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  • The University of Mississippi Working Papers in Linguistics (UMWPL) - - University of Mississippi (16-Sep-2021)
  • Journal of Arabic Linguistics Tradition (JALT) - - Journal of Arabic Linguistics Tradition (JALT) (23-Jan-2020)
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  • Language Acquisition: PhD, Carnegie Mellon University, USA (07-Oct-2019)
  • Language Acquisition: PhD, Carnegie Mellon University, Pennsylvania, USA (02-Nov-2018)
  • Arabic; Greek, Ancient; General Linguistics, PhD, University of Gothenburg, Sweden (18-Jan-2017)
  • Arabic; Chinese; French; German; Italian; Japanese; Russian; Spanish; Language Acquisition: PhD, Carnegie Mellon Univeristy, USA (18-Nov-2016)
  • Arabic (Standard), Japanese, Korean; General Linguistics: Ma / MSc Student, SOAS University of London, United Kingdom (26-Feb-2015)
  • PhD Student, University of Amsterdam, Leiden University (07-Oct-2013)
  • Arabic, Standard;Chinese, Mandarin;Korean;Russian & Language Acquisition: Open Student, University of Maryland, College Park, USA (30-Mar-2005)
  • Computational Linguistics: PhD Student, Dublin City University, Ireland (01-Dec-2004)

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  • List of new terms books published by All-Union center of translations science literature and documentations (USSR): List of new terms books published by All-Union center of translations science literature and documentations (USSR)##1 - 189. (16-Aug-2005)

  • Bilingual and Multilingual Dictionaries:

  • Hablaa Online Dictionary: is an Online Dictionary translating from/into the following languages: German, French, English, Italian,Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Swedish, Finnish, Dutch and many more language pairs. It is based on crowdsourcing approach. Everyone can contribute to the existing dictionaries by entering/correcting new translation pairs. (04-Nov-2011)

  • Fonts: Language Specific:

  • Paratype Internet Font Fair: Typeface support with Latin, Cyrillic, Arabic, Greek, Georgian and Hebrew fonts for Macintosh and Windows platforms. Free font catalog. Font utilities. Font magazine. Font sites list. (17-May-2001)

  • Learning Langs other than English:

  • Language School: Articles, news and resources on languages and learning a new language. (20-Jun-2006)

  • Linguistic Blogs:

  • Exploring Oman's Linguistic Treasures: Through this blog I try to shed light on linguistics generally and linguistics in Oman specifically. Linguistics is not a very known, let alone popular science in Oman. Through this blog I try to make linguistic topics more accessible to Omanis, Arabs and whoever is interested. Some of the topics I discuss include: Omani dialects, Arabic dialects, language prestige, identity, bilingualism/multilingualism, endangered languages and language change. I try to spread the science of linguistics in Oman and the Arab World and make it more known (since many people confuse it with Education or literary studies). (27-Jul-2011)

  • Natural Languages:

  • Die arabische Sprache und Schrift: All about the Arabic language: history, system, learning, software, calligraphy. (23-May-2001)

  • Societies:

  • Polis Institute: 'Polis- The Jerusalem Institute for Language and Humanities' is a non-for-profit organization based in Jerusalem, aiming at the promotion of ancient languages. Its activities can be divided in four categories: - Language courses (Biblical Hebrew, Ancient Greek, Latin, Syriac, Aramaic, Arabic) organized in Jerusalem and Rome. - Academic programs in Ancient Philology in Jerusalem (Masters, one-year program). - Organizing international lectures and conferences on various topics in Humanities. - Editing and publishing (handbooks for ancient languages, conference proceedings). Polis is characterized by its approach to ancient languages: they are taught as living languages and are spoken in class and among students at lunch or in the corridors. Some modern innovations in the field of language pedagogy, such as the total immersion or total physical response are applied to Greek or Biblical Hebrew so as to allow, after one or two years, a direct, intuitive understanding of the texts, without the help of a dictionary (03-Nov-2014)

  • Software: Concordances:

  • aConCorde: aConcorde is a multi-lingual concordance tool. Originally developed for native Arabic concordance, it posses basic concordance functionality, as well as English and Arabic interfaces. Written in Java, so will run on any platform that has the Java Runtime Environment installed. (19-Apr-2004)

  • Software: Other Software Tools:

  • KickKeys: KickKeys is a software tool for linguists. It allows the user to write any language using the regular English computer keyboard without memorizing difficult key sequences. It allows transliteration (type-as-you-pronounce) and remapping of keyboards. Thus if the user is interested to write Ancient Greek or Hebrew in an English Windows, KickKeys is the only choice. Kickkeys allows the user to specify his/her own key mapping, change existing ones, use any font he/she likes and, to top it all, it allows the user to use these features on WordPad, Microsoft Word, Outlook, Outlook Express, Excel, Frontpage, Powerpoint, Eudora and other common Windows applications. It ships ready with key maps and fonts for several languages like Assamese, Bengali, Bulgarian, Belarusian, French, Farsi, German/Scandinavian, Hindi, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Tamil and Ukrainian. It also comes with graphical tools that allow the user to build keymaps for all other languages and fonts. It even supports typing right to left languages like Farsi in English Windows. (01-Apr-2002)