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Latin: A Linguistic Introduction

By Renato Oniga and Norma Shifano

Applies the principles of contemporary linguistics to the study of Latin and provides clear explanations of grammatical rules alongside diagrams to illustrate complex structures.

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The Ancient Language, and the Dialect of Cornwall, with an Enlarged Glossary of Cornish Provincial Words

By Frederick W.P. Jago

Containing around 3,700 dialect words from both Cornish and English,, this glossary was published in 1882 by Frederick W. P. Jago (1817–92) in an effort to describe and preserve the dialect as it too declined and it is an invaluable record of a disappearing dialect and way of life.

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Linguistic Bibliography for the Year 2013

The Linguistic Bibliography is by far the most comprehensive bibliographic reference work in the field. This volume contains up-to-date and extensive indexes of names, languages, and subjects.

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Journal Title: University of Pennsylvania Working Papers in Linguistics
Volume/Issue:   19 / 2
Date: 2013
Table of Contents: The Penn Linguistics Club is proud to announce the publication of U. Penn Working Papers in Linguistics 19.2: Selected Papers from NWAV 41. The issue may be accessed for free online at:

Ethnicity and Sound Change: African American English in Charleston, SC
Maciej Baranowski

Social Evaluation of Asian Accented English
Carina Bauman

Lexical Frequency and Syntactic Variation: A Test of a Linguistic Hypothesis
Robert Bayley, Kristen Greer, and Cory Holland

Retreat from the Southern Vowel Shift in Raleigh, NC: Social Factors
Robin Dodsworth

Language Variation and Change in Hawai’i English: KIT, DRESS, and TRAP
Katie Drager, M. Joelle Kirtley, James Grama, and Sean Simpson

A Department Store Study for the 21st Century: /r/ vocalization on TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress
Maeve Eberhardt and Corinne Downs

“De quoi tu parles?”: A diachronic study of sociopragmatic interrogative variation in French films
Kelly Farmer

Age of Second Dialect Acquisition and Linguistic Practice Across Ethno-racial Boundaries in the Urban Midwest
Sonya Fix

Locating Style: Style-shifting to Characterize Community at the Border of Washington, D.C.
Jessica Grieser

The Evolutionary Trajectory of the Icelandic New Passive
Anton Karl Ingason, Julie Anne Legate, and Charles Yang

A Tale of Two Cities: Community Density and African American English Vowels
Mary Kohn and Charlie Farrington

East End Boys and West End Girls: /s/-Fronting in Southeast England
Erez Levon and Sophie Holmes-Elliott

English auxiliary realization and the independence of morphology and phonetics
Laurel Mackenzie and Charles Yang

A Study of Variation in the BATH Vowel among White Speakers of South African English in Five Cities
Rajend Mesthrie, Alida Chevalier, and Timothy Dunne

Ultrasound and Corpus Study of a Change from Below: Vowel Rhoticity in Canadian French
Jeff Mielke

TH-stopping in New York City: Substrate Effect Turned Ethnic Marker?
Luiza Newlin-Łukowicz

The Phonology of the Canadian Shift Revisited: Thunder Bay & Cape Breton
Rebecca V. Roeder and Matt Hunt Gardner

Investigating a gradual metathesis: Phonetic and lexical factors on /s/- aspiration in Andalusian Spanish
Hanna Ruch

Sociolinguistic Correlates of Negative Evaluation: Variable Concord in Rio de Janeiro
Maria Marta Pereira Scherre and Anthony J. Naro

Changing Pronunciation but Stable Social Evaluation?
Jacob Thøgersen and Nicolai Pharao

Morphophonological Variation in Haitian Creole: the Case of 3SG
Anne-José Villeneuve, Jason F. Siegel, and Albert Valdman

Aaron Freeman
Issue Editor, 19.2
Publisher: Penn Linguistics Club
Linguistic Field(s): Phonetics
Text/Corpus Linguistics
Subject Language(s): Danish
Creole, Haitian
Creole English, Hawai'i
LL Issue: 24.4203