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Query:   Speech science and L2 responses
Author:  Cor9999 Cor9999
Submitter Email:  click here to access email
Linguistic LingField(s):   Phonetics

Summary:   I wish to thank every one for their suggestions, and I always welcome
more! The following are excerpts from several messages I've received
in response to my query on speech science and L2 pronunciation.

Geoff Nathan:
take a look at
Nathan, Geoffrey S. 1987 On the acquisition of aspiration.
Interlanguage Phonology, ed. by Georgette Ioup. Newbury Press, pp.

_______ 1997 On the non-acquisition of an English sound pattern. in
Second Language Speech: Structure and Process, edited by Allan James
and Jonathan Leather, Berlin: Walter de Gruyter. pp. 181-186.
and the references cited therein.

Annie L. Clark:
I recommend looking up the many papers written by James Flege on foreign
accent and L2 learning.

As well, there are some very old papers by Lisker and Abramson, and one by
Caramazza et al, and a newer one by Francois Grosjean.

Holly Nibert:
*Flege, J. E., M. J. Munro, & I. R. A. MacKay. 1995. "Factors affecting
strength of perceived foreign accent in a second language."
Journal of the Acoustic Society of America 97 (5):3125-3134.

This second article is good as a lit. review. In it, you'll find a fairly
comprehensive list of his work and that of others.

*Flege, J. E. 1995. "Second Language Speech Learning: Theory, Findings, and
Problems." In Speech Perception and Linguistic Experience: Issues in
Cross-Language Speech Research, ed. Winifred Strange, pp. 233-277.
Timonium, MD: York Press.

Alice Faber:
your best starting point would be to do a Lit Search (PsychInfo or PsychLit)
for papers by James Flege. ... There's also a large literature on training
Japanese speakers to do better with English R and L. Names to look for are
David Pisoni (with a variety of co-authors), Winifred Strange & Catherine

LL Issue: 10.1025
Date Posted: 02-Jul-1999
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