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Query Details

Query Subject:   Using UPSID in teaching linguistics
Author:   Zoe Toft
Submitter Email:  click here to access email

Query:   Dear all,

As a lecturer in Phonology at the School of Oriental and African Studies I am hoping to include a series of mini projects based around UPSID (451) for my students in next year's teaching.

No doubt many of you have already used UPSID in your classes for exploring issues like documentation, typology, phonetic/phonological universals: thus I am writing to ask if you would be willing to share your ideas of projects that worked well, and examples of best practice.

I am gradually drawing up a set of useful files for my students on UPSID including documentation on how to interpret UPSID data, and articles written using (or relating to) UPSID, to provide examples to students as to how UPSID can be used (see below for examples). Any suggestions for additions to this list would be gratefully received!

I will of course provide a summary of responses to the list.

With best wishes,

Zoe Toft

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LL Issue: 14.1869
Date posted: 04-Jul-2003


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