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Osnat Segal   Yael Zaltz   The Perception Of Arabic Vowel Duration By L1 Hebrew Speakers: Can A Short Training Remold The Effect Of The Native Phonological System?
Deema Alammar   Hind Alaodini   Aziza Al-Essa   Areej Al-Hawamdeh   Khairia Al-Qahtani   Enam Al-Wer   Uri Horesh   Abeer Hussain   Probing linguistic change in Arabic vernaculars: A sociohistorical perspective
Nizar Habash   Wael Salloum   Unsupervised Arabic dialect segmentation for machine translation
Basem Al-Raba'a   Anaphoric binding in Modern Standard Arabic: A phase-based analysis
Ismail Babaoğlu   Mourad Gridach   Hatem Haddad   Hala Mulki   Syntax-ignorant N-gram embeddings for dialectal Arabic sentiment analysis
Lisa Fitton   Autumn McIlraith   Sana Tibi   The development of a measure of orthographic knowledge in the Arabic language: A psychometric evaluation
Faruk Akkuş   Variable embedded agent in Sason Arabic
Xi Chen   Alexandra Gottardo   Johanne Paradis   Adriana Soto-Corominas   How language environment, age, and cognitive capacity support the bilingual development of Syrian refugee children recently arrived in Canada
Xi Chen   Alexandra Gottardo   Redab Janaideh   Johanne Paradis   Sana Tibi   The role of word reading and oral language skills in reading comprehension in Syrian refugee children
Redab Al-Janaideh   Asma Amin   Xi Chen   Alexandra Gottardo   Johanne Paradis   Word reading in English and Arabic in children who are Syrian refugees
Solveig Chilla   István Fekete   Cornelia Hamann   Lina Ibrahim   Language assessment tools for Arabic-speaking heritage and refugee children in Germany
Anis Charfi   Preslav Nakov   Francisco Rangel   Paolo Rosso   Wajdi Zaghouani   Marcos Zampieri   Fine-grained analysis of language varieties and demographics
Mohammad Alsalka   Eric Atwell   Preslav Nakov   Taghreed Tarmom   William Teahan   Marcos Zampieri   Compression versus traditional machine learning classifiers to detect code-switching in varieties and dialects: Arabic as a case study
Ahmed Abdelali   Mohammed Attia   Kareem Darwish   Mohamed Eldesouki   Laura Kallmeyer   Lluís Màrquez   Hamdy Mubarak   Preslav Nakov   Younes Samih   Marcos Zampieri   Effective multi-dialectal arabic POS tagging
Abualsoud Hanani   Preslav Nakov   Rabee Naser   Marcos Zampieri   Spoken Arabic dialect recognition using X-vectors
Michal Marmorstein   Yael Maschler   Stance-taking via ya′ani / ya′anu: A discourse marker in a Hebrew-Arabic language contact situation
Liat Kishon-Rabin   Osnat Segal   Influence of the native language on sensitivity to lexical stress: evidence from native Arabic and Hebrew speakers
John Kirby   Sana Tibi   Jamie Tock   The development of a measure of root awareness to account for reading performance in the Arabic language: A development and validation study
Lluís Màrquez   Alessandro Moschitti   Hamdy Mubarak   Preslav Nakov   Arabic community question answering
Yasser Gomaa   Linguistic Landscape in the Arabian Gulf: The Case of Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain
Amalia Bar-On   Yasmin Shalhoub-Awwad   Reem Tuma-Basila   Contribution of phonological and morphological information in reading Arabic: A developmental perspective
Ali Alshehri   Gabriela Báez   Juergen Bohnemeyer   Randi Moore   The principle of canonical orientation: a cross-linguistic study
Lina Haj   Elinor Saiegh-Haddad   Does phonological distance impact quality of phonological representations? Evidence from Arabic diglossia
D. Langlois   M. Saad   K. Smaili   Alignment of comparable documents: Comparison of similarity measures on French–English–Arabic data
Amer Humeidat   Assessing Al-Koura Rural Dialect Archaic Vocabulary among the Young Generation
