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Online Workshop: Integrating Heritage Learners in The AFL Class(16-Nov-2021) -- Cairo, 2021
طريق الحرير القديمة والحديثة: بين الخطاب والمعرفة(02-Feb-2020) -- MONTPELLIER, 2020
Second workshop of the European Network for Teaching Arabic(02-Oct-2019) -- Cairo, 2019
Arabic LADO in the UK Asylum System: Does It Work?(24-Sep-2019) -- London, 2019
Arabic for Gender Practical Views on Gendered Language in Human Rights, Education, and Policy Contexts(09-Aug-2019) -- London, 2019
International Conference on Arabic Language and Linguistics(04-Jul-2019) -- Cairo, 2019
Sībawayhi from Sībawayhi’s perspective: A thematic approach to the translation of the Kitāb(08-May-2019) -- Rome, 2019
First Italian Day of Maghrebi Dialectology(27-Apr-2019) -- Cagliari, 2019
Combining Verbs in and Across Languages(12-Oct-2018) -- Prague, 2018
Integrating Grammar-Based and Communicative Approaches in The Arabic Classroom(01-Oct-2018) -- Leiden, 2018
Arabic Second Language Learning, Teaching, and Testing(06-Aug-2018) -- Ann Arbor, Michigan, 2018
International Conference: Creativity in the Teaching and Learning of the Arabic Language - Future Directions(22-Aug-2017) -- London, 2017
Conference in Arabic Language Teaching and Learning(16-Aug-2017) -- London, 2017
International on Education Quality: Local Needs, Global Challenges(16-Jun-2017) -- Agadir, 2018
Arabic Language Teaching & Learning in UK Higher Education(26-Jan-2017) -- Leeds/ the University of Leeds, 2017
6th International Conference on Arabic Language Processing(23-Nov-2016) -- Fes, 2017
31st Annual Symposium on Arabic Linguistics(05-Jul-2016) -- Norman, Oklahoma, 2017
12th Annual Symposium of the Translation Group: Translation for the Community(11-Mar-2015) -- Muscat, 2015
Traductologie et géopolitique(01-Feb-2015) -- Toulouse, 2015
Arabic Comparative Linguistics(03-May-2014) -- Kénitra, Morocco, 2014
28th Annual Symposium on Arabic Linguistics(20-Jan-2014) -- Gainesville, FL, 2014
اﻻستشراق واﻷدب العربي(08-Nov-2013) -- كلية اﻵداب - جامعة القاهرة, 2014
Reading in the Literary and Linguistic Heritage in the Modern Studies(29-Oct-2013) -- Riyadh, 2013
The Role of Middle/Mixed Arabic in the Standardization of Modern Arabic(26-Sep-2013) -- Atlanta, GA, 2013
Arabic Language and Multilinguisme(13-Jun-2013) -- Rabat, 2013
Arabic Comparative Linguistics(22-Apr-2012) -- Kénitra, 2012
4th Summer Institute for the Languages of the Muslim World(16-Feb-2012) -- Urbana, IL, 2012
2nd Annual Jīl Jadīd Conference in Arabic Studies(31-Aug-2011) -- Austin, Texas, 2012
Third International Sacred Text Translation(19-Jul-2011) -- Marrakech - Morocco, 2012
2nd Colloquium of Arabic Linguistics(29-Nov-2010) -- Rome, 2010
4th International Arabic Linguistics Symposium(06-Nov-2010) -- Alexandria, 2010
25th Arabic Linguistics Symposium(30-Sep-2010) -- Tucson, Arizona, 2011
Georgia Tech Arabic LBAT Summer Study Abroad(31-Jan-2010) -- Cairo, 2010
Summer Institute for Languages of the Muslim World(01-Dec-2009) -- Urbana-Champaign, Illinois, 2010
International Conference for Arabic Teaching(01-Apr-2009) -- Riyadh, 2009
Summer Institute for the Languages of the Muslim World(11-Mar-2009) -- Urbana-Champaign, Illinois, 2009
2nd International Conference on Arabic Resources & Tools(30-Jan-2009) -- Cairo, 2009
Apetau 4th International Conference(23-Jan-2009) -- Amman, 2009
Comparative Arabic Linguistics(18-Oct-2007) -- Kenitra, 2008
Computational Approaches to Arabic Script Languages(06-Jul-2007) -- Stanford, CA, 2007
Resumptive Pronouns at the Interfaces(27-May-2007) -- Paris, 2007
Conference of Arabic Linguistics(21-Feb-2007) -- Roma, 2007
Langue et Sécurité : La communication orientée(01-Nov-2006) -- Grenoble, 2006
Arabic NLP/MT Conference(30-Aug-2006) -- London, 2006
Méthodologies Actuelles dans les Recherches sur les Acquisitions Tardives en Langue Maternelle(04-Jun-2006) -- Paris, 2006
Arabic NLP/MT Conference(16-May-2006) -- London, 2006
Mediterranean Syntax Meeting(11-May-2005) -- Rhodes, 2005
Arabic For Communication(14-Apr-2005) -- Washington DC, 2005
19th Arabic Linguistics Symposium(26-Feb-2005) -- Urbana-Champaign, Illinois, 2005
Computational Approaches to Arabic Script-based Languages(25-Jun-2004) -- Geneva, 2004
Discours, Cultures, Comparaisons(10-May-2004) -- Paris, 2004
Languages & The Media, International Conference and Exhibition(15-Jan-2004) -- Hotel InterContinental Berlin, 2004