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Style, Mediation, and Change

Edited by Janus Mortensen, Nikolas Coupland, and Jacob Thogersen

Style, Mediation, and Change "Offers a coherent view of style as a unifying concept for the sociolinguistics of talking media."

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Intonation and Prosodic Structure

By Caroline Féry

Intonation and Prosodic Structure "provides a state-of-the-art survey of intonation and prosodic structure."

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79 Summaries IN 2002

Subject Line Submitter Issue No. DATE
referential determiners Tania R Ionin 13.1014 Apr-10-2002
Model/Sample English recordings Yasuo Nakajima 13.2973 Nov-13-2002
Re: German Quotatives Ellen Fluharty 13.3043 Nov-21-2002
Pronunciation of Heinrich Pfandl 13.108 Jan-16-2002
Sum: DP/CP parallelism Joost Kremers 13.2355 Jul-24-2002
Age as Sociolinguistic Category Mary Shapiro 13.2458 Sep-26-2002
Sum: I'll shall, I'd should, I'd might etc. Carsten Breul 13.2513 Oct-01-2002
Development of Agreement Morphology - part 1 Eric Fuss 13.2514 Oct-01-2002
Raija Solatie 13.268 Jan-30-2002
Responses to Machine Translation Query Sherri Condon 13.380 Feb-08-2002
compound nouns Caroline Reul 13.375 Feb-08-2002
Re: Dan Stowell 13.2621 Oct-09-2002
Re:13.261 Focus sharbani Banerji 13.379 Feb-10-2002
British vs American English pronunciation Alain Th鲩ault 13.405 Feb-11-2002
Summary: Swadesh query Robin Allott 13.2622 Oct-13-2002
Summary: Roger Bacon quote Dirk Elzinga 13.2976 Nov-15-2002
Re: insults .... sergio scalise 13.3243 Dec-05-2002
Sum: Subtraction in Numerals Ivan A Derzhanski 13.3329 Dec-11-2002
summary of responses re: query on hi vowels and dorsal consonants Dave & Julie Eberhard 13.3330 Dec-14-2002
Summary - Pronunciation Poem Karen Smith 13.3353 Dec-17-2002
Summary of my query: Textbook for a language planning & policy class Elke Stracke 13.3406 Dec-20-2002
Undergraduate Historical Ling Text Z S 13.3407 Dec-18-2002
Sum: CD Recorder Uwe Seibert 14.31 Dec-25-2002
transcription equipment Charley Rowe 13.567 Feb-27-2002
borrowing of verbs george huttar 13.588 Mar-01-2002
Replies related to 'Chechnia' Maher Bahloul 13.637 Mar-08-2002
Re Linguist 13.591, Unicode & Tones Musgrave, S 13.681 Mar-12-2002
Sum: The distribution of -heit/keit in German, or criteria of assessing morphological complexity Stefan Ploch 13.702 Mar-13-2002
resultative etc. uses of Julian Bradfield 13.864 Mar-27-2002
sum: amendment to the summary of -heit/keit in German Stefan Ploch 13.746 Mar-20-2002
Motion verbs + Manner Stathis Selimis 13.899 Apr-01-2002
Chinese word frequency list dhang dhang 13.901 Mar-31-2002
recording telephone interviews Suzanne K Hilgendorf 13.970 Apr-07-2002
English pretonic syncope Katalin Balogne Berces 13.971 Apr-08-2002
Voicing-conditioned vowel alternations Elliott Moreton 13.450 Feb-14-2002
James D. Nicoll quote - mystery solved kemmer kemmer 13.499 Feb-20-2002
VOT and stress Joaquim Brand㯤e Carvalho 13.565 Feb-25-2002
Mobile diphthongs in Italian Bart van der Veer 13.465 Feb-19-2002
idioms Beate Waffenschmidt 13.564 Feb-26-2002
Tamil body part lexemes Wiltrud Mihatsch 13.411 Feb-14-2002
Fortition of Palatal Glide in Romance Steven Schaufele 13.463 Feb-16-2002
SUM: So gay Dorine S Houston 13.498 Feb-09-2002
responses to query Michael Frishkopf 13.508 Feb-20-2002
NLP in the Movies: Summary of Responses Robert Dale 13.507 Feb-22-2002
'Face/Eye' Polysemy George Huttar 13.2110 Aug-16-2002
ESL/Typical Errors Made by Finns/Part 2 John Hammink 13.2172 Aug-25-2002
Counting-out Rhymes Andy Arleo 13.2203 Aug-31-2002
Open Source Language Learning/Addendum Doug Whalen 13.2303 Sep-13-2002
Gestures and Speech julia nikolaeva 13.1577 Jun-03-2002
Consonant Harmony Dan Everett 13.1642 Jun-10-2002
German Expressions Using "blau" Susanne Niemeier 13.1740 Jun-19-2002
Influence of L2 on L1 Kirk Masden 13.1891 Jul-10-2002
Apostrophe Rules in Langs Daniel Buncic 13.1566 May-31-2002
History of Grammaticalization Therese Lindstrom 13.2037 Aug-06-2002
Strong/Weak Crossover Mohammad Rasekh 13.2039 Aug-06-2002
Emotion Verbs René Schiering 13.1128 Apr-23-2002
Vowel Normalization Procedures Dom Watt 13.1146 Apr-24-2002
French Textbooks in General Ling GBidoric - 13.1270 May-07-2002
Sensation Predicates Daniela Caluianu 13.1364 May-15-2002
Tenure and Promotion Lynn Pearson 13.1365 May-15-2002
Textbook for Language Planning & Policy Elke Stracke 13.3406 Dec-22-2002
Development of Agreement Morphology/Pt2 Eric Fuss 13.2566 Oct-08-2002
Spanish Verb Particles Gjevnoe Kurt 13.1090 Apr-19-2002
Verbs "to have" and "to be" Pavol Stekauer 13.1392 May-17-2002
Nested Restructuring in Italian Eva-Maria Remberger 13.2304 Sep-13-2002
Lingua Franca in Sign Languages Steven Schaufele 13.258 Jan-30-2002
Endangered Languages Daniel Everett 13.3331 Dec-17-2002
phonotactics in morphological blocking and suppletion John Alderete 13.92 Jan-14-2002
head prominence and floating tones Mike Cahill 13.134 Jan-18-2002
Unicode & Tones Musgrave, S. 13.681 Mar-13-2002
Causal/Resultative Uses of "And" Julian Bradfield 13.864 Mar-28-2002
Sum: Typical "mistakes" made by Finns part 1 of 2 John Hammink 13.2133 Aug-15-2002
DP as a phase Jonny Butler 13.2305 Sep-11-2002
Sum: Nested restructuring in Italian Eva-Maria Remberger 13.2304 Sep-12-2002
Phonetics: s/z/h Alteration Remy Viredaz 13.1596 Jul-12-2002
Theta/f Variation in Varieties of English Kirk Hazen 13.1959 Jul-18-2002
Chain shifts with epenthesis or deletion Elliott Moreton 13.1815 Jun-26-2002
German Quotatives Ellen Fluharty 13.3043 Nov-14-2002
German Quotatives Ellen Fluharty 13.3043 Nov-21-2002