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Ali A. Alzayid
Arabic Dislocation (10-May-2022)
Mohamed Kamel Abdel-Daem
New English Expressions Translated into Arabic (20-Jan-2022)
Alessandro Benati
Input Processing and Processing Instruction (22-Oct-2021)
Dimitrios Ntelitheos (Editor)
Tommi Tsz-Cheung Leung (Editor)
Experimental Arabic Linguistics (15-Aug-2021)
Ahmad Alqassas
A Unified Theory of Polarity Sensitivity (04-Aug-2021)
El Mustapha Lahlali
How to Write in Arabic (15-Mar-2021)
Christopher Lucas (Editor)
Stefano Manfredi (Editor)
Arabic and contact-induced change (29-May-2020)
Mohssen Esseesy
Al-Munjiz (11-May-2020)
Hussein Abdul-Raof
Stylistics (15-Apr-2020)
Almog Kasher (Editor)
Beata Sheyhatovitch (Editor)
From Sībawayhi to ʾAḥmad Ḥasan al-Zayyāt (02-Apr-2020)
Luciano Canepari
Marco Cerini
Arabic Pronunciation & Accents (03-Mar-2020)
Reem Bassiouney
Arabic Sociolinguistics (26-Feb-2020)
Elisabeth Kendall
Yehia A. Mohamed
Diplomacy Arabic (28-Jan-2020)
Reem Bassiouney
Arabic Sociolinguistics (28-Jan-2020)
Mohamed A. H. Ahmed
Arabic in Modern Hebrew Texts (07-Nov-2019)
Ahmad Alqassas
A Multi-locus Analysis of Arabic Negation (07-Nov-2019)
Andrew Hardie (Editor)
Nagwa Younis (Editor)
Tony McEnery (Editor)
Arabic Corpus Linguistics (07-Nov-2019)
Amel Khalfaoui (Editor)
Matthew A. Tucker (Editor)
Perspectives on Arabic Linguistics XXX (05-Aug-2019)
Kees Versteegh (Editor)
Manuela E.B. Golfo (Editor)
The Foundations of Arabic Linguistics IV (28-Jun-2019)
Mohammad T. Alhawary
Arabic Second Language Learning and Effects of Input, Transfer, and Typology (08-Mar-2019)
Peter John Glanville
The Lexical Semantics of the Arabic Verb (04-Dec-2018)
Clive Holes (Editor)
Arabic Historical Dialectology (04-Dec-2018)
Ali Almanna
The Nuts and Bolts of Arabic-English Translation (01-Nov-2018)
Raymond Chakhachiro
Translating Irony between English and Arabic (30-Oct-2018)
Ali Almanna (Translator)
Modern Arabic Short Stories (24-Oct-2018)
Beata Sheyhatovitch
The Distinctive Terminology in Šarḥ al-Kāfiya by Raḍī l-Dīn al-ʾAstarābāḏī (10-Sep-2018)
Mauro Tosco (Editor)
Stefano Manfredi (Editor)
Arabic in Contact (20-Aug-2018)
Georgine Ayoub (Editor)
Kees Versteegh (Editor)
The Foundations of Arabic Linguistics III (23-May-2018)
Youssef A Haddad
The Sociopragmatics of Attitude Datives in Levantine Arabic (10-May-2018)
P. Caussin de Perceval
Grammaire arabe vulgaire (16-Apr-2018)
Peter John Glanville
The Lexical Semantics of the Arabic Verb (19-Mar-2018)
Mahmoud Al-Batal (Editor)
Arabic as One Language (20-Feb-2018)
Mohamed Siddig Abdalla
The Influence of Translation on the Arabic Language (19-Feb-2018)
Elabbas Benmamoun (Editor)
Reem Bassiouney (Editor)
The Routledge Handbook of Arabic Linguistics (08-Feb-2018)
Faruk Abu-Chacra
Arabic (06-Feb-2018)
Hamid Ouali (Editor)
Perspectives on Arabic Linguistics XXIX (26-Jan-2018)
Ali Almanna (Editor)
Ali Mohammed Al-Ja’aki
Fred Pragnell (Translator)
Mohammed Zagood (Translator)
I Die Every Day. Ten Libyan Tales (23-Sep-2017)
Gunvor Mejdell (Editor)
The Politics of Written Language in the Arab World (15-Aug-2017)

