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Query Details

Query Subject:   Subjects Needed for Linguistics Research: Spanish of the Valley of Central Mexico
Author:   Lucas Grimes
Submitter Email:  click here to access email

Linguistic LingField(s):  Phonetics
Subject Language(s):  English

Query:   Hello,

I am a student at Morehead State University, Kentucky, USA, and I am currently conducting research on the Spanish of the Valley of Central Mexico through a grant to my mentor, Dr. Carlson (a KBRIN-AREA grant). I have been researching a phonetic phenomenon unique to this area for several months now and have outlined its phonetic environments. Since all the information on the subject that I have encountered (mostly done at El Collegio de Mexico) is now over fifty years old, I am interested in obtaining more precise and recent data as to how this phenomenon occurs.
I am interested in the general topic of Spanish L1 speakers and their English L2 pronunciation. I will be looking at the vowels produced by bilingual Spanish-English speakers in both languages. I will measure the formants and duration of vowels in order to look at the pronunciation of vowels in the two languages. To date, no one has obtained spectrographic representations of this phenomena, which is the first purpose of my study. After I have analyzed the data and measured the formants of all vowels, I will go on to search for similarities between Mexican Spanish and American English vowels.

If you would be interested or willing to help, or know anyone that would be, please reply to this email as soon as possible so I can send you some more information about the project. Eligible subjects would record a few sentences in Spanish and English. I need bilingual subjects for my research, and preferably ones who have not lived in the USA for an extended time, but I will accept data from any subject who was born and raised in the Central Valley of Mexico. I will be able to offer a small honorarium, about $10, to all subjects who participate.

It is only with the help of other universities that I can continue my research. Without this data any further research will be impossible. Thank you for your time.


Luke Grimes
LL Issue: 23.4594
Date posted: 03-Nov-2012


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