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The Languages of the Jews: A Sociolinguistic History

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Journal Title: Journal of Child Language
Volume/Issue:   39/4
Date: 2012
Table of Contents: Children's use of phonological information in ambiguity resolution: a view from Mandarin Chinese
by Peng Zhou, Y. Sun, Stephen Crain, Liqun Gao, Likan Zhan
pp 687-730

Mothers respond differently to infants' familiar versus non-familiar verbal imitations
by Janet Olson, Elise Frank Masur
pp 731-752

The role of morphophonological regularity in young Spanish-speaking children's production of gendered noun phrases
by Brittany A. Lindsey, LouAnn Gerken
pp 753-776

Preschoolers' comprehension of pronouns and reflexives: the impact of the task
by Christina Bergmann, Markus Paulus, Paula Fikkert
pp 777-803

Density, frequency and the expressive phonology of children with phonological delay
by Judith A. Gierut, Michele L. Morrisette
pp 804-834

The interface between neighborhood density and optional infinitives: normal development and Specific Language Impairment
by Jill R. Hoover, Holly L. Storkel, Mabel L. Rice
pp 835-862

Putting singular and plural morphology in context*
by Marco Dispaldro, Beatrice Benelli
pp 863-884

A functional account of verb use in the early stages of English multiword development
by Thea Ruth Cameron-Faulkner
pp 885-897

Basic language comprehension and production in >100,000 young children from sixteen developing nations
by Marc H. Bornstein, Charlene Hendricks
pp 899-918

Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Linguistic Field(s): Morphology
Language Acquisition
Subject Language(s): Chinese, Mandarin
LL Issue: 23.3997