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29 Book Title(s) found for Slovenian  

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Anastasiia Ionova
The unbearable lightness of clitics (23-Feb-2021)
Robert Scholvin
Die Deklination in den Pannonisch-Slovenischen Denkmälern des Altkirchenslavischen (11-Jun-2018)
David Ingram (Editor)
Elena Babatsouli (Editor)
Nicole Müller (Editor)
Crosslinguistic Encounters in Language Acquisition (20-Nov-2017)
Steven Franks
Syntax and Spell-Out in Slavic (24-Oct-2017)
Franc Lanko Marušič (Editor)
Formal Studies in Slovenian Syntax (04-Jan-2017)
Şükriye Ruhi (Editor)
Yeşim Aksan (Editor)
Exploring (Im)politeness in Specialized and General Corpora: Converging Methodologies and Analytic Procedures (16-Dec-2015)
Claudia Hurtig (Editor)
Gerhild Zybatow (Editor)
Marcel Guhl (Editor)
Slavic Grammar from a Formal Perspective (09-Nov-2015)
Emmerich Kelih (Editor)
Jürgen Fuchsbauer (Editor)
Stefan Michael Newerkla (Editor)
Lehnwörter im Slawischen (05-Oct-2015)
Marko Hladnik
Mind the Gap (07-Jul-2015)
Eivind Torgersen (Editor)
Stian Hårstad (Editor)
Language Variation - European Perspectives V (01-May-2015)
Franz Miklosich
Vergleichende Grammatik der slavischen Sprachen: Volume 1 (01-Apr-2015)
Franz Miklosich
Vergleichende Grammatik der slavischen Sprachen: Volume 3 (01-Apr-2015)
Goranka Antunović (Editor)
Language Varieties Between Norms and Attitudes (23-Mar-2015)
Ludmila Veselovska (Editor)
Marketa Janebova (Editor)
Nominal Structures: All in Complex DPs (13-Feb-2015)
Causation, Permission, and Transfer (04-Feb-2015)

The History of Linguistic Thought and Language Use in 16th Century Slovenia (14-Apr-2014)

Multiple Determiners and the Structure of DPs (05-Mar-2014)
Frederik H Kortlandt
Selected Writings on Slavic and General Linguistics (17-May-2011)
Feste Wortverbindungen und Lexikographie [Fixed Word Combinations and Lexicography] (03-Sep-2010)

The Slovene Dialect of Egg and Potschach in the Gailtal, Austria (19-Dec-2009)
Issues in Slavic Syntax and Semantics (01-Oct-2008)
Leonhard A. Voltmer (Editor)
Harmonising Legal Terminology (01-Aug-2008)
Leonhard A. Voltmer (Editor)
Normazione, armonizzazione e pianificazione linguistica/ Normierung, Harmonisierung und Sprachplanung/ Normalisation, harmonisation et planification linguistique (01-Aug-2008)
Marc L. Greenberg
A Short Reference Grammar of Slovene (08-Nov-2007)
Corpus Linguistics Around the World (13-Feb-2006)
Alan Reed Libert
Ambipositions (25-Jan-2006)
Olga P. Arnaudova (Editor)
FASL 12: The Ottawa Meeting (22-Dec-2005)
Modality and its Interaction with the Verbal System (23-Sep-2002)
Crossing Boundaries: Advances in the theory of Central and Eastern European Languages (18-Dec-2001)