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Understanding Language Choices
(Reviewer: Laura Carmel Diver) - - Kendall (Ken) Don Decker; John Grummitt; (16-May-2014)

Comanche Dictionary and Grammar, Second Edition
(Reviewer: ) - - Lila Wistrand-Robinson; James Armagost; (20-Mar-2013)

The Kifuliiru Language volume 1: Phonology, Tone, and Morphology Derivation
(Reviewer: Michael R. Marlo) - - Karen Van Otterloo; (17-Oct-2012)

Mon-Khmer Studies 38: A Journal of Southeast Asian Languages and Cultures
(Reviewer: ) - - Kenneth Gregerson; (16-Nov-2010)

The Phonology of Mono
(Reviewer: ) - - Kenneth S. Olson; (05-Jul-2006)

The In-Between People : Language and Culture Maintenance and Mother-Tongue Education in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea
(Reviewer: ) - - Dennis Lee Malone; (19-Oct-2005)

Ethnologue : Languages of the World, 15th Edition
(Reviewer: ) - - (12-Sep-2005) (Out of Print)

K'iche': A Study in the Sociology of Language
(Reviewer: ) - - M. Paul Lewis; (06-Sep-2002)

Borrowing Versus Code-Switching
(Reviewer: ) - - Richard J. Nivens; (11-May-2005)

Case and Agreement in Abaza
(Reviewer: ) - - Bruno Hérin; (30-Nov-2004)

Language and Life: Essays in Memory of Kenneth L. Pike
(Reviewer: Carolyn G. Hartnett) - - Mary Ruth Wise; Thomas N. Headland; Ruth M. Brend; (20-Oct-2004)

Articulatory Phonetics, Third Edition : Tools for Analyzing the World's Languages
(Reviewer: ) - - Anita C. Bickford; Rick Floyd; (20-Sep-2004) (Out of Print)

Pragmatics of Persuasive Discourse in Spanish Television Advertising
(Reviewer: ) - - Karol J. Hardin; (12-Mar-2002)

Quiegolani Zapotec Syntax: A Principles and Parameters Account
(Reviewer: ) - - Cheryl Black; (27-Feb-2002)

Logical Relations in Discourse
(Reviewer: ) - - Eugene E Loos; (23-Oct-1999)

Aspects of Zaiwa Prosody: An Autosegmental Account
(Reviewer: ) - - Mark W Wannemacher; (29-Jul-1999)

Local Literacies: Theory and Practice
(Reviewer: ) - - Glenys Waters; (02-Jul-1999)

A Survey of Linguistic Theories: Third Edition
(Reviewer: ) - - Jerold A. Edmondson; Donald A. Burquest; (25-Jun-1999)

Case Grammar Applied
(Reviewer: ) - - Walter A Cook; (20-Dec-1998)

The Early Days of Sociolinguistics: Memories and Reflections
(Reviewer: ) - - Christina Bratt Paulston; G. Richard Tucker; (13-Apr-1998) (Out of Print)

Comparative Kadai: the Tai Branch
(Reviewer: Patrick C Ryan) - - Jerold A. Edmondson; David B. Solnit; (10-Sep-1997)