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Summary Details

Query:   Noun Phrase Constructions in Romance Langs
Author:  Luis Casillas
Submitter Email:  click here to access email
Linguistic LingField(s):   Syntax

Language Family:   Romance

Summary:   On issue 12.2531 (,
I asked for references on the following sort of construction in Romance

(1) Spanish
a. El imb?cil del vecino no quiere salir.
the imbecle of-the neighbor NEG want exit
`My imbecile of a neighbor does't want to go out.'
b. Ese horror de film ha recibido buenas cr?ticas.
that horror of film has received good reviews
`That horrrible film has had good reviews.'

(2) Qu?b?cois French
a. Cette crapule de banquier m'a fourr?.
that rascal of banker me-has tricked
`That rascal of a banker has tricked me.''
b. J'ai smash? avec ce criss de char.
I-have smashed with that damn of car
`I smashed that damn car.'

I am making available the list of works I've been able to collect so
far from my query for references. Most have to do with French, though
a few cover Spanish, Italian, Dutch and English. The reference list is
available at the following URL:

I still expect to receive more works; I will update the document at that
address to reflect what I receive.

I must thank the following people for their help: Torodd Kinn, Francesca
Del Gobbo, Pierre Larriv?e, David Pesetsky, Ora Matushansky, Manuel
Espa?ol-Echevarr?a, Marie Th?rese Vinet, Anal?a Garc?a and Jos? Luis

Luis Casillas
Department of Linguistics
Stanford University

LL Issue: 12.2688
Date Posted: 27-Oct-2001
Original Query: Read original query


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