Advanced Media Arabic (11-Jul-2017)
Ahmad Al-Jallad (Editor)
Arabic in Context (06-Jul-2017)
Alsayed M. Aly Ismail
Hermeneutics and the Problem of Translating Traditional Arabic Texts (03-Jul-2017)
Hassan Abdel-Shafik Hassan Gadalla
Translating Tenses in Arabic-English and English-Arabic Contexts (24-Apr-2017)
Wafa Abu Hatab
Translation across Time and Space (21-Dec-2016)
Marco Cerini

Arabic Pronunciation & Accents (21-Oct-2016)
T. H. Weir
Arabic Prose Composition (12-Oct-2016)
Lutz Edzard (Editor)
The Morpho-Syntactic and Lexical Encoding of Tense and Aspect in Semitic (29-Sep-2016)
Daniel Buncic
Sandra L. Lippert (Editor)
Biscriptality (29-Sep-2016)
Stuart M Davis (Editor)
Perspectives on Arabic Linguistics XXVII (01-Aug-2016)
Youssef A. Haddad (Editor)
Perspectives on Arabic Linguistics XXVIII (31-May-2016)
Eva Núñez Méndez (Editor)
Diachronic Applications in Hispanic Linguistics (04-May-2016)

The Georgetown Guide to Arabic-English Translation (22-Apr-2016)
Mustapha Taibi (Editor)
New Insights into Arabic Translation and Interpreting (15-Apr-2016)
Michal Marmorstein
Tense and Text in Classical Arabic (12-Apr-2016)
Zlatka Guentchéva (Editor)
Aspectuality and Temporality (08-Apr-2016)
Azirah Hashim (Editor)
Communicating with Asia (02-Feb-2016)
Jesús Romero-Barranco
The Late Middle English Version of Constantinus Africanus’ Venerabilis Anatomia in London, Wellcome Library, MS 290 (ff. 1r-41v) (17-Dec-2015)
Christopher Denman (Editor)
Rahma Al-Mahrooqi (Editor)
Issues in English Education in the Arab World (16-Dec-2015)
Issa M. Abdel-Razaq
Who is What and What is Who: The Morphosyntax of Arabic WH (16-Dec-2015)
Abderrahman Zouhir
Unpacking the Core Teaching and Learning Practices of Arabic at a Major U.S. University: Critical Assessment, Innovation, and Collaboration (04-Dec-2015)
Julie Tetel Andresen
Phillip M Carter
Languages in the World (27-Nov-2015)
Ali Almanna (Translator)
Michael Fitz-Gerald Hall (Translator)
Moroccan Short Stories: a Bilingual Reader (24-Nov-2015)
Ablahad Lahdo (Editor)
Tal Davidovich (Editor)
From Tur Abdin to Hadramawt (11-Nov-2015)
Alessandro Bausi
Alessandro Gori
Gianfrancesco Lusini
Linguistic, Oriental, and Ethiopian Studies in Memory of Paolo Marrassini (10-Nov-2015)
Lutz Edzard (Editor)
Arabic and Semitic Linguistics Contextualized (10-Nov-2015)
Abdulkafi Albirini
Modern Arabic Sociolinguistics (29-Sep-2015)
Amal Elesha Marogy (Editor)
The Foundations of Arabic Linguistics II (09-Sep-2015)
Tereza Spilioti (Editor)
The Routledge Handbook of Language and Digital Communication (05-Aug-2015)
Ronak Husni

Arabic-English-Arabic Translation (05-Aug-2015)
Ali Almanna (Editor)
Mohammed Farghal (Editor)
Contextualizing Translation Theories (06-May-2015)
Sebastian Maisel
Speed up your Arabic (12-Mar-2015)
Tiffany Judy (Editor)
The Acquisition of Spanish in Understudied Language Pairings (03-Mar-2015)
Christel Stolz (Editor)
Language Empires in Comparative Perspective (26-Feb-2015)
Stefan Bruweleit
Aspect, Tense and Action in the Arabic Dialect of Beirut (27-Jan-2015)
Ana Aguilar-Guevara (Editor)
Weak Referentiality (06-Jan-2015)
Lutz Edzard (Editor)
Proceedings of the Oslo-Austin Workshop in Semitic Linguistics (04-Dec-2014)
Alireza Korangy (Editor)
Daniel J. Sheffield (Editor)
No Tapping around Philology (04-Dec-2014)
Anna Telic
Rima Aldoukhi
Stephan Prochazka
Lehrbuch des Syrisch-Arabischen 2 (04-Dec-2014)

