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Summary Details

Query:   Asian Adjectives
Author:  Michael Jung
Submitter Email:  click here to access email
Linguistic LingField(s):   Syntax

Summary:   Dear Linguists,

In January I asked for references to recent papers or books on the syntax and
semantics of adjectives in East Asian languages.

There was only very little response which leads me to the conclusion that not
too much work has been done in this interesting field recently.

I received the following references (given here together with possible
comments by the senders):

Caluianu, Daniela. 1996. "Case patterns with subjective adjectives".
Tsukuba Journal of Applied Linguistics 3: 27-41.
[The article treats case marking alternations on the Experiencer
argument of Japanese adjectives.]

Chen, Qiming. 1996. Structure of noun phrases and in Chinese and
its consequences. [Ph.D. Diss., University of Maryland.]

Mo, Jianmin. 1997. Adjectifs et constructions comparatives en chinois
contemporain. Paris. [Ph.D. Diss.]

Sackmann, Robin. 1996. "The problem of 'adjectives' in Mandarin Chinese".
In: Sackmann, Robin (ed.). Theoretical Linguistics and Grammatical
Description. Amsterdam: Benjamins. (= CILT, 138).
[... thorough and theoretically well-founded study on the syntactic
and semantic features of alleged 'adjectives' in Mandarin. ...
summarizes the arguments against 'adjectives' in Chinese. ]

Yoo, Hyun-Kyung. 1997. A study of Korean adjectives. [Ph.D. Diss.,
Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea].
[comprehensive and very lengthy study on Korean adjectives, written
in Korean but with summary in English.]

Many thanks to those who responded.

Michael Jung

Michael Jung
Universitaet Leipzig

LL Issue: 9.265
Date Posted: 22-Feb-1998
Original Query: Read original query


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