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Words Onscreen

By Naomi S. Baron

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Communication Accommodation Theory

Edited by Howard Giles

Most people modify their ways of speaking, writing, texting, and e-mailing, and so on, according to the people with whom they are communicating. This fascinating book asks why we 'accommodate' to others in this way, and explores the various social consequences arising from it.

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Journal Title: Journal of Child Language
Volume/Issue:   37 / 1
Date: 2010
Table of Contents: Child L2 development: A longitudinal case study on Voice Onset Times in word-initial stops
by Ellen Simon
pp 159-173

Semantic bias in the acquisition of relative clauses in Japanese
by Hiromi Ozeki, Yasuhiro Shirai
pp 197-215

Children's sentence planning: Syntactic correlates of fluency variations
by Dana I. McDaniel, Cecile McKee, Merrill F. Garrett
pp 59-94

Validating justifications in preschool girls' and boys' friendship group talk: implications for linguistic and socio-cognitive development
by Amy Kyratziz, Tamara Shuqum Ross, S. Bahar Koymen
pp 115-144

Rethinking child difficulty: The effect of NP type on children's processing of relative clauses in Hebrew
by Inbal Arnon
pp 27-57

Preschool-aged children have difficulty constructing and interpreting simple utterances composed of graphic symbols
by Ann Sutton, Natacha Trudeau, Jill P. Morford, Monica Rios, Marie-Andree Poirier
pp 1-26

Optional elements and variant structures in the productions of bei2 ‘to give’ dative constructions in Cantonese-speaking adults and three-year-old children
by Anita M. Y. Wong, Dorcas C. Chow, Catherine Mcbride-Cheng, Stephanie F. Stokes
pp 175-196

Explaining the disambiguation effect: Don't exclude mutual exclusivity
by Vikram K. Jaswal
pp 95-113

Phonological changes during the transition from one-word to productive word combination
by Katsura Aoyama, Ann M. Peters, Kimberly S WIinchester
pp 145-157

Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Linguistic Field(s): Phonology
Language Acquisition
Subject Language(s): Dutch
Chinese, Yue
LL Issue: 21.715