Essays in Arabic Dialectology (02-Dec-2014)
Werner Diem
Negation in Arabic (21-Nov-2014)
Dieter Blohm
Wolfdietrich Fischer
Wolf-Dietrich Fromm
Lehrgang Arabisch CD zum Lehrbuch (20-Nov-2014)
Dieter Blohm
Wolfdietrich Fischer
Wolf-Dietrich Fromm
Lehrgang Arabisch. Standardsprache der Gegenwart (20-Nov-2014)
Dieter Blohm
Wolfdietrich Fischer
Lehrgang Arabisch. Standardsprache der Gegenwart (20-Nov-2014)
Dieter Blohm
Wolfdietrich Fischer
Wolf-Dietrich Fromm
Lehrgang Arabisch. Standardsprache der Gegenwart (20-Nov-2014)
Leonid Kogan (Editor)
Vitaly Naumkin (Editor)
Corpus of Soqotri Oral Literature (18-Nov-2014)
James W. Redhouse
A Simplified Grammar of the Ottoman-Turkish Language (17-Nov-2014)
Perspectives on Arabic Linguistics XXVI (05-Nov-2014)
Hanem El-Farahaty
Arabic-English-Arabic Legal Translation (31-Oct-2014)

Semantics of Body Part Terms (07-Oct-2014)
Ali Almanna (Editor)
Ovidi Carbonell (Editor)
Culguage in/of Translation from Arabic (07-Oct-2014)
Munther Younes
The Integrated Approach to Arabic Instruction (30-Sep-2014)
David Wilmsen
Arabic Indefinites, Interrogatives, and Negators (15-Sep-2014)
Samira Farwaneh (Editor)
Perspectives on Arabic Linguistics XXIV-XXV (05-Sep-2014)

Ausspracheschwierigkeiten arabischer Deutschlernender aus dem Irak und didaktische Überlegungen zum Ausspracheunterricht (04-Jul-2014)

The Tigre Language of Gindaˁ, Eritrea (26-May-2014)
R. Malatesha Joshi (Editor)
Handbook of Arabic Literacy (22-Apr-2014)

Rules and Exceptions (14-Apr-2014)
Ali Almanna
Translation Theories Exemplified from Cicero to Pierre Bourdieu (08-Apr-2014)

Second Culture Teaching and Learning (10-Mar-2014)
Language and Food (04-Feb-2014)
Daniel A. Werning (Editor)
On Ancient Grammars of Space (18-Dec-2013)

Werbesprache im Deutschen und Arabischen und die kulturelle Problematik ihrer Übersetzung (13-Dec-2013)
Base articulatoire arrière. Backing and Backness (21-Oct-2013)
Said M. Shiyab
Translation and the Language of Argumentation (21-Oct-2013)
The Oxford Handbook of Arabic Linguistics (01-Oct-2013)
Innovative Research and Practices in Second Language Acquisition and Bilingualism (04-Sep-2013)

Copulae in the Arabic Noun Phrase (26-Aug-2013)
Ingham of Arabia (12-Aug-2013)
Al-cArabiyya (01-Jul-2013)
Abderrahman Zouhir
The A/A-bar Distinction and Movement Theory in Standard Arabic (18-Jun-2013)
Ahmed Umar
The Verbal Groups of English and Arabic (01-Feb-2013)
Challenges for Arabic Machine Translation (05-Sep-2012)
Bahaa-Eddin M. Mazid
HateSpeak in Contemporary Arabic Discourse (21-Aug-2012)

The Subjunctive Mood in Arabic Grammatical Thought (16-Aug-2012)
Martine Irma Robbeets (Editor)
Copies versus Cognates in Bound Morphology (11-Jul-2012)
E Graham Katz (Editor)
Arabic Language and Linguistics (26-Jun-2012)

The Top 1,300 Words for Understanding Media Arabic (26-Jun-2012)

Evaluation in Translation (18-May-2012)
Amal Elesha Marogy (Editor)
The Foundations of Arabic Linguistics (16-May-2012)
Middle Arabic and Mixed Arabic (05-Apr-2012)

