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Sprachminderheiten: gestern, heute, morgen/Minoranze linguistiche: ieri, oggi, domani
(Reviewer: Marco Caria) - - Ludwig Fesenmeier; Sabine Heinemann; Federico Vicario; (09-Nov-2015)

Carrying a Torch : The Beijing Olympic Torch Relay in the British and Chinese Media
(Reviewer: Richard W Hallett) - - Mei Yang; (26-Aug-2015)

Identities in and across Cultures
(Reviewer: Stephanie Cooper) - - Paola Evangelisti Allori; (16-Oct-2015)

Translating Humour in Audiovisual Texts
(Reviewer: Ulrike Stange) - - Gian Luigi De Rosa; Francesca Bianchi; Antonella De Laurentiis; Elisa Perego; (31-Aug-2015)

The Unspeakable: Narratives of Trauma
(Reviewer: M'Balia Thomas) - - Magda Stroinska; Vikki Cecchetto; Kate Szymanski; (26-Aug-2015)

Cognitive Explorations into Metaphor and Metonymy
(Reviewer: Marcin Kuczok) - - Frank Polzenhagen; Zoltán Kövecses; Stefanie Vogelbacher; Sonja Kleinke; (06-Jul-2015)

The Impact of Study Abroad on the Acquisition of Sociopragmatic Variation Patterns : The Case of Non-Native Speaker English Teachers
(Reviewer: Melissa Whatley) - - Anne Marie Devlin; (25-Jun-2015)

Categorization and L2 Vocabulary Learning : A Cognitive Linguistic Perspective
(Reviewer: Liubov Baladzhaeva) - - Xiaoyan Xia; (07-May-2015)

Einführung in die germanistische Linguistik
(Reviewer: Daniel Bürkle) - - Elke Hentschel; Theo Harden; (04-May-2015)

Data Structure in Cognitive Metaphor Research : Series: Metalinguistica - Volume 26
(Reviewer: Nina Julich) - - Péter Csatár; (18-May-2015)

Code-switching : A Case Study of Kurdish-German Pre-school Bilingual Children
(Reviewer: Valentina Carbonara) - - Baban Mohamed; (06-Apr-2015)

Assessing Intercultural Language Learning : The Dependence of Receptive Sociopragmatic Competence and Discourse Competence on Learning Opportunities and Input
(Reviewer: Jose Ignacio Aguilar Río) - - Veronika Timpe; (16-Apr-2015)

Second Culture Teaching and Learning : An Introduction
(Reviewer: Valeria Buttini-Bailey) - - Thomas Szende; (15-Jan-2015)

Dynamic Vocabulary Development in a Foreign Language
(Reviewer: ) - - Yongyan Zheng; (30-Jan-2015)

Sprachenpolitik in Österreich : Bestandsaufnahme 2011
(Reviewer: ) - - Rudolf de Cillia; Eva Vetter; (07-Jun-2014)

Malaysian English : Language Contact and Change
(Reviewer: Steffen Schaub) - - Siew Imm Tan; (18-Nov-2014)

Translation Studies and Eye-Tracking Analysis
(Reviewer: Iya Khelm Price) - - Sambor Grucza; Monika Pluzyczka; Justyna Zajac; (04-Dec-2014)

Negotiating Linguistic Identity : Language and Belonging in Europe
(Reviewer: Elizabeth Olushola Adeolu) - - Virve-Anneli Vihman; Kristiina Praakli; (24-Oct-2014)

Dynamic Linguistics : Labov, Martinet, Jakobson and Other Precursors of the Dynamic Approach to Language Description
(Reviewer: ) - - Iwan Wmffre; (06-Sep-2014)

Evolution in Romance Verbal Systems
(Reviewer: Paul Isambert) - - Emmanuelle Labeau; Jacques Bres; (27-May-2014)

Multilingual Identities: New Global Perspectives
(Reviewer: ) - - Inke C. Du Bois; Nicole Baumgarten; (30-May-2014)

Adpositions and Other Parts of Speech
(Reviewer: Andrew David Thomas Harvey) - - Libert Alan Reed; (10-Jul-2014)

Illocutionary constructions in English: Cognitive motivation and linguistic realization : A study of the syntactic realizations of the directive, commissive and expressive speech acts in English
(Reviewer: Kim Ebensgaard Jensen) - - Nuria Del Campo Martínez; (04-Jun-2014)

