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Summary Details

Query:   core grammars
Author:  Cristina Barbero
Submitter Email:  click here to access email
Linguistic LingField(s):   General Linguistics

Summary:   Dear list's members,

a couple of months ago I posted a query about references
to the problem of designing a core grammar.

As promised, I'm posting a summary with the information
I collected. First of all, I would like to thank all the
people who responded to my query: Frederik Fouvry,
Wolfgang Schulze, Stefan Mueller, Markus Schulze,
Magdalena Zoeppritz, Myroslava Dzikovska, Miriam Butt,
Gabriel Pereira Lopes, Jean Pierre Chanod.

Below you can find a list of the projects, books, papers,
URLs, resources mentioned in the responses I received or
extracted through browsing on Internet.

Cristina Barbero

- -------------------------------------------------------


- HP Test Suite (Flickinger-etal:87)
- TSNLP, EU project (1993-1995)
- DiET, EU project (1997-1999)
- LinGO: CSLI (Stanford)
- XTAG: UPenn
- PARGRAM: Stuttgart, Xerox PARC & Xerox Research Centre Europe
- LS-Gram, EU project (1994-1996)


- Babel-System (Stefan Mueller, DFKI)
- grammars developed at Xerox Research Centre Europe (Grenoble)
- core grammar for French (Paul Sabatier, LIM, Marseille)
and for Portuguese (Gabriel Pereira Lopes, Universidade Nova
de Lisboa)
- grammars developed for Italian in the Geppetto project
and in the Pinocchio project (IRST-Trento,


Butt M., Holloway King T., Nino M.E., Segond F., "A Grammar
Writer's Cookbook", Stanford, CA: CSLI Lecture Notes 95,
CSLI Publications, 1999.

Flickinger D., Nerbonne J., Sag I., Wasow T., "Toward
Evaluation of NLP Systems", Hewlett-Packard Laboratories,
Palo Alto, CA, 1987.

Gala-Pavia N., "Using the Incremental Finite-State Architecture
to create a Spanish Shallow Parser", in "XV Congres of SEPLN
(Sociedad Espa?ola para el Procesamiento del Languaje
Natural)", Lleida (Spain), 1999.

GRAAL Consortium 1994, "GRAAL SP12 - Specifications of Core
Grammars", Final Report.

Grefenstette G., "Light Parsing as Finite-State Filtering",
in "Proceedings ECAI '96 workshop on Extended finite state
models of language", Aug. 11-12, 1996, Budapest.

Heyer G., Haugeneder H., "Language Engineering: Essays in the
Theory and Practice of Applied Natural Language Computing",
Wiesbaden:Vieweg, 1995.

Lehmann H., "The LEX project - concepts and results", in
A. Blase ed.: "Natural language at the Computer: Scientific
Symposium on Syntax and Semantics for Text Processing and
Man-Machine Communication", Lecture Notes in Computer
Science 320, Heidelberg: Springer, 1988.

Mokhtar S.A., Chanod J.P., "Incremental finite-state parsing",
in "Proceedings of Applied Natural Language Processing 1997",
Washington, DC. April 97

Mokhtar S.A., Chanod J.P., "Subject and Object Dependency
Extraction Using Finite-State Transducers", ACL workshop
on "Automatic Information Extraction and Building of Lexical
Semantic Resources for NLP Applications", Madrid, 1997.

Mueller S., "Deutsche Syntax declarativ. Head Driven
Phrase-Structure Grammar fur Das Deutsche", Linguistische
Arbeiten, N. 394, Tubingen: Max Niemeyer Verlag, 1999.

Schulze M., "A framework for grammar acquisition", in
"Proceedings ESSLLI'98 workshop on Automated Acquisition
of syntax and parsing", 1998.

Schulze W., "Person, Klasse, Kongruenz", vol. 1 Die Grundlagen
(in two parts), Munich: LINCOM Europa, 1988.

Zoeppritz M., "Syntax for German in the User Specialty
Languages System", Sprache und Information Band 9,
Tubingen: Niemeyer, 1984.

LL Issue: 10.1994
Date Posted: 22-Dec-1999
Original Query: Read original query


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