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Query Details

Query Subject:   Verbal ellipsis and complementizer agreement
Author:   Eric Fuß
Submitter Email:  click here to access email

Linguistic LingField(s):  Syntax
Language Family:  Germanic

Query:   Dear all,

in at least some varieties of Bavarian, the availability of complementizer agreement seems to be dependent on the presence of the finite verb: In cases where the finite verb is elided, the realization of inflectional features in the C-domain becomes less acceptable or even ungrammatical:

(1) ??[ dass-sd du noch Minga] und [ dass da Hans
that-2SG you to Munich and that the Hans
noch Truchtlaching geht]
to Truchtlaching go-3SG

(2) a. D’Resl is gresser [ als wia-st du bist]
the-Resl is taller than as-2SG you are
‘Resl is taller than you are.’
b. *D’Resl is gresser [ als wia-st du]
the-Resl is taller than as-2SG you
c. D’Resl is gresser [ als wia du]
the-Resl is taller than as you

However, it seems that these observations are subject to some amount of cross-dialectal variation (in both Dutch and German varieties). I would be very interested to learn more about the behavior of complementizer agreement in these contexts. Thank you very much!
LL Issue: 24.3635
Date posted: 17-Sep-2013


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