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Style, Mediation, and Change

Edited by Janus Mortensen, Nikolas Coupland, and Jacob Thogersen

Style, Mediation, and Change "Offers a coherent view of style as a unifying concept for the sociolinguistics of talking media."

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Intonation and Prosodic Structure

By Caroline Féry

Intonation and Prosodic Structure "provides a state-of-the-art survey of intonation and prosodic structure."

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66 Summaries IN 2005

Subject Line Submitter Issue No. DATE
Use of 'What it is is' Emma Pavey 16.288 Jan-29-2005
Transcription of Digital Audio Susan Gehr 16.1172 Apr-11-2005
Prothesis Before Single Consonant Katalin Balogne Berces 16.38 Jan-05-2005
Bibliography on Mandinka Joana Rossello 16.838 Mar-19-2005
Very Multilingual Communities Richard Hudson 16.139 Jan-18-2005
Prenominal Modifiers Yosuke Miyata 16.394 Feb-07-2005
Expectations, Semantics & Understanding Stephen Deiss 16.544 Feb-23-2005
Unmarked Contour Tone Joaquim de Carvalho 16.642 Mar-04-2005
English Word Stress Database Sarah Collie 16.646 Mar-04-2005
linguistic description of conversational humor Mary Zdrojkowski 16.596 Feb-28-2005
Discourse Initial 'And' George Huttar 16.569 Feb-24-2005
Grammar Texts for English Ed Teachers Larry LaFond 16.420 Feb-11-2005
Language Brokering as a Research Topic Jack Hall 16.882 Mar-22-2005
Click Origins Mark Jones 16.941 Mar-28-2005
Australian [ae]-lengthening Tonio Green 16.858 Mar-21-2005
Ottawa Animacy Hierarchy Naomi Fox 16.837 Mar-18-2005
Unmarked Contour Tone Joaquim Brandao de Carvalho 16.845 Mar-20-2005
The Syntax of Transitive Adjectives Fernando Martinho 16.1227 Apr-18-2005
Braille and Phonetics Sarah Gray 16.770 Mar-14-2005
Unaccusative, Reflexive, and Non-reflexive Konrad Szczesniak 16.1202 Apr-14-2005
The Origin of Agreement Systems Greville Corbett 16.1000 Mar-31-2005
Expressions Similar to Hebrew 'bixlal' Hagit Migron 16.999 Apr-01-2005
Films and Documentaries on Endangered Languages Ole Stig Andersen 16.1562 May-16-2005
Case-Assignment in Slavic Olga Kagan 16.1563 May-16-2005
Linguistically Significant Films Michael Barrie 16.1639 May-17-2005
Human Subjects Requirements Claire Bowern 16.1467 May-06-2005
American Dialects Stan Anonby 16.1469 May-09-2005
Resultatives from a cross-linguistic perspective Chao Li 16.1638 May-18-2005
WebCorpus Counts Jerry Kurjian 16.1366 Apr-28-2005
Linguist-Software Interaction Burgel R.M. Faehndrich 16.1504 May-11-2005
Language and Sleep Deprivation Resources Whitney Anne Postman 16.1510 May-11-2005
Language, Power and Politics Course Texts Richard Epstein 16.1926 Jun-19-2005
Consonant Effects on Pitch Jason Brown 16.1958 Jun-23-2005
Language extinction, Neolithic Revolution John Kingston 16.2089 Jul-04-2005
Negation Systems Claire Lampp 16.1957 Jun-24-2005
Stimulus Presentation Packages Michael Ullman 16.2104 Jul-06-2005
Irregular English Past Tense Scott McClure 16.2608 Sep-11-2005
Cancelling Implicatures Emma Borg 16.2284 Jul-28-2005
Phonology of German Stefan Ploch 16.2311 Aug-01-2005
Chinese Historical Syntax Keith Slater 16.2536 Aug-31-2005
Overcounting in Numerals Thomas Hanke 16.2448 Aug-19-2005
Most Conservative Language Pete Unseth 16.2461 Aug-22-2005
Dyslexia and Learning Syntax Mai Kuha 16.2565 Sep-06-2005
Leonard Bloomfield as a Teacher Marc Pierce 16.2350 Aug-08-2005
Historical Present Outside of Indo-European Keira Ballantyne 16.2237 Jul-22-2005
Solid-state Recorders Marc Brunelle 16.2710 Sep-17-2005
Modification : Solid-state Recorders Marc Brunelle 16.2814 Sep-30-2005
Allomorphic Variation sue fox 16.2907 Oct-07-2005
Origin of Pot 'Cannabis' Max Wheeler 16.2853 Oct-03-2005
Linguistics of Translation Richard Cameron 16.2891 Oct-05-2005
Endangered Language Breakdown Serena Crivellaro 16.2815 Sep-27-2005
On-line Processing Studies on English Articles Kyoungsook Lucy Kim 16.3295 Nov-16-2005
Resources for online linguistics courses Abigail Konopasky 16.3103 Oct-27-2005
Diffusion of Innovations Sue Hasselbring 16.3104 Oct-27-2005
Ordering of Names Cate Dolan 16.3105 Oct-27-2005
Reverse Language Transfer - Positive or Negative? Detelina Kalkandjieva 16.3102 Oct-22-2005
Cocoliche Giuliana Fiorentino 16.3042 Oct-21-2005
St.Lucian English and Creole Antheia Cadette-Blasse 16.3257 Nov-10-2005
Six Laws of Language and Linguistics in Draft Alexander Gross 16.3359 Nov-18-2005
Language Interference Elena Gerdowa 16.3290 Nov-15-2005
Addendum: Online Linguistics Courses Abigail Konopasky 16.3191 Nov-04-2005
Consonants vs. Vowels gina cardillo 16.3420 Nov-29-2005
Only If Annabel Cormack 16.3643 Dec-21-2005
Use of Corpora in Language Testing Fiona Barker 16.3644 Dec-21-2005
References: Optional Word Omission, That-omission Florian Jaeger 16.3603 Dec-15-2005
Phonemic Vowel Length and Music Julian Bradfield 16.3641 Dec-11-2005