Communication in Global Corporations : Successful Project Management via Email
(Reviewer: Zsuzsanna Zsubrinszky) - - Justyna Zajac; (22-May-2014)

Sens et signification dans les espaces francophones : La construction discursive du concept de francophonie
(Reviewer: Komla Amegashie) - - Olga Galatanu; Ana-Maria Cozma; Virginie Marie; (08-Jun-2015)

Dialect Contact and Social Networks : Language Change in an Anglophone Community in Japan
(Reviewer: Jason Steve Sarkozi) - - Keiko Hirano; (02-Jun-2014)

Initiation au Programme Minimaliste : Eléments de syntaxe comparative
(Reviewer: Ross Bilous) - - Genoveva Puskás; (28-Mar-2014)

«Antikchinesisch - Ein Lehrbuch in zwei Teilen» und Begleitband «Grammatik des Antikchinesischen» : Teil 1: Eine propädeutische Einführung in fünf Element(ar)gängen. Teil 2: Chrestomathie mit Glossaren und Grammatiknotizen. Begleitband: Grammatik des Antikchinesischen
(Reviewer: David Stifter) - - Robert H. Gassmann; Wolfgang Behr; (28-Feb-2014)

Creativity and Innovation in Language Education
(Reviewer: ) - - Carmen Argondizzo; (15-Mar-2014)

Global Interactions in English as a Lingua Franca : How written communication is changing under the influence of electronic media and new contexts of use
(Reviewer: Kimberly Renée Chopin) - - Franca Poppi; (16-Mar-2014)

Narratives in Academic and Professional Genres
(Reviewer: Barbara L. Clark) - - Maurizio Gotti; Carmen Sancho Guinda; (29-Jan-2014)

Evolving Genres in Web-mediated Communication
(Reviewer: Andrea E Lypka) - - Sandra Campagna; Giuliana Garzone; Cornelia Ilie; Elizabeth Rowley-Jolivet; (07-Jul-2013)

Approaching Language Variation through Corpora : A Festschrift in Honour of Toshio Saito
(Reviewer: ) - - Shunji Yamazaki; Robert Sigley; (24-Jun-2013)

Le Déterminant Démonstratif en Français et en Néerlandais : Théorie, description, acquisition
(Reviewer: ) - - Gudrun Vanderbauwhede; (02-Jul-2013)

Genre Change in the Contemporary World : Short-term Diachronic Perspectives
(Reviewer: Pejman Habibie) - - Giuliana Garzone; Paola Catenaccio; Chiara Degano; (26-Aug-2013)

Breaking Ground in Corpus-based Interpreting Studies
(Reviewer: Mauro Costantino) - - Francesco Straniero Sergio; Caterina Falbo; (19-Jan-2013)

The Language of Defendants in the 17th-Century English Courtroom : A Socio-Pragmatic Analysis of the Prisoners' Interactional Role and Representation
(Reviewer: Anna Ewa Majek) - - Elisabetta Cecconi; (06-Mar-2013)

Grammaire, lexique, référence. Regards sur le sens : Mélanges offerts à Georges Kleiber pour ses quarante ans de carrière
(Reviewer: Ross Bilous) - - Louis A. de Saussure; Andrée Borillo; Marcel Vuillaume; (19-Dec-2012)

Insights into Academic Genres
(Reviewer: Pejman Habibie) - - Carol Berkenkotter; Vijay K. Bhatia; Maurizio Gotti; (19-Jul-2013)

Interactions et interculturalité : variété des corpus et des approches
(Reviewer: Fabienne H. Baider) - - Nathalie Auger; Christine Béal; Françoise Demougin; (08-Dec-2012)

Event and Result Nominals : A Morpho-semantic Approach
(Reviewer: ) - - Chiara Melloni; (27-Jan-2013)

Mapping the Dubbing Scene : Audiovisual Translation in Basque Television
(Reviewer: Josep Soler-Carbonell) - - Josu Barambones Zubiria; (03-Dec-2012)

La incorporación del indigenismo léxico en los contextos comunicativos canario y americano (1492-1550)
(Reviewer: Mariana España-Rivera) - - Eva Bravo-García; M. Teresa Cáceres-Lorenzo; (13-Nov-2012)

Full-verb Inversion in Written and Spoken English
(Reviewer: ) - - Carlos Prado-Alonso; (12-Nov-2012)

