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Query Details

Query Subject:   Native English Speaker Semantics Survey
Author:   Kota Nishiwaki
Submitter Email:  click here to access email

Linguistic LingField(s):  Semantics
Subject Language(s):  English

Query:   If you are a native speaker of English and feel something is strange about the following sentences, please point it out. Any comments are welcome. Please send your replies directly to my email,

Your responses will assist me in my research.

(1) Devour!

(2) Eat!

(3) Devour your hamburger.

(4) Don’t devour you hamburger.

(5) Don’t devour like that.

(6) [a part of Peppermint Ice Cream Recipe]
・With a whisk, mix milk and sugar together so that the sugar dissolves completely.
・Add heavy whipping cream, vanilla, and peppermint extract and stir until completely blended.
・Pour this mixture into your ice cream maker.
・Churn in ice cream maker about 20-25 minutes or according to manufacturer's instructions.
・Add crushed hard peppermint candy to churning mixture.
・Churn for an additional 5 minutes.
・Transfer peppermint ice cream to storage container and mix in chocolate sticks, if desired.
・Enjoy! Just don't devour too quickly like my family and I did!

(7) He is a big eater. Whatever you might feed him, he devours in a few minutes.

(8) a. The lion killed its prey and devoured.
b. The lion killed its prey and devoured it.
c. The lion killed and devoured its prey.

(9) a. The children greedily devoured.
b. The children greedily devoured it.

(10) [a part of Cinnamon Rolls Recipe]
Just a word of caution about the frosting: Do NOT devour before pouring over the rolls. You can scrape the bowl, but the frosting is supposed to go ON the cinnamon rolls. Not straight into your mouth.

(11) [printed on the package of frosting]

(12) [script from a movie]
[watches James gulp down a strawberry]
Samantha Booke: James, this is high tea, all right? We nibble, we do not DEVOUR.
James L. Farmer Jr.: How do you know?
Samantha Booke: [smiling] I don't.

Could you tell me the following information? Of course, the information will be used only for my academic research.

1. age
2. where you are from
3. sex
4. job

Thank you for your cooperation,

Kota Nishiwaki
LL Issue: 24.922
Date posted: 21-Feb-2013


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