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Summary Details

Query:   Audience Design
Author:  Ludmila Dutkova
Submitter Email:  click here to access email
Linguistic LingField(s):   Sociolinguistics

Summary:   Dear colleagues:

here is the summary of responses to my query about Allan Bell's audience
design (recent references).

Many thanks to Allan Bell, Debra Hardison, and Naomi Nagy.

Bell, Allan & Gary Johnson. 1997. Towards a sociolinguistics of style.
University of Pennsylvania Working Papers in Linguistics: A Selection of
Papers from NWAVE 25 4.1:1-22. (You can order this at

Rickford, John & Faye McNair-Knox. 1992. Addressee- and topic-influenced
style shift: A quantitative sociolinguistic study. In D. Biber and E.
Finegan (eds.), Perspectives on register: Situating register variation
within sociolinguistics. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

ed Finegan & Biber collection 1994
ed Rickford & Eckert collection ?2000 (refs below)
Articles in L & Soc, J of Socioling

1992 >Hit and miss: referee design in the dialects of New Zealand
television advertisements.= Language & Communication 12/3-4: 1-14.

1995 Review of Douglas Biber & Edward Finegan (eds), 1994. Sociolinguistic
Perspectives on Register. New York: Oxford University Press. In Language
in Society 24/2: 265-70.

1997 >[Language] Style as audience design.= In Nikolas Coupland & Adam
Jaworski (eds), Sociolinguistics: A Reader and Coursebook. London:
Macmillan. 240-50.

1997 (with Gary Johnson). >Towards a sociolinguistics of style.=
University of Pennsylvania Working Papers in Linguistics 4/1: 1-21.

1999 >Styling the other to define the self: a study in New Zealand identity
making=. Journal of Sociolinguistics 3 (theme issue on >Styling the other=,
edited by Ben Rampton): 523-41.

In press

2000 >Back in style: Re-working Audience Design.= To appear in Penelope
Eckert & John R Rickford (eds). Style and Sociolinguistic Variation. New
York: Cambridge University Press.

Arent, Russel. 1998. The pragmatics of cross-cultural bargaining in an
Ammani suq: An exploration of language choice, discourse structure, and
pragmatic failure in discourse involving Arab and non-Arab participants.
Ph.D. dissertation. University of Minnesota. []

LL Issue: 10.1672
Date Posted: 03-Nov-1999
Original Query: Read original query


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