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Style, Mediation, and Change

Edited by Janus Mortensen, Nikolas Coupland, and Jacob Thogersen

Style, Mediation, and Change "Offers a coherent view of style as a unifying concept for the sociolinguistics of talking media."

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Intonation and Prosodic Structure

By Caroline Féry

Intonation and Prosodic Structure "provides a state-of-the-art survey of intonation and prosodic structure."

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111 Summaries IN 2003

Subject Line Submitter Issue No. DATE
Neutral vowels across languages, Part II Madalena Cruz-Ferreira 14.3575 Dec-20-2003
Neutral vowels across languages, Part I Madalena Cruz-Ferreira 14.3574 Dec-20-2003
Boas and Dewey Daniel Everett 14.3540 Dec-18-2003
Repetition and fluency Ewa Dabrowska 14.3541 Dec-15-2003
Neutral vowels across languages Madalena Cruz-Ferreira 14.3575 Dec-14-2003
Pragmatics Reference Fay Wouk 14.3457 Dec-12-2003
Spanish word frequency corpora Rochelle Newman 14.3542 Dec-09-2003
Discourse Functions of Nominal Terms Claudia Bubel 14.3403 Dec-09-2003
Table query Anna-Malin Karlsson 14.3402 Dec-06-2003
English Topicalization Peter Jenks 14.3365 Dec-06-2003
Summary: Tagalog linking particle Rose Thomas 14.3364 Dec-05-2003
Discourse functions of nominal terms of address Claudia Bubel 14.3403 Dec-02-2003
Japanese Suffixes Benjamin Barrett 14.3304 Dec-01-2003
Summary of Intonation Break Eung-Cheon Hah 14.3303 Dec-01-2003
Loanword Adaptation Jennifer Smith 8.675 Nov-24-2003
Vowel/Zero Terms Ivan A Derzhanski 14.3224 Nov-24-2003
corpus for summarization. Dongqiang Yang 14.3225 Nov-23-2003
Sum for lexical chain. Dongqiang Yang 14.3225 Nov-23-2003
Mixed Conditional Sentences Kenji Kashino 14.3148 Nov-17-2003
Mongolian Parsers and NLP Grammars John Kovarik 14.2945 Oct-29-2003
Marked Phonemes of Endangered Languages Clare Mac Cumhaill 14.2943 Oct-29-2003
Phonotactic constraints in English Natalia Modjeska 14.2944 Oct-28-2003
'A Whole Nother Thing' William J. Rapaport 14.2909 Oct-24-2003
Cross-Linguistic Particles Morrison - 14.2880 Oct-22-2003
Dublin English Emma Moore 8.675 Oct-17-2003
Infant-Directed Speech Fay Wouk 14.2805 Oct-16-2003
Dat Tapes Tania Granadillo 14.2773 Oct-13-2003
Raising children bilingual or not bilingual Stefan Ploch 14.2784 Oct-06-2003
Summary: letter-order study Christina Sanchez 14.2681 Oct-03-2003
Vietnamese English Translation Francisco Dubert 14.2537 Sep-24-2003
SUM: emerging pronunciation of 'presentation' Rob Hagiwara 14.2390 Sep-09-2003
Language and Music Energin - 14.2380 Sep-09-2003
Words for "death" D. Alan Shewmon 14.2289 Sep-08-2003
Linguistics Bedtime Reading lives! Katie Haegele 14.2328 Sep-03-2003
informed consent Astrid Fiess 8.675 Sep-02-2003
meaning of pitch in music and speech Marie Safarova 8.675 Sep-02-2003
Summary of replies to query about aspect in Baltic Rose Thomas 14.2230 Aug-23-2003
Linguistic Experiments Marie Safarova 14.2206 Aug-20-2003
Surface Glides Susannah Levi 14.2186 Aug-19-2003
Sum: Estuary English Joanna Ryfa 14.2257 Aug-18-2003
Sum: Typology of Ellipsis Ressy Ai 14.2203 Aug-12-2003
Translations of Japanese Linguistics Works barbara pizziconi 14.2111 Aug-09-2003
translations of Japanese linguistics works barbara pizziconi 14.2111 Aug-08-2003
Passives with object agreement Mark Donohue 8.675 Aug-06-2003
summary: adnominal possessives and animacy Anette Rosenbach 14.2077 Aug-05-2003
Researching Languages/Alternatives to Wray et al. Loren Billings 8.675 Jul-29-2003
sum: dictionary presentation of derived words Bruno Maroneze Maroneze 14.1993 Jul-22-2003
Sum: spoken vs. written language Nicole Dehe 14.1986 Jul-20-2003
Origin of 'un système où tout se tient' Laurie Bauer 14.1954 Jul-17-2003
attribution of quotes on English borrowing Steve Hartman Keiser 14.1933 Jul-15-2003
