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53 Dissertation Title(s) found for Arabic, Standard  

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Nael F. M. Hijjo
Narrative analysis of Memri's English translations of Arabic editorials on Daesh (24-Mar-2021)
Manuela Frontera
Studio acustico-percettivo di contrasti fonemici dell'italiano L2. Migranti culturali a confronto/An acoustic and perceptual study of L2 Italian phonemic contrasts: two cases of cultural migrants (29-Jun-2017)
Reda A. H. Mahmoud
The Effects of English on Arabic Broadcasts: A Study in Comparative Pragmatics (19-Jul-2015)
Muhammed Badea Ahmed
A Contrastive Pragma-Sociolinguistic Study of Etiquette Teachings in English Christian and Arabic Islamic Texts (02-Aug-2014)

The Perception and Production of SSBE Vowels by Syrian Arabic learners:The foreign language model (12-Apr-2013)
Nassier Abbas Ghubin Al-Zubaidi
Cross-Cultural Pragmatics of the Expressions of Gratitude in the Performance of Native Speakers of American English, Iraqi Arabic, and Iraqi EFL Learners (09-Jul-2012)
Ola A Moshref
Corpus Study of Tense, Aspect, and Modality in Diglossic Speech in Cairene Arabic (13-Jun-2012)

An Optimality Theory Account of the Non-concatenative Morphology of the Nominal System of Libyan Arabic, with Special Reference to the Broken Plural (25-May-2012)

The Semantics and Pragmatics of Demonstratives in English and Arabic (02-Mar-2012)
Kholoud A. Al-Thubaiti
Age Effects in a Minimal Input Setting on the Acquisition of English Morpho-Syntactic and Semantic Properties by L1 Speakers of Arabic (07-Jul-2010)
Mahmoud Mohammad Abdelhaleem
A Stylistic Analysis of Conversation Opening and Closing: A contrastive study (07-Jun-2010)
Mekki B. Elbadri
News on the Web in Arabic and English: A discourse analysis of CNN's websites (24-May-2010)
Fatma Ali Ish-Shihri
A Textuality Based Model for the Quality Assessment of Hadith Translations (10-Mar-2009)

Case, Agreement and Movement in Arabic: A minimalist approach (20-Jan-2009)
Christine Marie Guedri
A Sociolinguistic Study of Language Contact of Lebanese Arabic and Brazilian Portuguese in São Paulo, Brazil (07-Jan-2009)
Alex Bellem
Towards a Comparative Typology of Emphatics: Across Semitic and into Arabic dialect phonology (21-Jul-2008)
Fawwaz Mohammad Al-Rashed Al-Abed Al-Haq
A Case Study of Language Planning in Jordan (17-Apr-2008)

Apprentissage automatique de la morphologie: le cas des structures racine-schème (12-Sep-2007)
Ahmed M Elgendy
Aspects of Pharyngeal Coarticulation (18-Aug-2007)
Hazim Hakkush Al- Dilaimy
Reference in English and Arabic: A contrastive study (16-May-2006)

The Perception and Production of Second Language Stress: A crosslinguistic experimental study (10-Apr-2006)

The Perception and Production of Second Language Stress: A crosslinguistic experimental study (09-Apr-2006)
Mohammed Nasser Al-Dossari
An Investigation of Bilingual Childen's Metalinguistic Awareness in Two Typologically Unrelated Languages (15-Nov-2004)

Some Aspects of Standar Arabic Nominal Sentence, the Morphosyntax of Masdar and Participles (12-Apr-2004)

The Arabic Noun Phrase: A Minimalist approach (01-Mar-2004)

The Teaching of Modern Standard Arabic to Moroccan Children in Elementary Schools in the Netherlands. A study on proficiency status and input (11-Feb-2004)

Deriving Economy: Syncope in Optimality Theory (14-Dec-2003)

Language and Elementary Education in Morocco: A sociolinguistic approach (08-May-2003)

Lexical Access and Language Proficiency of Trilingual Speakers (04-Apr-2003)
Abdelgawad T. Mahmoud
A Comparative Study of Middle and Inchoative Alternations in Arabic and English (29-Aug-2002)
Jihad M. Hamdan
Language Transfer and the Acquisition of the English Dative Alternation by Native Speakers of Arabic (14-Aug-2002)

Lexical Borrowings as Sociolinguistic Variables in Saint-Louis, Senegal (10-Jul-2002)

Some Cognitively Controlled Coarticulatory Effects in Arabic and English, with Particular Reference to Voice Onset Time (28-Apr-2002)
Sa'ad I. Al-Asali
Computer-Assisted Translation of English Scientific Texts into Arabic: Designing a computer prototype for cohesive ties (15-Apr-2002)

Modeling the Intonation of Lebanese Arabic Using the Autosegmental-Metrical Framework: A comparison with English (12-Apr-2002)
Ghaleb Ahmed Rabab'ah
An Investigation into the Strategic Competence of Arab Learners of English at Jordanian Universities (29-Jan-2002)
Andrei B. Mikhalev
The Theory of Phonosemantic Space (25-Sep-2001)
David D. Testen
Asseverative la- in Arabic and Related Semitic Particles (25-Sep-2001)
Robert P. Malouf
Mixed Categories in the Hierarchical Lexicon (18-Sep-2001)
Lisa Lai-Shen Cheng
On the Typology of Wh-Questions (17-Sep-2001)

Morphological Aspects of Arabic Verb in Translation (17-Sep-2001)
Ahmad M Atawneh
Politeness Theory and the Directive Speech-act in Arabic-English Bilinguals: An empirical study (13-Sep-2001)

Phonemic Identifications in English: A case of interlingual transfer by adult speakers of Turkish, Japanese, and Arabic (13-Sep-2001)
Hassan A H Gadalla
A Comparative Morphological Study of Standard Arabic and Cairene Arabic with an Analysis of Phonological Alternations (13-Sep-2001)
Aisha Hamid Mohamed-Sayidina
A Contrastive Study of Syntactic Relations, Cohesion, and Punctuation as Markers of Rhetorical Organization in Arabic and English Narrative Texts (07-Sep-2001)

Arabic diglossic Switching in Tunisia: An application of Myers-Scotton's MLF model (07-Sep-2001)
Abdullah M Al-Watban
Psychoacoustic Analysis of Intonation as a Carrier of Emotion in Arabic and English (07-Sep-2001)
Mohamed Ali Adra
Identity Effects and Opacity in Syrian Arabic: An Optimality Theory Analysis (07-Sep-2001)
Saad H Al-Qahtani
Arabization in Written Discourse in Saudi Arabia (07-Sep-2001)
Bushra A Zawaydeh
The Phonetics and Phonology of Gutturals in Arabic (04-Sep-2001)

Similarity and Frequency in Phonology (01-Aug-2001)

Discourse Analysis of Legal Discourse with Reference to Dickens, Cozzens, Kafka, Lee, and Melville (30-Jul-2001)
Mohamed S Al-Seghayar
The Syntax of Exclamatives: A study of Arabic (30-Jul-2001)