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"Buenos dias", "buenas noches" -- this was the first words in a foreign language I heard in my life, as a three-year old boy growing up in developing post-war Western Germany, where the first gastarbeiters had arrived from Spain. Fascinated by the strange sounds, I tried to get to know some more languages, the only opportunity being TV courses of English and French -- there was no foreign language education for pre-teen school children in Germany yet in those days. Read more

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What is English? And Why Should We Care?

By: Tim William Machan

To find some answers Tim Machan explores the language's present and past, and looks ahead to its futures among the one and a half billion people who speak it. His search is fascinating and important, for definitions of English have influenced education and law in many countries and helped shape the identities of those who live in them.

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Medical Writing in Early Modern English

Edited by Irma Taavitsainen and Paivi Pahta

This volume provides a new perspective on the evolution of the special language of medicine, based on the electronic corpus of Early Modern English Medical Texts, containing over two million words of medical writing from 1500 to 1700.

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55 Summaries in 2000

Subject Line Submitter Issue No. Date
-ee Suffix in English Anja Wanner 11.1355 Jun-18-2000
IPA on the Internet Manfred Prokop 11.917 Apr-19-2000
Air Traffic Communication Raija Solatie 11.1042 May-07-2000
Case of Genie Nobuko Koyama-Murakami 11.993 Apr-30-2000
Change of English Usage Atsuko Umesaki 11.615 Mar-17-2000
Chomsky & Statistics Joseph Davis 11.567 Mar-11-2000
Color Metaphors Gill Philip 11.1348 Jun-16-2000
Color Metaphors Gill Philip 11.1348 Jun-16-2000
Comitative Timur Maisak 11.198 Jan-31-2000
Comitative Timur Maisak 11.198 Jan-31-2000
Conclusion and Premise Indicators Marianne J Washburn 11.546 Mar-08-2000
Sum: Dialogue analysis in talks: talk-program needed Katarina Klein 11.106 Jan-13-2000
Earliest Lexical Blending Suzanne Kemmer 11.1378 Jun-20-2000
Summary: English imperatives with overt 'You' (11-265) Kevin R Gregg 11.316 Feb-15-2000
Sum:English reflexives Makoto SHIMIZU 11.1256 Jun-05-2000
ESL Software/ Mac Larry Larry 11.809 Apr-08-2000
for Query 11.186 Feminine names ending in '-a' Kentaro Toyama 11.352 Feb-17-2000
Fieldwork Recorder Advice HMooney HMooney 11.1346 Jun-14-2000
for Query 11.13:English Word Frequency Jean Wang 11.163 Jan-25-2000
for Query 11.13:English Word Frequency Jean Wang 11.163 Jan-25-2000
for Query 11.190:"a couple" vs "a couple of" Tom Fitzsimmons 11.202 Feb-01-2000
Summary of comments on Tom Fitzsimmons 11.202 Feb-01-2000
For Query 11.94: American English Flap Jorge Guitart 11.125 Jan-20-2000
For Query: 11.12 Sorting Software Hana Skoumalova 11.78 Jan-14-2000
for Query:10.1740 Functional Load David R Bogdan 11.72 Jan-13-2000
Grammar and writing Dick Hudson 11.1117 May-16-2000
Inventing Languages Susan Meredith Burt 11.1085 May-11-2000
Inversion in embedded clauses Ming-Wei Lee 11.165 Jan-25-2000
Inversion in embedded clauses mwl1 mwl1 11.165 Jan-25-2000
L2 Speech Perception s-tokuma_eibun s-tokuma_eibun 11.725 Mar-30-2000
Lexicalization and Metaphors Denis Jamet 11.1036 May-05-2000
loans/metaphors P Kurtboke 11.1306 Jun-10-2000
loans/metaphors Petek Kurtboke 11.1306 Jun-10-2000
Machine Translation of Compound Nouns Oliver Cromm 11.921 Apr-21-2000
Maternal Input and Cognition Thora Tenbrink 11.1077 May-11-2000
English Derivational/Inflectional Morphology Analyzer Carmen Cross 11.307 Feb-08-2000
Summary: Morphology Texts Dr MJ Hardman 11.1079 May-11-2000
Negative Particles in NP Marina Vassiliou 11.726 Mar-30-2000
Nida: bibliography Pilar Herranz 12.3084 Dec-12-2000
summary of foreign-lang (non-Eng) sociolinguistics textbooks Peter L Patrick 11.2418 Nov-01-2000
Null Subject Languages Ronald Sheen 11.929 Apr-21-2000
OT and SLA phonology Femke Wester 11.473 Mar-03-2000
PALM - a journal? Simone Mueller 11.2417 Nov-03-2000
Psycholinguistics Textbooks Greg Watson 11.390 Feb-23-2000
ISO 639: reactions from users/potential users Nicholas Ostler 11.294 Feb-06-2000
Redundant Word Pairs Scott Newstrom 11.637 Mar-18-2000
Reference for Kohler Paper N Whitworth 11.498 Mar-07-2000
References on jannis androutsopoulos 11.302 Feb-13-2000
Self-repair Quote Caroline L Rieger 11.478 Mar-06-2000
Spanish clitic Randy Sharp 11.638 Mar-20-2000
Speaking without teeth Mai Kuha 11.303 Feb-12-2000
Strong Crossover Task William J Crawford 11.926 Apr-22-2000
Typology of Noun Classifiers Lisa Johnson 11.610 Mar-14-2000
Sum: Verbal interrogatives (11.119) Lameen Souag 11.126 Jan-22-2000
Sum: Verbal interrogatives (11.119) Lameen Souag 11.126 Jan-22-2000


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