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The Discourse of Tourism and National Heritage : A Contrastive Study from a Cultural Perspective
(Reviewer: Richard W Hallett) - - Claudia Elena Stoian; (18-Jan-2017)

Issues in English Education in the Arab World
(Reviewer: Asmaa Shehata) - - Rahma Al-Mahrooqi; Christopher Denman; (18-Jan-2017)

Englishes Today : Multiple Varieties, Multiple Perspectives
(Reviewer: Ana Lucia Simoes Borges Fonseca) - - Cristina Suárez-Gómez; Elena Seoane; (05-Jan-2017)

Word Formation and Transparency in Medical English
(Reviewer: Bruno O. Maroneze) - - Pius Ten Hacken; Renáta Panocová; (04-Jan-2017)

Nominal Syntax at the Interfaces: A Comparative Analysis of Languages With Articles
(Reviewer: Joseph W Windsor) - - Giuliana Giusti; (15-Nov-2016)

Language at Work : Analysing Language Use in Work, Education, Medical and Museum Contexts
(Reviewer: Zsuzsanna Zsubrinszky) - - Helen de Silva Joyce; (19-Oct-2016)

Studies in Linguistic Variation and Change: From Old to Middle English
(Reviewer: Mark Faulkner) - - Fabienne Toupin; Brian Lowrey; (10-Feb-2017)

Languaging Diversity: Identities, Genres, Discourses
(Reviewer: Maria Assunta Ciardullo) - - Giuseppe Balirano; Maria Cristina Nisco; (09-Dec-2016)

Academic Discourse across Cultures
(Reviewer: Sibo Chen) - - Igor Lakić; Branka Živković; Milica Vuković; (17-Oct-2016)

Discourse In and Through the Media: Recontextualizing and Reconceptualizing Expert Discourse
(Reviewer: Kelly E Wright) - - Marina Bondi; Silvia Cacchiani; Davide Mazzi; (27-Oct-2016)

To be or not to be? The Verbum Substantivum from Synchronic, Diachronic and Typological Perspectives
(Reviewer: Maria Stambolieva) - - Michail L. Kotin; Richard Jason Whitt; (27-Oct-2016)

A Grammar of Cameroonian Pidgin
(Reviewer: David Douglas Robertson) - - Nkemngong Nkengasong; (09-Sep-2016)

The Grammar and Lexis of Conversational Informal English in Advanced Textbooks
(Reviewer: Elizabeth (Betsy) Craig) - - María Dolores Fernández Gavela; (26-Aug-2016)

English for Academic Purposes: Approaches and Implications
(Reviewer: Ileana Maria Chersan) - - Paul Thompson; Giuliana Diani; (08-Aug-2016)

The Practice of Foreign Language Teaching: Theories and Applications
(Reviewer: Achilleas I. Kostoulas) - - Azamat Akbarov; (23-May-2016)

Contextualizing Translation Theories : Aspects of Arabic–English Interlingual Communication
(Reviewer: Vivian Lee) - - Mohammed Farghal; Ali Almanna; (06-May-2016)

Crossing Phonetics-Phonology Lines
(Reviewer: Amanda Dalola) - - Eugeniusz Cyran; Jolanta Szpyra-Kozłowska; (24-Aug-2015)

Best Practices for Spoken Corpora in Linguistic Research
(Reviewer: Yolanda Rivera Castillo) - - Şükriye Ruhi; Michael Haugh; Thomas Schmidt; Kai Wörner; (27-May-2015)

Collected Articles of the 3rd International Linguistics Conference (Taganrog, Russia)
(Reviewer: Irina Ustinova) - - Galina T. Polenova; Tatiana G Klikushina; (22-May-2015)

Computer-Assisted Language Learning : Learners, Teachers and Tools
(Reviewer: Nadia P. Economou) - - Jeong-Bae Son; (16-Apr-2015)

The Friulian Language: Identity, Migration, Culture
(Reviewer: Simone Mattiola) - - Rosa Mucignat; (26-Jan-2015)

Politeness through the Prism of Requests, Apologies and Refusals : A Case of Advanced Serbian EFL Learners
(Reviewer: Leila Khabbazi-Oskouei) - - Milica Savić; (26-Jan-2015)

Grammatical Development of Chinese among Non-native Speakers : From a Processability Account
(Reviewer: ) - - Xiaojing Wang; (12-Dec-2014)

Translation in Language Teaching and Assessment
(Reviewer: ) - - Dina Tsagari; Georgios Floros; (21-Oct-2014)

Conversion in English : A Cognitive Semantic Approach
(Reviewer: Lixia Susan Cheng) - - Sándor Martsa; (08-Jun-2014)

Aspects of Linguistic Impoliteness
(Reviewer: Leila Khabbazi-Oskouei) - - Manuel Jobert; Denis L. Jamet; (26-Jan-2014)

Multilingual Trends in a Globalized World : Prospects and Challenges
(Reviewer: Elizabeth Maria Kissling) - - Navin Kumar Singh; (23-Jan-2014)

Analysing Secondary Predication in East Asian Languages
(Reviewer: Benjamin Brosig) - - Ryosuke Shibagaki; (04-Nov-2013)