Key Features and Parameters in Arabic Grammar (08-Mar-2012)
The Word in Arabic (01-Feb-2012)
In the Shadow of Arabic: The Centrality of Language to Arabic Culture (01-Feb-2012)
Ellen I. Broselow (Editor)
Perspectives on Arabic Linguistics (09-Jan-2012)
Digital Discourse (03-Nov-2011)

Les structures romanesques dans le "Nouveau roman arabe" (23-Oct-2011)

Al-Kitaab (21-Oct-2011)
Embodiment via Body Parts (03-Sep-2011)
Federico M. Federici (Editor)
Translating Dialects and Languages of Minorities (18-Aug-2011)

Arabic, Self and Identity (08-Aug-2011)
Modern Trends in Arabic Dialectology (02-Aug-2011)
Cognitive Approaches to Tense, Aspect, and Epistemic Modality (02-Aug-2011)
Frontiers in Comparative Prosody (22-Jun-2011)

The Arabic Verb (29-May-2011)
Laila S. Dahan (Editor)
Global English and Arabic (15-Apr-2011)

Grammaticalization of Arabic Prepositions and Subordinators (24-Mar-2011)

The Ecology of Arabic (24-Mar-2011)
La Lengua Árabe en San Andrés Isla (17-Jan-2011)
Zeinab M.A. Ibrahim
Beyond Lexical Variation in Modern Standard Arabic (23-Dec-2010)

Introduction to Arabic Natural Language Processing (08-Oct-2010)
Christián Abelló Contesse (Editor)
Lucía Quintana Hernández (Editor)
Escenarios Bilingües (18-Aug-2010)
Amal Elesha Marogy
Kitāb Sībawayhi (27-Jul-2010)

Arabic and the Media (27-Jul-2010)

Comparative Grammar of the Semitic Languages (19-Jul-2010)

Alif Baa (19-Jul-2010)
Sprach- und Kulturkontakt in den Neuen Medien (19-Apr-2010)

Arabic Rhetoric (01-Feb-2010)

Ibn Sīnā (17-Nov-2009)

Arabic Sociolinguistics (17-Nov-2009)
Encyclopedia of Arabic Language and Linguistics (02-Nov-2009)
Encyclopedia of Arabic Language and Linguistics (Set) (02-Nov-2009)

The Empty Category Principle in English and Standard Arabic (29-Sep-2009)

Arabic Sociolinguistics (10-Sep-2009)
Information Structure in Spoken Arabic (27-Aug-2009)

Alif Baa with Multimedia (15-Jun-2009)
Formulaic Language (03-Jun-2009)
Formulaic Language (03-Jun-2009)
Encyclopedia of Arabic Language and Linguistics (17-Mar-2009)
Zeinab M.A. Ibrahim
Beyond Lexical Variation in Modern Standard Arabic: Egypt, Lebanon and Morocco (23-Feb-2009)
Perspectives on Arabic Linguistics (21-Nov-2008)
The Teaching of Arabic as a Foreign Language (09-Sep-2008)
The Unity of Science in the Arabic Tradition (12-Aug-2008)
Comics in Translation (08-Jul-2008)

The Legacy of the Kitāb (16-Jun-2008)

Etude Contrastive Arabe / Francais (11-Mar-2008)
Perspectives on Arabic Linguistics XIX (17-Jan-2008)
Antal P van den Bosch (Editor)
Arabic Computational Morphology (16-Nov-2007)
Janet C.E. Watson
Phonology and Morphology of Arabic (15-Nov-2007)
Solomon I. Sara S. J.
Sibawayh on ?imalah (Inclination) (16-Jul-2007)

Arabic (13-Jul-2007)

Analogy (22-May-2007)

Notes on a Moroccan Arabic Secret Language (19-Jan-2007)

A Moroccan Arabic Secret Language (15-Dec-2006)

Using Arabic Synonyms (27-Sep-2006)
Agreement Systems (15-Aug-2006)

Language, Religion and National Identity in Europe and the Middle East (14-Aug-2006)
Kara Tiffany McAlister (Editor)
ISB4 (12-May-2006)
Karin C Ryding
A Reference Grammar of Modern Standard Arabic (23-Apr-2006)
Richard S. Harrell
A Basic Course in Moroccan Arabic with MP3 files (30-Mar-2006)
Perspectives on Arabic Linguistics XVI (16-Mar-2006)

A Linguistic History of Arabic (28-Feb-2006)

The Arabic Language Today (13-Feb-2006)

