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18 Book Title(s) found for Arabic, Egyptian  

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Amel Khalfaoui (Editor)
Matthew A. Tucker (Editor)
Perspectives on Arabic Linguistics XXX (05-Aug-2019)
Andrea Pizarro Pedraza (Editor)
Linguistic Taboo Revisited (27-Jun-2018)
Bo Isaaksson (Editor)
Maria Persson (Editor)
Clause Combining in Semitic (17-Sep-2015)
Prosodic Typology II (08-Apr-2014)
Prosody and Iconicity (03-Apr-2013)

Al-Kitaab (21-Oct-2011)

The Modern Egyptian Dialect of Arabic (13-Jun-2011)

Comparative Grammar of the Semitic Languages (19-Jul-2010)
El-Said M. Badawi
Ernest T. Abdel-Massih
Zaki N. Abdel-Malek
A Reference Grammar of Egyptian Arabic (23-Apr-2009)
Phonological Development and Disorders in Children (10-May-2006)
Maria João Freitas (Editor)
Prosodies (15-Nov-2005)
Studies on Reduplication (21-Mar-2005)

Functions of Code Switching in Egypt (01-Jul-2004)

Mixed Styles in Spoken Arabic in Egypt (01-Jul-2004)

Ana min il Balad Di (01-Oct-2003)
Michele Durocher Dunne
Democracy in Contemporary Egyptian Political Discourse (30-Sep-2003)

The Microstructure of Lexicon-Grammar-Interaction (11-Oct-2002)
Hassan A H Gadalla
Comparative Morphology of Standard and Egyptian Arabic (18-Dec-2001)