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Query:   Table query
Author:  Anna-Malin Karlsson
Submitter Email:  click here to access email
Linguistic LingField(s):   Discourse Analysis
General Linguistics

Summary:   Thank you Richard Sproat, Galina Bolden and George Nagy for responding to my query about research on tables! This is a compilation of the answers:

?There were several papers by Jianying Hu, Gordon Wilfong and Dan Lopresti at Bell Labs on the structure of tables. Also some earlier work by Shona Douglas and others at Edinburgh.? (Richard Sproat)

?[Y]ou might want to take a look at the recent work of Charles Goodwin. Some of the articles (e.g., 1994 ''Professional Vision.'' American Anthropologist 96(3):606-33.) deal with the Munsell chart (for color classification) as well as other visual representations of information. Here is his website: Also, Edwin Hutchins' 1995 book ''Cognition in the wild'' (about ship navigation) deals with various maps, and may be helpful as well.? (Galina Bolden)

And finally, a number of references fr?n George Nagy:

Xinxin WANG: Tabular Abstraction, Editing, and Formatting. (Diss.) University of Waterloo, Ont, Canada. 1996.

D. Lopresti and G. Nagy, Automated table processing: an (opinionated) survey, Procs. IAPR Workshop on Graphics Recognition (GREC99), Jaipur, Sept. 1999, pp. 109-134 (probably ''out of print'').

D. Lopresti and G. Nagy, A Tabular Survey of Table Processing, in Graphics Recognition -- Recent Advances (ed. A. K. Chhabra, D. Dori), Springer Verlag LNCS #1941, pp. 93-120, 2000.

D. Lopresti and G. Nagy, Issues in ground-truthing graphic documents, Procs. IAPR Workshop on Graphics Recognition (GREC '01), 59-72, CIS Department, Queens University, Kingston, Ont. Sept. 2001.

LL Issue: 14.3402
Date Posted: 06-Dec-2003
Original Query: Read original query


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