Linguistic Meaning and Non-Truth-Conditionality
(Reviewer: Zhen-Qiang Fan) - - Xosé Rosales Sequeiros; (29-Oct-2012)

Translating Emotion : Studies in Transformation and Renewal Between Languages
(Reviewer: ) - - Kathleen Shields; Michael Clarke; (07-Oct-2012)

Intercultural Competence : Concepts, Challenges, Evaluations
(Reviewer: Katie Beth Angus) - - Arnd Witte; Theo Harden; (16-Sep-2012)

El español del siglo XVIII : Cambios diacrónicos en el primer español moderno
(Reviewer: ) - - Maria Teresa García-Godoy; (31-Jul-2012)

The Role of Pedagogical Translation in Second Language Acquisition : From Theory to Practice
(Reviewer: ) - - Vanessa Leonardi; (25-Jun-2012)

Language and History, Linguistics and Historiography : Interdisciplinary Approaches
(Reviewer: ) - - Nils Langer; Steffan Davies; Wim Vandenbussche; (20-May-2012)

Descortesía verbal y tertulia televisiva : Análisis pragmalingüístico
(Reviewer: ) - - Ester Brenes Peña; (19-May-2012)

Políticos en conflicto: una aproximación pragmáticodiscursiva al debate electoral cara a cara
(Reviewer: Clara Burgo) - - José Luis Blas Arroyo; (14-May-2012)

Listening to Subtitles : Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
(Reviewer: Yaima A. Centeno) - - Anna Matamala; Pilar Orero; (20-Apr-2012)

Corpora, Language, Teaching, and Resources: From Theory to Practice
(Reviewer: ) - - Natalie Kübler; (18-Apr-2012)

Cultural and Linguistic Encounters : Arab EFL Learners Encoding and Decoding Idioms
(Reviewer: Robert Arthur Cote) - - Anissa Daoudi; (06-Apr-2012)

Grammaticalization Paths of English and High German Existential Constructions : A Corpus-based Study
(Reviewer: ) - - Simone E. Pfenninger; (10-Mar-2012)

Motivation and Second Language Acquisition : The Socio-Educational Model
(Reviewer: ) - - Robert C. Gardner; (01-Feb-2012)

Becoming Multilingual : Language Learning and Language Policy between Attitudes and Identities
(Reviewer: ) - - Cecilia Varcasia; (31-Jan-2012)

The Role of Metalinguistic Awareness in the Effective Teaching of Foreign Languages
(Reviewer: Clara Burgo) - - Anthony David Roberts; (04-Jan-2012)

Les bonnes raisons des émotions : Principes et méthode pour l'étude du discours émotionné
(Reviewer: ) - - Chris Plant; (01-Dec-2011)

Discursive Constructions of Immigrant Identity : A Sociolinguistic Trend Study on Long-Term American Immigrants
(Reviewer: Christie Marie DeBlasio) - - Inke C. Du Bois; (02-Nov-2011)

Corpus Linguistics in Language Teaching
(Reviewer: ) - - Tony Harris; María Moreno Jaén; (28-Aug-2011)

Les interactions quotidiennes en français et en anglais : De l'approche comparative à l'analyse des situations interculturelles
(Reviewer: Kerry J Mullan) - - Christine Béal; (17-Jul-2011)

Telecollaboration 2.0 : Language, Literacies and Intercultural Learning in the 21st Century
(Reviewer: ) - - Sarah Guth; Francesca Helm; (11-Jul-2011)

Moravians in Prague : A Sociolinguistic Study of Dialect Contact in the Czech Republic
(Reviewer: Michael Grosvald) - - James Wilson; (20-Jun-2011)

Corpora in Translation : A Practical Guide
(Reviewer: Jonathan Downie) - - Tengku Sepora Tengku Mahadi; Helia Vaezian; Mahmoud Akbari; (25-May-2011)

Escenarios Bilingües : El contacto de lenguas en el individuo y la sociedad
(Reviewer: ) - - Christián Abelló Contesse; Christoph Ehlers; Lucía Quintana Hernández; (11-May-2011)

Perspectives on Language Learning Materials Development
(Reviewer: Eloy Juan Miguel Romero-Muñoz) - - Freda Mishan; Angela Chambers; (13-Feb-2011)

Los marcadores del discurso y cortesía verbal en español
(Reviewer: ) - - Elena Landone; (15-Jan-2011)

