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  • Journal of Slavic Linguistics - - Slavica Publishers (21-Oct-2014)
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  • Slavic; Bosnian; Croatian; Serbian; Slovenian; Morphology: PhD, Karl-Franzens-Universit├Ąt Graz, Austria (08-Aug-2019)
  • Various Languages & Slavic Subgroup & Language Policy: PhD Student, University of Sheffield, United Kingdom (29-Jan-2009)

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  • iSybislaw Slavic Bibliography: Bibliographic database of world Slavic linguistic publications including contrastive non-Slavic-Slavic studies. The data base uses a highly developped IR language and contains more than 15000 records. The data base is updated permanently. (17-May-2012)

  • Corpora:

  • Croatian Language Corpus: The Croatian Language Corpus is the result of various projects at the Institute of Croatian Language and Linguistics and the Linguistics Department of the University of Zadar. There is an online interface based on Philologic at the given URL. The current status is that the corpus indexes more than 100 k tokens, and the base is growing continuously. It is annotated in TEI XML P5, its annotation is being enriched with morphological segmentation, lemmatization, phonemic transcription, morphosyntactic annotation and syntactic parses. The online interfaces are subject to change and extension for the improvement of access to various corpus properties. (30-Sep-2009)

  • Electronic Texts:

  • Croatian National Corpus: The starting point for each linguistic research is the corpus. As Croatian does not have a systematically compiled corpus the objective of this project is the compilation and analysis of the representative Croatian texts -- both older and contemporary -- in the form of the corpus the usage of which is applicable for all kinds of Croatistic, lexicographic and lexicological research (22-Oct-2001)

  • Learning Langs other than English:

  • Learn Croatian: Learn Croatian is a website dedicated to the free grasping of basic Croatian with the help of several dictionaries and phrasebooks aided by sound recordings from native speakers, as well as basic grammar lessons in order for you to be able to communicate with the locals on your next trip to Croatia! (03-Dec-2013)