Tamar Degani   Walaa Hajajra   Anat Prior   Cross-language semantic influences in different script bilinguals
Nancy Hawker   The mirage of ‘Arabrew’: Ideologies for understanding Arabic-Hebrew contact
Vikki Cohen   Zohar Eviatar   Mila Schwartz   Haitham Taha   Word learning by young sequential bilinguals: Fast mapping in Arabic and Hebrew
Abdulkafi Albirini   Elabbas Benmamoun   Is Learning a Standard Variety Similar to Learning a New Language?: Evidence from Heritage Speakers of Arabic
Nouf Alshenaifi   Aqil Azmi   Lemaza : An Arabic why-question answering system
Ahmad Alqassas   Gender and number polarity in Modern Standard Arabic numeral phrases
Margaret Borowczyk   Alison Mackey   Jenefer Philp   Exploring the Uniqueness of Child Second Language Acquisition (SLA): Learning, Teaching, Assessment, and Practice
John Kirby   Sana Tibi   Morphological awareness: Construct and predictive validity in Arabic
Ashraf Abdel-Malak   Yasser Gomaa   Genre Analysis of Egyptian Arabic Written Wedding Invitation
Yasser Gomaa   Arabic Pidginization: The case of pidgin in Saudi Arabia
Yasser Gomaa   Language Maintenance and Transmission: The Case of Egyptian Arabic in Durham, UK
FERIEL FRAJ   ICHRAF LIMAM   CHIRAZ OTHMANE   POS-tagging arabic texts: A novel approach based on ant colony
Hassan Gadalla   Lameen Souag   Genitive Constructions in English and Arabic: A Contrastive Study
Asma AL Hawi   The Ill-Formed Arabic Plural Nouns in the Jordanian Context
Abdullah Alhasani   Demystifying Al-Xalilian Circle Theory
Naama Friedmann   Manar Haddad-Hanna   The comprehension of sentences derived by syntactic movement in Palestinian Arabic speakers with hearing impairment
Mary Carroll   Monique Flecken   Christiane von Stutterheim   Grammatical aspect influences motion event perception: findings from a cross- linguistic non-verbal recognition task
Maytham Alabbas   Zainab A. Khalaf   Khashan M. Khashan   BASRAH: an automatic system to identify the meter of Arabic poetry
Ahmed Khorsi   On morphological relatedness
Bashir Al najadat   A descriptive Analytical Study to Case System of Standard Arabic from traditional Grammarians Perspective
Abdulkafi Albirini   Abbas Benmamoun   Brahim Chakrani   Gender and number agreement in the oral production of Arabic Heritage speakers
Sandra Kübler   Emad Mohamed   Part of speech tagging for Arabic
Kimiko Tsukada   Comparison of native versus nonnative perception of vowel length contrasts in Arabic and Japanese
Atiqa Hachimi   The Urban and the Urbane: Identities, Language Ideologies, and Arabic Dialects in Morocco
Karen Froud   Peter Gordon   Reem Khamis-Dakwar   Acquiring diglossia: mutual influences of formal and colloquial Arabic on children's grammaticality judgments
Abdulkafi Albirini   The sociolinguistic functions of codeswitching between Standard Arabic and Dialectal Arabic
Mohammad Thawabteh   The Translatability of Gestures: A Case Study of Arabic-English Subtitling
Michael Everson   Best Practices in Teaching Logographic and Non-Roman Writing Systems to L2 Learners
Mohammad Thawabteh   The Other Side of the Coin of Lexical Borrowing from Arabic into English
Nareman Hende   Iris Levin   Elinor Saiegh-Haddad   Margalit Ziv   The Linguistic Affiliation Constraint and phoneme recognition in diglossic Arabic
Mohammad Thawabteh   The Translatability of Interjections: A case study of Arabic-English subtitling
Virginia Gathercole   Ruba Moawad   Semantic interaction in early and late bilinguals: All words are not created equally
Elliott Lash   Christopher Lucas   Contact as catalyst: The case for Coptic influence in the development of Arabic negation
Rebecca Clift   Fadi Helani   Inshallah: Religious invocations in Arabic topic transition
