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Language Alternation, Language Choice and Language Encounter in International Tertiary Education
(Reviewer: Cecily Brainerd Corbett) - - Hartmut Haberland, Dorte Lønsmann, Bent Preisler (30-Jan-2014)

Lexical Availability in English and Spanish as a Second Language
(Reviewer: Jonathan Clenton) - - Rosa María Jiménez Catalán (23-Jan-2014)

Language Teacher Education in a Multilingual Context : Experiences from Hong Kong
(Reviewer: Christina Nicole Giannikas) - - John Trent, Xuesong Andy Gao, Mingyue Gu (07-Jan-2014)

Universal Grammar and the Second Language Classroom
(Reviewer: Alexandra Galani) - - Melinda Whong, Kook-Hee Gil, Heather Marsden (15-Dec-2013)

Brunei English : A New Variety in a Multilingual Society
(Reviewer: Gabriela Anidora Brozba) - - David Deterding (09-Nov-2013)

Studies in the Compostion and Decomposition of Event Predicates
(Reviewer: Eugenia Romanova) - - Boban Arsenijević, Berit Gehrke, Rafael Marín (14-Sep-2013)

Research on Old French : The State of the Art
(Reviewer: Catharina Peersman) - - Deborah L. Arteaga (27-Jun-2013)

Interpreting Imperatives
(Reviewer: Mary Johnson) - - Magdalena Kaufmann (07-Feb-2013)

Semantics of Genitive Objects in Russian : A Study of Genitive of Negation and Intensional Genitive Case
(Reviewer: Lauren Ressue) - - Olga E. Kagan (25-Jan-2013)

Phi-features and the Modular Architecture of Language
(Reviewer: Michael J. M. Barrie) - - Milan Rezac (20-Oct-2012)

(Reviewer: Amy R. Frederick) - - Brian V. Street, Nancy H. Hornberger (16-Jul-2012)

Handbook of Generative Approaches to Language Acquisition
(Reviewer: Darcy Sperlich) - - Jill de Villiers, Thomas Roeper (10-Feb-2012)

Ecology of Language
(Reviewer: Anna Gonerko-Frej) - - Angela Creese, Peter W. Martin, Nancy H. Hornberger (27-Sep-2011)

Corrective Feedback, Individual Differences and Second Language Learning
(Reviewer: Christopher D. Sams) - - Younghee Sheen (19-Sep-2011)

Handbook of Descriptive Linguistic Fieldwork
(Reviewer: Daniel William Hieber) - - Shobhana Lakshmi Chelliah, Willem J. de Reuse (05-Aug-2011)

Second and Foreign Language Education
(Reviewer: Melodie Lorie Cook) - - Nelleke Van Deusen-Scholl, Nancy H. Hornberger (14-Feb-2011)

Linking : The Geometry of Argument Structure
(Reviewer: Eva Wittenberg) - - Janet H. Randall (21-Dec-2010)

Dissociation in Argumentative Discussions : A Pragma-Dialectical Perspective
(Reviewer: Assimakis Tseronis) - - Agnes van Rees (27-Feb-2010)

Language Policy and Nation-Building in Post-Apartheid South Africa
(Reviewer: Kirsten Colquhoun) - - Jon Orman (16-Dec-2009)

Space in Languages of China : Cross-linguistic, Synchronic and Diachronic Perspectives
(Reviewer: Irina Sergeevna Borozdina) - - Dan Xu (02-Jun-2009)

G.W. Leibniz. The Art of Controversies
(Reviewer: Anne Reboul) - - Marcelo Dascal (17-Apr-2009)

Time and Modality
(Reviewer: Nilufer Gultekin Sener) - - Jacqueline Guéron, Jacqueline Laurence Lecarme (09-Apr-2009)

Topic and Focus : Cross-linguistic Perspectives on Meaning and Intonation
(Reviewer: Philip W. Davis) - - Chungmin Lee, Matthew K Gordon, Daniel Büring (12-Dec-2008)

Diagrammatology : An Investigation on the Borderlines of Phenomenology, Ontology, and Semiotics
(Reviewer: Elisabeth Birk) - - Frederik Stjernfelt (28-Nov-2008)

Copular Sentences in Russian : A Theory of Intra-Clausal Relations
(Reviewer: Andrew Carnie) - - Asya Pereltsvaig (05-Nov-2008)

Differential Subject Marking
(Reviewer: Mohammad Rasekh Mahand) - - Helen de Hoop, Peter De Swart (05-Nov-2008)

Mathematical Linguistics
(Reviewer: Alexandre Allauzen) - - Andras Kornai (05-Nov-2008)

Syntax and Semantics of Prepositions
(Reviewer: Rachele De Felice) - - Patrick Saint-Dizier (11-Sep-2008)

Ergativity : Emerging Issues
(Reviewer: Patrycja Jablonska) - - Alana Johns, Diane Massam, Juvenal Ndayiragije (01-Jul-2008)

Arabic Computational Morphology : Knowledge-based and Empirical Methods
(Reviewer: Adel Jebali) - - Abdelhadi Soudi, Antal P van den Bosch, Günter Neumann (03-Jun-2008)

Event Structure and the Left Periphery : Studies on Hungarian
(Reviewer: Michael D Moss) - - Katalin É. Kiss (03-Jun-2008)

Evolutionary Epistemology, Language and Culture : A non-adaptationist, systems theoretical approach
(Reviewer: Jason Brown) - - Nathalie Gontier, Jean Paul van Bendegem, Diederik Aerts (13-Jan-2007)

Spoken Multimodal Human-Computer Dialogue in Mobile Environments
(Reviewer: Petra Gieselmann) - - Wolfgang Minker, Dirk Bühler, Laila Dybkjær (28-Sep-2006)

Inner Speech -L2 : Thinking Words in a Second Language
(Reviewer: Anna Franca Plastina) - - Maria C.M de Guerrero (26-Apr-2006)

Non-Native Language Teachers : Perceptions, Challenges and Contributions to the Profession
(Reviewer: Burcu Ates) - - Enric Llurda (17-Apr-2006)

Writing in Context(s) : Textual Practices and Learning Processes in Sociocultural Settings
(Reviewer: Vera Sheridan) - - Triantafillia Kostouli (17-Apr-2006)

Handbook of Word-Formation
(Reviewer: Kalyanamalini Sahoo) - - Pavol Štekauer, Rochelle Lieber (04-Apr-2006)