The Arabic Linguistic Tradition (13-Feb-2006)
Cross-Linguistic Aspects of Processability Theory (27-Jan-2006)
Les Périphrases Verbales (26-Jan-2006)
Karin C Ryding

Formal Spoken Arabic Basic Course w/MP3 files, 2nd Edition (16-Dec-2005)

Al-Kitaab fii Ta callum al-cArabiyya With Dvds (16-Nov-2005)
Translating Others (29-Sep-2005)
Teaching the Mother Tongue in a Multilingual Europe (21-Jun-2005)
Morphosyntactic Expression in Functional Grammar (26-May-2005)
Francisco Moreno-Fernández (Editor)
Corpus-Based Approaches to Sentence Structures (11-May-2005)

Etymologisches Wörterbuch des deutschen Grundwortschatzes (29-Apr-2005)

Beyond Morphology (27-Apr-2005)

One Probe -Two Goals (22-Mar-2005)

Consonance in the Qur’an (23-Feb-2005)

Using Arabic (14-Feb-2005)
Lovell Margaret West (Editor)
Less Translated Languages (10-Feb-2005)

A Student Grammar of Modern Standard Arabic (07-Feb-2005)
Betty Lou Leaver
Jane R. Willis
Task-Based Instruction in Foreign Language Education (24-Jan-2005)
Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing III (27-Dec-2004)
Laura J. Downing (Editor)
Tracy Alan Hall (Editor)
Paradigms in Phonological Theory (13-Dec-2004)
Maweja Fernand Mbaya
Pratiques et Attitudes Linguistiques dans l’Afrique d’Aujourd’hui (23-Nov-2004)
Cultural Encounters in Translation from Arabic (20-Sep-2004)

Alif Baa with DVDs (08-Sep-2004)

Modern Arabic (08-Sep-2004)
Daniel S Lefkowitz
Words and Stones (09-Aug-2004)
QDA Miner 4.0 and WordStat 6.1 Software Package (21-Jul-2004)
Encyclopedia of Arabic Language and Linguistics, Volume 1 (01-Jul-2004)

Notes on a Moroccan Arabic Secret Language (01-Jul-2004)

A Comparative Lexical Study of Qur'ānic Arabic (01-Jul-2004)
Approaches to Arabic Dialects (01-Jul-2004)

Arabic Morphology and Phonology (01-Jul-2004)

Changing Traditions (01-Jul-2004)
Beyond Babel (01-Jul-2004)

Arabische Dialektgeographie (01-Jul-2004)

Functions of Code Switching in Egypt (01-Jul-2004)

Bedouin, Village and Urban Arabic (01-Jul-2004)

A Grammar of the Bedouin Dialects of the Northern Sinai Littoral (01-Jul-2004)

The Phonological Structure of the Verbal Roots in Arabic and Hebrew (01-Jul-2004)
A Greek and Arabic Lexicon, Volume 1 Introduction - Sources -’-’khr (01-Jul-2004)
David D. Testen
Parallels in Semitic Linguistics (01-Jul-2004)

Studies in the Linguistic Structure of Classical Arabic (01-Jul-2004)
A Greek and Arabic Lexicon, Volume 2 ’khr - ’sl (01-Jul-2004)
A Greek and Arabic Lexicon, Volume 3 ’sl -’ly (01-Jul-2004)
A Greek and Arabic Lexicon, Volume 4 ’ly - ’n(n) (01-Jul-2004)
A Greek and Arabic Lexicon, Volume 5 ’n - ’wq (01-Jul-2004)
A Greek and Arabic Lexicon, Volume 6 ’wl - ’yy (01-Jul-2004)
Arabic Literature of Africa, Volume 2 The Writings of Central Sudanic Africa (01-Jul-2004)
A Greek and Arabic Lexicon, Volume 8 b - bdl (01-Jul-2004)

