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Summary Details

Query:   Sum: Polar interrogatives without auxiliaries
Author:  Bruno Estigarribia
Submitter Email:  click here to access email
Linguistic LingField(s):   Syntax

Summary:   Hello,
A concise version of my somewhat longer question to the list (Re: Linguist List15.705, Qs: Polar Interrogatives.) posted on the 26th of February:
I am currently working on acquisition of yes/no questions in English
and I need to look at bibliography on questions in adult (or child)
English, in particular acceptable polar interrogatives without
auxiliaries (or without inversion).

Thanks to everyone who replied.

Brady Zack Clark pointed me to Justin Fitzpatrick's handout

Arnold Zwicky suggested:

- Akmajian, Adrian. Linguistics, an introduction to language and communication / Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, c1979

- Thrasher, Randy. 1973. A conspiracy on the far left. UMPIL 1.2.169-79)

- Miller, Jim & Regina Weinert. 1998. Spontaneous spoken language: Syntax
and discourse. Oxford: Clarendon P.

- Quirk et al., Comprehensive Grammar of the English
Language, with some discussion of the phenomena in sections 12.49 and

- Huddleston and Pullum's Cambridge Grammar of the English Language,
section 17.7.8.

John Lawler mentioned Randy Thrasher's thesis (1974, Shouldn't Ignore These Strings: A Study of Conversational Deletion) and a posting to Linguist List ( with pointers to other references (including the above cited).

John Rickford suggested that a good place to look at related phenomena would be the extensive literature on creoles, and Creole Englishes in particular.

Thanks again to all!

Bruno Estigarribia
Graduate Student
Stanford University - Dept. of Linguistics
Office 040B - 1 650 725 2323
Margaret Jacks Hall - Bldg. 460
Stanford, CA 94305

LL Issue: 15.1268
Date Posted: 18-Apr-2004
Original Query: Read original query


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