Sidney Wood   A Radiographic Analysis of Constriction Locations for Vowels
Emad Al-Saidat   Future Markers in Modern Standard Arabic and Jordanian Arabic: A Contrastive Study
Mick Randall   Mohammad Amir Samimi   The status of English in Dubai
Rebecca Foote   Mousa Qasem   Crosslanguage Lexical Activation
Reddad Erguig   An Ethnographic Study of the Literacy Practices of Newly Literate Moroccan Women
Mekki Elbadri   A Contrastive Study of the Discourse of English and Arabic Theses' Abstracts
Yasser Gomaa   Arabic Pidginization: The case of pidgin in Saudi Arabia
Robin Dodsworth   Jonathan Owens   Trent Rockwood   Subject-verb order in spoken Arabic: Morpholexical and event-based factors
Yongsung Lee   Latent Feet in Prosodic Phonology
Nareman Hende   Iris Levin   Elinor Saiegh-Haddad   Margalit Ziv   Early literacy in Arabic: An intervention study among Israeli Palestinian kindergartners
Iman El-Zeiny   Explorations in Interlingual Legal Communication: A contrastive discourse analysis of Islamic legislative discourse and secular legislative discourse
  Compensatory Strategies Used by Learners of Arabic as a Second Language
Janet Watson   Syllabification patterns in Arabic dialects: long segments and mora sharing
Naima Boussofara-Omar   Niloofar Haeri, Sacred language, ordinary people: Dilemmas of culture and politics in Egypt
Hassan Gadalla   Numerals in Standard Arabic and Egyptian Colloquial Arabic: A comparative study
Hassan Gadalla   Translating English Perfect Tenses into Arabic: A comparative study of two translations of Pearl Buck’s novel ‘The Good Earth'
Bahaa-Eddin Mazid   Arabic Subtitles on English Movies: Some linguistic, ideological and pedagogic issues
Bahaa-Eddin Mazid   Metaphors of Desire in Arab Culture: Building bridges between linguistics, culture and translation
  Linguistic Analysis of Folk Singing in Arabic: Al-Attaba
  Medical Rhetoric: A contrastive study of Arabic and English in the UAE
Bahaa-Eddin Mazid   Arabic Subtitles on English Movies: Some linguistic, ideological and pedagogic issues
Bahaa-Eddin Mazid   (Translating) Emirati Arabic Politeness Formulas: An exploratory study and a mini-mini-dictionary
Jamil Daher   Written Arabic of Personal Letters
Lafi Alharbi   Cross-cultures Transfer: Arabic into English and English into Arabic
Jamil Daher   Lexical Borrowing in Arabic and English
Jamil Daher   Written Arabic of Personal Letters
Lafi Alharbi   Local and ENS Rating of EFL Composition in Arabic 'Culturo-Linguistic' Context
Ahmed Abdel-Hafiz   Verb Agreement in Standard Arabic: An Analysis in the Minimality Program
Ahmed Abdel-Hafiz   Lexical Cohesion in the Translations of Naguib Mahfouz: the Evidence from The Thief and The Dogs
Ahmed Abdel-Hafiz   Causative Clause Union in Standard Arabic
Ibrahim Ahmed   What factors affect the integration of Arabic CALL into a Syllabus?
Elinor Saiegh-Haddad   The impact of phonemic and lexical distance on the phonological analysis of words and pseudowords in a diglossic context
Hayim Sheynin   An unknown Jewish Arabic-Castilian glossary
Hayim Sheynin   Geniza Fragments of an Unknown Arab-Castilian Glossary
Ahmed Abdel-Hafiz   Negation in Cairene Colloquial Arabic, English and French: An Historical Linguistic Analysis
Maysa Hayward   Translating Egypt, Transforming Readers
Redouan Saidi   Arabic Language Proficiency and the Ethnic Factor
Redouan Saidi   The sociolinguistic status of Modern Standard Arabic
Redouan Saidi   Writing Proficiency Skills in Modern Standard Arabic in the European Diaspora
Abdelgawad Mahmoud   The Syntax and Semantics of Some Locative Alternations in English and Arabic
Bahaa-Eddin Mazid   Fixed expressions in Saudi Arabic: An introduction and a mini-dictionary
Bahaa-Eddin Mazid   The ideology of ergatives in ECA