Classical Arabic Philology and Poetry: A Bibliographical Handbook of Important Editions from 1960 to 2000 (01-Jul-2004)
Arabic Literature of Africa, Volume 3 a. The Writings of the Muslim Peoples of Northeastern Africa (01-Jul-2004)
Encyclopedia of Arabic Language and Linguistics, Volume 2 (01-Jul-2004)
Investigating Arabic (01-Jul-2004)
Encyclopedia of Arabic Language and Linguistics, Vol. 3 (01-Jul-2004)
Wallace M. Erwin
A Basic Course in Iraqi Arabic with MP3 Audio Files (21-Apr-2004)
Wallace M. Erwin
A Short Reference Grammar of Iraqi Arabic (21-Apr-2004)
Richard S. Harrell
A Short Reference Grammar of Moroccan Arabic (21-Apr-2004)
Mark W. Cowell
Audio CD for A Reference Grammar of Syrian Arabic (21-Apr-2004)
Samira Farwaneh (Editor)
Perspectives on Arabic Linguistics XV (29-Jan-2004)
José A. Camacho
The Structure of Coordination (14-Jan-2004)

Qur’anic Stylistics (04-Dec-2003)

Manuale di fonetica (02-Dec-2003)
Arnim von Stechow (Editor)
Perfect Explorations (21-Jul-2003)

Thinking Arabic Translation (16-Jun-2003)

Jewish Life in Arabic Language and Jerusalem Arabic in Communal Perspective (23-Jan-2003)
Arabic Literature of Africa, Volume 1 The Writings of Eastern Sudanic Africa to c. 1900 (21-Jan-2003)

Dialect, Culture, and Society in Eastern Arabia, Volume 1 Glossary (21-Jan-2003)
Janet C.E. Watson
The Phonology and Morphology of Arabic (11-Dec-2002)
Abd Al-Rahman Mar'i
Muhammad Hasan Amara
Language Education Policy (04-Dec-2002)
Perspectives on Arabic Linguistics XIII-XIV (30-Oct-2002)

The Microstructure of Lexicon-Grammar-Interaction (11-Oct-2002)

On the History of Grammar among the Arabs (18-Dec-2001)
Perspectives on Arabic Linguistics V (18-Dec-2001)
Perspectives on Arabic Linguistics Vi: Papers from the Sixth Annual Symposium on Arabic Linguistics (18-Dec-2001)

Issues in the Structure of Arabic Clauses and Words (18-Dec-2001)
Abdullah Talal Shunnaq (Editor)
Mohamed H. Heliel (Editor)
Language, Discourse and Translation in the West and Middle East (18-Dec-2001)

The Verb in Literary and Colloquial Arabic (18-Dec-2001)

The Languages of Israel (18-Dec-2001)
Salman H Al-Ani (Editor)
Arabic Linguistics Bibliography 1979-1995 (18-Dec-2001)
Perspectives on Arabic Linguistics VIII - Papers From the Eighth Annual Symposium on Arabic Linguistics. (18-Dec-2001)
Perspectives on Arabic Linguistics IX. Papers From the Annual Symposium on Arabic Linguistics, Washington DC 1995 (18-Dec-2001)
Esam N Khalil
Grounding in English and Arabic News Discourse (18-Dec-2001)

The Explanation of Linguistic Causes, Az-Zaggagi's Theory of Grammar. Introduction, translation, commentary (18-Dec-2001)
Perspectives on Arabic Linguistics VII. Papers from the Seventh Annual Symposium on Arabic Linguistics (18-Dec-2001)

Clause Structure and Word Order in Hebrew and Arabic: An Essay in Comparative Semitic Syntax (18-Dec-2001)
Arabic As a Minority Language (18-Dec-2001)

The Feature Structure of Functional Categories: A Comparative Study of Arabic Dialects (18-Dec-2001)

A Dictionary of Phonetics (18-Dec-2001)
Mohammad A. Mohammad
Word Order, Agreement and Pronominalization in Standard and Palestinian Arabic (18-Dec-2001)

Grammatical Markedness and Information Processing in the Acquisition of Arabic as a Second Language (18-Dec-2001)
Perspectives on Arabic Linguistics Vol. XI. (18-Dec-2001)
Perspectives on Arabic Linguistics XII (18-Dec-2001)
Viktor S. Xrakovskij (Editor)
Typology of Iterative Constructions (18-Dec-2001)
Robert Richard Ratcliffe
The Broken Plural Problem in Arabic and Comparative Semitic (18-Dec-2001)

Neighborhood and Ancestry (18-Dec-2001)
Fragments: Studies in Ellipsis and Gapping (18-Dec-2001)
Specifiers: Minimalist Approaches (18-Dec-2001)
Hassan A H Gadalla
Comparative Morphology of Standard and Egyptian Arabic (18-Dec-2001)

Standard Arabic (18-Dec-2001)

Translation (22-Sep-200)