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Edited by H. Samy Alim, John R. Rickford, and Arnetha F. Ball

Raciolinguistics "Brings together a critical mass of scholars to form a new field dedicated to theorizing and analyzing language and race together."

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Sociolinguistics from the Periphery

By Sari Pietikäinen, FinlandAlexandra Jaffe, Long BeachHelen Kelly-Holmes, and Nikolas Coupland

Sociolinguistics from the Periphery "presents a fascinating book about change: shifting political, economic and cultural conditions; ephemeral, sometimes even seasonal, multilingualism; and altered imaginaries for minority and indigenous languages and their users."

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Journal Title: Annual Review of Applied Linguistics
Volume/Issue:   33 / 1
Date: 2013
Table of Contents: The Long March to Biliteracy and Trilingualism: Language Policy in Hong Kong Education Since the Handover
by Stephen Evans
pp 302-324

Editor's Introduction
by Charlene Polio
pp vi-vii

Linguistic Landscapes in a Multilingual World
by Durk Gorter
pp 190-212

Language Policy and Education: Space and Place in Multilingual Post-Soviet States
by Kara D. Brown
pp 238-257

Formal Linguistic Approaches to L3/Ln Acquisition: A Focus on Morphosyntactic Transfer in Adult Multilingualism
by Jason Rothman, Becky Halloran
pp 51-67

Defining Multilingualism
by Jasone Cenoz
pp 3-18

Current Issues in Multilingual First Language Acquisition
by Sharon Unsworth
pp 21-50

The Multilingual Lexicon: The Cognitive and Neural Basis of Lexical Comprehension and Production in Two or More Languages
by Judith F. Kroll, Jason W. Gullifer, Eleonora Rossi
pp 102-127

Multilingualism in Canada: Policy and Education in Applied Linguistics Research
by Diane Dagenais
pp 286-301

Multilingualism in the Workplace
by Britt-Louise Gunnarsson
pp 162-189

Multilingualism and Education in South Asia: Resolving Policy/Practice Dilemmas
by Suresh Canagarajah, Hina Ashraf
pp 258-285

Multilingual Education Policy in South Africa Constrained by Theoretical and Historical Disconnections
by Kathleen Heugh
pp 215-237

Language Disorders in Multilingual and Multicultural Populations
by Mira Goral, Peggy S. Conner
pp 128-161

Multilingualism and the Brain
by Eve Higby, Jungna Kim, Loraine K. Obler
pp 68-101

Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics
Discourse Analysis
Cognitive Science
Subject Language(s): Chinese, Mandarin
Chinese, Yue
LL Issue: 25.768