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The Social Origins of Language

By Daniel Dor

Presents a new theoretical framework for the origins of human language and sets key issues in language evolution in their wider context within biological and cultural evolution

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Preposition Placement in English: A Usage-Based Approach

By Thomas Hoffmann

This is the first study that empirically investigates preposition placement across all clause types. The study compares first-language (British English) and second-language (Kenyan English) data and will therefore appeal to readers interested in world Englishes. Over 100 authentic corpus examples are discussed in the text, which will appeal to those who want to see 'real data'

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Free access to several Brill linguistics journals, such as Journal of Jewish Languages, Language Dynamics and Change, and Brill’s Annual of Afroasiatic Languages and Linguistics.

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Journal Title: Bilingualism: Language and Cognition
Volume/Issue:   16 / 4
Date: 2013
Table of Contents: Are non-native structural preferences affected by native language preferences?
by SusannaFlett, HollyP.Branigan, MartinJPickering
pp 751-760

Access, prestige and losses in contact languages
by MikaelParkvall
pp 746-747

Lateralization of semantic processing is shaped by exposure to specific mother tongues: The case of insight problem solving by bilingual and monolingual native Hebrew speakers
by NiliMetuki, ShaniSinkevich, MichalLavidor
pp 900-913

Language proficiency and executive control in bilingual children
by PeriIIluz-Cohen, SharonArmon-Lotem
pp 884-899

A sparkling apéritif or old wine in new bags?
by PieterC.Muysken
pp 748-750

Language contact outcomes as the result of bilingual optimization strategies
by PieterC.Muysken
pp 709-730

Tip-of-the-tongue (TOT) states and cross-linguistic transfer
by KatyBorodkin, MiriamFaust
pp 914-923

Proficiency modulates early orthographic and phonological processing in L2 spoken word recognition
by OutiVeivo, JuhaniJärvikivi
pp 864-883

Allomorphy and affixation in morphological processing: A cross-modal priming study with late bilinguals
by GunnarJacob, ElisabethFleischhauer, HaraldClahsen
pp 924-933

Explicit and implicit semantic processing of verb–particle constructions by French–English bilinguals
by Mary-JaneBlais, Laura M.Gonnerman
pp 829-846

What's in a grammar? Modeling dominance and optimization in contact
by DevyaniSharma
pp 731-733

Gender inferences: Grammatical features and their impact on the representation of gender in bilinguals
by SayakaSato, PascalGygax, UteGabriel
pp 792-807

In search of a unified model of language contact
by DonaldWinford
pp 734-736

Verbal memory resources predict iconic gesture use among monolinguals and bilinguals
by LisaSmithson, ElenaNicoladis
pp 934-944

Compositional production in Spanish second language conjugation
by NoraPresson, NuriaSagarra, BrianMacwhinney, JohnKowalski
pp 808-828

Bilingual strategies from the perspective of a processing model
by Robert J.Hartsuiker
pp 737-739

Optimization in bilingual language use
by RakeshMohanBhatt
pp 740-742

Scrutinizing the role of length of residence and age of acquisition in the interlanguage pronunciation development of English /ɹ/ by late Japanese bilinguals
by KazuyaSaito, François-XavierBrajot
pp 847-863

How optimal is the Optimization Model?
by BerndHeine
pp 743-745

Inflection and derivation in native and non-native language processing: Masked priming experiments on Turkish
by BilalKirkici, HaraldClahsen
pp 776-791

L1 word order and sensitivity to verb bias in L2 processing
by Eun-KyungLee, Dora Hsin-YiLu, Susan M.Garnsey
pp 761-775

Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Linguistic Field(s): Discourse Analysis
Linguistic Theories
Language Acquisition
Subject Language(s): English
LL Issue: 24.3395