Exploring English Phonetics
(Reviewer: J. Kevin Varden) - - Tatjana Paunović; Biljana Čubrović; (04-Sep-2013)

A Phonetic and Phonological Account of the Civili Vowel Duration
(Reviewer: Yolanda Rivera Castillo) - - Hugues Steve Ndinga-Koumba-Binza; (17-Jul-2013)

Language, from a Biological Point of View : Current Issues in Biolinguistics
(Reviewer: Jakob Michael Steixner) - - Cedric Boeckx; María del Carmen Horno-Chéliz; José-Luis Mendívil-Giró; (06-Nov-2013)

Language and Humour in the Media
(Reviewer: Ksenia Mikhailovna Shilikhina) - - Jan Chovanec; Isabel Ermida; (05-Jun-2013)

What’s in a Text? Inquiries into the Textual Cornucopia
(Reviewer: Elena Gheorghita) - - Adam Głaz; Hubert Kowalewski; Anna Weremczuk; (13-Feb-2013)

Constructing Professional Discourse : A Multiperspective Approach to Domain-Specific Discourses
(Reviewer: Filippo Pecorari) - - Concepción Orna-Montesinos; (28-Feb-2013)

Teaching English in Multilingual Contexts : Current Challenges, Future Directions
(Reviewer: Alia Amir) - - Azra Ahmed; Graeme Cane; Mehnaz Hanzala; (13-Dec-2012)

Applying Language Science to Language Pedagogy : Contributions of Linguistics and Psycholinguistics to Second Language Teaching
(Reviewer: Melissa Whatley) - - Montserrat Sanz; José Manuel Igoa; (28-Jan-2013)

Second Language Acquisition Research : Theory-Construction and Testing
(Reviewer: Edward Zhisheng Wen) - - Fethi Mansouri; (03-Sep-2012)

Speech Act Theory and Communication : A Univen Study
(Reviewer: Chiara Meluzzi) - - Phyllis Kaburise; (14-Dec-2011)

Formal Linguistics and the Teaching of Latin : Theoretical and Applied Perspectives in Comparative Grammar
(Reviewer: Jason Doroga) - - Renato Oniga; Rossella Iovino; Giuliana Giusti; (10-Dec-2011)

Formal Approaches to Celtic Linguistics
(Reviewer: Joseph W Windsor) - - Andrew Carnie; (03-Dec-2011)

Ta(l)king English Phonetics Across Frontiers
(Reviewer: Seetha Jayaraman) - - Biljana Čubrović; Tatjana Paunović; (22-Oct-2011)

Speaking of Endangered Languages : Issues in Revitalization
(Reviewer: ) - - Anne Marie Goodfellow; (20-Oct-2011)

Language and Sexuality (through and) beyond Gender
(Reviewer: Irene Theodoropoulou) - - Costas Canakis; Venetia Kantsa; Kostas Yiannakopoulos; (18-Aug-2011)

Discourse and Politics
(Reviewer: Louisa Buckingham) - - Gloria Álvarez-Benito; Gabriela Fernández-Díaz; Isabel MÍñigo-Mora; (07-Aug-2011)

The NNEST Lens : Non Native English Speakers in TESOL
(Reviewer: ) - - Ahmar Mahboob; (04-Aug-2011)

Recent Research in Second Language Phonetics/Phonology : Perception and Production
(Reviewer: Chunsheng Yang) - - Michael A. Watkins; Andreia Rauber; Barbara O. Baptista; (26-Jul-2011)

Introducing Discourse Analysis in Class
(Reviewer: ) - - Dolores Fernández Martínez; (21-Jul-2011)

Issues in Slavic Syntax and Semantics
(Reviewer: ) - - Anastasia Smirnova; Matthew Curtis; (14-Jul-2011)

Language and Politics in Africa : Contemporary Issues and Critical Perspectives
(Reviewer: Adnan Ajsic) - - Daniel Ochieng Orwenjo; John Obiero Ogone; (13-Jul-2011)

Negotiating Solidarity : A Social-Linguistic Approach to Job Interviews
(Reviewer: Laura Michele Callahan) - - Caroline Lipovsky; (13-Jul-2011)

Idiom Treatment Experiments in Machine Translation
(Reviewer: ) - - Dimitra Anastasiou; (05-Jul-2011)

Language Education Today : Between Theory and Practice
(Reviewer: ) - - Georgeta Raţă; (26-Jun-2011)

Digital Genres, New Literacies and Autonomy in Language Learning
(Reviewer: Daria Dayter) - - María José Luzón; Maria Noelia Ruiz-Madrid; María Luisa Villanueva; (21-Jun-2011)

Issues of Accents in English
(Reviewer: Solveigh Wherrity Granath) - - Ewa Waniek-Klimczak; (20-Mar-2010)

Beyond Lexical Variation in Modern Standard Arabic: Egypt, Lebanon and Morocco
(Reviewer: Islam Youssef) - - Zeinab M.A. Ibrahim; (17-Jan-2010)

Questioning Linguistics
(Reviewer: ) - - Ahmar Mahboob; Naomi K Knight; (03-Jul-2009)