linguistics. : Papers from the 23rd International Conference on English Language Research on Computerized Corpora (ICAME 23) Göteborg 22-26 May 2002.
(Reviewer: Rolf Michael Kreyer) - - Karin Aijmer; Bengt Altenberg; (10-Jan-2005)

Handlungsorientierter Fremdsprachenunterricht. : Ein Trainingsprogramm zur Kompetenzentwicklung für den Beruf.
(Reviewer: Guido Josef Oebel) - - Gisela Linthout; Wolfgang Herrlitz; Gabriele Schmitz-Schwamborn; Monika Veldenz-Dunne; Mathi Vijgen; (19-Jun-2004)

Studies in English Historical Lexicography, Lexicology and Semantics
(Reviewer: Niladri Sekhar Dash) - - Javier E Díaz Vera; (15-Feb-2004)

Corpus Analysis. : Language Structure and Language Use.
(Reviewer: ) - - Pepi Leistyna; Charles F. Meyer; (12-Dec-2003)

Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands 2002. : Selected Papers from the Thirteenth CLIN Meeting.
(Reviewer: ) - - Tanja Gaustad; (11-Sep-2003)

Modes de repérages temporels.
(Reviewer: ) - - Sylvie Mellet; Marcel Vuillaume; (03-Aug-2003)

Les temps du passé français et leur enseignement.
(Reviewer: ) - - Emmanuelle Labeau; Pierre Larrivée; (01-Aug-2003)

Zur Etymologie lexikalisierter Farbwortverbindungen. : Untersuchungen anhand der Farben Rot, Gelb, Grün und Blau.
(Reviewer: Guido Josef Oebel) - - Christiane Wanzeck; (03-Jul-2003)

Zur Etymologie lexikalisierter Farbwortverbindungen. : Untersuchungen anhand der Farben Rot, Gelb, Grün und Blau.
(Reviewer: Guido Josef Oebel) - - Christiane Wanzeck; (03-Jul-2003)

Information Structure in a Cross-linguistic Perspective.
(Reviewer: ) - - Hilde Hasselgård; Stig Johansson; Bergljot Behrens; Cathrine Fabricius-Hansen; (03-May-2003)

Language Change in English Newspaper Editorials.
(Reviewer: ) - - Ingrid Westin; (01-Jan-2003)

Language Change in English Newspaper Editorials.
(Reviewer: ) - - Ingrid Westin; (01-Jan-2003)

Temps et aspect: de la grammaire au lexique.
(Reviewer: ) - - Céline Benninger; Véronique Lagae; Anne Carlier; (01-Jan-2003)

Parallel corpora, parallel worlds. : Selected papers from a symposium on parallel and comparable corpora at Uppsala University, Sweden, 22-23 April, 1999.
(Reviewer: ) - - Lars Borin; (02-Dec-2002)

From the COLT’s mouth ... and others’. : Language Corpora Studies. In honour of Anna-Brita Stenström.
(Reviewer: ) - - Leiv Egil Breivik; Angela Hasselgreen; (12-Nov-2002)

Teaching and Learning by Doing Corpus Analysis. : Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Teaching and Language Corpora, Graz 19-24 July, 2000.
(Reviewer: ) - - Bernhard Ketteman; Georg Marko; (02-Oct-2002)

Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands 2000.Selected Papers from the Eleventh CLIN Meeting
(Reviewer: Pablo Ariel Duboue) - - Walter Daelemans; Khalil Sima'an; Jorn Veenstra; Jakub Zavrel; (06-Oct-2002)

Wh-Clauses in English: Aspects of Theory and Description
(Reviewer: David J. Parkinson) - - Joe Trotta; (16-Mar-2002)

Form and Function of Parasyntactic Presentation Structures: A Corpus-based Study of Talk Units in Spoken English
(Reviewer: ) - - Joybrato Mukherjee; (22-Oct-2001)

Languages in Contact
(Reviewer: ) - - Dicky Gilbers; John Nerbonne; Jos Schaeken; (12-Oct-2001)

A Thesaurus of Old English
(Reviewer: ) - - Lynne Grundy; Christian J. Kay; Jane Roberts; (30-Aug-2001)

Le Présent En Français
(Reviewer: ) - - Pierre Le Goffice; (24-Aug-2001)

Description of the Greek Individual Verbal Systems
(Reviewer: ) - - Henri M van de Laar; (15-Mar-2001)

Multi-Word Verbs in Early Modern English
(Reviewer: ) - - Claudia Claridge; (13-Mar-2001)

Amsterdamer Beiträge zur Älteren Germanistik Vol. 55
(Reviewer: Guido Josef Oebel) - - Erika Langbroek; Annelies Roeleveld; Paula Vermeyden; Arend Quak; (21-Mar-2001)

Multilingual Corpora in Teaching and Research
(Reviewer: Niladri Sekhar Dash) - - Simon P. Botley; Andrew Wilson; Anthony Mark McEnery; (25-Nov-2000)

Passé et Parfait
(Reviewer: Robert I Binnick) - - Céline Benninger; Véronique Lagae; Anne Carlier; (06-Nov-2000)

Corpora Galore: Analyses and Techniques in Describing English
(Reviewer: ) - - John M Kirk; (09-Sep-2000)