The Discursive Construction of Second Language Learners' Motivation : A Multi-level Perspective
(Reviewer: Honggang Liu) - - Mingyue Gu; (21-Jan-2011)

Language, Culture and the Law : The Formulation of Legal Concepts across Systems and Cultures
(Reviewer: Leonhard A. Voltmer) - - Vijay K. Bhatia; Christopher N. Candlin; Paola Evangelisti Allori; (05-Dec-2010)

Diagnostic Writing Assessment : The Development and Validation of a Rating Scale
(Reviewer: ) - - Ute Knoch; (25-Nov-2010)

Language Learner Autonomy: Policy, Curriculum, Classroom : A Festschrift in honour of David Little
(Reviewer: Cathy Bow) - - Breffni O'Rourke; Lorna Carson; (25-Nov-2010)

Teaching and Testing Interpreting and Translating
(Reviewer: ) - - Valerie Pellatt; Kate Griffiths; Shao-Chuan Wu; (11-Sep-2010)

The Advanced Learner Variety : The Case of French
(Reviewer: ) - - Emmanuelle Labeau; Florence Myles; (23-Jul-2010)

Historical (Im)politeness
(Reviewer: Laura Michele Callahan) - - Jonathan Culpeper; Dániel Zoltan Kádár; (17-Jul-2010)

La traducción entre lenguas en contacto : Catalán y Español
(Reviewer: ) - - Cristina García de Toro; (14-Jul-2010)

English Pronunciation Models: A Changing Scene : Second Edition
(Reviewer: ) - - Katarzyna Dziubalska-Kolaczyk; Joanna Przedlacka; (31-May-2010)

Origen, evolución y diversidad de las lenguas : Una aproximación biolingüística
(Reviewer: ) - - José-Luis Mendívil Giró; (16-May-2010)

Lexicography at a Crossroads : Dictionaries and Encyclopedias today, Lexicographical Tools tomorrow
(Reviewer: ) - - Henning Bergenholtz; Sandro Nielsen; Sven Tarp; (25-Feb-2010)

Le Proverbe Entre Langues Et Cultures : Une étude de linguistique confrontative allemand/français/bété
(Reviewer: ) - - Jean-Philippe Claver Zouogbo; (12-Feb-2010)

Corpus Linguistics with BNCweb - A Practical Guide
(Reviewer: Elizabeth Claiborne Craig) - - Sebastian Hoffmann; Stefan Evert; Ylva Berglund Prytz; David Y.W. Lee; Nicholas Smith; (08-Feb-2010)

Productivity in English Word-formation : An approach to N+N compounding
(Reviewer: Pius Ten Hacken) - - Jesús Fernández-Domínguez; (22-Jan-2010)

Bengali-English in East London : A Study in Urban Multilingualism
(Reviewer: ) - - Sebastian M. Rasinger; (05-Jan-2010)

Corpora for University Language Teachers : Linguistic Insights. Studies in Language and Communication. Vol. 74
(Reviewer: ) - - Carol Taylor Torsello; Katherine Ackerley; Erik Castello; (22-Jul-2009)

Learning How to Request in an Instructed Language Learning Context
(Reviewer: J. Cesar Felix-Brasdefer) - - Eva Alcón Soler; (21-May-2009)

Fundamentals of Phonetics, Phonology and Tonology : With Specific African Sound Patterns
(Reviewer: ) - - Rose-Juliet Anyanwu; (28-Nov-2008)

The Use of English in Institutional and Business Settings : An Intercultural Perspective
(Reviewer: ) - - Giuliana Garzone; Cornelia Ilie; (03-Nov-2008)

English Discourse Markers of Reformulation : A classification and description
(Reviewer: ) - - Maria Milagros Del Saz Rubio; (19-Sep-2008)

'Of Varying Language and Opposing Creed' : New Insights into Late Modern English
(Reviewer: ) - - Javier Pérez-Guerra; Dolores González-Álvarez; Jorge L. Bueno-Alonso; Esperanza Rama-Martínez; (26-Jul-2008)

Conversation Analysis and Language for Specific Purposes
(Reviewer: ) - - Hugo Bowles; Paul Seedhouse; (08-Jul-2008)

Identités fragmentées : Eléments pour une grammaire de l'identité
(Reviewer: ) - - Nicolas Pepin; (03-Apr-2008)