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Language Planning as a Sociolinguistic Experiment

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Query Details

Query Subject:   Transcription Symbol for Unaspirated?
Author:   Alexandre Arkhipov
Submitter Email:  click here to access email

Linguistic LingField(s):  Language Documentation
Writing Systems

Query:   Dear colleagues,

Does any of you know of an appropriate transcription symbol for UNaspirated

- We are trying to find some (quasi) standard symbol for unaspirated in
(some of the) Nakh-Daghestanian languages, where the aspirated stops and
affricates are the unmarked option and very frequent; on the contrary, the
unaspirated are the marked and rare option. So we'd like to put no
additional symbol for aspiration, marking the unaspirated instead.

- This is for a transcription system that is an adaptation of the IPA to
the tradition of Daghestanian studies, it is not strictly IPA (the IPA
transcription will be provided separately). We don't want to invent
something ad hoc but for the moment we don't see any widely used symbol
that would fit.

- The IPA charts (including 2005 revised version) only have a symbol for
the aspirated - a superscript small h.

- The Unicode standard lists a ''modifier letter unaspirated'' (U+02ED)
which seems to be a superscript equals sign, but we've never seen it used
anywhere - are any of you familiar with it?

- The best option for us, typographically, would be a symbol placed either
below the main character or to the right of it. We are thinking of, for
example, a minus or equals sign below, or of the famous triangular colon,
for example).

We will be grateful for any suggestions and comments.
Best regards,

Alexandre Arkhipov,
OTiPL at Moscow State University
LL Issue: 19.1148
Date posted: 05-Apr-2008


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