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Summary Details

Query:   Repetition and fluency
Author:  Ewa Dabrowska
Submitter Email:  click here to access email
Linguistic LingField(s):   Discourse Analysis

Summary:   In October, I posted a query about research on the relationship between repetition and fluency ? specifically, showing that when people repeat the same story, they tend to become more fluent on each retelling. Thanks to Anat Stavans, Suzy Styles, Taylor Roberts, and James Fidelholtz who responded to the message.

Anat Stavans mentioned a book by Verhoeven and Stromqvist (2001) on Language in multilingual contexts, which contains several papers on bilingual narratives (Berman, Stavans, Lanza).

Suzy Styles recommends a paper on narratives in bilingual children:
Haritos & Nelson (2001), 'Bilingual Memory: The interaction of Language and
Thought', Bilingual Research Journal, 25:4, pp 605-626.

Taylor Roberts suggested Mark Twain?s autobiography as a useful source of anecdotal corroboration.

All of this was interesting, but not quite what I wanted. In the meantime, however, I have been able to trace one of the original studies, viz.

Goldman-Eisler, F. (1968). Psycholinguistics: Experiments in Spontaneous Speech. London: Academic Press.

The following is a useful summary on research on hesitations:

O'Connell, D. C. & Kowal, S.: Pausology. In W. A. Sedelow & S. Y. Sedelow.
Computers in Language Research 2. Mouton Publishers, Berlin, New York,
Amsterdam (1983) 221-301.

For those with a serious interest in this area, Peter Roach has put up a bibliobraphy of work on timing and rhythm in speech, downloadable from

LL Issue: 14.3541
Date Posted: 15-Dec-2003
Original Query: Read original query


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