Evolution of number in Slavonic languages Benítez-Burraco Antonio 8.675 Jul-15-2003
Using UPSID in teaching linguistics Zoe Toft 14.1932 Jul-15-2003
Summary: VVCC superheavy syllable Andrew Horne 14.1916 Jul-13-2003
Liaison Acquisition in French Paviour-Smith, Martin 14.1915 Jul-12-2003
Valence changing and ergativity Eva Monrós 14.1836 Jul-02-2003
Anaphoras to 'every' Norihiro Ogata 14.1817 Jun-30-2003
Summary of anaphoras to "every" Norihiro Ogata 14.1817 Jun-30-2003
Insight Media Videos for Teaching Fay Wouk (FOA DALSL) 14.1804 Jun-27-2003
ergativity, word order and agreement Jose-Luis Mendivil 14.1768 Jun-23-2003
Summary: Uvulars and glottal stop (addendum) Randall Gess 14.1710 Jun-16-2003
Summary: Uvulars/pharyngeals and glottal stop Randall Gess 14.1707 Jun-16-2003
Parallel Texts for MT Evaluation D Elliott 14.1678 Jun-13-2003
Summary: scope of negation in Bengali Jonny Butler 14.1631 Jun-09-2003
Stop nasalization In Kyu Park 14.1576 Jun-02-2003
Speech Perception Survey Bartek Plichta 14.1561 Jun-02-2003
Summary of Responses to Southern /ay/ Query Bartek Plichta 14.1561 May-31-2003
Imperatives David Kaiser 14.1547 May-30-2003
Prenominal Adjectives with Complements Dimitris Ntelitheos 14.1546 May-30-2003
Summary: Aspect in Hindi Srija Sinha 14.1535 May-29-2003
Linguistics in General Education Trudi Patterson 14.1520 May-23-2003
"White weapon" Ignacy Nasalski 14.1420 May-19-2003
Languages with fricative-initial onset clusters Lisa Davidson 14.1456 May-18-2003
Sum: Parallel multilingual wordlists Daniel Wedgwood 14.1367 May-13-2003
Paralinguictic clicks (summary) Mark Jones 14.1250 May-02-2003
Prosodic Marking of Negation Remijsen A.C.L. 14.1173 Apr-23-2003
Tense marking on pronouns - Part 4 David Palfreyman 14.1205 Apr-22-2003
Tense marking on pronouns - Part 3 David Palfreyman 14.1205 Apr-22-2003
Tense marking on pronouns David Palfreyman 14.1205 Apr-22-2003
Discourse-Initial 'and' George Huttar 14.1163 Apr-22-2003
Wanna, Searchin' and Spellings like that guitart - 14.1121 Apr-16-2003
Meaning Analysis of a Sentence Hans Prufer 14.1050 Apr-08-2003
Summary on meaning analysis of "The man gives ..." Hans Prufer 14.1050 Apr-07-2003
Tone Letters Stahlke Herbert F.W. 14.977 Apr-02-2003
Cognate Objects/Unaccusatives Andrew McIntyre 14.960 Apr-01-2003
'DO' Survey Jean Gilbert LEOUE 14.959 Mar-30-2003
Speaker Recognition Tapes Given in Evidence Fay Wouk 14.876 Mar-26-2003
Compounding in Creoles Joseph T. Farquharson 14.958 Mar-25-2003
EU language planning/policy Ann Jorid Klungervik Greenall 14.837 Mar-21-2003
VERB into VERBing Stefan Th. Gries 14.838 Mar-21-2003
German NP inflection (continued) Andrew Carstairs-McCarthy 14.825 Mar-19-2003
Pronouns and Demonstratives Susan Lloyd McBurney 14.796 Mar-19-2003
adjective and determiner inflection in German NPs Andrew Carstairs-McCarthy 14.825 Mar-19-2003
Genie Sandino L 14.715 Mar-12-2003
Correction: Field Recording Equipment Jim Long 14.720 Mar-12-2003
addendum to summary Jim Long 14.707 Mar-09-2003
Summary of responses to my Query #14.606 Jim Long 14.707 Mar-08-2003
French 'r', Spanish 'rr' Jen Mah 14.652 Mar-06-2003
Contrasting senses for 'leave' baskaran - 14.553 Feb-24-2003
Parsing Software Mitsuko Takahashi 14.522 Feb-20-2003
Orthography & segmentation of spoken language Rajaa Aquil 14.491 Feb-19-2003
Orthography & segmentation of spoken language Rajaa Aquil 14.491 Feb-16-2003
Stressed Syllables Stefan Th. Gries 14.449 Feb-14-2003
FinP References Borzdyko Oxana 14.352 Feb-04-2003
Texts for High School Students AJDeFaz AJDeFaz 14.304 Jan-28-2003
Writing Systems Benedetta Bassetti benedetta 14.289 Jan-27-2003
Writing Systems Benedetta Bassetti 14.289 Jan-24-2003
Sum: Transcribing from MiniDisc Lynne Murphy 14.193 Jan-17-2003
Minidisc use in field and lab Steve Hartman Keiser 14.79 Jan-08-2003
Minidisc use in field and lab Steve Hartman Keiser 14.79 Jan-08-2003
linguistic autobiographies Michael Erard 14.78 Jan-08-2003