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Query:   Lexical Borrowing
Author:  nourgalal@usa net
Submitter Email:  click here to access email
Linguistic LingField(s):   Historical Linguistics

Summary:   (PART 2)
Other contributions:

2- Jeff MacSwan suggested:
A book on code switching is due out in Feb 1999 by: Jeff MacSwan
entitled"A minimalist approach to intrasentential code switching",
New York: Garland Press

3-James Walker recommended:
Poplack, Sankoff & Miller (1988) The social correlates and linguistic
processes of lexical borrowing and assimilation.
Linguistics 26:47-104

4- Jan Tent wrote:

See two articles I co-authored on early Dutch loanwords in Polynesian

1. Geraghty, Paul & Jan Tent, 1997. Early Dutch loanwords in
Polynesia. Journal of the Polynesian Society Vol. 106, 2, pp.

2. Ibid, 1997. More early Dutch loanwords in Polyensia. Journal of
the Polynesian Society Vol. 106, 4, pp.395-408.


I am Zhongyi Eric Song, a postgraduate student of English dept of NTNU,
I know there is an article dealing with the phnological adaptation of loan
words in recepient language.It's an article written by Larry Hyman in the
Studies in African Linguistics.

6- Ben Karlin:
Battison, Robbin. Lexical Borrowing in ASL (American Sign Language).
Haven't got the rest of the reference but I am sure you can find it. Talks
about the morphological processes of ordinary signs gradually subsuming
fingerspelling as English words become a part of ASL.
Ben Karlin , Staff Interpreter for the Deaf, St Louis Psychiatric
Rehabilitation Center

7- In response to your query on Linguist, I can recommend a nice little book
by Marcel Danesi, entitled something like _Loanwords and phonological

Tom Cravens
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Thanks again and all my best wishes,


LL Issue: 9.1777
Date Posted: 14-Dec-1998
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