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27 Book Title(s) found for Yiddish, Eastern  

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Jerold C. Frakes
A Guide to Old Literary Yiddish (05-May-2017)
Aaron D. Rubin (Editor)
Lily Okalani Kahn (Editor)
Handbook of Jewish Languages (05-Nov-2015)
Michael Hornsby
Revitalizing Minority Languages (02-Nov-2015)
Joseph C Salmons (Editor)
Germanic Heritage Languages in North America (01-Sep-2015)

Borrowed Words (08-Apr-2015)
Dovid Katz
Yiddish and Power (14-Jan-2015)
Lutz Edzard (Editor)
Proceedings of the Oslo-Austin Workshop in Semitic Linguistics (04-Dec-2014)

The Languages of the Jews (20-Jun-2014)
Yiddish Language Structures (16-Dec-2013)
Zofia Berdychowska (Editor)
Pr├Ądikative Strukturen in Theorie und Text(en) (12-Dec-2013)
Representing Language: Essays in Honor of Judith Aissen (15-Feb-2012)
Salomo A Birnbaum
Praktische Grammatik der Jiddischen Sprache (08-Feb-2011)
Structure and Variation in Language Contact (01-Dec-2006)
Harold F. Schiffman

Language Loyalty, Continuity and Change (31-Jul-2006)
Focus on Germanic Typology (05-Dec-2005)
Mark R. V. Southern
Contagious Couplings (08-Nov-2005)

Clausal Architecture and Subject Positions (27-Oct-2005)
Neil G. Jacobs
Yiddish (05-Apr-2005)

Language in Jewish Society (24-Nov-2004)
Germanic Standardizations (13-Nov-2003)
The Germanic Languages (14-Feb-2003)

Two-Tiered Relexification in Yiddish (17-Sep-2002)
Adam Werle (Editor)
The Semantics of Under-Represented Languages in the Americas (27-Feb-2002)
Bernhard Wolfgang Rohrbacher
The Germanic VO Languages and the Full Paradigm: A Theory of V to I Raising (18-Dec-2001)
Joshua A Fishman (Editor)
The Multilingual Apple: Languages in New York City (18-Dec-2001)

Soviet Yiddish: Language-Planning and Linguistic Development (18-Dec-2001)
Jennifer R. Austin (Editor)
Monika S Schmid (Editor)
Historical Linguistics 1997 (18-Dec-2001)