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Oxford Handbook of Corpus Phonology

Edited by Jacques Durand, Ulrike Gut, and Gjert Kristoffersen

Offers the first detailed examination of corpus phonology and serves as a practical guide for researchers interested in compiling or using phonological corpora

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The Languages of the Jews: A Sociolinguistic History

By Bernard Spolsky

A vivid commentary on Jewish survival and Jewish speech communities that will be enjoyed by the general reader, and is essential reading for students and researchers interested in the study of Middle Eastern languages, Jewish studies, and sociolinguistics.

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Indo-European Linguistics

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Journal Title: Journal of Child Language
Volume/Issue:   37/3
Date: 2010
Table of Contents: Computational models of child language learning: an introduction
by Brian Macwhinney
pp 477-485

Modeling the contribution of phonotactic cues to the problem of word segmentation
by Daniel Blanchard, Jeffrey N. Heinz, Roberta Michnick Golinkoff
pp 487-511

Segmenting words from natural speech: subsegmental variation in segmental cues
by C Anton Rytting, Chris Brew, Eric Fosler-Lussier
pp 513-543

Words in puddles of sound: modelling psycholinguistic effects in speech segmentation
by Padraic Monaghan, Morten H Christiansen
pp 545-564

Implicational markedness and frequency in constraint-based computational models of phonological learning
by Gaja Jarosz
pp 565-606

Variability, negative evidence, and the acquisition of verb argument constructions
by Amy Perfors, Joshua B Tenenbaum, Elizabeth Wonnacott
pp 607-642

Explaining quantitative variation in the rate of Optional Infinitive errors across languages: A comparison of MOSAIC and the Variational Learning Model
by Daniel Freudenthal, Julian M Pine, Fernand Gobet
pp 643-669

An empirical generative framework for computational modeling of language acquisition
by Heidi R Waterfall, Ben Sandbank, Luca Onnis, Shimon Edelman
pp 671-703

Morphosyntactic annotation of CHILDES transcripts
by Kenji Sagae, Eric Davis, Alon Lavie, Brian Macwhinney, Shuly Wintner
pp 705-729

Cognitive architectures and language acquisition: A case study in pronoun comprehension
by Jacolien van Rij, Hedderik Van Rijn, Petra Hendriks
pp 731-766

Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Linguistic Field(s): Computational Linguistics
Language Acquisition
LL Issue: 21.1992